$1,400 commission on 1 WA sale!

Last Update: February 07, 2016

I have promoted WA on and off since 2007 for different reasons. Those of you who know my "online story" know that I've been up and down, failed and got back up and took every failure as a lesson.

Anyway, today I wanted to share something of a realization or motivation which YOU should take very seriously.

When I first joined WA in 2007 I managed to get a few referrals into WA. I was super happy with the $14 commission ($22.50 these days). I get extremely excited about these 14$ commissions for one simple reason. Let's do the math.

Someone signed up to WA through my affiliate link in 2007 and they're still here. This means that I have been receiving the same monthly commission for the past 100 months or so. 14 x 100 = $1,400.

How freaking awesome is that?

I do understand that not every WA member will stay on for that many years but you get the potential! It feels like RO-YAL-TEES :P Make 1 sale and get paid for years to come.

Alright, this was suppose to be a quick post. I hope it'll get you thinking/working :D


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GeoffGS Premium
Thanks. That's a good perspective. Also a good way to see how money works. Geoff. The friendly fisherman. :)
Sheila50 Premium
Great thinking Alex,
I never thought of it that way!
MarionBlack Premium
I saw the title of your post and I thought "BS". But no, I did the math $1,400 from one sale. Well done Alex.
johnhevans Premium
That is what so freakin great about reoccuring income. You got to love that very much. Not bad getting paid $14/month for the last 8-9 years.
AlexSol Premium
That's why I like promoting services, many of them are recurring-based.
Martstervt Premium
Thanks Alex, I like the math!!!