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Hi, Everyone...

Dave here and I want to welcome you to my profile page and to Wealthy Affiliate in general...

FYI, I am almost at the 2-year mark of being a premium level member of Wealthy Affiliate...Actually, it feels like yesterday that I joined...Where has the time gone?

Because I am an active member and user of this #1 ranked Online Affiliate Marketing Community and have had success with the methods that are taught here I can say without any doubt that the title WA has is deserved and earned...

A little about me....I am a retired military member, having done 25 years of service, and my rank for the last 8 years was Sergeant Major (E-9). That was a long time ago and much has happened since that time...

I joined at 17, retired at 42, and took a week off prior to landing a well-paid job at 4 times my last military salary hehe...Why did I wait so long, I still ask myself 18 years later!

Most of my career in the military and after has taken place outside the USA, and indeed, I loved it so much that I decided to stay overseas after leaving the military.

I built a house in Germany, and have been doing business internationally since...I regularly interact with people from all over the world for offline and online businesses...

However, I still love things about my youth and where I grew up (Minnesota and Ontario) such as fishing, watching the Minnesota Vikings, visiting family and friends...

In Europe, I like watching German Foosball, Formula 1 racing, and in the rest of the world, I like swimming, traveling, meeting new people, and being an entrepreneur...

So the world is my playground...

It is that last bit (being an entrepreneur) that brought me here. I had been scammed by several other "teaching sites" and needed to find a REAL program with REAL chances of success...

Enter Wealthy Affiliate...

Immediately I saw what misguided marketers had been selling me (garbage), and I immediately followed the training found here for my efforts. The income had started trickling in before joining, but it has risen regularly since I took the training to heart.

Below I have added a synopsis of where I am as of January 2017, and where I expect to be by the end of 2017...This can be the same for you!

Remember that I am doing this while traveling and meeting new people, and generally enjoying my life...

If you need something, send me a private message or add a comment below...I am more than willing to help you out to get you started too with a viable online marketing program


NOTE 1: See some of my websites, social sites, and brands (yes you read that right - Brands!) to the right...

NOTE 2: I am currently involved in blogging, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, and drop shipping...

NOTE 3: "Plan your work and work your plan!"

NOTE 4: There are lots of smart people on this site...Follow the ones that are making sense to you

NOTE 5: Take Action - TODAY

NOTE 6: Have fun...It should not ALL be work...Balance is everything...



Over the last 22 months, I have moved, adjusted, moved some more forward and this is the breakout year it is looking like. On a number of fronts, things are progressing well...

Affiliate marketing is a piece of that puzzle, but not the main focus. E-Commerce, selling my own products, and drop-shipping are the areas I am into heavily...


My income from my online businesses is rising monthly and helps but has not reached the level I am getting from other passive sources at this point. This is the year I will reach that point and exceed it by a significant amount.

(1) ECommerce. My e-commerce effort is taking off, although quite a bit of money is tied up in inventory (one of the businesses is selling real products that we own), but there is a good profit margin, so sales monies will be rolled back into more product and marketing...

We (I have a partner) also are building a membership site for e-commerce that will complement a program that will support training, a forum on the membership site (similar to this one), a partner program, an affiliate program, and a drop shipping element...

VERY exciting stuff!

(2) DROP SHIPPING. The drop-shipping effort is similar, (different websites and focus) and there is a good margin in this business model as well. Right now I am using mainly suppliers that will ship for me, so no need for a big investment...

Later we are adding a new element to the drop shipping concept on our e-commerce membership site...People will be able to work with us and our partners to sell to their customers our products and we will ship for them...

That whole concept will be exciting to see come together and watch as people profit from our services...It is happening soon, the website and layout/tools are being integrated as I write this....Looking forward to launching!

(3) MY OWN PRODUCTS. I also sell my own online tools and training packages that are intended to help would-be or practicing online marketers with their programs. These are useful tools that will actually benefit the user, not crap full of fake promises products that are scams...

The type of products help teach people how to do things for online marketing, will help them do those things faster, and also give them insight on how they can scale up their operations, as we are doing...

(4) AFFILIATE MARKETING. Affiliate marketing is not dead by any means...I have some niches that I am working that have lots of potentials, and these I will continue to work on regularly over the year too...

I work on income streams in the order I mention them above because I realize that affiliate marketing is more of a long-term strategy and I wanted to get started immediately making money online...


