My Business Achieved 1,600% Growth in 2013...Is That Possible?

Last Update: Jan 7, 2015


Happy 2014 WA community!

I'm writing this a bit late as January is nearly half over, but I wanted to update everyone on my progress over the past year.

I want to start off by saying that 2013 was not a good year for me. I've been dealing with a health issue for the past several months that has been causing all kinds of problems, including making it difficult for me to work as hard as I know I should be at my online business. However, I've been pushing through and just trying to focus on things one day at a time. It sucks what life can throw at you, but sometimes you just have to learn to deal.

But, however horrible 2013 was, it was also a year of accomplishments.

I joined WA in late January, stepped outside my comfort zone and started my own online business. I have learned SO much (and of course still continue to learn each and every day!) from the training and community here. I cannot thank everyone enough, including Kyle and Carson. They must be superhero geniuses.

From the moment I made my first sale, I knew this was serious business and I never gave up. I may have taken the occasional hiatus, but the part that matters is I always came back to my business.

I did not give up.

Here's my quarterly earnings chart from last year

Note that I've crossed out all numbers here. I am not trying to brag or show off how much I am making, I am merely trying to show the amount of GROWTH I have been experiencing, and that it's 100% achievable for anybody.

People sometimes can get caught up on the actual numbers, but the part that matters is I'm experiencing consistent and exceptional growth.

Realize that Internet Marketing earnings can be a roller coaster, but hang in there and let it average out!

Some months are amazing for earnings and others will suck. This depends a lot on your niche and the shopping habits of your customers.

When charting actual monthly earnings you'll notice the dips -

If you experience a sudden drop in earnings from one month to the next, you're not necessarily doing anything wrong. Many times this is just the nature of retail sales, so don't let it deter you from working hard! Just keep plugging along and let everything work itself out - it will average out!

I calculated that from the first quarter to the last of 2013, my business grew by OVER 1,600% percent!

This is the formula I used:

(Current Earnings - Previous Earnings) / Previous Earnings

x 100 = % Growth

I used my quarterly earnings for this - (quarter 4 - quarter 1)/quarter 4, but you can use this formula to calculate growth from quarter to quarter and from year to year too.

Quarterly Growth - 2013

Quarter 1 - Quarter 2 = 99.9% growth

Quarter 2 - Quarter 3 = 43% growth

Quarter 3 - Quarter 4 = 62% growth

Overall from Quarter 1 - Quarter 4 = 1,647% growth

Now, I realize this number is seriously inflated considering this is my first year in business and I have nothing to previously compare it to. I will have to compare my quarterly earnings from last year to this year once I reach that point, just to see how I am truly growing.

However, I am simply demonstrating the growth potential of building your own business on the internet. You can build something out of basically nothing and earn like crazy from it. It may sound absurd, but it really works!

Did it take a long time to achieve this? Heck yeah, but I definitely do NOT regret it.

I would like to continue growing like crazy throughout 2014. My goal is to have a growth of 300% for the year. :)


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Love the fighter in you!

Inspirational, Wendy. Ya gonna addendum Q1 of 014?

Glad you overcame the “health issue(s)” of 013. And I am glad that the other animals did not take you out, you know how other packs can be with the weak & sickly.

You’re the wolf.

I will have to do another post at the end of this year to compare it to last year!

Yeah, the health stuff is better but not 100%... the doctors still don't know what is wrong, I am just hoping for the best and that whatever it is will cure itself.

Yes, yes I am. ;)

Awesome. Your perseverance, despite trials, proves that with dedication, a goal, vision or dream can be realized. Thanks!

Wow, you give me hope.

Guts, Gumption and Attitude. What a Wonderful combination !!!



Haha thank you!! You rock.

Great post. 1600% is awesome! I can only imagine the joy of having a site that improves that much.

But why did you cross out the earnings? Of course it is up to you if you want to post what you earn, but earning reports are so fun to see, as it raises our hopes for our own sites!

Maybe its just me though :D

Keep up the great work!

Hey, thanks! I didn't post my earnings here because I was focusing on the growth, and that is the most important part!

If you are interested in knowing the real numbers, send me a PM and I would be more than willing to discuss it with you. :)


Great ! Health issues are no fun at all. Have been dealing with that myself over the last couple of years. That is one of the reasons I want to try to earn an income working from home (and to spend time with my kids of course). Feel better and continued success!!

Yeah, it really is pretty horrible. It was not my initial reason for wanting to earn money online, but I am so glad it all happened while I didn't have to worry about working a real job... I would have probably been fired for being sick all the time! Thank you so much for the kind comment and follow! :)

This is fantastic news Wendy! Very encouraging. Thanks for taking the time to share :)

Thank you Steve, and I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment! :)

Amazing. It's really spectacular when you think about it. 1600% growth, and I'd bank that you spent just a few hundred bucks to keep everything running for 12 months. This sounds a lot better than getting a $100k loan from the bank and being profitable 3 years down the road (as a brick and mortar business might be).

Thanks for putting everything in numbers. I'm going to go calculate mine!

Yeah, that is one aspect that attracted me to online business...your start up costs are SO low, yet the potential to grow and succeed is HUGE! You're right, I only had to spend a few hundred to keep my business going all year.

Honestly I can't even imagine going $100K into debt to get a brick and mortar business going... I have complete respect for those that do it...but I personally am not in the position to take a risk like that! For now I am going to stick with the "safety" of web

I can't wait til I have previous years of established business to really compare things. Anyway, yes go calculate!! :)

Love seeing this!! It's very encouraging to me as I became a Premium member the first of January. I can't wait to see what this next year will bring! Congrats!!

I am sure if you keep at it and follow the training here, you'll be amazed at how far you'll be by the end of the year! I wish you all the best Deb! :)

Great job! This is inspiring for a newbie like myself!

thank you :)

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