Are You Following These 10 Wealthy Affiliate Members? 3,666 Reasons You Should!

Last Update: August 22, 2018

If you have not figured out by now, there is a lot to learn when it comes to affiliate marketing. Heck, there is a lot to learn about internet marketing and just marketing in general.

Learn From Other Marketers

So there is a huge benefit in learning from other marketers. Especially affiliate marketers who have learned tips and tricks to make their websites and businesses work.

The great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that it is easy to get connected to these marketers and the things they have learned.

Follow, Follow and Follow

On Wealthy Affiliate, we are all members. One easy way to connect with these experienced marketers is to follow them as a WA member. Just like you do on social media networks.

When you follow another Wealthy Affiliate member, you can get notifications when they post a new blog post or training.

If they post tips that may help you, you will know about it. If they post a new training that will teach you a new skill or insight, you will know about it.

The end goal for you is to take the time to read these blog posts and go through the trainings to learn more information. The more you learn, the better marketer you can become.

Pro Tip: Make sure your email notification settings are set to receive emails when the people you follow publish a new blog and training.

To check your email notification settings,

  1. Click on your profile picture
  2. Choose Account Settings
  3. Scroll down to Email Notification Settings
  4. Confirm you are checked Yes to receive email
  5. Choose Edit to confirm these options are checked
    1. New blogs from people you follow
    2. New training

Warning: The more people you follow, the more emails you will get. Tip: I have a set a rule for all WA emails to go into a special folder. This makes it easy to scan the many emails and to read the ones I want. And delete the ones I don't want. And even delete all emails at once from time to time, to clear out my inbox.

The 10 Wealthy Affiliate Members

There are 10 Wealthy Affiliate Members who I have learned a lot from. So I particularly watch out for their posts, trainings and general success updates.

For these 10 people I am about to mention, they have collectively published 3,666 blog posts.

If this 3,666 total number alone does not make your yearly premium membership worth the cost, then I don't know what will?!

If you are not following them already, then definitely go follow them today. And start reading through their content one day at a time. Choose the content that intrigues you the most to learn about on that day and time within your learning journey.

This simple action will only help you grow more, which can lead to earning more.

Here is my list of Wealthy Affiliate marketers to follow:

1. Kyle, co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate

You will know Kyle well by going through all the certification courses here. He is known as one of the trainers here.

Kyle is the one who provides thousands of hours of recorded trainings on how to start and advance in affiliate marketing.

I do not know if you are automatically subscribed to follow Kyle. Definitely check to make you are following him to receive his updates.

Kyle posts about once a week on various topics including marketing, motivational and process oriented tips and his life journey as a marketer.

Considering he has written 362 posts at the time of this blog post, well there is plenty for you to read and learn :)

My favorite blogs from Kyle:

Access all of Kyle's 362 blogs here.

2. Carson, the other co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate

Carson is known to as the product guy, here at Wealthy Affiliate.

He usually posts when there is a new product enhancement announcement. When a change has been made within the WA platform tools and offerings.

If you want to know when there is a new feature or a whole new product available for you to use, then you should absolutely follow Carson.

My favorite blogs from Carson:

Access all of Carson's 112 blogs here.

3. Nathaniell, a premium WA member since 2010

Nathaniell is a long time Wealthy Affiliate member. He does affiliate marketing for a living. Full-time.

So, if you want to learn from someone who is has been doing this a while and frequently posts his tips, tricks and stories... You should keep up with Nathaniell.

My favorite blogs from Nathaniell:

Access all of Nathaniell's 206 blogs here.

4. Boomergp08, a premium WA member since 2013

If you read this profile, you will learn that this guy's name is Robert. His profile name is obviously Boomergp08.

Robert is very knowledgeable with internet marketing skills, which are the skills you used to drive traffic to your affiliate marketing websites.

He has friends in high places (e.g. Google) and is constantly sharing his knowledge with the entire Wealthy Affiliate community.

My favorite blogs from Boomergp08 (aka Robert):

Access all of Boomergp08's 360 blogs here.

5. Jerry Huang, is making $$$$ a month

The beauty of Wealthy Affiliate members is that we are all unique. We all have our own stories to tell. And we all have different information to share.

Jerry has been very open about what he has achieved, how much money he has made and how he has achieved it.

He publishes quality tips and tricks frequently. If you are not learning from Jerry, well then you are missing out on learning opportunities.

My favorite blogs from Jerry:

Access all of Jerry's 56 blogs here.

6. Littlemama, is also making $$$$ a month

Littlemama is actually Grace. Grace is a wife, mom and a successful affiliate marketer.

Well, I consider making 4 digits a month from one website, successful!