You can do the same or go your own way...This is the internet and all things are possible...

My last words are so important....

I Believe In YOU!


Dave : )
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VeronicasLuv Premium
Greetings! You left me such a beautiful comment on my post, I just had to follow. But the minute I saw your profile pic, it just looked so familiar! Then as I started to read your bio, I knew I had definitely read this before! I decided to scroll down the comments, sure enough, I had sent you a comment over a month ago! One of my habits is that I start to read the bio, leave a comment but forget to hit the "follow". So, now it's official!

Looking forward to being a part of your network, Dave!
DaveSw Premium
Hi, Veronica and thanks for the kind words and the follow...I too look forward to more interaction here, it is a wonderful place! Cheers! Dave : )
LindaF Premium
Great info one to come back to time and again as affiliate marketing is my neche. Not in the conventional way but to each there own.

I am Know following. it doesn't matter when we start only get started Happy Easter

Always a Better Way

Sending Blessings Your Way Linda
DaveSw Premium
Likewise, enjoy the day!! Dave : )
laparra1 Premium
Good morning Dave,

Old with 60 ?well, what am I to say, will be 67 in May. I still want to build the last house somewhere in this world be it in Spain or perhaps NZ who knows. Nice logos, will have to think about that.
Thank you for the follow and good luck.

Regards, Taetske
DaveSw Premium
Hi, Taetske...

We are young hehe!

Yes, I am thinking Palawan (PH) and somewhere in Thailand for the last 2 houses...Nice weather and lots of beaches in both these locations hehe...

Germany is too cold much of the year, although it is my home these days and USA/Canada where I grew up is WAY too cold for me - nice to visit but live....nope.

My grandkids would enjoy being able to get out of the cold EU weather I think...So these will be for them (and for us 'older folks' for 40 years or so hehe)...

Thanks for the compliment with the logos, more are coming, in production now, one for coconut products store and one for our e-commerce membership site...

Dave : )
laparra1 Premium
Every day I do coco nut milk and also oil as I like healthy things.
Here the weather is very good, have been living here since 1981, mild winters and warm summers. This winter was the second time since 1981 with some snow on the mountains due to a polar front which swept over Europe but it was gone in 2 days.

All the best, Taetske
kidcolt Premium
I still can't see what I wrote on my website when I open it. I already wrote the , about me, getting started, privacy policy and the three themes. I published but I don't see it on my website. It is still the blank slate. Do I copy what I wrote on pages menu and paste it on posts menu? I am stumped at the moment. can you help me?
DaveSw Premium
Send me your link please (or let me know which link is the right one for this website that you have posted on your profile page) and let me have a look as a visitor...

Generally, of the different topics you mention, one would be a page typically and the others a post...

I use pages for About Me, Terms and Conditions, Legal Pages, Shipping, FAQ, and similar topics since they do not change much but I want site visitors to be able to access them easily (as in I add them to a menu somewhere)...

Posts I use for content such as articles on subjects in my niche, product reviews, tutorials, and similar...These also may get added to a menu somewhere, but they also can be used in a rolling blog...
It depends on how you set up your website...If you would like, you can provide me a username and password (temporary one that you delete later) and I can look at the backend as well...

Dave : )
SondraM Premium
Hi Dave,

I liked the comment/feedback you left on my profile. Thank you! I like how you think. I do not see anything wrong with having a plan that is diversified and covers multiple aspects of online marketing.

With somethings, such as affiliate marketing, it may take longer to see the results. I consider this similar to my beef cows. With the affiliate marketing, I think it is nice being able to help other people sell their products.

Having your own products/inventory to sell is probably where the most money is if you have a good, properly priced product. However, maintaining inventory is an expense. I set up Shopify drop market account but find myself wanting to purchase inventory rather than risking the uncontrolled delays associated with shipping.

I'm glad that I discovered your profile earlier today. I look forward to learning from you. Best wishes with your business successes.

What part of Germany are you in? I lived there for a couple years and hope to visit again within next couple of years. Guten Tag...
DaveSw Premium
Hi, Sondra...

When I read your profile, my mind just exploded hehe...So much potential and I immediately envisioned what it must be like to be in your shoes on your farm, with that setting, and with those pigs walking off the place into the sunset!

I'm glad also to have met you and will watch with interest (and help) as you flesh the various opportunities that you have in front of you...

You are right on the control of products thing...That is really the biggest challenge for drop shipping I find...

I can secure good wholesalers, ones that have a good track record (reviews) and have shipped enough products to where I have faith they know what they are capable of...

Also, I can make sure they are using a shipping service that will get the products out in a decent time and delivered within 12-20 days to the customer...

But I cannot control what happens during that timeframe when the order is in the mail, and as you know in these days of instant gratification, order ship times expectations are higher than ever (i.e. same day, 2 days, 3 days...)...

Our e-commerce stores can deliver from 2 locations, one in Bavaria (near Landshut) and from Thailand (southwest of Bangkok)...

For those buyers that want extra fast delivery from either location, they can pay the extra (we offer standard and expedited shipment...

I still cannot meet the same day or even the 2-3 day delivery times (we will have to put a warehouse in the USA or use an order fulfillment center - we are leaning towards the latter because so many more issues can be addressed using such a solution)...

This is all fun stuff...

I am right on the outskirts of Frankfurt am Main...In a small town with 3000 people broken into 3 sections that surround a hill with a sports club at the top and numerous running/walking paths...

It is a nice location, my kids used to say it was a boring place, nothing happening - just the way I like it hehe...

Over the years I lived in many parts of Germany, to include Bavaria, Rhineland-Pfalz, Baden-Wurttemberg, Hessen, etc. I went there as a young kid and just have never really left full time...

Anyway, I am off and running, it is a Saturday night here in Dubai, and I have a meeting - a bit late so must go...

Dave : )
jetrbby80316 Premium
Dave, you rock! I appreciate your level of detail in explaining business and how you break it down into easy to digest morsels. Thank you for the follow, so true you only get out what you put in. Continued suuccess. We will be talking, and feel free "to hit me up" for any information.
DaveSw Premium
Cool M8! Cheers! Dave : )
DKretzman Premium
Hi Dave,
Thank you for following me. Also, thank you for breaking down your businesses and educating others (myself included), on how to incorporate a business plan over the next year or longer. I really appreciate when members that have been successful break it down and educate others on thier plan and how they went about getting to that point in thier business. Thank you again and thank you for allowing me to join your network.
DaveSw Premium
Hi, Donna...Not a problem at all...There are a lot of people here that are the same and what I like about being a member...Great to meet you and I wish you all the success in the world! Cheers! Dave : )
Paul1916 Premium
Hi Dave again, hope you don't mind if I ask you a question...
I was wondering what the next easiest step is up from affiliate marketing...
I can only do this part time anyway average 15 hours per week.
An e commerce site seems to be way out of my league at present.
But 6 months or a year from now I would like to take the next step up and take on another challenge!
I was thinking amazon fba or drop shipping but not sure...from your experience which is the easiest next step up to take on???
If you get the time to reply I would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance
DaveSw Premium
Hi, Paul...

The Amazon FBA option would be the easiest between the two I think...Drop shipping would definitely require more work and time, but also offer a much better return for that additional work...

For either, you would need to do research for a good niche with popular products that you can source from somewhere (using Ali-Express or similar US wholesalers)...

There is, of course, a cost for using the services of Amazon or other order fulfillment center, but on the other hand, the headaches are pretty much eliminated for that end of business...

We do order fulfillment for our own products (also we make them) in Thailand and handle everything from manufacture to warehousing and order fulfillment...

Even at a low level of business, you can expect to spend 2-3 hours a day handling customer queries, problems, plus taking care of all the rest...

Definitely, I would go the outsourcing route for order fulfillment to stay within the 2-3 hour a day window you mention. Just make sure there is enough profit in the products you select and you will be fine...

This can be a good supplement to affiliate marketing and can be outsourced almost completely as it grows....Leveraging other's efforts will help them make some extra money and you too, plus it can run more on its own...

Best of luck and have fun!

Dave : )
Paul1916 Premium
Perfect Dave- thanks a million!
Roybretton Premium
Hello Dave, I have just been reading your profile and it is great to see that you are moving your business forward rapidly by the sound of it! I am now following you and I wish you increasing success in what you are doing and I look forward to reading your blog posts and networking with you.

All the best to you Dave, Roy.
DaveSw Premium
Thanks much for the follow and kind words Roy, I do appreciate the support...

Things are moving forward at a good clip this year and I wish the same for you and everyone here at WA!

I have followed you as well, stay in touch and may we all kill it this year in regards to growing our businesses!

