One year with Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: August 09, 2016

Time flies!

It's been one year since I joined Wealthy Affiliate.

I've learned a lot during the past one year and gained a lot too.

I only have one website at the moment, and my current gut feeling tells me to continue focusing on it and be an expert on my niche.

Here's the summary of what I've accomplished for the past one year:

  1. Website achievement
    • I've reached more than 1000 pageviews a day (something that I would not even imagine before!)
    • This website has made more than $1K in revenue. I remember the day I did my very first training in WA and Kyle asked about our monetary goal, I mentioned $1K and hey, I'm here now. Thinking that 6 months ago, I only earned less than $100, I would not imagine I've reached this level so fast.
    • I've got noticed online! Some brands have approached me personally to do a sponsored product review. In fact, I was so surprised and -ahem- slightly unprepared. My first media kit was only made less than 3 weeks ago because one brand actually requested for it, lol.
  2. Personal :
    • I used to be a very shy person who rather stay quiet and rarely share my opinion. But now, I am more open about voicing out my opinion and promoting my website to my friends.
    • I managed to quit my full time job and be with my kids. This has been my dream since long long time ago. Yes, I have not reached the income level that I got when I still worked full time. But let's think about this. I only work 1-2 hours a day to work for this website while earning roughly 25% of what I earned full time (10-hour a day). So, I get a higher hourly salary! With this, I can use my other spare time to focus on my family and my kids development.

For new members...

It's exciting to see how others have been progressing and perhaps you would imagine that 1 year later you would be there.

But let me tell you more stories..

My online journey is NOT ALL sunshine and roses..

I failed before...

In fact, I've created a website before joining WA but getting nowhere.

I didn't narrow down my niche enough.

I was writing all sort of things that I was interested at that moment.

I had trickles of traffic, but that's it.

I had no conversion, no growth.

I fed up.

I quit.

What makes the difference now?

After joining WA, I am MORE committed.

I followed the training step by step and make sure I finish the required tasks before I move on.

I created posts after posts and constantly tweak them to make them better.

I watched Jay's webinars and more webinars.

I learn new techniques and apply them to my website.

I don't just dream, I take action.

And that, partly because, I took the Annual Membership.

It's not cheap, I know.

But I told myself, "you have spent such a huge amount of money. You better make this work."

And it did.

Will I renew my annual membership?

Of course, yes!

I owe WA for all the achievements that I got so far.

So, if you are still contemplating whether you should go premium and go yearly, I would say "Go for it! You won't regret it!"

What's next?

I'll continue to pursue my website growth.

I have one particular goal in mind, which I hope I can achieve it in the next one year.

I want to create and sell my own product.

That's it.

Wish me luck, friends..

I wish you all the best in your online journey with Wealthy Affiliate.

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Merideth Premium
fiftarina Premium
Thank you!
NRosales Premium
A big congratulations to you, I am glad little by little you are achieving your dream, and I believe this will happen to me as well.
fiftarina Premium
Thank you. I am confident you will reach this stage soon! All the best!
Noteboom Premium
Thank you and congratulations! What a very motivated article! You help others with this, keep going with your great job!
fiftarina Premium
Thanks a lot. I hope I can motivate other members to keep going and reach their goals.
JudeP Premium
Great progress, here's to the next year! :)
fiftarina Premium
Thank you Jude. You are my inspiration!
JonStevens Premium
Congratulations on achieving those great accomplishments!
fiftarina Premium
Thank you, Stevens. All the best for you too