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It takes just one. One product review to make 4 figures.If $1000 dollars from one review sounds good, then keep reading. I am no super affiliate, yet :) But I am having success with one product review. It’s crazy. And perhaps I got a little lucky. Because I had NO IDEA what I was doing when I wrote that review almost 2 years ago. I just followed the training here.Yet, its making money today. It broke 4 figures last year in 2019, and it continues to make sales in 2020.All it takes is one.
A little SEO humor for your Saturday morning. Comic by Pages SEO Magazine.If you enjoyed this humor, then sign up to get the Pages SEO Magazine delivered directly to your door :) You can enjoy the printed version of these funnies for yourself too :) It's completely free.Subscribe here.
This post written in conjunction with TDomena.Today is January 10th of 2020. It's officially the first month of the new year, and a new decade! The idea (with this first post of the year), is to share 13 affiliate marketing tips to help you be more successful in the new year :)I'm writing this post a bit differently though. I'm actually writing this post in partnership with another fellow WA member here, Tiffany Domena. In late 2019, Tiffany and I ended up exchanging good dialog in the comments
I learned about Flippa from another member here. Flippa is a website where people sell and buy niche websites and domain names.The member wrote how she used it for research. She'd look at what people were selling to get niche ideas and an idea of what people were willing to pay for those niches.So, I've been watching Flippa ever since. This was a great little tip I learned just from reading a WA member's blog post :)So, Would You Rather Pay $5,997 or $359?Recently, Flippa posted "ready-made" we
Back in April of 2019, I shared the top summer niche trends from Pinterest. If you enjoyed that list, then you'll enjoy this one too!Pinterest has done it again. They have published a new report for the latest 100 search trends (on Pinterest) as we prepare fo 2020.These reports a great way to find emerging trends and niche ideas (and topic ideas where appropriate) for your affiliate websites. There are some interesting trends like:90s-themed parties90's cartoons90's musicY2K outfitsGrunge fashi
Hello fellow WA members! Hope everyone is doing super today :) October 2019 marks my 2 year anniversary with Wealthy Affiliate (WA), so I thought I’d write about my experience so far.For those who have read my profile, you know that I am not new to the online marketing concept. I do not need convincing of the potential of an online business. I already see this first hand every day. I found Wealthy Affiliate because I was looking for ways to make money online for myself, not for other peop
It's a professional diver ready to take the plunge...It's a clown with an imaginary red nose...It's a guy making funny faces...NO, it's Jay doing I don't know what?! Hahaha. The starting image For Jay’s Understanding Marketing Funnels training is pretty funny.Happy Saturday WA day!
Marketing Statistics are a common strategy that many bloggers use. I'm not sure if you have noticed it yet. But if you have been researching competitive websites, then you may have come across this strategy.This strategy is including marketing statistics within your marketing related content. Statistics are numbers or data. If you haven't noticed this, then hopefully you will in your future research. Leveraging Marketing Statistics help: Support your contentValidate what you are sayingMake your
Pinterest posted a blog post with top search trends for April 2019. The trends are good ideas of how specific a niche can be. And could easily be used for a niche site. From swimming pool designs to edible gardens to linen dresses, the sky offers no limits for niche ideas (aka topics of interest for specific groups of people). Check out the full list here:
Because ya'll ROCK! That's all folks : )#happyvalentinesday