Introducing The Brand New WA Experience. This is BIG.

Last Update: May 03, 2018

The day is finally here, we have just released the brand new UX (User Experience) here at Wealthy Affiliate. If you are reading this, you likely know how different the new platform looks compared to the old. It is MUCH improved.

About this time last year we started our idea development as per how we could design the Wealthy Affiliate platform to better suit the needs of our users, how to make it more intuitive to navigate, clean up redundancies within the design, set it up for a much improved mobile experience, and make it much more beautiful.

A year later, here we are releasing what I believe to be the most significant and exciting evolution to date at Wealthy Affiliate. There are many reasons I believe this and I want to take a few minutes to explain just why the new UX here is such a big deal to you as a member, as part of the community, and as an Internet entrepreneur.

Before I get rolling, Kyle has created a new walk-through of WA. Check it out when you get a chance.

(click below to watch in a new window)

You can also access a tour of the new platform through the Profile menu (Click your profile image from the main menu, then choose "System Tour".

New Design, Refreshing Your Experience

We are a technology company. We have a great team of brilliant software engineers working hard behind the scenes and both of our personal backgrounds stem in computer science.

One of the main issues that we were running into is that our past design was that it was becoming unorganized and was starting to feel a bit dated...we knew we were capable of much better!

We took this opportunity to showcase the latest conventions, designs, and technologies to make your experience here at WA a much more comfortable one. Appearance wise, it is 2018/2019 ready and is a platform we can comfortably build out without trying to "bolt on" feature after feature. My previous few blog posts over the past month or so have been to help showcase and prelude what the design was going to look has been outstanding and I thank every single one of you who left comments on the posts, and for a handful of dedicated WA members who offered to help BETA test the platform.

To all the BETA testers who took us up on our offer to help out with the launch and preparing the new platform, THANK YOU! Thanks for your help and thorough messages to me with ideas, feedback on the platform, and helping us suss out any bugs that were existing!

Easier to Navigate, "Lots of Clicks" Removed

Every time you have to "click" it slows you down. Some platforms and systems within WA that are widely used were difficult to find in the previous UI, often times stuff deep within a complex navigation system (the rabbit hole as we call it).

We have put a lot of thought and detail into the navigation at Wealthy Affiliate, simplifying it drastically. We have limited the number of main menu links, and we have also organized them in such a way that makes much more sense.

We have moved away from the "brand names" for our platforms and used labels that make a lot more sense. Naturally, a newcomer was getting confused by terms like "SiteRubix" and this has been replaced with "Websites". Jaaxy didn't make sense to people either, this was replaced by "Research".

This level of navigational clarity is going to lead to much more efficient interaction with the platform and a lot of people accomplishing much more here within WA.

The menus and how they work have been improved on, with many of them offering "actionable" items within them.

For example, within the Websites menu you can initiate the creation of a New Website, and a New Article right there. You can also log into your most recently used websites, and access your last updated articles in SiteContent (see image below).

Although this may seem nominal, it leads to a lot more clarity and saves an incredible amount of time over the course of the year. If we can save you a few minutes per day on your efficiency here at WA, this adds up to many days worth of time through the course of a year that you could be applying to your business (and making more money)!

Live Events, They Are Now Beautiful (and Visible).

Where are the "live classes"? Where can I find the replays? In the OLD WA the live classes, one of the brilliant platforms here for advancing your skill set, were very difficult to find. In fact, for Starter members they had no way to see where the live classes (events) were.

You can now see the past events and register for upcoming events within any easy to navigate menu.

We are also going to be showing you the exciting education in a much more visible manner as we are going to be scheduling months of live training at a time so you can see upcoming training that is going to be taking place. For the person holding the event, it is easier to be prepared. As the person viewing the event, it is nice to see what is coming up! Keep an eye out for many more "RED DOTS" on days within the events calendar to show up soon. You can subscribe to any of them as a Premium member :)

When a live event is taking place, it is also going to show live directly within your activity feed.