Dave : )
I love your story on how you have grown since you started. I am at the 1.5 month mark at WA and I sometimes get stuck on what I should do next besides the obvious of just pressing on. When I read other peoples success stories it always seems to clear my mind a little. Thanks for your post, I wish you well.
DaveSw Premium
Thanks, Ben and great to meet you! I have added you as well, and can well understand how you feel...It can all seem like it is too much...

The way forward is to keep on keeping on...Having a plan will help that process move forward in the direction you envision, and as others have said, consistent effort on a regular basis will help too, over time...

The last thing that is so important I believe is the mindset you have with all of this work. Make no mistake, this is a business you are building and your own business...

Even if things seem to be going not as fast as you want them to, know that over time they will build and the work you do is cumulative, meaning that it can pay off years from the time you spend now...

Best of luck M8 and have some fun while doing this stuff!

Dave : )
Thanks Dave.
AfqmBiz Premium
My appreciation message to you and WA Members, giving me your ample time to follow me and build another mutual networking.

All the best in your 2017 journey and beyond!


*P/S: Great for me to also briefly knew each one of you. I wish to still remember everybody even at
DaveSw Premium
Great M8! Cheers and all the best! Dave : )
Marcel92 Premium
Hello Dave and welcome to our Wealthy Affiliate community.
You are in good hands here with all kinds of training and people always ready to help out with your online journey.
Thank you for following.

Wishing you the very best with your online journey.

My profile page - https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/marcel92

>>>> A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple that comes back to you..

In Friendship

DaveSw Premium
Thanks, Marcel for your words of encouragement....I agree with you on the paying it forward thing...I have been doing this for years and it really does work...It is a healthy way to live also i think...Cheers and all the best to you! Dave : )
Marcel92 Premium
You are very welcome, Dave.

CathH1 Premium
welcome to Premium.
You have made a fab choice and I look forward to following your journey here at WA.
You have all the tools and training here to build an awesome site and be successful, you just need to be prepared to put the work in to make it happen.
All the best
DaveSw Premium
Hi Cath, Thanks much...Cheers! Dave : )
MilesW Premium
Hey there,

Congratulations on becoming a Premium Member. It's great connecting with you and I look forward to staying in touch.

If you have a chance, please take a look at one of my blogs. My hope is that you will find helpful information.

If you like the blog you read, please indicate "Like" and share!

Best regards,

DaveSw Premium
Hi Miles, Thanks....Dave : )
MarbeyPerez Premium
Ok, I can see that you have experience in this business please could you tell me what is this about?. I feel like a fish out of the water. really I like to be sure what I am doing and in this moment I feel walking in dark and I can´t see the light that illuminates my road.
DaveSw Premium
Hi, Marbey...

The easiest (and the best) way to get some light shining on all the info you have available to you right here (not even mentioning all the stuff you will be bombarded with externally!) is to go through the training...

It all started with the green button you see to the upper left on this page (and every page), found right under the WA logo...It says "Get Started Here"...

I would go through each module and lessons in the modules one by one, taking the time to do all of the actions that are advised in each.

Of course, you also have access to the rest of the site and members as you do this training and setting up of your website, creating posts, etc....

Because there is just so much here, it can be overwhelming, no doubt. I felt the same way. What I just described is exactly the process I used....

It will take time and you likely will not make a lot of money to start. If money IS an issue (premium membership costs money too), I recommend that you have a look at my latest blog post here...

That post describes how you can quickly get started making money AS you go through the training here and establish your presence online via a website, posts, social platforms, etc.

Another thing to consider....Every year Kyle and Carson run a special around Thanksgiving - a "Black Friday" special...If you choose and can afford it, you can purchase an annual membership at a much lower rate than the monthly...

You have some time between now and that time (it comes right after Thanksgiving) so maybe set up a plan where you go through the training here, get your website set up, etc.

Meanwhile, you also start making some sales using a direct method by becoming an affiliate on one of the affiliate platforms that offer decent commissions (i.e. 50% or higher)...

Select some products that are good values for prospective buyers (i.e. they are selling a lot, have a video in the sales letter, and have a good reputation - you can check that through Google search to see what is good/not good)...

Many good tools and products will have sales support materials such as ads in the form of banners and email swipes that are pre-written and essentially can be edited slightly and used (read below on how)...

Send some paid traffic using the ads provided (maybe edit these if you know how to make them unique but NOT necessary, this will work without that) directly to the developer sales pages until you feel comfortable enough to create a squeeze page or bridge page or whatever you choose to call it...

Platforms to use include Facebook, Bing, and Youtube. I would start with Facebook because it is easier and also you can start with as little as $5 a day...There is some training here on how to do this...

Learning how to create a landing or bridge page is NOT hard, so as soon as possible get one published...This way you can collect contact information from prospects that take action on your ads and click through to your page...

Once you start getting a list of people that have signed up to your list, you can use the emails I mentioned above - First you want to start building a relationship, and later send the promotion type emails to get more sales...

I know that this all may seem a bit much, and this is why I say depending on your circumstance, set up a plan with everything that you want to get done, and then add the steps required, and add dates to be completed for each, and then...

Start working daily and regularly per whatever works into your daily routine...The more work you do to get through the classes and developing your niche and content, the faster it will get done...

People too often have the misconception that making money online is easy...Nothing could be further from the truth...The truth is that this is just like any other business, work, time, and some money is required...

It IS true that if you work hard and have a good plan that you are following, over time you will have a real and profitable business that can release you from the normal 9-5 job.

Best of luck and I hope I have not put you to sleep!

Dave : )
cmwagoner Premium
This is so true, I work not hours but days on my website, which Is now published, I took a lot longer than the others but I don't care, it's published and I am so happy. I know I still have a lot of work to do but I'm ready. I keep going back to review my lessons and I keep asking questions so maybe I can help someone else someday.

DaveSw Premium
Hi Carolyn, Yes I have spent a huge amount of time on the websites too...When I look back it really surprises me...But everyone works at their own pace, and Rome was not built i a day! Hang in there and have some fun while you work at this!! Cheers!! Dave : )
cmwagoner Premium
Thanks Dave, I wasn't going to work on the weekend, but I can not drag myself away I just want my published, unfinished
website to be finished.

DaveSw Premium
I know that feeling...I am chatting here with you as I have my first coffee...It is 0430 AM in Dubai! I have some work to get done on the eCommerce site, so am starting early! Cheers!! Dave : )
cmwagoner Premium
Have a great day Dave, my day will be ending
in a few hours.

Tomorrow is another day

SteveCrozza Premium
Hi Dave,

What a great community we have here, a large one too. I say that because I have been here for about 6 months I have not noticed your profile nor seen a comment made by you, but then again I didn't read a lot of comments in the first three months.

I am following you now because I believe that we all benefit from networking with a wide variety of people with vastly different skill sets.

I would hope that I can offer you help as part of the community as I hope you would me.

DaveSw Premium
Hi Steve, Thanks for the add and yes this is indeed a large community! Good to meet you and I am sure we will have many chances to interact with one another as time goes on...Best of luck to you and have some fun along the journey! Cheers! Dave : )
langwog Premium
Hi Dave
I found your site and profile through the "provide comments" link, unfortunately I tabbed away from the site to check out your profile and the comment was lost. It was your making money online site, I really enjoyed checking it out in anyway so a personal thumbs up that I won't be earning credits for.
DaveSw Premium
Hello Grant!

No problems at all, this system just moved the comment request to another person, but it is a shame that you missed out on the credit!

I did pop over to your profile and left a comment there and added you here as well...The making money online site is one of the sites that I will be upgrading soon to a fully responsive theme...

Really a pain to do this, after over a year of adding posts, reviews, training, and etc. but I see that even though I have a plugin that allows the site to be viewed correctly on mobile devices,

Google does not show it as being mobile responsive so I fear that is negatively impacting search results when people access searches when using a mobile phone...Not good...

I am having fun with this online thing and I am sure you will too. i am an old geezer that has had to learn a whole new language and a lot of new skills over the past 1 1/2 years hehe...

All the best and thanks for the note!

Dave : )
LoreDonna Premium
Thank you Dave for all the wise tips. I am still at the beginning of this road, sometimes the volume of informations can be overwhelming.
I am not in hurry, I learn each day something useful.
Planning, balance are powerful keywords.
Oh ,yes I do have fun !
Have a lovely creative day.
DaveSw Premium
Hi Monica,

Sorry to have taken so long to reply, I just have not been able to spend the time I have on making or reacting to comments....

I am glad that the info I have will help you, and I am sure that you will have no problems since it sounds like you have the right attitude!

Cheers and best of luck to you!

Dave : )