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November 23, 2017
How many Black Friday Sales do you know of that will not only save you money but help you to make money too? Many of us take advantage of the sales that our local and nationwide stores present at this time of the year for items we want for ourselves or for gifts.But what if you could buy an opportunity that will not only give you access to the best internet training in everything having to do with online marketing, but also make you hundreds and thousands of dollars? Wouldn’t that be the
November 09, 2017
You have heard about it from other long time members of WA like myself about the Black Friday Yearly Premium Sale. Every year at this time Wealthy Affiliate offers a sale price on their yearly Premium membership.THE COST COMPARISONNormally it costs $359.00 USD per year, which saves you a WHOPPING $229.00 per year when paying the $49.00 USD per month for 12 months.But if you should take the Black Friday Sale like I did back in 2013, your yearly membership fee will be only $299.00 USD per year. T
November 08, 2017
Though there are multiple legit ways to earn income on the internet, the best way to make money online at home is to help people find what they are searching for. Billions of people go up onto Google and the other search engines to find answers to their questions. You can tap into this and make money from these people. How?BECOME AN AFFILIATE MARKETER Affiliate marketing is by far the easiest and least expensive way I have found for generating substantial revenue on the internet. Sure there ar
November 02, 2017
If you have been paying attention lately here on WA, website speed is extremely important for a better User Experience, UX. It is well known that when you have a better UX, you are improving your website SEO and thus giving a boost to your rankings.A PROBLEM YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT One of the biggest problems for website speed is having too many images on your website, whether they are optimized or not. But you can do something about that, and I am not talking about optimization. I am talki
October 14, 2017
We members here at Wealthy Affiliate, WA, see various types of success stories being posted here within the community on an almost daily basis. Just recently both Loes and Tony Hamilton posted their versions of success blogs about getting referrals.I thought I would join the bandwagon. Here is proof success can be achieved at Wealthy Affiliate by just taking the training and acting on what you learn.SUCCESS COMES IN DIFFERENT WAYS Every person can rightfully so have their own definition of wha
October 07, 2017
Do you have a WordPress test website and if no, why not? Did you know that making certain changes to your live website could cause unforeseen problems?WHY I USE A WORDPRESS TEST WEBSITEThough I have already done a training tutorial on the benefits of having such a website, see link below, I decided to write this blog as a reminder or a call to action for my most recent followers who may have not seen that training. Creating a test website is easy and can be done with one of your 25 free Site Ru
October 03, 2017
A few days ago I posted a blog here on WA that was a 10 multiple choice question quiz. The questions were a bit more challenging than my first quiz of a few months ago. In that quiz, 2 members got all 10 correct.However in this Part 2 quiz, no one scored a perfect 100, but two members came close with 8 out of 10 correct answers. The results are below and the correct answers just below the results.If you have any questions about the correct answers, please leave them in the comments so I can res
October 01, 2017
Back in July I created a fun 10 multiple choice question test to see how much every member knew about the workings of the WA community and training platform. If you have not seen and taken that test you can view the questions at the link below.The WA Ambassador Quiz PART 1The questions in that test were generally easy because they were more about WA itself. The following questions of this test will be a bit more challenging, dealing more so on website and content development, with a couple of g
September 16, 2017
Mini rant here people.I understand that we want to be a helping community but how is that possible if you do not understand the question?Now granted, many times a member will not be clear in their question, making it difficult to give an answer. But when the question is CLEAR, how can everyone read it wrong?Take a look at a question just posted by Vijay. He clearly asks for website names. Now read the comments below mine. you want to help your fellow WA member
September 09, 2017
In light of the many different hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes and other natural disasters happening all over the world, I would like to discuss a surefire way in how to hurricane and earthquake proof your business. By doing this you will not have to worry about your earnings being effected.THIS WORKS FOR THOSE WITH AND WITHOUT A BUSINESS OF THEIR OWN Start your own online business, if you do not have your own business, and build a website version of a brick and mortar business you may alrea