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Hi Guys, I hope you are great! It's been a long time since I last blogged here at WA. Today, I couldn't help but share with you a great achievement of mine in the travel niche. I have created a travel blog in Portuguese (my mother language) back in October 2018 and created 2 articles about Slovenia. I put in a lot of effort into choosing a theme for the blog (with maps) and writing the first 2 articles. I wrote the article and used the fetch as Google, but I knew the article would not rank well
A Brazilian Youtuber had over 1 millions subscribers in her old channel. Imagine that! She woke up one day and her channel was simply gone! Her channel was deleted for reasons unknown, and I felt her pain because she had been creating videos successfully for over 2 year. The same amount of time I am building my site with WA. An important lessons we can learn from this is we must diversify and be extremely diligent with the platforms and strategies we use to get traffic. We can't count on one tr
Wealthy Affiliate had a tremendous impact in my ability to grow my business. But I am not only talking about the training and support here...I am talking about the psychological effect of witnessing other people reaching incredible results!You see. When you surround yourself with these people, you start to believe you are capable of this too. It raises your expectations about yourself. That's one of the most powerful ingredients to stay motivated and reach your own goals. The problem is when yo
Do you talk a lot about your goals and how you are going to accomplish them? Pay attention to your attitude towards your dreams.Yes, the first step is to set goals. But then, it's time to go after results and stay true to yourself. Often times, talking is just a distraction from doing what needs to be done. It's self sabotage. If you respect the goals that you set for yourself from day 1, stop reading useless stuff, stop watching YouTube videos, stop trying to learn 1001 ways to get traffic to
April 17, 2017
So, this is the situation right now. I have been living in this shared accommodation for the last 2 years and the noise annoys me so much!There are other 6 people living in the house so I am always hearing doors closing or people talking. There is a girl next door who works less than part time, so she is always around. Arh! I just can't concentrate properly. I need complete silence! I bought ear plugs and also a ear muff, but I can still hear the little sounds of doors closing. My wife thinks I
What can you do when the rules of the game are against you? The worst thing you can do is start the game and think you can win. You either change it or stop playing it! The 9-5 system is designed so that you are stuck in it for the rest of your life! All the rules are against you...I don't know you, but I decided to stop playing it the day I joined WA back in 2015. I quit my master degree, I stopped sending CVs and I changed the direction my family hoped for me.Did I make the right choice? Well
Yes, 93 people have been trying to get my free e-course and Aweber failed to deliver the email follow ups. It took me so long to realize that. I thought my opt-in forms must be terrible because I was not getting any sign ups for weeks!It is an error in the integration between thrive leads and Aweber, so I sent a support tickets. Anyway, now I have to manually insert all the people who signed up. I know their emails because Thrive Leads stored them, which is a relief! So, if you are not getting
The internet marketing world is so fascinating! Even after 1 year and a half in this industry, I keep on discovering things to improve my business. My most popular post brings me over 200 visitors per day. However, the conversion rate of a link to my WA review was only 5%.I just knew that because I performed an A/B test with a platform called Optimizely. This platform is incredible! It allows you to create multiple versions of your post and test the conversion of a single or multiple links on
Hi guys!Today I am amazed to discover that one article that I outsourced from Fiverr ranked on the first page of Google.The best part is that it's a "how to" article, which is usually more difficult to rank than a review.I don't remember, but I think I paid $16 for 1000 words. Then, I decided to add 400 words myself and correct a few things.So, yeah.. I think it was worth it! Luck or not, what I know is that I am increasing my chances by adding as much quality content as possible on my site. Th
Hey WA! I just upgraded my yearly membership so I could lower even more my costs. I am extremely happy to be a member, and I'm sure this is the best and most reliable place to be. If you commit to at least one year, and take action, for sure you will see excellent results! I always say that reviews are really important, so don't underestimate them. They are over 90% of my traffic and that is because they rank very well. If it wasn't so important, Kyle wouldn't give so much attention to it on t