$2477.50 Since Becoming A WA Affiliate - My Strategy


Before entering into the 'make money online' niche I was very skeptical of my chances of success. But I put my faith into the Affiliate BootCamp training like I did 4 years ago with the Online Entrepreneur Certification course.

But Why Enter The Make Money Niche?

Isn't It Crazy Competitive!

After achieving great success with marketing physical products from Amazon.com (https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/josh-from-oz/blog/...), I knew it was time to expand. Plus I learned the HARD WAY about putting all your eggs into 1 basket last year. So a new income stream I demanded, and there's none better than the Wealthy Affiliate Referral Program right!

Knowing that the training was going to be first class and accurate I dived in. I was right, the training by Kyle was spot on and the result of taking action is so far to date $2477.50. So here's a breakdown of the results for those people that like stats followed by some tips to help you get Wealthy Affiliate commissions.

245 Days Online = $2477.50 To Date

I started my WA referral website earlier this year on February the 3rd, which is exactly 245 days ago. So in the last 8 months I have been following the training and writing content. Note: I haven't even finished the training yet, only up to Course 4, lesson 8.

As for content I have 60 posts and 15 pages =75 in total which includes: about me page, disclaimers etc.

So for some useless stats:
  • 75 pages online over 245 days (Up to October 6 2016) = 2.14 posts published per week
  • Average post takes 2.5 hours to write =187.5 hours
  • Pay Rate of $2477.50/187.5 = $13.05 per hour on average. Or $9.98 per day+
  • 22,645 Unique ORGANIC Traffic (Not Including social media etc)
  • 453 TOTAL signups (Premium and Free). 47 Premium Sign Ups
  • Conversion Rate For Organic Visitors To my site that converts to Signups=2%
  • Total Unique Clicks To WA 2,752 = Of the total 2% traffic sent to WA form my site, 16.46% of them create a account here.
  • Conversion from free to premium member = 10.37%

Where To From Here?

In order for me to get 1 premium sign up per day and qualify for Vegas I need to improve my traffic. Based on my current traffic and average conversion rates. I NEED 481 organic traffic to my site every day in order to get 1 premium referral every day. That would equal 365 premium referrals a year, based on averages of my current stats.

If you work out the average right now, I'm getting 92.42 unique organic visitors daily. But this includes the first 2 months where traffic was very slow due to it being a new Website. So basically I need to do 5.2 x more work to reach this goal quicker. Which is totally possible as I treat this site as a side Gig to my Amazon sites. Plus, organic SEO rankings will continue on even if I abandoned this site right now and I would continue to get traffic on autopilot. Which is why I love ranking in Google :)

Now you know the numbers I am getting and aiming for. Now you and have a realistic 'case study' if you will, to gauge your traffic numbers by. Perhaps my conversion rates are low? Or perhaps they are average?. Either way I have discovered, that in the make money online niche, the conversions are generally lower (2% of all my traffic signs up for WA) than my Amazon niche niche which convert much higher.

My Tips To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate Referral Program

Follow the training word for word!. Don't skip a single step. I learned a handy Pinterest tip by following the training which I didn't expect. Simple little things like that can make a big difference to your business. Don't pass it off as just something Kyle has thrown in there too make the course longer. It's in there for a very good reason.

Quick Ways To Get WA Referrals!

My second month promoting WA and I had received a payment from WA already. So earning your membership fees can be done quickly!.

This is how I did it and still do it: Follow the training to set up the foundation of your site.Make a mixture of content:

1. long term keywords under 50QSR to keep the passive traffic flowing in, Keywords that are related to making money; how to's and what is etc..

2. Review brand new make money products from places like warriorplus and JVZoo. You need to review these products as soon as they are released (Or before they are released if you can). This is because these products only have a short lifespan before nobody is promoting them anymore. So you pick up a big boost in traffic because 100's of internet marketers are spamming their email lists with these WSO's etc. Give an honest review and explain why its most likely rubbish and suggest to them a better way = WA!!

In some cases you can get these products as a review copy before they are released for free. You got to ask the seller beforehand (At least 1-2 weeks before launch) for a review copy.

Another way is to search google for any info you can find on these products and make your own review.

But I personally prefer to buy the product and use the receipt and backstage screenshots as a way of connecting with the readers because they can see I have actually bought the product. So I earn trust immediately, as the people who email these products rarely ever own the course.

Ponzi Scams: These are great sources of traffic and you don't even have to waste your money investing in them. Because they are SCAMS!!! you can explain to your readers why so and so is a ponzi scam and how they will inevitably get shut down or run away with the customers money. Some scams last a month while some can last longer than a year. So you can get year round traffic while saving people from scams. Google: Ponzi Scams if you are unsure what they are.

Social Media Tip!

Create branded accounts on all the social media accounts; Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, FB, Tumblr etc.

But don't follow other people in your niche!. Whats the good of following another 'make money online' account, because they are just trying to get you to sign up to their product.

INSTEAD, follow the people who are following these other ;make money' social media accounts. This shows me that they are interested in making money online because they are already following another 'make money' account. These people have real names, not branded names like getrichtoday, makeitonline, make500today etc etc. You can follow these kinds of people if you want to get ideas and such, but I wouldn't follow too many of them.