You may be wondering why we have called this "events" instead of classes. The reason is that they are in essence events, and we are going to be evolving the types of events that are offered as well as "who" can offer them. Look for this as we evolve this platform through 2018. Lots of exciting changes coming in this respect to get you exciting, timelly and LIVE education on various topics here in WA!

Help Has Been Centralized.

One big focus with our new designs was help. We have lots of mediums in which you can get help at WA, but conventionally these have been scattered in a very decentralized manner. With the new UI, you are going to have two main menu items that streamline all help, support and coaching here within WA.

  • Live Chat. If you need instant support, want to help others within the community looking for instant help, or are carrying on an ongoing conversation, you can access a Live Chat directly within the main menu. This will notify you when new questions have been asked (a green count), as well as when someone has replied to you within the chat. This will allow you to efficiently multi-task here within the WA. Also, lets say you are stuck on something within the training, you can simply pop open this live chat and ask any questions you may have. It is ultra efficient and useful. We have also redesigned the live chat interface. It is much cleaner.

  • Help Center. The Help Center is where ALL the various help channels here within WA are located, along with the coaching that you have access to. This is divided up into the four categories.

    • SiteSupport, where you go to get help with all of your hosting and technical issues with your websites.
    • Ask a Question, where you can go to get community feedback in a articulate manner, within minutes.
    • Live Chat, where you can get live help and network with others in a live format here at WA.
    • Private Messages, where as a Premium member you can contact fellow members privately and get personal help and have private discussions.

This centralization is going to remove the confusion about where to go to get help as it is all in one place now.

We Strive for Perfection. It's Unachieveable.

Our goal has, and always will be, to get better. With each day that passes we are continually working to build Wealthy Affiliate into the best platform it can be. One where all internet entrepreneurs can hang out, live, operate businesses with maximum efficiency, and get all the education/tools/support they need to create their own respective success stories online.

With each day that passes, we are making this more viable for a larger group of people. We are also making it much more efficient to do so.

As a result, people are happier with the service, they stick around longer, and they more easily reap the many benefits of the platform.

Our update today is a direct reflection of our ethos here at WA. We care about you and your journey moving forward. This is only going to continue to be apparent and our new experience & design is setting us up for many exciting years ahead.

New platforms coming. Many, MANY new innovations coming. System upgrades and improvements coming that have been developed for the new WA that we've released today.

Expect brilliance from us, we cannot wait to deliver.

I hope you thoroughly enjoy the new design here at WA, the new features, and the many improvements. We would love to hear your thoughts, feedback, and of course being a new platform if you find any bugs or issues, please let us know right away in the comments below and we will get these addressed.

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ThomasPaul Premium
I must say I'm not all that crazy about the new dashboard. I like the idea of pinning things to the top, I just wish I could pin multiple things to the top and decide the order that they are pinned. I wish there was more of a selection of what you can such as any of the random "cards" that are mixed in with the blog posts as you scroll down.

It would also be nice if there was a way you could "preview" the blog posts instead of being forced to see the pictures of everyone's blog posts. The pictures are nice, but they take up a lot of space and that's more scrolling you have to do just to see what people are posting.

Finally, I'm excited about being able to download invoices from the account settings area!
Cirian Premium
Now I've used the new UX for a few weeks in Firefox, I'm happy to say that I love it. Great stuff!

One visual bug I get however is that the layout doesn't work properly in Chrome on my same PC. There must be a browser specific quirk that messes it up.

The problem I get on Chrome is that the central column containing the article and comments is over on the left side and it's being drawn behind the avatar area and side menu. Certain things become impossible to see.

In Firefox it's 100% fine, so I use that now for the WA site. I'm still using Chrome for Wordpress out of habit though!
Freisia Premium
When it first switched over I was a little bewildered and really was not sure if I liked it or not. Now I think it is awesome. It is so much easier to navigate and all the aspects of the program are more accessible. . I love it now and the more I use it the more i like it.
Congratulations on some amazing work developing Wealthy Affiliate.
RobertDoyle Premium
Yes, I felt the same way, but just as you, I am seeing the many advantages now. It IS an amazing site.
Magus Premium
Carson and Kyle I appreciate your hard work and the website does look miles better than before and yes easier to navigate. However I am missing the mobile friendly and/or responsiveness which I believe should be on the top of the list when working on website layouts. Please don't take my comment as a negative approach, more like a constructive feedback.

