Succeeding With Golf Balls, Scaling With Shoes!

Last Update: Mar 3, 2022

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People have this inherent concern that their niche is too narrow or specific and they are going to run out of content ideas or potential if they are too specific.

Anyone that is successful online knows that this is not the case and I can tell people until my voice box is gone that there is unlimited potential in any niche idea, but it doesn't make sense until I show real examples.

So here I am today. I am going to give you a real example of a niche that is seemingly VERY specific, that started off as something that may have been small and unsubstantial and has growing into a business doing well over $20MM in business and has over 160 employees.

That business, is

In recent months, I have worked with several people in the golf niche and I have also had people come to me asking if "golf balls" or "golf clubs" or something of that nature, was too specific. The answer is no.

In fact, golf balls alone is a billion dollar industry, with a great deal of affiliate opportunity and anyone that wants to establish themselves as an expert/authority in the golf balls space, has a lot of opportunity available to them (which is the case for any niche).

If I do a quick search in Alphabet Soup (within the Jaaxy "Research" plaform here) under the term "golf balls", I can get all sorts of results. In fact, I get 1,000's of ideas. One search, 30 seconds, and 1,000's of different directions and opportunities I could head within the Golf Ball space alone.

I stored those to the keyword list, which you see above and I got 20+ very low competition keywords in a matter of 30 seconds. Anything under 100 QSR is what I am after, and content that gets some traffic. In the case of a term like "automatic golf ball", I believe that would make for a cool article and would get searched more than the estimated traffic throughout the year, so I included it. And remember, this is ONE search and just a minute fragment of the awesome keywords I found, using the Jaaxy Alphabet Soup platform!

For those that are not familiar, as a premium member you can access Jaaxy Alphabet Soup from the main "Research" menu here within Wealthy Affiiliate, then under the "Alphabet Soup" menu item once you get inside of Jaaxy.

This is something that the brand has harnessed and taken advantage of for many years now, but it doesn't mean there isn't room for MANY more. There are plenty of blogs and websites leveraging the golf ball niche and driving a considerable amount of revenue through affiliate programs alone.

In fact, you can even promote through their affiliate program which pays 7% commission on all sales that you drive to their website through your blog or social media.

This is just one of many in the golf ball space alone, there are 10,000's of products within this ONE seemingly small niche that you make use of. There are lots of different brands of golf balls, different types of golf balls, customized golf ball sites, golf ball products/accessories, etc.

It's vast. But that is not where you have to end in this niche. surely didn't.

Moving From Golf Balls to Golf Shoes & Beyond

The thing about any niche, no matter how specific, is once you gain clout within that niche you can diversify and start to move into other facets in this niche.

A prime example is Their website topic is self apparent. It is golf balls. But if you go to their website, you will discover they are now involved in many other categories.

As you can see above, these categories include:

  • Golf shoes
  • Golf Bags
  • Golf Accessories (GPS, head covers, spikes, ball markers, divot tools, umbrellas, etc)
  • Sports Teams (branded and custom golf equipment)
  • etc.

That is how most companies diversify and scale their business and income. Although you may find that this is quite a unique example, almost every major corporation and thriving company has followed these same diversification principles.

Amazon started off primarily selling books. They are now the largest ecom website in the world, selling 100's of millions of different products. They are also one of the largest web services and web hosts in the world.

Apple started off making computers. They are now the highest valued company in the world with a majority of their revenue coming from mobile phones.

And look here at Wealthy Affiliate. We started off as a keyword list website. It is now the largest platform in the world for affiliate marketers, offering hosting, research platforms, a content creation platform, coaching, live training, and many website based products/services.

That is how it works. You don't start off targeting some broad demographic, you start off by offering a quality service, blog, and experience to a niche audience and then you diversify once you establish some authority and clout in your industry.

Whoever said golf balls is "too specific" of a niche is crazy! A new website in this space could one day be operating an 8 figure business, selling golf shoes and umbrellas while still only scratching the surface of their profitability potential.

Now get out there, get niche, and then diversify. You are capable of HUGE things if you focus on establishing something much more specific first. :)

I would love your feedback and thoughts here. What are your biggest issues or concerns when heading into a niche? Where do you have issues diversifying and building out your website? What are the biggest factors that hold you back on researching niche?

Please take a second to chime into the conversation below.

Recent Comments


Good day, Kyle
Great post which I read a few times. I personally do not have any issues with finding a niche. I am growing in this wonderful field and improving my knowledge and reading a lot of posts from very competent bloggers on our platform. I thank you for sharing this very informative post.
Thanks again and have a great day Kyle.

You rock, Kyle...seriously.

My biggest concern, just yesterday, was that my niche has too much competition. I spent all night trying to figure out if I should start over. I just this minute logged on and this is the first article I've seen. Going to look at my niche with a new perspective!

