Month 8 Progress Report: Road to 4 Figures a Month!


Good day folks!

It's time for my Month 8 progress inside Wealthy Affiliate. :)

I actually just came back from visiting my parents in hometown. It is good to relax and have fun without an internet connection for a while.

I only posted 2 piece of content during my 10 days visit. And this is done at my friend's house borrowing his Wi-fi.

Before going back to hometown, I have drafted the content. So it would be just publishing them + social sharing + fetch as google inside Google Webmaster Tool.

*Quickly Recap Previous Goals from month 6:

  • Reached 200 Posts (not yet)
  • and 28 Pages (not yet)
  • Find 1 Profitable PPC Ad group (fail)
  • $600/mo of passive income (success)

As you can see that some goals are not completed. This is because me doing other things such as learning about Email Marketing, Creating Exit Pop-up and Speeding my site loading time.

The result? I've gotten 156 subscribers within 6 weeks.

Not bad!

The idea is to capture the traffic leaving my site. This can be good if you offer free stuff in exchange with their email address. Later on, provide them reasons as to why they should buy a product/service from you. :)

The Monetary Achievement

I don't know about you. But I always love to see people sharing their earning income from the work they have put into. No matter how small or big the results, it proves that this opportunity works!

and here's mine:

The commissions keep growing although I was away for 10 days! I enjoyed myself with my parents and friends.

This is why Internet Marketing/Online Business gives the freedom you needed. Since my eyes were wide opened, I never stop dreaming myself earning full-time income and work less than 3 hours a day.

And the rest of my time would allow me:

  • Do whatever I want
  • Go wherever I want

The Right Mindset

Great things always come with great responsibility as they say.

Although you can live a convenient lifestyle, it doesn't mean getting the reward is easy. There are of course certain behaviors you have to change.

It is impossible to earn Millions without learning from those who have achieved it. My best advice would always be Find those who have succeeded, and stick around them!

Also don't forget to set a CLEAR target. What you truly want in this venture. Would $500 a month be enough? Or $5,000? Maybe $50,000?

YES you can make it if you keep asking your yourself "how".

Always ask how can I reach $_____ by next month.

Ask how can I get my first sale

Ask how will this stuff can last forever and not die out

Ask how this life would be when you reach your goals.

When you answer those "hows", no barrier will hold your success. Trust ME! And believe in yourself.

My Next Goals

  • Finding a Ghost Writer
  • Making 10 Internet Marketing related Videos
  • Complete the unfinished tasks from previous report
  • Reach 4-Figures a month in passive income

What's your Goal in the next 2 months? Let me know below. I would love to hear from you!


Edy Chandra

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Great job EDy

Although only 4 days in your story is inspiring

Good on you Edy,
I like following your story of success as I started just two months after you so it give me inspiration and motivation to keep going with my online business adventure even when things are getting tough.

Thank you for sharing.

You are welcome Maria.
Hope you can take something out of my posts. :)

Shows me up Ed, congratulations to you.

Thank you! :)

Hi Edy,

Your journey is very encouraging. Your hard work is really paying off.

I have some questions for you:

1. I see that you have a few websites. Which one are you referring to in this post? The travel one or marketing one?

2. Where is your income coming from? Products you are selling or people joining WA?

3. You mention having the goal of 28 pages. I have only about 6 or 7 pages and they take up most of the menu space at the top of my website. Where do your "pages" go on your website? Can you tell me which website and give an example of where all the pages are?

Thanks in advance for your response on this. It is this type of communication that helps us learn.

All the best for your continued success.


Good questions Diana.

1. It is the first website "". This is where I spend most of my time that I've committed to. As for the Travel website, I've abandoned it as I prefer talking about Internet Marketing & Business related topic compare to Travelling.

2. It is definitely the commissions from people I refer to WA. There are other revenues as well such as Jaaxy and other sites. But I show mainly the results in WA.

3. You can create a menu drop down. Just visit my website and you can see them.
To do it, Robert has done a training here: I hope that answer your question. Glad that you ask. This shows me that you are an observant person. Awesome!


You definitely answered my questions. Thank you so much! I'm sure your answers will help others here as well. Best wishes on continuing to meet your goals. I know you'll meet them all!


This is awesome Edy! You're doing so great!

Thank you Dara. You too~

Thanks for that amazing story. I'm taking a cue from you.

You're most welcome Sulley! :)

Incredible story I want to share this link on my social network.......

Thanks man!

Hi bro Ed,

Awesome , you did a good job and this kind of words inspired me to keep fighting,
By the way, I would like to know which campaign is the most converted from all your amazing job? Content ? Email marketing? Ads?
Nuhun bro

It's Content bro Nuhun!

Mostly from product review. You can definitely do this too as this type of content ranks faster. You may read my previous post for more info.

Edy, thanks for the post. You're my first role model to stick around with. Please keep me and everyone posted here on your upcoming activities so that I can get brilliant idea to move forward.

Thank you Cheng!
I'm flattered.
I will definitely keep you posted. :)

Hi Edi, nice and really inspiring there :) were you back to Indonesia for holiday?

By the way, I am a bit curious about your number of post goal. 200 posts and 28 pages are a lot within 6 months :) what type of posts and pages are you writing about?

Oh yes one more question, what service do you use for asking people to subscribe when they about to leave your web?

Thanks for the information.

Yes, it can be said so. But too much holiday is not good. :)

When I first started, I write one post per day. Multiply by 8 months not 6, should be 200+.

My post is about Internet Marketing n Online Business related topic. I also write things on "make money online" Product review.

As for the last question, I give them Free Training which lead them to Wealthy Affiliate. Also, I have my personal service/advice for my subcribers. They enjoy both basically.

Ah sorry for the miscalculation. Thanks for the answer :)

Oh what I mean is, what kind of email marketing service do you use (Aweber, Getsresponse, or other?) to have a exit window pop-up feature?

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