Even if mobile version is not available or too much work to make a mobile clone - which can be - having the website responsive to shape and fit to different window sizes, tablets and phones would be very important. I am sure that I'm not alone in this that using internet nowdays on the go. I can't take my PC with me everywhere and opening this website on the phone is just horrible. It is bit better than it was but in my opinion it has still not cought up with the 21st century.

While the splash page of the website is responsive and perfectly fits any phone, tablet or window size, once a member logs in it's a semi mess and have to zoom on parts to be able to see anything.

"We have a great team of brilliant software engineers working hard behind the scenes and both of our personal backgrounds stem in computer science."

I believe that a team like that, when making a significant layout change as you have, making it responsive too should have not be much of an extra work.

To me it's just a basic when it comes to making websites in 2018.

Once again I like the website and the lay out. Easier to navigate and find things, access features, etc. I just hope you guys plan to make it more mobile friendly in the close future.

That was my bit. Thank you!
tomanec Premium
If updating something means entering some new features or improving the already existing ones in it,then introducing a Brand New Experience body of WA is really a big step forward of WA.Yet the biggest importance of all of it is, that it is meant and given to the members of the comunity, for them easier to make their steps forward.
5-qpq Premium
To the owners of Wealthy Affiliate. Again, thanks for making my dreams possible and for having my best interests in the forefront.

I’m just awestruck at how we your customers’ really do come first. Considering the fact that there are others’ that make bold promises but that are only in it to do harm. So, on that note: thanks for always thinking about us...and never taking us for granted.

We truly are your customers’ and I’m so grateful and delighted to be here. Now and for many years to come.


HeidiY Premium
Well said Becky, you have captured my thoughts perfectly.
fleurallen Premium
Awesome new design and flow Carson, congratulations! And thanks for this message, I finally found private messaging, but where it is now makes sense! I also love that the latest articles you were working on SiteContent pop up when you click on websites. I also love all the pop out side menus as you go along. Thanks again!
RobertDoyle Premium
Yes, it is a Wow WA experience!
ToLiNoLi Premium
First: I love the new look and you did a great job bringing this to us, well done. A+++ :)

With updates come glitches and bugs, nothing unusual. But I like to bring to your attention a crucial one that needs your attention:

Since the new update, anyone who visits our blog posts from outside of Wealthy Affiliate must / are forced to signup if they want to read our articles.

I know that several posts have that (blog posts from Kyle) which is ok, but the new update is now doing this to all our posts too.

As a newbie myself one day, I read posts from Eddy with an Y and it convinced me to sign up as the information provided and looking around gave me that decision to do so. I would not have signed up without knowing what I sign up for in the first place.

I believe this must be a glitch or bug, it would be great if you can look into this as I use Social Media to promote my blog posts and in this way refer new members to WA.

I also build my website accordingly and hope I do not have to change all the hard work I put into it to change that now.

Keep up the great work and this fantastic place you have made available to all of us.

Stefan, ToLiNoLi
tudogz Premium
Looking good guys...
I'm a bit lost at first but I'm sure it'll only take a short while to get used to it.
One thing though - the link to Kyle's walkthrough above results in

Not Found
The resource that you are looking for is not available. It may have been removed, please use the search to find what you are looking for.

Anyone else having this issue?

