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We are a wife and husband team from beautiful New Zealand.

And yes, you guessed it, we love ice cream! So we'll post as Mrs Chocolate IceCream (Sharlee) and Mr Vanilla IceCream. ;-)

We are looking forward to joining the WA community. I've been lurking around WA and it looks like a bunch of really awesome people, can't wait to meet you all and to get stuck into the training.

I will update this once I have a better idea of what I should write in here. Is this what I was suppose to say in here? LOL!
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Bob-1 Premium
What a couple of fun people you and your husband must be Sharlee! Love the energy and enthusiasm in your bio and where I first found you the post you made to Kyle for the Super Affiliate program! I wish you and your husband success in this new year, which I also plan to achieve. See you around the WA community!
~ Bob
TeamIceCream Premium
LOL! Glad to meet you Bob! ;-)
Oh my goodness, I hope I get chosen - I REALLY want to go eat ice cream in Vegas! ;-) LOL!
I had a boss who always said that seeing that we HAVE to work, we may as well have fun while doing so! ;-) And since I adopted that attitude, life generally has become much more fun too. ;-)
Glad that you are now also part of the WA-family Bob! We are looking forward to learn from, and with you - and to have fun together while doing so! ;-)
[finger in the air] AND to eat ice cream together! ;-) LOL!
> "See you around the WA community!" ;-) That's a deal Bob! ;-)
Wishing you all the best!
Chocolate (Sharlee) and Vanilla IceCream ;-)
mjtrusted Premium
Team IceCream sounds yummy... but NZ is it that cold? or Hot? so you need Ice Cream?

Chocolate + Vanilla IceCream is it tasty in one cup?

Lovely sig line :)

November, I guess you have been active here.. hat off

Always, wanted to visit NZ but have not yet had time to.

However, keep up yr work and I look forward to yr PM

<Jan> The Strategy Man
TeamIceCream Premium
Hi Jan

> but NZ is it that cold? or Hot? so you need Ice Cream?
Does it have to be hot or cold to eat ice cream? ;-) LOL! We eat ice cream even in winter, we just sit in front of the fireplace! ;-) LOL!

> Chocolate + Vanilla IceCream is it tasty in one cup?
We love it! But you will have to try for yourself and let us know! ;-)

Wishing you all the best with your business too!
mjtrusted Premium
I know it does not need to be cold or hot to eat. But, if it is hot more people consume Ice Cream.

I am so lucky to have a fireplace.. because here it is Winter for many months.

I love to put some cocoa and coconut oil or milk in a cup. Use some cream or milk to have the fat from the oil or coconut milk to mix well.

I do not add sugar .. then I put it in the freeze Yummy I agree vanilla is awesome as well have vanilla beans to add for flavor (from time to time). Along with other things ... ha ha.

Biz is awesome look forward to hang out with you when you have time.

<Jan> The Strategy Man
TeamIceCream Premium
> I know it does not need to be cold or hot to eat. But, if it is
> hot more people consume Ice Cream.
I should have added {tongue in cheek} in my post! It was just my naughty, teasing way of saying that in our opinion, ice cream can be consumed any time of the day or year. ;-) LOL!

Your recipe sounds suspiciously much like my chocolate recipe, where I combine coconut oil (half cup), cacao (half cup) and honey (2 tablespoons) and add vanilla or essential oil (orange/lemon/peppermint) and then pour into little silicone chocolate molds, with nuts/seeds/coconut shreds. When set, it can be removed from the molds, but needs to be stored in the fridge... for as long as it lasts {said with as innocent a face as I can muster}. LOL!

But yours sounds more like ice cream, does it? If so, can you PM me the "recipe" or an indication of how much of what you are using please?

I used to make strong coffee and then freeze it in Silicone Push Up Popsicle Molds... delicious on a warm summer's day too - something like "iced coffee" but only in popsicle form. I should try your ice cream version in the popsicles!
VeronicasLuv Premium
Well...anyone with "ice cream" in their name gets my follow every time!!!

Glad to be connected, Sharlee! I actually fell in love with New Zealand after watching some of the extras from the making of the movie, "The Hobbit". The director, Peter Jackson, mentioned that everything that the viewer sees is exactly how it looks in real life! So now, New Zealand is on my top 10 countries to visit.

Looking forward to reading more from you, Sharlee...you seem to have a wicked sense of humor...in this case, "wicked" means good!
TeamIceCream Premium
LOL! Looks like we can form an "ice cream tribe" around here! ;-)

I must admit (although I might be SLIGHTLY biased - disclaimer) that New Zealand is indeed picturesque! And you don't have to travel miles and miles to see different kinds of beauty. But one will hardly be able to take it all in during one vacation - there is just too much to see!

Veronica, PLEASE remember when you're coming to visit, that we've got an ice cream date! ;-) LOL!

LOL! You yourself has a "wickedly" good sense of humor too! ;-) eHug to you! ;-)
VeronicasLuv Premium
Hmmm...I think I already have a cake date in Australia later in 2018, but I'm sure I can make some adjustments and squeeze in an ice cream date in New Zealand!
TeamIceCream Premium
LOL! That sounds like a yummy trip! ;-) Aus is just across the "ditch" from NZ, as we call it. ;-) Let me know if you decide to make like a kangaroo and "hop over"! ;-) LOL!
Lodge Premium
Hello C and V!
Thanks for the follow, I will do the same! How is the diving in New Zealand? I dive in Northern California, very cold but awesome!
I wish I could give some advice about time management but with 12 kids I don't have time! Ha Ha!
Keep it touch!
p.s. I could eat chocolate ice cream with roasted chopped almonds all day long!
TeamIceCream Premium
Hi Curtis
Would have given you 2 Likes if I could - for that choc ice cream with roasted chopped almonds! ;-) LOL! We will sit in front of the heater in winter... enjoying our ice cream...
Ha-ha-ha - that was so funny about not having time... but somehow I feel that I should believe you! LOL!
He used to dive in South Africa, but since we are in New Zealand, he stopped, so he can't really comment on the diving around here. You'll have to come check it out yourself! LOL!
Thanks for stopping by Curtis and for the follow!
May you internet business grow in leaps and bounds!
Chocolate + Vanilla IceCream ;-)
AlexEvans Premium Plus
Hi Mrs Chocolate and Mr Vanilla IceCream
Just dropping by to thank you for the follow and also for the opportunity to be part of your network, I hope that your WA experience is going well, there are a number of Kiwis here in WA, so goes to show we can compete on a global stage. keep going.
TeamIceCream Premium
Hi Alex
Thank you for stopping by! It is great to now there are a number of Kiwi's here at WA. I hope to meet them as time goes on. If you ever get to the Auckland/Rodney area (Silverdale/Orewa) please let us know and we can organize a meet-up.
Wishing you all success!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream) ;-)