Congrats, you have made Vegas! 4th Year In A Row.

Last Update: June 16, 2017

Yep, another year down, and I have once again been invited to Vegas!

This would be my 4th consecutive invitation to Vegas, since I joined Wealthy Affiliate back in 2013.

I still haven't attended a conference yet, mainly because I live in New Zealand (yep, the home of the Lord Of The Rings), which would be quite a trek for me.

It was this time last year, early June, actually, that I posted my last update.

I'm a little bit late with this years update, but nevertheless, here it is.

I'm a little disappointed that I didn't crack the 300 sales mark earlier this year, given that I was endeavoring to beat last years benchmark.

Plus there was a bunch of things that happened (outside of my control) that attributed to the outcome.

But hey, no excuses, it is, what it is.

I'm still grateful for what I have accomplished.

But what I will say is, that I always finish the year off stronger than I did the year before, so it's all good.

What's The Secret

Occasionally, I get questions from people, asking me, what's the secret to getting sales, and really ... there's a bunch of things.

But honestly, they really don't make sense until you have a deeper understanding of the process.

Trust me, there's layers upon layers.

It's not until you immerse yourself into the process that you get the insight.

Go deep into the training here in WA, because it really does work.

So if nothing else, that's one thing you can work on right now.

But the other thing is this.

If you're not getting sales, then, think bigger than that you currently are.

Some people feel that 10, 20 or even 30 posts is a lot of content for a website, but you really should be aiming for 100 or even 300 posts that are RANKABLE, highly targeted niche related posts that are DESIGNED to bring in traffic.

Anyway, just a few thoughts for ya.

I look forward to seeing some of your success stories and maybe one day meeting you in Vegas.

Thank you once again for the invitation Kyle and Carson, much appreciated.

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KMeyer Premium Plus
WOW! Congratulations!
CraigW315 Premium
Congrats! That's awesome.
I'll get there one day!
MozMary Premium Plus
WOOHOO!!! Congrats!
pablocortina Premium
Congratulations, and thanks for the advice
affilicoach Premium
No worries Pablo.
TonyHamilton Premium Plus
Wow Frank!

This is amazing my Friend and I am thoroughly impressed!

4 years in a row and to be qualified before the middle of June is incredible!

Thank you for sharing your inspiring story and 2 years from now when vance and I start our journey we plan to start in New Zealand and hope to be able to stop in and say hello in person.

Talk with you soon my Friend,

affilicoach Premium
Look forward to it Tony. :)
TonyHamilton Premium Plus
Wonderful Frank, Thank you my Friend :)