Great to see the constant improvements here at WA.
Flash4 Premium
Hi Carson & Kyle,
That was a very comprehensive walk through of the new set up.
Good to see that we can access this information again also.
I used to get sooo lost when I first started, so this is great for
newbys, also we can "get around" quicker from other places we are currently at.
Thanks team.
Cheers Jae ☺
RobertDoyle Premium
So true! It really is great!
tkysar Premium
I have yet to build my first website, but will begin soon. I've taken the tour of the new platform, and find it a lot more comfortable. There is no such thing as "perfection", but striving toward what we each think it is gives us a reason to get up in the morning...
GauravGaur Premium
Thanks, Carson and Kyle. The new UX is excellent. The star in the ring profile pic made me feel like a real star among the stars. Looking forward to the mobile version very soon.
By the way, there seems to be a bug in the thread of this discussion. The comments of Hollshope, Herinnalson+Kyle, Stunning Bell and Alex Evans are repeated more than 10 times. Need to be checked. Otherwise, an awesome UX. Thanks to the Creators and Back Office Team. You ROCKED!!
Debbiejaege1 Premium
Then new WA design is great. It is easy to navigate where you want to go and brings the WA community closer together with new live chat and Help Center. It does save time when you are taking less clicks to reach your destination on WA. The easier navigation will make it easier for existing members and new members of WA to navigate the new WA. We look forward to the new innovations coming. Thank you Carson and Kyle and everyone involved designing the new platform. It is a major achievement.
JeffL61 Premium
The new platform is AWESOME! Clean, fresh, easy to both understand and navigate! What we have here at WA is a platform that would be beneficial to both premium and starter level members. I also look at the platform as being so amazing that it will give that extra incentive for a starter member to choose to make the decision in upgrading to premium. The benefits that these members would now receive is out of this world!
DrReiCapital Premium
Outstanding... substantial improvement within a technological platform is a monumental task, to say the least. There are so many moving parts, sequences, groups, stakeholders, omg, the list of interactions could go on, but major improvements mean you... Kyle and Carson are listening, project leadership the team by example. Applying new technologies to technology, cutting edge!. This is wonderful, exciting, pioneering history, and great ROI. Great to see leadership in action.


Learn, Grow, & Be Successful!
Clg :)!
Stella2 Premium
Hey Carson;

Really like the new UX. I'm an organized minimalist by nature, so it really appeals to that part of me.

"A place for everything, and everything in its place." :-)

One thing I've noticed is the search bar at the top is not as obvious as it used to be. At least, not on my laptop. I see it as very dark gray against the black header and it doesn't really stand out.

But it's a little thing compared to the awesomeness of the new design.

Thanks to all who made it happen! :-)
Carson Premium
Thanks for the feedback Stella, we will definitely keep this in mind and see if there are some tweaks we can make so that the search box is a bit more apparent! Great stuff :)
Pernilla Premium
Great input Stella!
You are so right. I didn't remark it at first sight either.
EOPolini Premium
Hello Carson, thanks for the update. Although I haven't explored every twist and turn yet, I can already appreciate how much better the organization is.
As a blind person and a screen reader user I would like to give my feedback: There are no headings to facilitate navigation from one area to the next.
On this page for example, if I start at the top the first heading,
"New Design, Refreshing Your Experience"
appears after the first paragraph. Surely you'd imagine what is like to scroll line by line in order to find the beginning of the post, or any other area I need to access.
Additionally, there are more unlabeled buttons on this page than I can count with my fingers, which makes my navigation through the site like trying to locate a house address in a town with blank signs.
I certainly regret missing out on a number of WA features, due to lack of accessibility, even though I have been a Premium member for over a year. However, I remain hopeful your efforts to make this platform the best, will extend to me, as one of your members and promoters, as well as, to the huge blind online community, which is quite hungry for online success.
Keep up the good work!
Carson Premium
Hi Edwin, definitely some improvements that can be made so that the content is more user-friendly for screen readers. I'll certainly keep this in mind as we move forward with our designs. it really appreciate feedback thanks!
EOPolini Premium
You're welcome Carson, I appreciate your work!
DebbieRose Premium
This update is a perfect example of the value of being a WA member. It's a platform that is constantly upgrading and being responsive to the needs of the community. I think the improvements are terrific and will allow us to keep getting the training we need to perfect our own websites. Thank you so much and I look forward to the continued improvements....creates enthusiasm to stay involved.
Carson Premium
Thanks so much Debbie, the support that we have been getting from the community with this update has been fantastic, extremely motivating for us to hear that folks love the new designs :)
onlineflow Premium
Thanks Carson and team,
I love the new set up, guys. It helps me be more efficient at this industry, which I love but is still very much a maze to me. I have no doubt that, with your vision and support, pretty soon I will be a very effective Internet Marketer, which is inevitable for me and for everyone who takes their business seriously!
Thanks again.
Carson Premium
You are more than welcome Abraham! We are all about efficiency and making your life easier well you learn to build an online business - a lot of thought was put into this new design I'm glad that you like it!
HarveyBrown Premium
Hello Carson, it was a bit of a shock when I got the notice (Kyle’s walk through) about the switch over. As most things new there is a learning curve. Here it was learning where everything had been grouped. Apart from that and once I had explored both top and left menus, I find the new UX really efficient and practical. That is should be the outcome of “simplicity of design.” Great stuff, look forward to the other improvements coming down the pipe.
Carson Premium
Efficient and practical are certainly words that we like to hear regarding the new design. Thanks so much Harvey :)
sealLover519 Premium
I thank you and Kyle for all your hard work to improve the WA website. At first I wasn't sure about it but after I checked it out I feel I am going to really like it much better. I like that it will save us some time each day.
Again thank you for making it more user friendly.
Carson Premium
Believe me Linda, I'm a creature of habit as well but I think that as you use the new platform you'll continue to get used to it and Love the new features. Thanks for the comment and have a great week!
DorcasW Premium
Carson; Something is not change that needs changing.

