Proof Success Takes Time


I know this has been said a lot, especially in WA.

I'm sure I heard it more times than I can count but believe it or not, after all these years doing online marketing, I've just realised this NOW, today!

Today I would like to share with you some proof that success really does take time. Hopefully this quick post will help you understand this concept a little bit better and helps you "ride the wave" till you reach your own success(es).

Here is an image of my Google Analytics of the past 2 years:

This chart shows my blog's traffic for the past 2 years, and as you can see, it is just now taking off.

I have to tell you, there were many times in those "white areas" in the chart where I really wanted to just pack it in, and I did.

There were times where I took "a break" from writing content BUT I always got back to it.

It was only in late 2015 / early 2016 that I've decided to approach this with a "do or die" mentality, and as you can see; my efforts are paying off.

The traffic of this website is for my main one that promotes Wealthy Affiliate, and here are the results of adopting my new mentality:

Vegas? Could It Be?

At the time of writing this post (March 2016), I have already matched my income for this blog for the entire 2015.

My income from Wealthy Affiliate has been increasingly steadily due to all the members I have joining now, but to be honest, I am more motivated by the goal of making Vegas rather than making money.

Will I make it to Vegas?

To be honest, I don't really think I will get to Vegas in 2017 because my calculations so far show that I will miss out by about 50 affiliate signups.

Obviously this is just me taking an average of these past first few months of the year and multiplying them by 12.

This "trend" may go downwards or upwards tomorrow so I am not sure exactly where I will be by the end of this year.

However, I am dead sure, like it's already in the bag in my mind, that I will definitely be attending Vegas 2018.

Some Inspiration For You

I'm not the one to deliver motivational speeches but I would like you to view this story with a bit more optimism about where your online business is going.

If you don't think you're getting the results you want, just give it some more time and keep moving forward and I guarantee you; you will be another WA success story in no time.

Thank you for reading. As always, do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment down below if you have any questions.

Chris Lee

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Wow Chris, congrats and I do know with all your effort, you can make it. I do believe in you that success will not happen overnight.

Thank you for your kind words. :)

Congrats Chris!

Thanks Colm :)

I think this is great actually. It's a marathon.

Yep. This is not a race, it's a marathon.

Thank you for your comment. :)

Congratulations Chris! I am so happy for you and thank you for this motivational post! Wow! Have an awesome weekend! Sonia

May I ask what your website is? I would love to visit it. Thanks!

Thank you SJB :)

Check your inbox. :)

Fantastic development Chris! And kudos to you for not giving up.

Thank you :)

This is fantastic, especially considering how tough the 'make money online niche' is.

Yep. I think that is why it took such a long time for it to see some results. Also I avoided doing product reviews for the first year (I do now) so that probably worked against me. :/

Thank you for your comment and kind words. ;)

This is AWESOME Chris!
... I've bookmarked it into my "Inspire" category.

Because of my extreme time constraints (and other "stuff"), I'm where you were about this time last year.
I have just adopted your current "mentality" trying to keep up the pace. I have no doubt you will indeed make it to Vegas one year soon.

Excellent job my friend, and I am so proud of you - I want to be proud of me one day too!

Don't worry; just do something every day.

Even if it's small. As long as you are doing something, you are moving in the direction to success. :)

This is not a race, remember that. :)

Thanks Chris!
... appreciated

Anytime. Send me a message if you need some help. :)

Thanks for sharing. This is good to know

Thanks Xin. Glad you've found this post useful! :)

thanks, Chris!! Good to know! We all have doubts now and then

Yep, doubts are definitely a thing but remember; here at WA we have the best tools to make it happen.

Just focus on doing the work necessary and the results will take care of themselves. :)

I wish you well! :)

I'm sure you will make it to Vegas in 2017.
Come on...what are 50 sign-ups? ;)

Looking at that graph I can clearly see that your traffic has increased exponentially.
Just keep doing what you are doing.

Haha thank you for your encouragement, Moritz :) Much appreciated.

I'm trying to keep a level head here haha and just focus on the work that I need to do to get there.

However, I am patient so for me it doesn't really matter when I get there, as long as I do.

Thanks again.

Chris Lee

You're welcome.
Blogs like yours always make me want to start with promoting WA, too.
I just don't want to give up on my other 2 sites and I don't think I can work on a third site yet.

I am looking forward to reading your Vegas blog.^^

I know what you mean but you're doing the right thing; I also have other blogs that I have built before I started to promote WA.

I guess you will have to see for yourself that the lessons in WA really work before you start promoting it.

Just keep pushing buddy. You will get there I promise :)

Thanks man.
I do see results after my 11 months here.
Not as much or high as I had hoped, but it still shows me that it works.
Need to invest more time, though.

Same buddy. It took a while for me to see results and it was getting frustrating see others doing better in less time (I admit I was jealous LOL).

But that's not what you have to focus on, we need to focus on the work. :)

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