Most of Grace's recent blog posts are status updates of her own results. What I like about Grace is that she always provides numbers.

Analyzing your numbers is important with any business. And it is really important with anything in marketing.

You measure your success by your numbers. You monitor improvements by using numbers.

You use numbers to figure out your costs and if you actually made a profit. You use numbers to figure out how many people you are converting into the action you want them to take.

You can learn a lot from how Grace breaks her numbers down and what numbers she is paying attention to.

My favorite blogs from Littlemama (aka Grace):

Access all of Littlemama's 127 blogs here.

7. Robert-A, the Scot

Known as Robert Allen, Robert has created over 100 websites and earns a living as an online mentor/tutor.

Like other experienced internet marketers here at Wealthy Affiliate, Robert has published hundreds of posts based on his own experiences and lots of research.

If you are looking to understand SEO, Search Engine Optimization, then you definitely need to read through his content. Although he publishes content on many topics regarding an online business, Robert has tons of good helpful content regarding SEO.

My favorite blogs from Robert-A (aka Robert Allen):

Access all of Robert-A's 429 blogs here.

8. VitaliyG, a premium WA member since 2007

Vitaliy doesn't have as many posts as some of these other members, but he has been doing this stuff for 12 years.

Vitaliy uses his blog posts to create AMA (Ask Me Anything) threads. You can ask Vitaliy any questions you have. Anything about SEO, niches, marketing, whatever.

He has good content to help you understand more about niches and what niches are good niches to go into.

A niche is subset of a market of people in which a specific product is focused. Choosing a good niche is really important when you are launching a new affiliate marketing website.

My favorite blogs from Vitaliy:

Access all of VitaliyG's 58 blogs here.

9. MarionBlack, a premium WA member since 2014

Marion Black is a good member trainer here. She knows a lot about how the WA works, WordPress and CSS.

If you want to know how to do simple things like change the font on your website or change the color of the font, Marion has created content on how to do this. And it is easy to understand and easy to follow.

She has been posting a lot of recent content about WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg, a really big change for this software.

If you build websites here at Wealthy Affiliate, you will have to learn how to navigate your websites on the new WordPress 5.0 version.

Be prepared. Follow Marion. If you have questions, ask Marion.

My favorite blogs from Marion:

Access all of MarionBlacks's 211 blogs here.

10. MKearns, has published 1,745 blog posts

Michael Kearns has published a lot of content. To me, he's known as the infographic guy.

Infographic are visual images that tell a story. They are popular because they are easy to share.

Most, if not all, of his latest posts are built around a topic that has a really good infographic.

So, if you like learning from visuals and want to get good ideas for infographics, then following Michael is your ticket.

My favorite blogs from Michael:

Access all of MKearns' 1,745 blogs here.

So, that is my own personal list.

1 Million More?

Considering there are over 1 Million members here at Wealthy Affiliate, I know there are more people to learn from.

  • Who are the members you learn from the most?
  • Who should we all be following?
  • What are great blog posts we should all read?

Add them in comments below.

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Defiant6 Premium
These are all awesome members and I've been following for sometime now. They give such helpful advice on how to reach success similar to what they've reached and I love that they post how much they've earned (some of them anyway) and tells all of us that we can reach that success as well.
kimwolfe Premium
Yes! Glad to hear you are learning from these folks too. Really too many to list in one post. Some more good mentions in these comments here.
ElaineSmith1 Premium
Hey Kim,
I think you just about got them all. What about Erin H. , Lauren Kinghorn, and Lynn-Huy.

Tried and True

kimwolfe Premium
Thanks Elaine!

I know I am following Lauren Kinghorn and her mom, JillAlexaVA. I mean how can you not love this mom and daughter duo here.

I'll check on Erin H. and Lynn-Huy.

Thanks again for chiming in! Many great folks to learn from.

mbouteiller Premium
Yes, thanks Kim. I have been following them for a while now.

I can also add MozMary, Loes, Tony Hamilton, Kaju, Triblu, Labman , DomW and everyone who have answered my over 108 questions.

kimwolfe Premium
Thanks Monica!

You are right, they are also good follows. I know Loes publishes a lot of WA banners that people are free to use.

I will check my follow on these folks too....

Thanks again for chiming in.

JerryHuang Premium
Thank you so much for mentioning me :)
kimwolfe Premium
Well deserved Jerry! Thanks for sharing great tips. They are appreciated. Oh, and keep them coming :)
Vickic3 Premium
Marion, Jerry. Mike, Kyle..... the list goes on for me as I learn from so many people in different ways every day and I want to thank all of you for being so great
kimwolfe Premium
Great to hear Vicki. Completely agree with your thanks to the community for being great! Thanks for contributing here :)