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My name is Cristina and i am 38 years old. For the last 12 years i have lived in Greece, in Rhodes . I am from Romania but life took me here. i work for a rental car company .
Greece was a good choice for the job but also nothing compares to its sun, warm climate, the sea... I love nature and animals and the love of my life:) is my chocolate labrador:)
My job has nothing to do with my studies but i love it. i graduated law school in Romania .
Another thing about me is i love writing and I am fascinated about time travelling so i started to write a book related to this... and i want to open a site about time travelling books and movies.
Thank you

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adrianh25392 Premium
Hi Christina,

Fabulous profile, and you are living in the one country in the world other than the UK that I really could live in also. In fact I am rather jealous of you.

never mind one day soon perhaps.

Anyway, i just popped over to say a massive thank you, for adding me into your network, it really is very appreciated.

I look forward to witnessing your undoubted future success.

JohnWT Premium
Hi, Cristina. I'm sorry I messed up the whole comments process on your site. I wanted to answer your ancient civilizations questions and I didn't think it went through so I left it again. And I wasn't aware the first time that you wanted comments specifically for that page, not the whole site. Even though I've been a member since 2012 I am only now going through the entire process. My sincere apologies. I still love your site.
XrissyBoros Premium
no problem but I delete one. Nice comment :)) I thank you. Are you such a long time member? What is your site?
Kickbacked Premium
Hi Cristina

I see from your rank that you are plugging away!

Greece is one of the countries as well as Italy that I would like to visit! Was wondering what the weather is like there and if people from different countries retire there or not.

Wishing you success in your learning adventure and your "Time Traveling" niche!

XrissyBoros Premium
Hello, Tim :) very nice image.Sorry for my late answer :) here everything is ok, the weather not so bad:)people very nice:))
Thanks for your wish and I hope you will succeed also in your work here:)
Have a nice day.
Kickbacked Premium
Hi Cristina

Thanks for the reply back! Holiday time is difficult to answer every reply or comment! I try to, but sometimes I get behind!

Have a Happy Holiday and an awesome day!

Kickbacked Premium
Hi Cristina

Thanks for the follow and welcome to my network!

Wishing you success here in WA

If you wish to see some of my travel pics, check out my Instagram account located on my profile page!

Am just adding pics from my trip to the Mall of America from yesterday!

Enjoyed reading one of your excerpts from your website, will have to check out some of your other posts as well!

Have an awesome day Cristina!

Thanks for connecting with me Xrissy! I love your profile. I had to reply as one of my best friends here in Dubai is Romanian (Transylvanian actually!). I'm also a big fan of time travel and quantum physics and love the warm, sunny climate as well...although Dubai gets a little TOO WARM! My background is communication and education and now I am moving into the online arena to elevate and escalate my personal/professional coaching and training business.

All the best with your ventures! Perhaps we will cross paths in business or travels or time ;-)

XrissyBoros Premium
hi Thomas nice to meet you and good luck to you also in your WA journey:)
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XrissyBoros Premium
followed you :)
XrissyBoros Premium
i just have a look to your site but i don't see a menu.the content is nice interesting.your photos video are great. I love your articles and you have a lot of material there. is a good site but is not easy to navigate, try to send your visitor from page to page, make a menu, categories...Only pages on the left is your menu but....people can see it. or bold the letters in the titles if is a problem from the theme, or change the theme. Anything you need ask:)
jimntina17 Premium
Hi Cristina, you definitely lead a very interesting life. I was in the Navy for 10 years and did a lot of traveling. I love Greece as well. The entire Mediterranean has such a beautiful climate. Sadly, I've never been to Romania. Best of luck with your adventures in WA and best of luck on writing your book. Feel free to follow me as well.
XrissyBoros Premium
thank you :) nice to meet you :) Yes indeed is a very nice weather:) you should visit it :)
good luck to you too :)
Hboelky Premium
Hey Cristina, nice to meet you....you are absolute proof that from anywhere in the world can join and succeed.. Thanks for yours interest in following me I will return the favor and follow you..