I have a serious issue to contact anyone here. Do you know why?

If I try to contact Support it is one of the hardest things to send a ticket, as the send button is covered with classrooms.

I try to PM anyone in my network, you or Kyle it is totally impossible

I am having serious issues with my websites and I cannot get the help that is needful because of this issue.
Carson Premium
Hey there, perhaps your browser is out of date or you need to clear your cache and cookies?

Could you send us a screenshot of the issues you are having because from my and I cannot reproduce the issues you're having. Contacting say support is really easy, you just have to follow the steps to provide us enough information so that we can help you. Same with sending a private message to Kyle and I, there are a couple of questions we we ask you first so that we can make sure your question includes the right info for us to help.

When you mentioned that the send button is covered with classrooms, perhaps you could send us a screenshot of that so that we can see what you're seeing.

Thanks, I look forward to helping out further :)
Chrissies Premium
Hi Carson

I think you have done a brilliant job - I love the new clean and clear look of the new UX, and once you get used to it its really is much easier to navigate.

I have come across one issue though - when I click on the bell for notifications, it does not load. I managed to get it to load once yesterday, but not since.

Many thanks for all your hard work and the great results

Chrissie :)


I just clicked on the bell again and it DID load!! Thanks :)
Carson Premium
Hey there Chrissie, I'll definitely look into this notification issue and see if there's a bug or something not working properly. I'll get on this right away, greatly appreciated!
Chrissies Premium
Thank you so much Carson :)
Igor13 Premium
Hi Carson!

The new platform is great! I like it a lot. It looks modern, simple to use. The Dashboard seems to be simpler and the more user-friendly as before, although the last one was fine to me as well.

As you described in your article, everything is now easier to find, "approachable"!

The dashboard looks nice, it is fun to navigate through it.
Looking forward to seeing new platforms coming up.

Congrats on a new design and best regards!
KenPe Premium
This new site has an exciting feeling surrounding it. I am excited
and I am sure other members are as well. As evidenced by the
comments being posted, it would appear that it is a "Keeper" at this point. Congratulations to You and Kyle and your team for
producing such a valuable asset.

KenPe Premium
Hey BrianCH,
Thanks for the like on my comment on Carson's Post.

BrianCh Premium
Hi Carson, this is truly beautiful.

You and your team have done an outstanding job with this new UI and the excitement amongst the members was clearly evident when Live Chat was buzzing with fever pitch squeals of delight.

This was immediately followed by numerous blog posts sharing the news.

All the best,

sukumarth Premium
Looks-wise, this is great. I'm happy that I was there at the very moment it was rolled out. I was trying to reply to a message yesterday night (it was around 22:30 hours) and suddenly, I was taken to this new look of WA. Everything looks more organised than before. It has got a very clean, modern feel and this is a welcome change since the old WA was looking a bit dated like you say.

