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Hi Everybody. My name is Robert and I'm a Scot who lives in our capital City of Edinburgh. I was born and raised in the countryside and spent a big chunk of my working life on the land. Made redundant in my late 30's I went back to college as a mature student and then on to university where I gained a degree in Business Studies/Business Administration. From there I went straight into the Civil Service, working for our government. I've been working with computers for many years and have also been earning a living as an online mentor/tutor for a few years.

I used to have over a 100 websites (some Wordpress in the early days of mobile devices) I created myself, but I sold a lot of them coz that's what I mainly did. I must add that since joining WA in 2014 I have given it up to concentrate on my endeavours here instead, and so far I believe I'm doing quite well.

I make good enough money from the internet most of the time and try my best to help others achieve the same level and beyond of the success as I have.

Since joining Wealthy Affiliate I have contributed in a positive way and have published hundreds of blogs on the varied aspects of earning an income online. I should add, the information within these blogs is based on my own experience and lots of research so don't take my word as absolute gospel. I'm sure there are other WA members who have more internet marketing knowledge than I do, and its always best to get a second opinion, is it not?

Hobbies/Interests: Writing, Painting, Cycling and just being outdoors.
I also like tigers and would love to go to India and see them in the wild.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this short Bio.
Have a great day.
Robert Allan
If you want to look at my sites you will find them listed over on the right of this page below 'My Posts' where it says 'Follow Me On'.
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JKingsberry Premium
Hi, Robert. I hope everything is well with you.

I do not know if you remember me, but I made a colossal error, big time. Ha Leooemery gave a post about editing the permalink and I did fine with that. (I think) I went to the editor to draft first, then shortened the Permalink and clicked edit. I thought about some of my posts and pages that really needs editing. I thought I could change the publishing time to a date in another 10 days. I thought that would give me the opportunity to really edit for publishing. BUT, I went back to my website and it is not listed. It just was deleted and disappeared, lost! What can I do? Other posts also need editing and I believe have been published. I will not change the publishing date--will update on the other sites. What I want to know about that is: if I make the article much better, will the first time I published it be the one that will get ranked? Is it acceptable to click on the edit on the permalink and rewrite it? I really hope I did not lose my post permanently! Leoemery had a good lesson for that. I think I will ask him the question again too. It is one of my best posts too. I will get ranked again on that post. I clicked the export and back-up with --clone, but something was wrong with the restore or something and did not finish. Thanks
Robert-A Premium
Hi Judy, nice to see you again.
Will send you a PM asap.
Tybotica Premium
Greetings Robert: Wonderful bio....and yes, I read the whole thing, lol. I am in the US, Maryland to be exact and have been around IM for about 7-8 years. My goal is to make this replace the 9-5 and pursue my fashion design passion. You are someone I would be pleased to follow. Best of Success To You

Robert-A Premium
Hello Barbara and as you will know I'm in Scotland, UK.

I have never tried MLM and have no wish to do so and you are well out of it.
Most of them are scams anyway and definitely not sustainable.
(See pic)
Have a great Monday.
amdysart Premium
I have only started this on Wednesday last week and was under the impression that I would build my website then post it on www. Or does it just log itself on after a few days? Can I put up a website under construction sign or something I am having trouble just getting pictures onto it :)
Robert-A Premium
No probs about your site being online, you just have to write articles or reviews etc etc.

You must have hit Publish at some time or another and that's why you have 2 entries online just now.

Keep taking the training and step by step, fully understand one step before moving onto the next.
You get stuck, you ask questions and you ask questions and you keep asking.
No such thing as a stupid one.
I will be going out for the day soon but get back to me later when you have a problem.
Maddy55 Premium
I was worried about those things too when I first started. What Robert said, go through the lessons, read them twice or thrice if you have to, take your time. Watch the videos over and over too. Little by little, things will make sense and will fall into place. As far as having things visible on your website before you are finished, you have the choice to save in Draft instead of Publish mode. That is what I did and still do until I have my content the way that I want it. In Draft, it will not show, in Publish it will. Hope this helps.
Hello there!

I have followed you :)

Would you please leave a comment on my website?
I would appreciate it a lot and I will return the favor!

My website is DIYBikeMaintenance .com

Simply connect .com with the name :)


P.S. If you remember me, I am the Croatian guy who you have helped in the beginning! :)
Robert-A Premium
You said you would pay me back?
I will take a look at your site.
Enjoy your day.
I will currently don't have the exact amount.

Do you need it soon?

Robert-A Premium
Not soon. I just thought from your message a few weeks ago that you were now successful with your site.
Enjoy your evening.
Carson1 Premium
Hi the Robert, greetings from sunny Arizona. Really enjoyed your bio. I have been to Edinburgh a few times - not for many years now, but - really loved your city. I have many relatives in Northern Ireland, as well as, South Africa. Unlike you I have been a user of the internet but not a producer on the internet .....so I feel very fortunate to have found the great community here at WA . The internet is full of bad places as you well know. I appreciate your support . All the best Carson 1
Robert-A Premium
No probs and thank you for getting back to me.
Yes Edinburgh is a truly beautiful city with something for everyone.
You will have to come back again.
There are many members here who have a lot of internet and marketing experience and no matter what time of day it is there will always be someone you can reach out to for help.
Have a great Wednesday.