That's It!

So anyone really can make money in any niche, even the make money online niche. The training here is spot on and will guide you to success. Of course there are other ways to get WA referrals, but this is just how I do it right now. So maybe in 1 year from now I can reflect on how things have changed (For the better).. Happy Marketing :)

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Hi Josh, Those are some excellent tips. Your Pinterest experience is a good example of how NOT skipping over the bootcamp training can pay dividends, and the way you have run with it is very impressive, as is your willingness to share your secrets with us. Inspiring stuff. Thank you.

thank you for sharing this, it is very revealing and I was looking for someone who would be able to share their results.

that said, from all the work you put in so far since 8 month, is $2470 not too little? Or is that every month? I am guessing you had more success from working on your amazon affiliate, is that market not more lucrative?

First of all Josh, wow!!! And wow, and wow again!!!
Secondly,at first I looked at your profile, saw you'd been with WA since 2012 and thought 'well done to him, but really, such a long time'. Then I read your blog and, welll, all was revealed: only in 245 days!!!
What can I say, if any of us needed a boost in motivation, well we've got it now by reading through your recommendations and your achievements. Well done mate, really really well done!!!!!
Giulia :)

Thanks Giulia, yea this is not my first website :). I like making niche websites as well. So they keep me busy. It's just a matter of keeping on keeping on. Best wishes for your journey here.

Awesome Joshua, I like the breakdown as it gives lots of perspective. One thing that is unique about owning and creating an online business is the fact that the work you have done up to this point is going to work for you moving forward.

The content you have written will continue to work for you. The rankings and traffic you have created will work for you. etc.

Some of these 75 articles that you have written, which took you around 2.5 each to create, might be breadwinners for years to come. That is the reality of what you are doing and it appears that you are getting some clout with search engines, so you are also a point in which you can scale much quicker.

Thanks for sharing your insights, I feel you are just brushing the surface of this campaigns potential (and I look forward to meeting you in Vegas one day!)

Couldn't agree more, which is why I have remained stubborn and only done SEO for traffic. But it's time to move into the Bootcamp training more and learn some new skills :). Look forward to seeing everyone in Vegas!

HI Josh, great achievements. Congratulations! I think I have double the traffic but only 9 premiums so far.most of my traffic comes from people looking for surveys, ptc and gpt sites. Some people warned me that this kind of audience tends to be difficult to convert. What is your opinion? I appreciate your help because I have been improving my reviews and nothings seems to work to increase this conversion rate, which is only 3% starter to premium. I feel very frustrated sometimes :/ especially knowing that a normal rate is 10-12%.

Thank you so much

From my experience, most PTC members are wanting easy cheap money and not wanting to spend money. Thats how I have experienced it. But in saying that, I haven't used PTC in some time. Might be time to start targeting a new audience, people that are willing to work for a business.

Thanks Josh, yeah I think reviewing internet marketing products should improve conversions... but only time will tell now.

All the best

Woww.. Great post for me. Thanks a ton for sharing your experience with us. You just got plan for everything you are doing. I don't even know where I started and where I am going. Really loved your post. It makes me wanna plan for my future goals and to analysis everything I am doing right now.


You've managed to get really good traffic figures in a short space of time. I've been doing my IM site for about 8 months longer than you with 3 x as many posts and only about a quarter of your traffic. I think you're right about reviewing products that are about to launch. They do get good searches for a month or two.

Absolutely, they give a spike in traffic every time I write a review.

Great Post Josh. Many just don't understand the importance of content. I have followed the training, yet skipped almost every time they said "create a post or page now" just so I could move on to the next lesson. Recently I have been feeling the effects of virtually no content. Well done sir

Content is the hard part for many people, but it does get a lot easier once you write more and more. When you have more experience, you can pick any keyword and turn it into content. But back in the day I wouldn't know what to write about anything lol. So it does get easier :)

Exactly my problem currently. And when I do pick a keyword or phrase I tend to get off topic quickly. Lol, work in progress

It helps to look at other websites. Don't steal or copy there content. But you can get ideas from it which may spark more ideas and how you can elaborate further on the topic.


Awesome post Josh.Good job on your success so far! I am just getting ready to start the journey of creating my online empire. I've been doing as much research as I possibly can first. Amazon affiliate is something that sparked my interest for creating an affiliate storefront for my website. Any light you can shine on this topic for me would be much appreciated!

I have never used a Amazon storefront, so I can't help you there. Whatever your niche is, look for products that that niche buys. Then look for keywords that niche would type into google to find more info about those products. Then write a post on that keyword and review such products so you are helping the visitor find what they want. Help them make a buying choice.

Thanks for the reply.

Great post Josh!
I too am a firm believer in not putting all your eggs in one basket.
I love slowly working on building my niche, but had been thinking about doing more to promote the WA side of things,
Your post has given me the motivation to do it - so thanks!

Yea I learned the hard way thinking 'it will never happen to me' haha. But it does! So here's to more baskets!

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