Can someone make a full time income promoting WA? You bet they can!

Last Update: Jul 1, 2016


When someone asks me how much I make, I politely tell them to mind their own business, but I do see that many members in WA still keep asking it and I know it's not because they want to be intrusive but because they want to know that they're not working tirelessly for nothing.

  • How many times have members in chat and forum posts asked this:
  • How much on average do you make a month/year?
  • What is a realistic expected income in WA?

And most people don't really answer that question. Some don't make much, some are still new and not making anything and many are making an incredible income but keeping it private and you can't blame them for doing it.

But today I would like to share how much WA has made me last year in 2015 so when you or another member asks one of those questions about income potential, just show them this blog:

In some states in the U.S, this is considered full time.

The goals you should set:

1. Do the training. Every blog post I have links back to WA's training and it's that training that helped me reach that goal.

2. Be patient and work your butt off. It doesn't come right away, but it will when you stop waiting and work.

3. What if I am not promoting WA? Can my niche site make this much? Yes it can and do it, repeat steps 1-2.

Have a great July 4th weekend all!

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Thanks for sharing this. I am one of those people who wants to know how much other people are making, but I won't ask because I don't want to be rude. Mainly, I want to know that it's possible to make a living doing this. I am less interested in actual numbers because for some people 30k might be like a fortune and for others, double that amount might not be a significant sum.

I am not really concentrating on the money, because I know that 1) it will come in time and 2) worrying about it is actually counter-productive. I admit it is difficult not to think about it at times, though, as I watch my bank account dwindle.

I don't think it's rude to ask. it's different to ask someones' earnings on WA as opposed to someone at a random place. WA is about sharing stuff, I think sharing results can inspire beginners who have doubt. I don't know that money will come in time, I only believe it will if I put in work. But seeing others' earnings will remove some doubt.

Just a bit of advise. The more you think of the money, the more your probably putting yourself off success. If you are only thinking of the money then how are you going to convert traffic? You have to think about the customers and successfully managing your business, the money side will come along with it.

P.S If you have a spare moment take a look at my website, it will ensure to change the way you think about success:)

Let me know what you think it would be highly appreciated.

Hi Anthony, please ensure whatever website links you place in WA are placed in the proper areas of the site. This is not one of those posts where it's encouraged.

Thanks Vitaly.

Exactly right, I for one want to know it's not all in vain, and that this system can work.

I'm not interested in the amount of money per se, just that it is there to be made, and you have shown this.

I've always had faith that this could work, but it was nebulous, without substance. Now there is a bit more concrete in my devotion.

I really appreciate your generosity in sharing this. Was feeling a bit of "buyer's remorse", but now I have a little more confidence.

Hello Vitaly,
That is awesome! I was convinced on the first day when I became a member at WA. We must have faith and believe in what ever we are doing. I. Already feel that I am going to make a success with the trainings. I love it! I am happy for you. Thanks again for sharing your info. With the community. Like I say. Hard work and faith will get you there.

No doubters cannot succeed!

Cheers and Laughter


Vitalyi, I 've been a dreadful one for getting rolling, but I would like to take a chance on promoting WA to writers struggling, and writing to the content mills and the editors for peanuts, without a personal leg to stand on!

I have a website on rhyme poetry, still finding its sea legs, have to narrow down, maybe cut the all too theoretical approach with the many forms, and just concentrate on good rhyming and prose.

I'm hoping, by applying all I've learned here about seo and social presence, to reach many writers and truly make this site part of my every day, just like breakfast or sleeping.....

Thank you for sharing with us the living proof of how well this great platform works, once we truly work as well....


Thank you so much for posting that! You didn't have to do that, but it shows you want to help and show others that this is truly possible and people ARE making good money promoting WA.

I just started work on a brand new website where I can promote WA and I'm setting up the foundations now so that hopefully by the end of this summer, it will be in a good position to start attracting others to WA. I know I have a lot of work to do, but I know I can be successful if I continuously work at it.

This is fantastic Vitaliy... thanks for sharing. You hit the nail right on the head with the comment stating that people want to know that they are not working tirelessly for nothing.

If you don't mind sharing, do these sales all come from the organic traffic you get from your HTMHMO blog? Or does it also include some paid advertising as well (like bing or fb) or sources other than your blog?

Thanks again.

Mainly organic Christian, not so much bing but it does add to it.

This info is valuable and nice to see. It reaffirms that YES, one can make a full time income and much more,otherwise, why try.

When I first found WA, and read the reviews, I knew that it was the right place to learn and be successful. I haven't made any money yet but I know it will happen eventually. I also know that it's up to me and the work I'm willing to do.

Thanks for being open and honest about this. All the best Vitaliy.

Thanks Wayne!

Thank you for sharing. I understand why many don't or can't share the exact details of their success here, but this clearly shows that success is possible with hard work here at WA. Thank you for being transparent to help the team here. It proves that those who do the work and follow the program can win.

thank you for sharing your income that you earned in 2015 - that is awesome! Just this week I have decided to tell myself that WA is my new "part-time job" and that i have to work at it for at least 2-3 hours A DAY just LIKE a part-time job at a real place...... so that will MAKE me work on my sites and discuss my sites with others here at WA, and get help from others here at WA, and MAKE MONEY myself!!!

It's true ... this kind of sharing is kind of rare here at WA. That's probably one of the many reasons WA is not just another hyped up, over promised, under delivered internet business training program. We here in the community should appreciate that since it helps make promoting WA something we can be proud of. But a little sneak preview of what hard work and patience can do helps a lot.

Thanks VG

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