Feedback: I do not wish to put a damper on this wonderful moment but I have a small issue. The whole thing looks wonderful on a desktop but since the same view is also rendered on mobiles, it really strains the eyes to read the main content area. Maybe this is because we have the two sidebars on either side - dashboard on the left side and the live chat on the right side. This leaves too little space in the middle where the main content is there. It's difficult to read unless we pinch and zoom the content. I'm attaching the screenshot as seen in mobile view.

Other than this, this is a great work. Thank you Kyle, Carson and the rest of the WA team who are working behind.
Kyle Premium
Yeah, the mobile version of WA has not been released yet. Just the Live Chat aspect is mobile ready now, but we have taken mobile into great consideration with the development of our new user experience.

There is going to be a great deal of focus on mobile moving forward, so this wasn't forgotten, but it will be an upcoming release.
bryanb007 Premium
Hey Carson, This is absolutely awesome. You, Kyle and your team have excelled once again. Please convey our thanks to your entire team.
WA was, by far, the best platform I have ever experienced ( and I have been with a few) and it just keeps getting better and better. The interface is now so clean, smooth and easy to use.

Great Job

herinnelson Premium
Once again, Kyle and Carson, your new BETA platform is now mapped out in brilliance! The UX is wonderful---easy to navigate, creative, full of style and defines greatness! I truly feel that I'm in the right place at the precise time for advancement! Thank you for all your hard work and diligence! It's been fun seeing it all come together!

Erin :)!
Kyle Premium
You are in the right place at the right time and we always want it to feel that way for folks here within the community. This is just the start of our big plans that we have in the next year ahead.
MrGus Premium
This truly is a beauty and a work of art. I could hardly wait to dive in and test the new features. I really appreciate the work that you all have put in to give the WA Community a platform to be creative while building not just a future but sustainable income.
Thank You all.

Kyle Premium
Awesome MrGus, glad you approve of the new platform. WA is our passion and helping folks create successful online businesses is our passion.

Put those together and this is what happens and what will continue to happen.
CristyTaylor Premium
I haven't had a chance to look through everything, but from what I have seen-it looks awesome. Very clean neat looking-more organized somehow, if that's possible.

I can only hope it will help me navigate around better also. For someone not very used to doing a lot on computers, sometimes it's a challenge to find what I'm looking for.


Dhind1 Premium
I love the new design Carson, thank you and everyone involved for the time and effort put into this.

The platform is so much easier to grasp at a glance (I know this is what you intended) and get to where I as a user want to go and achieve what I need to.

Stella2 Premium
Like many, I have only been using the new UX for a few hours, but it is very easy to adjust to.

How does the saying go? A place for everything, and everything in it's place.

I'm organized and minimal by nature and lifestyle, and this feels very comfortable to me. The clean presentation feels very "right."

A Big Thanks to Kyle, Carson, the team, and all of the people who supported the development of this new design. I so very appreciate your efforts.

Kudos to All!
Stella :-)
MarionBlack Premium
One thing I would like to see added to the Help Center is a link to

I've seen a number of issues that people are trying to resolve that are not relevant to Site Support and don't necessarily need to be addressed via private message to you or Kyle. Such as when people can't login to WA.
Kyle Premium
We are the main point of contact. If people can't login, there is a contact page outside of WA that they can leverage to contact us externally and of course there is no point in having an "external" contact here if people can contact us directly.

But we have the "contact" covered on the outside, and if people ever need something specific they can direct their help at us within the community, or directly here at WA.
UrsaMajor Premium
I am so appreciative of the new UX! Thank you so much! I love the new calendar! All the new walk-throughs are amazing! It's a fantasic re-construction, well thought out, wonderful planning, it all shows! It's nice to be committed to a life-style that the owners are fully committed too, also~!
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Carson, this is a mark it on the calendar day for everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate, a huge thank you to you and Kyle and your dedicated team.

It is going to make everyone's experience here that much easier and streamlined with the added functionality. It will help so many of us to take our businesses to another level.