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April 15, 2018
Writers block is something we all experience from time to time. However, have you ever had problems coming up with a good target keyword for your website post? You might draw a blank or just cannot find a good enough keyword. What should you do next?WRITE YOUR CONTENT WITHOUT ONEThough keywords are important for the rankings of your content, you do not always need to use them to get highly ranked on Google. I realized that may sound backwards to the training you have received here, but it is tr
April 08, 2018
I am sure there are many of you here at WA that have jumped on the cryptocurrency bandwagon. I personally have not and do not intend to. But as I sit back and read all of the pros and cons, I am starting to see many signs of a shiny object syndrome appearing.Another thing I have noticed is how similar certain things are to the whole Multi-Level Marketing, MLM, culture surrounding people in this new form of investment. And though there will be people who will swear that crypto is more than an in
April 01, 2018
Wouldn’t it be great to be able to make money from home by just recommending to others the things you really like? This simple concept can even take place while you sleep. No, this is not fantasy. This is reality!This is how many people with their own websites and blogs are making lots of money. If you want to learn to make money from your passions, becoming a Free Member of Wealthy Affiliate is the best way to start. PROFITABLE PASSION AND HOBBY NICHES We all have something we really l
March 11, 2018
For all of us who write website content and especially create training tutorials here within WA, I believe it is sometimes necessary to update our content to reflect change. This morning I started making updates to some of my earliest tutorials from three years ago in 2015.THINGS HAVE CHANGED IN 3 YEARS I sometimes have to take a step back and reflect on all the financial benefits I have gained from the Wealthy Affiliate training program. One of my biggest gains is in the knowledge of keyword
March 10, 2018
Are you thinking about starting your own unique website business? If yes then you will want to be careful not to sign up to some fantastic sounding opportunity promising large amounts of income with very little effort. This is a formula that does not work. But what does?THE BENEFITS OF WEALTHY AFFILIATE PREMIUM MEMBERSHIPProbably the easiest way that I have found in my more than 20 years online, is to create an affiliate marketing website. Not only is this type of marketing website easy to star
February 25, 2018
I am pretty sure that many of you veteran members of WA already know this, especially since I have blogged about this before. But seeing how I have gained more than 3,000 followers since then, I feel that it was worth mentioning it again for the benefit of the new followers and as a reminder for everyone else.AN EASY WAY TO EARN MONEY NOW - JUST CREATE WA CONTENTBy just simply creating a WA blog post like I am doing here, I am creating an opportunity for me to gain another referral. How is this
February 11, 2018
The other day I posted a training tutorial called Where to Get Free Pictures for a Website. In it I mention how you can use any CC0, Creative Commons Zero, photo in any way that you would like for your website and social media. See link below.Where to Get Free Pictures for a WebsiteOn the last page of the above training tutorial I explain how you can find other free images within a larger picture. Below I will give a visual example of what I mean. However I would first like to talk about a Free
February 01, 2018
One of the few big challenges a new member of WA will encounter is to decide on a niche for their website business.Many will have an idea of what that niche will be based on the explanation of what is a niche, yet many may also struggle to come up with a narrowed down and focused niche. This brief post will give you a great example of such a niche.SPHYNX CATWhat is a Sphynx Cat? It is a special breed of cat that is considered hairless. This cat actually does have hair but it is so thin that it
January 21, 2018
One of the many things I have learned here at Wealthy Affiliate, other than the many legit ways to make money online at home, is how to spot scams and hyped up opportunities. In this post, Affiliate Marketing vs Cryptocurrency, I will give my opinion as to which one is best at making you money from home.IS CRYPTOCURRENCY JUST ANOTHER BUBBLE?I have been looking into this whole cryptocurrency opportunity for a while now and I place it in the somewhat same class as the stock market. Basically one
January 13, 2018
As many of you know, I was in Las Vegas for CES, Consumer Electronics Show, from Tuesday to Friday. It is now Saturday night and I am back in freezing cold New Jersey. One take away from the show was the obvious Alexa vs Google Assistant battle.I am still a buzz with everything I had seen at the show, as well as the fun I had afterwards with local friends. Las Vegas and the surrounding area is a really cool experience, even for non-gamblers like me.YOU CAN MAKE LOTS OF MONEY WITH THESE NEW NICH