How Long Will It Take Me To Be Successful?

Last Update: August 22, 2019

It always amazes me when people ask me that question or the variations listed below:

  • How long did it take you to be successful?
  • When did you earn your first sale?
  • How many hours do you spend and how much do you make?
  • If I put in x hours per day, how much can I make or when can I expect to be successful?

Depending on where you are in your business, you've either asked these same questions or have heard variations of them.

Time for some tough love.

Here's the thing, none of these questions really matter or apply to your situation! Yeah I said it! But hear me out before you start rolling your eyes and getting offended.

Often times these questions are really just symptoms of one or more of the following:

  • Insecurities
  • Inaction
  • Impatience
  • Doubt
  • Desperation

What does it really matter how long it took myself or any other successful online business owner to succeed? None of us are clones of each other. There are always variations on how we process what we learn and more importantly how we apply it. So even if I told you it took me a week to become successful, it doesn't mean you will. Oh, but I want to have an idea or range to strive for?

Let's Reminisce...

Prior to Wealthy Affiliate most of us were destined and accepted that we would work for "THE MAN" for damn near the rest of our lives or until we can retire. If we were lucky, we would have a nice little nest egg. Then if we were still healthy enough or had the finances, we would spend the remainder of our lives trying to do things we really wanted to do while we were busting our ass for the man.

So that was probably 20-30 years of your life that you would have readily given up for someone else that really doesn't care about your success. But now, you have the opportunity to dictate how much money you deserve to make and what you could do with your time. And yet you have the audacity to be worried about how long it's going to take you succeed?

Does that really make sense? Isn't that disrespectful to yourself, your dreams or family? It shouldn't matter how long it will take you to succeed if you're really about that life of freedom & prosperity!

Exceptions To The Rule.

So I don't sound like a total tool, I want recognize that some people are asking the questions listed in this post because they need income right away because of dire financial situations. This article isn't directed at those folks. My advice for people in that situation is to focus on quicker temporary solutions like getting a work at home job until you can get your business to where it can totally support you. For everyone else that falls into what I described previously, I have the solution for you below.

The Answer!

Your business is exactly like the quote above. It's about getting to the finish line. When you get there doesn't make a difference. You just need to reach whatever that finish line is for you, your family or whatever is motivating you.

So do yourself and your dreams a favor, don't limit them to time frames. Stop comparing yourself to others or imaginary time frames.

Instead, get out there and bust your ass for yourself as you would have done for "The Man" for the next 20-30 years. Scratch that! Work harder and longer because now you're working for the company called "Me, Myself & I!"

What do you guys think? Am I off base here? Chime in below. I would love to hear your feedback. I'll be the first to admit I've been guilty of some of the actions listed above so I'm speaking from experience.

Please free to share this article here on WA or outside of WA to anyone that may find it useful.

Thanks for reading my little rant.


P.S. My bad if I've offended anyone but sometimes we all need real talk. LOL =)

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GaryN238 Premium
Anything worthwhile will not likely happen overnight but over many nights, months and maybe a few years but just some results might happen after not to much time but this kind of thing takes time and will grow like a tree, it depends how much you water and feed it. It will take a fair amount to quite a bit of hard hours invested into a working moving business.
EddySalomon Premium
Trallan Premium
I appreciate the real talk. I am looking to get out of the "normal" business life. I want to be able to go to the zoo with my kids on a Tuesday if I get the whim. I am going to keep at it. If it happens in a month, great. But I can hang on for a year or two if I have to.
EddySalomon Premium
I hear ya Tracy.
efelgarresta Premium
This is a healthy perspective. I would like to emphasize your point "Work harder and longer because now you're working for the company called "Me, Myself & I!" I think a good gut check to see if you have a good fit is you should be WANTING to work harder and longer because you are working for yourself. If not, you're fooling yourself (i.e. you think this is easy money) and/or you don't have the passion for it and it's a bad fit.
EddySalomon Premium
Amen Edward! Too often people think because it is the internet it should be easier and faster. But that's not the case and they just dabble instead of put in the long term effort this business requires.
DGriffin4 Premium
Your 'rant' really struck a chord with me. I worked in the corporate sector as a software developer for 25 years, working for 'The Man'. I've now come to my senses to not be enslaved by the corporate culture, its idiosyncrasies, jargon and general b.s. In this new age/era, it makes sense to immerse yourself in your own business or venture. Thanks for the 'reality hit'.
EddySalomon Premium
You're welcome David. I'm glad I could give you some perspective.
you are absolutely right Eddy long day at school and work and your work so hard and they don't even care to say that person worked long and hard they need a day off or something then when you get sick or something is wrong with you then is when you see they true identity
EddySalomon Premium