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Have you ever done a search for a keyword in Jaaxy or some other keyword research tool, looked at the results of the competition or QSR, and then went to Google to verify the results? Did you get the shock of your life? They are different! Who do I believe now?DO NOT BELIEVE GOOGLEHave you lost your mind Robert? You want me to believe that Google is not telling the truth when it comes to keyword results? YES! That is exactly what I am saying and there is a really good and logical reason why the
FEAR IS A GREAT WAY TO CONTROL PEOPLE, BUT KNOWLEDGE SETS YOU FREE.I recently wrote another blog about this current pandemic and why you should not be so afraid of it. In that post I explained why people tend to get sick more often in the colder months of Fall and Winter. I then went on to explain what my doctor has recommended for ME to do.Just like that post it is my intention of this post to not scare you but rather inform you and give you some food for thought. Seeing how vitamin D has been
With the Coronavirus spreading far and wide, so is the hysteria and the fear as people are becoming worried that they may get or have the virus known as COVID-19. The purpose of this post is not to further frighten you but to give you hope and facts as to why COVID-19 should not scare you.THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE RECOVERWe are currently in a very infectious colds and flu season. If you are sick with one of those does not mean you have COVID-19. There are similarities between all the viruses. Some
Did you ever play with Legos when you were a kid? