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Page builders and on-page seo?

Page builders and on-page seo?

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Search Engine Optimization

Hey guys,

Do your posts rank as they should be if you create them with a page builder like Thrive, for instance?
I mean, does the on-page SEO still work as expected?<

Yes, the OnPage and Off Page SEO does work when you complete what is taught here at WA. Thrive is not necessary to make this work.

What I meant is that Thrive or any other page builder could potentially impact on page SEO in the specific case scenario outlined above. Anyway, I contacted Thrive and here's their answer so I am reassured

"Yes, the text is just regular paragraph text, it doesn’t matter if it’s in a content box, a background section, or a more complex nested structure or anything. The styled list is also a proper HTML list element, so search engines will see it like that. You can see it in the source code of your page"

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Did you notice this frustrating amazon stripe issue?

Did you notice this frustrating amazon stripe issue?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

Hey guys,

Today I stumbled upon a frustrating issue with Amazon Stripe. Probably you are aware of this.
I noticed it’s impossible to put more than one image usi

Okay guys, I chatted with Amazon again. They consider the problem with Site Stripe/or Api showing only one image not as a default behavior but as a technical issue on their end. So their tech team is working on it. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. Otherwise it is just ridiculous to be able to work with only 1 product image...

Don't forget. Amazon can kick you for anything. They do too. It's happened to a client of mine who did everything right. Some issue before he bought the site.

I sell fishing gear. I take snippets of the product on Amazon. If they give me the boot, I'll switch to Ebay, TackleDirect, or both. Too much grey area in there for me to worry about it.

that is standard for an amazon link.
there are programs which can harvest the other images but they are premium plugins.
if you can find the manufacturers site and look for media images then you have others for free - the other way is to look for manufacturers videos in youtube.
i am sure you will get other ideas thrown in.

I use AAWP which is a premium plugin using Amazon Product Advertisement API. I tried and it didn't work. I will contact their customer support just in case but I presume it's because there is no option on Amazon's side.
Regarding the pics from manufacturer's site, there are plenty of them there but I cannot use them since it's a copyright infringement. There is a video indeed too but I'd really like to use images as well.

tell site support that you are having a problem with te plugin - i had a problem with a similar one and it the security on this site.
videos do help as youtube is part of google.
did you sign up for the aws.

I will ask support. Anyway, I haven't signed up for AWS. Should I?

if you don't have to then it is up to you.
for my plugin i have to signup to get the images stored there and the price updates

do you use the AAWP? if not which plugin do you use? I have access to the API and I use it to.

the plugin i use is prosociate - to load up the shop from amazon and ebay
you get all of the images, description, reviews and live priing.
you can setup adding new products automatically - but haven't done that yet.
i tend to add the products as draft and try to go through and rewrite the descriptions.

interesting. thanks! I will check out this plugin. So you say with it you are able to pull more than one product image from Amazon?

yes it gets them all - difficult to use them outside of woo pages but in the media library so should be accessible.stil working on that at the moment

Are you sure it's a copyright infringement? There are fair use laws when doing product reviews.

check out amazons terms and conditions - there is a one strike system- do you want to lose your account?
they give you one image to work with, unless you get them through an aws account and the api.
but if you go that route - good luck

I chatted with Amazon directly. I copy paste their answer here.
But they confirmed that it is against their policy to use other images than those scraped via their product links or Product Advertisment API. I asked them if I can put this image directly using its own link on my website https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/91Xj04lIKBL._SL1500_.jpg ad they explaied that it's a violation. It's because they don't own the images. The manufacturer does.

"Videos, product images, and reviews written/created outside of Amazon.com, including professional reviewers, authors, publishers and customers, are copyrighted by others. We display them on our site by permission from those third parties. Amazon.com doesn't have the legal right to give you permission to access, use, or display them.

