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UPDATE SEP 6, 2018:

Success!!! Just shy of being here 2 years, I have reached Super Affiliate status on Aug 23, 2018 within the WA community!

I am still learning today as much as ever on this platform and the community never seems to fail me.

I write this after going through very nerve wrecking things for my online business and the community rushed to my rescue as well as top experts and the owners!

You just cannot find this kind of HELP & SUPPORT with any other training platform, system, or program and I know this because I've reviewed hundreds of programs on my website that got me to my Vegas goal and there's simply nothing else better out there than WA!

YES I'm bias because it's TRUE, I'm living proof the training works here and anyone who wants to work hard at this on a consistent basis could make this work.

If a stay at home mom can do this, so can YOU!!

Now get to work and know that success is right in front of you to GRAB IT!


Hello! I'm Grace, mom of two girls & wife to an awesome man, living in the USA and I want to get serious with this making money online business!! I want to make some real steady income so I can financially contribute to my family. I've created two online shops of handmade products before I joined WA, but I want to create something else that is less time/labor intensive and create a passive income. I feel I'm at the right place as I'm finally learning what I should be learning and not getting sucked into all those online scams that don't offer real learning content.

I have set some goals when I started here and I hope I can achieve them in due time. I'm so excited to be here and can see that with all the support/training here, I don't think I can lose! Success is right there in front of me, I just have to go out and GRAB IT! :)

Wishing everyone here much success!!
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Hi Grace good morning to you from here in the heart & soul of New York City. I have something funny & cool to tell you. My niche is a very special instant exotic gourmet tea. It is special because it is a product thst is from the amazon rain forest the selling points is 1 it is so very rich & nutritious and so very satisfying it turns your hair red. Actually a nice strawberry blond color 2 helps u lose weight 3 provides natural energy and heightened mental alertness 4 provides better athletic prrformsncr by 5% 6 has less caffine then regular coffee and green tes 5 sells on ebay and amazon for 10 bucks a jar. 6 id very rich and tasty 7 its like making your own cafe latte only with tea 7 drink hot or cold 8 its is so tasty and yummy my friend the golden mummy even drinks it...........no.........just kidding about thr mummy part. Soooooo...........like what do you think about that? Your thoughts and comments is greatly appreciated.
littlemama Premium
Hi that’s a good niche but the price point is low, so you’re going to have to have a lot of traffic for that niche to make a full time income.
hi. I found your site workanywherenow and I have a question. I'm not sure I understand the difference between the bootcamp and the other option. I would like to make a site, get affiliated products links to sell. which one do you recommend? another thing... how long does it takes to see at least a few sales on my site once I have it up?

littlemama Premium
It depends on what your niche is. My site is about how to make money online, if you want to do the same niche as my site, then you just use Bootcamp.

If you decide on anything else as a niche, then use the other OEC course.

You need to follow the training, and it will show you how to build your site.

How long does it take depends on how much you work on your site and how closely you follow the training. No one can tell you when you'll make your first dollar as no one knows how hard you will work and at what pace you learn at.

Hope this helps,
Thanks, it did help.
DShork Premium
Hi Grace, I'm having some trouble again. As I go along with the training there are words and steps coming up that I don't understand, like when I asked for feedback I got one that was really great but the other one said they couldn't access my webpage, I don't understand that if it can't be reached is there something I missed doing? Also I understand the concept of keywords but I can't figure out how and where to make my list. Can you please look at my page and tell me what I am not doing?
littlemama Premium
Was the 2nd commenter commenting on the same page as the first one? Why someone catch reach a page is usually becuase you didn’t provide them with the right URL (your website link to that particular page you want comment on).

Keywords- a couple of people answered your question already as well as myself, look at your notifications (bell icon top right menu) to see our replies to all your questions.
partnering Premium
Hi Grace, congratulations, your post is very professional and well thought out, great way to show your progress, did you learn that from Smart Passive Income or from these guys?

Do you have a link to your sites anywhere, couldn't see it on your profile?

Cheers Michelle

PS. Have an awesome holiday, are you going to setup emails to go out to your list every week while you are away?
zuriel11 Premium
Hi Grace, I hope all is well. I am having an understanding problem with my product review. I am discussing how to vacation cheap. I am link to Cheapoair they do airlines, hotels and vacation packages can you just guide me on this the video just does a product should ido a review on Ceapoair the company.My website is
101cheapvacations.com/cheap-vacations-cheap-deals Thanks for the help as always. I have my google alerts set up.
littlemama Premium
Yes if the lesson calls for a product review, you should be reviewing the site Cheapoair. The article you linked above is just ways to find cheap vacations so it’s different becuase when you review Cheapoair, you will be talking about why that site is best to use for cheap rates and such. Talk about their customer service, what services they offer, etc, basically everything about that site and then whether or not you recommend them using it.

So there are many ways to use Cheapoair in your posts if that’s your main affiliate program you want to use.

I hope this helps, but please ask more if I haven’t answered your question fully. :)