10.5 Million Visitors Have Visited My Site


I passed a pretty big milestone earlier this year and didn't even realize it. I had opened up my stats this morning and checked out the 'All Time' column and saw something that was quite surprising.

10,000,000+ people have visited my blog since I first started it way back in 2007.

This is also coming on the heels of my 10th anniversary. That means I'm averaging over one million visitors to my site per year.

What's my secret?

I don't have one.

I create content and publish new articles to my site 5x per week. That's it. That's all there is to it and I've been saying it for years now.

This simple "secret" has been the sole reason of my success and the reason why I am able to run a full-time business from anywhere in the world.

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Can I just ask if "creating content and publishing new articles 5x a week" also includes keyword research each time? That's something that I've never really done - or felt good about because it makes me feel inauthentic to write about topics and recommend products I don't know very well. Thoughts?

Then you should write about topics/products you DO know about...photography (cameras, supplies, accessories, etc) maybe?

You can do keyword research and gather multiple keywords and save them to a list, and write about them, using one to three in each post.

Great tip. Thanks!

Hey Ryan, yes it's important to always do keyword research each time you write content. In fact, the keyword should be researched before writing the content. Not doing that, you might find your keyword has too much competition and in that case it will be harder to get it ranked on first page in search browser.

I get that. But what if it's content that I really think will help people and ties in well with my blog/brand? Ugg...I guess the answer is to write it anyways but try to find the right keyword phrases that will help it rank.

Hi Ryan, I do that too actually... I have written the content first and then found keyword phrases after that. I usually find something .. takes a bit longer to find the right keywords but it works.


That is so awesome:) Very inspirational.
That's what I'm having problem with is content. I started an article and within the article I became stuck. I tried reading over what I wrote and still nothing. I even began second guessing myself. Am I doing the right thing? I've been struggling for the last week on this even with the limitations of just having a tablet. Please help if you can....


Hi chrisie - we all get stuck sometimes.
It may be worth doing something competely different and not thinking about it for a while, then come back to it.
Nathaniel has written a post about writing, take a look Try getting intothe writing everyday habit,where youwrite anything youwant - not necessarily for your site, but just write. This way you get your brain used to writing.
I hope you manage to work it out, it does become easier over time.

I used to have the same problem until I realised that to be able to write I should start writing.
So, start writing randomly about any subject you like. It’s like someone who is fumbling around, trying to find their way in darkness until they see the light at the end of the tunnel. As you continue to write, you will eventually find your voice.
Use your note book to capture things. Everyone is different.
Keeping a diary of activities does not suit everybody. So, find what is right for you.
Personally, I have come to realize that I work well during quieter spells. Especially in the early hours of the day. I prefer writing down ideas, as they come on my ipad.
Keep on writing. All the best.

Thank you:)
I'm trying to work that out. I'm learning just to do it. If I think too much on it, procrastination sets in. I read your comments and just starting righting anything:)
I see that is an issue that a lot of us have. You're right. Take a notebook and write whatever thought that come cross your mind. I noticed I'm getting better at writing. My last article was almost 2,000 words. I was laughing that I wrote that much in one sitting.
Thank you for your kind words, I needed it;)

Wow 2, 000 is a lot. That is a great achievement. Keep on writing non stop and you will be amazed with the results.
Also, write on your blog here at WA. When people comment, it encourages you to continue.

Yes, it does:) I'm in the process of making one now in WA. This snow storm is crazy. Power cutting off and on. Well, just another challenge to face. Hope I will be able to see the Webinar tonight.

I love that secret of yours and thanks for sharing it.

i.e. "I create content and publish new articles to my site 5x per week. That's it. That's all there is to it and I've been saying it for years now."

Yep, its simple. There is no substitute for drive and hard work.

Big thanks for the reminder.

Hi, Steve! I don't understand how you can write 5 new posts every week- when do you find the time to check out 5 new products every week? How can you be sure if they are good products or if they are scams if you have only one day to write a post about it?
Thanks for your answer! Best regards!

Maybe he outsources some content? Also, perhaps he reads reviews written by others and synthesizes what others are saying. We are told in our training that we can do that as most of us can't afford to be buying all products that we are reviewing.

Even that takes a good deal of time. I had been discouraged initially trying to keep up with the learning, communications, product research AND blogs. Since then, I am more focused on quality than quantity and doing what I can within my home and work schedule. Over time, it will all work out.

Thanks for your answer, Vanessa! Regards!

You can do multiple posts on the same product from different angles. You can target different demographics also. So one post might target college students, while another targets retirees (if you were promoting WA). I review cat products so I am now writing new posts for the same products but with different keywords targeted. The first one may be how to treat bad breath in cats and this next one is how to treat tooth and gum disease. I am reviewing the same product but reaching different searchers.

Swangirl, what a great idea! Your comment was very helpfull to me because I also dread of 5x/week posting (I can imagine 1x, but 5!) - you've made it easier describing your experience with writing. Thanks!!!

Good, I am glad it helped!

Congratulations Ive,
What you have accomplished is wonderful. I know I have a long way to go. in fact, my familiarization with new technology is still a foreign subject to me but I know that with patience and dedication I can make the difference and help people as well as myself..

thank you for the information,

Wherever you are in the process, always remember that we all had to go through the exact same steps.

That's so awesome! Thanks for this blog, Steve! That's the same thing that I've just learned from watching a little documentary about Bob Hurley of Hurley International the surfwear company! He said that all he did was keep at it and didn't stop. He stated that he wasn't the most talented or gifted. Bob said that he just kept going. Thanks again for this encouragement :)

What was the name of that documentary? I'd like to check it out!

Wow congratulations, Steve!

I am amaze by how you can publish up to 5 posts per week, did you outsource since the beginning? Personally I can't write as much, I try to make the most out of each articles I publish both in terms of SEO and content quality.

Stay awesome,

I was writing 5 articles per week by myself for a few years. I now have a few writers on staff and that allows me to focus on other areas of my site these days.

My hat off for you, Steve. As a blogger, I know how writing that much per week is no easy feet, no wonder you succeeded. Great job!

10.5 million, awesome stuff!

I love your statement about there being no secret. Naturally when people hear stories like this the first thing they think is "what is your secret". The reality is that hard work + time is the biggest secret of all and it is something that we all have at our disposal.

I look forward to your post in the future....

100 Million Visitors Have Visited My Site

Hahaha...sounds like a little competition going on here ;)

Top Man Steve, what a great achievement. I've been on your site a couple of times and can see why so many people would check out your engaging and informative reviews.

Keep the good work up and thank you for revealing your secret on how to get visitors. Something that I need to work on.

All the best

It's not really much of a secret :) It's exactly what is being taught here at WA.

Great job Steve. I hope people paid special attention to the fact that there isn't some secret sauce. You're basically doing what WA teaches here. At least once or twice a month I get a private message from someone asking me what my secret is. And I tell them the same thing, apply what WA teaches and do it consistently until it does work for you. There aren't no magic buttons or secrets to this business. You're a testament to do that!

I feel like a broken record some times, but at least I have proof it works.

Me too. I feel bad because I know they're expecting me to say I have some secret technique that WA doesn't teach. But when I tell them I'm just applying what is taught here, you can tell they're underwhelmed by response. lol

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