I'm. Howie...live in Pittsburgh PA it's in the U.S..I'm happy to meet you and wish you the best luck you already have impressive tasks completed. That's great I could learn from you! I hope you are making money and all is well if I could help you in some way just let me know.
tgifwwjd Premium
I will follow you in Greece. It was one of my favorite stops when i was traveling around the Med while in the US Navy. I see you are coming up on your 1 year anniversary with WA. I hope great things are happening by now. Please share your successes.

XrissyBoros Premium
:)) Thanks for your nice words:) i have 2 sites. One is new but the first one , one year old is doing great. I have many pager ranke in first gooogle page :) Slowly slowly i will get there :) needs patiens and hard work:)
Nice to be aboard Xrissy.....
MrShare Premium
I love Rhodes too! Spent a few summers there recently myself. I was mostly based in Old Town, but toured around the whole island... spent a few weeks living in both Falaraki and Kolymbia and week here and there around the island.

Would love to go back to Prasonissi too and take up Wind Surfing for a while.

Can't wait till I'm back at beach and doing the things I love. As for Romania, I found lots of beauty there too, even settled into Brasov for a bit while I'm catching up on work. Love all those castles, good thing Rhodes town has one too to remind you of home :-)

Hope all works out for you here on WA and please do send me a link if you ever make that site about time traveling!!!

Cheers :-)
XrissyBoros Premium
:))) i have 2 sites :)
I am happy that you loved Rhodes;) is nice. If you ever come ...we ll have a coffe:)
Nice to meet you
MrShare Premium
Nice, I really liked The Jacket when it came out... forgot about that one. Since you liked Primer, you might like ARQ too, as it's got that indi feel to it.


Not sure if you're in to TV shows, but recently finished watching Timeless and while it does have some cheesiness to it, the historic backdrops are amazing!


...and most like will be watching Travelers sometime this month, so amazing that these all came out so close to each other :-)



Looking forward to coming back to Rhodes, but plan on hitting up the Azores and Madiera this summer.. and then figure it out from there. Maybe Casablanca for bit... a little bit of Africa..

Travel.. it's a never-ending dream that just keeps getting better and better :-)
MrShare Premium
I like the Songwriter theme too, nice and clean, like the streets of Old Town at 4am :-)

Looks like you've been building them up quite nicely... out of curiosity, did they turn a profit for you yet? Feel free me to PM the answer if you don't mind sharing.
DanielF1313 Premium
Two places I'd love to visit, Romania and Greece. Can only imagine how awesome the weather must be in Greece! Have a black lab mix myself, absolutely love her. She's my doggie,lol.
Sounds like a great ides, who isn't fascinated with the idea of time travel. We all love movies, and books.
Good luck Cristina :)
XrissyBoros Premium
good luck to you too :))) kisses to your sweet lab:)
DanielF1313 Premium
Aww, thank you!! I'll make sure she gets them, and a nice bone to go with them. Almost time for her playtime :)
XrissyBoros Premium
good :) I have and a site about Labrador. Now i started :)
DanielF1313 Premium
Great site, I like it alot! You'll have to keep me posted. It's nice to find a genuine dog lover.
XrissyBoros Premium
thanks :)))) you make me have a good motivation to go on with it when I see people will like it :)
chefcharred Premium
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SPASM1 Premium
Wow! You have actually started the book you want to write. You are way ahead of me Christina. Good luck with the book and I hope you finish it and find success.

I am now more determined to write a Historical Fiction novel I have thought about for a long long time. Thank you.
XrissyBoros Premium
i am happy that i inspired you :)))) nice to meet you :)))
Ali-M Premium
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wealthmagic Premium
Hi Cristina,

Congratulations on going Premium. Everything you need to be successful online is right here in our Training Programs. Be sure to implement what you will learn.

If ever you get stuck, just ask for help. You can count on WA community to lend you a helping hand.

All the best,

ArtByHeart Premium

You have made the best possible choice for your online marketing career and well on your way to success. Now that you are premium members, all the content on this site is available for you. I wish you great success as a wealthy affiliate :-) Don't forget that hard work pays off! I will be following your success and celebrating your mile stones.

Happy Greetings,