If you wish to use Amazon.com's product images on your website, you may obtain them by creating Product Links on Associates Central or through Product Advertising API. Customer product reviews are also available through Product Advertising API. Your use of product images and reviews obtained through Product Advertising API is limited by the terms of the Associates Program IP License Product Advertising API License Agreement, which is available here:

https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/help/operating/policies#Associates Program IP License

Before deciding to access product images or reviews through the Product Advertising API, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full terms of the License and in particular with the terms relating to storage, display, and refreshing data."

yes it is. unfortunately :)

The reason I really built a website was to help anglers, not to help Amazon make money. I can have a junky site and abide by their rules, or be willing to adapt. That's how I look at it.

adapt and be banned - how is that helping the anglers with their solutions you are offering?
break their rules and out you go...
there are plenty of other affiliates offering.
i agree that you set up your site to help people, but you are piggy in the middle - having to abide by affilaite program rules and offering the best solution you can.
always a compromise.

My content will help anglers just as much with or without Amazon.

I don't want my site to be an Amazon affiliate site in the long run anyway, so it doesn't really bother me.

not if they cannot buy the solutions from your links - and if the links are dead then you lose credability.

so in that case why bother with amazon in the first place?
just think of all of the links you will need to go back and change.

I get that. I followed instructions now here I am. Trust me. There's never ending work to do on my site. I do what I can when I can and work for someone else in the meantime.

If I could go back and begin somewhere else, I might. But I don't devalue what I've learned. I make good money writing for people. My site is a long term project, and I'm learning as I go.

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Can you recommend a good plugin for schema markup?

Can you recommend a good plugin for schema markup?

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Search Engine Optimization

Hey guys,

I want to implement schema markup on my website. I am looking for some plugin suggestions. I want also to have rich snippets for my review posts and I don't wa


There are many plugins. Choose one to suit your purpose.

All the best

Tha All In One has a schema ticky box.


Thanks, Yan! I use Yoast. Plus, these plugins don't provide all Schema functionality.

Ah. I wasn't sure., I just check the box and assume it Does Something :-)

Yep I saw that. Thanks! Just wondering what to choose from this deep sea of information :)

I'm afraid that should be your decision :)

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How to do seo on an existing non-wordpress website?

How to do seo on an existing non-wordpress website?

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Search Engine Optimization

Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone has ever done SEO on an already built non wordpress website with content.
A friend asked me to help him in that direction and I a

The SEO principals are same.

The only difference, without a CMS in place, everything must be done/coded manually.

yep that's what I've been afraid of.

I'm sorry I don't this answer Asen

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Is rel"nofollow" absolutely necessary for seo?

Is rel"nofollow" absolutely necessary for seo?

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Search Engine Optimization

Hello guys,

I read that it is recommended to add the rel="nofollow" attribute to all our affiliate links.
Is this true and are you doing it?
I need to ask because

There's another recent discussion where I replied on this topic: See screenshot for my reply there:


Thank you.!this is good info!

Hey Asen,

You have opened a major debate with this question. LOL

Here's a tutorial that may interest you: https://www.linkresearchtools.com/case-studies/nofollow-links-seo/

Hope this helps you.

thanks Trish, indeed that brings some valuable insights. Still, it is not clear whether my rankings will suffer if I don't put the no follow attribute on my affiliate links. I guess that a certain statement doesn't exist :)

Agreed... which is why "to use or not to use" nofollow links is such a controversial topic.

OMOT has given a pretty good answer to this below

I actually have a blog post coming on this regarding 'link juice' and understanding the use of 'nofollow' links. I'm just not ready to put all my thoughts down here. I tend to place most of my actual affiliate links on a page and make the page 'noindex' while leaving the links themselves 'dofollow' so that they're recorded appropriately at the destination site. This means that the bots won't be indexing the page and negatively impacting SEO while leaving your links accessible in the eyes of the target program.

Nice one, well done, good answer

Thanks Mel! However I'd like to know what happens if one has a different structure and without the need to check the 'noindex' mark.

I understand, I'll address this more in my 'link juice' post, should have it finished in less than a week.

that's good to know, thanks! I really like to learn more about whether the presence of this attribute affects in any way SEO

Google and other search engines don't have an inherent dislike for affiliate links. It's spammy links they don't like. If the page otherwise has value, it's not an issue.

I haven't heard of the rel=nofollow tag causing the link not to track affiliate IDs at the destination site. The affiliate company is responsible for that, not the search engines. ~Jude


I was responding to what the user described as his experience, which was that the nofollow tag was causing a problem. That hasn't been my experience.

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