They Didn't Want Me At WA Vegas 2016 But.

Last Update: February 05, 2016

I made it anyway! Some of you will get that "DJ Khaled" reference but many of you won't so I'll explain it later in this post. But let's start at the beginning. This year I was blessed to make it to "WA Vegas Conference" again. I've been to a few but this year was very interesting.

What Do You Mean My Flight is Cancelled?

One of the perks of the WA conference is that Kyle and Carson pay for your flight, hotel, entertainment and some of your meals. So my flight was already paid for. But then "Snowmagedon" came to the Northeast a few days before my flight. But by Sunday most of the roads and everything had been cleared. But I figured I should call my airline to see if there were any delays for the following days. To my surprise I was informed my flight was cancelled. Well thanks for letting a brother know. NOT!

So I hit Kyle up and bless his heart he tried everything in his power to get me on another flight so I wouldn't miss the first day. Unfortunately every time we got close to booking an alternative flight, it was swept away by other travelers that I assumed were stuck because of the blizzard. But it didn't matter I was already booked on a flight for the following day and on my way.

Do I look Like A Little Hobbit To You?

So usually checking into the MGM Grand is a breeze but because of the damn blizzard and not checking in on the first day, my room was given away.

So they placed me in another suite. In my mind it's no biggie. Kyle and Carson hook us all up with a fancy suite. So a suite is suite to me. Just get me to it lady. Well apparently they placed me in the "bowels" of the hotel in a room that was meant for someone in a wheel chair. So all the light switches and everything else in the room was wheelchair accessible. In other words it was not designed for my 6'4 frame. But again Kyle and Carson hooked it up. They made a quick phone call and I was told I could check into a better height appropriate suite the following day. LOL

Clutch The Pearls!

So the next morning I call the front desk to ask if my room was ready. It was, I was provided the room number on a higher floor. I head up the elevator and walk into the room. But to my surprise there was a lady's dress hanging in the closet. Needless to say I turned my black butt around and headed out of there before someone called security on me. lol I went to the front desk and informed them they gave me a room that was already occupied. They apologized and hooked me up with a new room and some free food credit. Finally I made it to my suite and it was all good from there.

So what's the point of all this?

I'm sharing this story because it reminded me of the path of running a business. We all have plans on how everything is suppose to go. You're excited and just imagining all the fun you're going to have. But eventually you run into some unexpected obstacles and roadblocks as I did with my trip. The way you handle these hurdles is what will determine if you'll be successful. You can take them in stride and push forward knowing you just need to make some adjustments but you'll get to your destination.

Or you can just roll up in a ball in corner, crying in frustration and just give up. Too often the later is what people do and they miss out on their dreams. All the people I met in Vegas are the opposite. We all had set backs but push through the pain and the results speak for themselves. We're all finding success in our business. Obviously we want to do more but we're on the right path because of the work ethic, patience, persistence and the attitude we have towards this business. The common thread among us is we want to help people and that's what drives our business and the money has been a product of that.

When people put the money first you don't get the same long term results or any at all. So if you're looking for one of the secrets from the conference that's the biggest one!

A "Great" Man Once Said

DJ Khaled is known by some for his music for hits such as "All We Do is Win" But recently he's been lighting up social media with his little sayings which are funny. But they are inspirational and have truth in them. I included one of those saying in the picture above. The fact of the matter is that there will always be a "they" in your life. "They" could be situations, circumstances and people that don't want you to succeed in this business. But that comes with the territory and you have to make a choice to win regardless. Because that's what YOU deserve so don't worry about "they" or anyone else that may try to dissuade you. Because at the end of the day WA wants you to win and they provide you all the help and resources to do so. And more is coming...

Good Things Come To Those That Wait!

I'm super excited about what was revealed in Vegas. What I can say is that Kyle & Carson are making improvements to WA that should make it a lot easier for WA members to succeed in this business in some other ways that will give you more immediate income results. I can't say anymore than that. But just know that what's coming will give you even more keys to success. ;)

My Bad

Every year I try to take a picture with Kyle & Carson and the other super affiliates. But I was totally out of whack because of missing the first day. So I forgot to take a picture with them and everyone else. But I did manage to take a few pics with some other members you might know and the sights we experienced. Enjoy.

Hope to see you guys here next year!

Eddy with a y

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SupportWeb Premium
Inspirational post Eddy...with a 'Y'. I agree with you that it takes perseverance to reach our goals here at WA. Hope to meet you in Vegas in the coming year(s)!
EddySalomon Premium Plus
That would be great Stephen!
Loes Premium
Great blog Eddy, I enjoyed reading it from top to bottom! Thanks!
EddySalomon Premium Plus
Glad to hear it Loes.
ColinU Premium
Overcoming obstacles and issues is just par for the lifetime course. Your efforts are being to rewarded Eddy. Congratulations on your successes and commiserations on things that don't work.Thanks for the inspiration. :)
EddySalomon Premium Plus
You're welcome Colin
dstaple1490 Premium
Hi Eddy, Great post! I thought stuff like that only happened to me. LOL! I will be there in 2017!!! I look forward to meeting you in person. Dave.
EddySalomon Premium Plus
Thanks Dave. Apparently not. It's never happened before and hopefully it won't ever happen again. lol
LynneHuy Premium
YAY! Oh Eddy I so want to be there with you all 2017...
EddySalomon Premium Plus
I'll tell you this much Lynne, there were way more people there this year. And I'm happy to say one of the new faces represented for the ladies. So it can totally happen! See you there!
LynneHuy Premium
YAY! Only 299 to go ... oh dear.