So thanks...I needed that!

I couldn't help it had to jump on Jaaxy and start playing around, with golf balls, I am a happy camper, we have a powerful resource there for sure.
My take home is that it doesn't matter where we start it is where we manage to take it long term, thanks for the walkthrough kyle real food for thought, start small and build up.

Thanks for the great refresher Kyle!

The main thing I get from your post is that there is no limit!

No matter what niche you chose, there is always another avenue to take, another angle to target.

The market is humongous (4 billion people) so there is always a place for the newcomer!

My main issue was finding new blog ideas, and diversifying my niche. But as time rolls along, and as I learn the tricks of the trade here at WA, and also with a tool like Jaaxy, it is a lot more feasible and encouraging.

Using these tools got me on Google's position one a couple of times already, and I consider myself "just starting out" so it's just a matter of keeping faith and taking action!

I've said it before faith is just another word for persistence!

Enlightening post! Thanks again!


This has often been my fear - not having content to write (I faced it with one of my sites a few weeks ago).
Sometimes you just need to think outside the box to come up with some new ideas. In my case, I asked the WA community for advice and the members came up with some really helpful ideas. :)

I’m starting to understand more about a niche but do you have to have a website with a golf theme or can you use just about any of the themes. This is so new to me and I’m not very experienced with computers. But I have had a lot of experience with different types of businesses. I would really appreciate all the help I can get until I learn more about this type of business, I was always good at starting different types of businesses, thank you

You asked for feedback, so here is from me. I have a site which I started as a super narrow niche with the keyword in the title. So it is ranked for the site name as I wanted, position zero in Google (a featured post for the site itself). How better can it be?

BUT, I have had to expand niche two times in the past because of the lack of the material in the initial niche.

So I have a Frankenstein site now which sells nicely, not surprising in view of its ranking, but as I said it is a Frankenstein. I would never do this again, it is late now.

Your example of WA is not the most appropriate, this name can mean anything, it is very broad. The same holds for Apple and Amazon. Those names are not niche related.

Thanks. Just what I needed to get me going again. ... stalled big time with my niche and felt I have run out of things to say very early on. ... avoiding getting on with it so started bootcamp to get my confidence and creative juices flowing but struggling again this is great. ..hit the spot for me. .... my biggest fear is repition ..and juse regurgitation.. or is this OK?
Kj x

I don't think SOME repetition is bad for your site. Just don't go overboard with it and avoid duplicate content. I know it can become hard to remember everything you've wrote as your posts start piling up. Sometimes I get these Deja Vous that I'm certain I've written this exact sentence before :D

OK thanks for that. I think when I choose my niche I didn't know enough about affiliate marketing to look forward and see where the choice of niche could take me......
I am a little wiser now and would suggest to any newbies that they research well before launching in..... but now reading kyles post I feel a little more hopeful regarding expansion and new material
Kj x.

Kyle, I understand the concept of picking a niche and getting started. Somewhere along the way, The mind seems to close up as far as deciding what new ideas to bring into the conversation. That is when you begin to wonder if the chosen niche is either too narrow or too broad. I simply take time for a breath and then begin running again.

Hi Kyle,

A well promoted article, A+++ written, love it! :0)

Coming to your points:

Before you go into any niche, it is crucial for any serious business owner to first make a niche research plan. You should not just start, because you think it is fun and a hobby or you have a lot of expertise, as this will not guarantee you will have it easy to build authority out there.

Niche Research Plan: In here you do your research:

Who is your audience?
What is your audience looking for within this niche?
Who are your competitors?
Who can be your affiliate partners?
How big is this market segment?
How much money can be made here?
What side niches are connected through yours?
What products / services can you market?
How does the keyword ranking look, when going into this niche?
Create a competition comparison matrix: list what makes you standing out from your competition and compare then what your competition offers.

Once you have done this, you have done your homework and can see clearly now, if this is a profitable niche for you to act upon, if you are already profound in this field, that you can easily help and talk about that niche.

That is my approach to it Kyle. :0)

What do you think?

Stefan, ToLiNoLi

Dus that are the questions You meer toprubrieken wel yourself welk than.

In my latest blog post: I listed an overview of Super Niches blog posts I wrote within WA (which you can also find on my profile) that can give you some ideas of awesome money making niches out there.

Also the training is talking about this a lot and you can think of niches yourself, what you are good at and start from there.

Here is another blog post from Eddy with an y in how to choose a niche: And if you have questions or you are not sure, just ask the community to help you with it.

Stefan, ToLiNoLi

I was going to suggest you include in a post but you already have, I have much to learn from you so will go and check it out... on a mission - I will crack this!

Hi Stefan
Your advice is Out Of This World as usual.
I will go and action that now, especially the competition comparison matrix, which I have not done before.

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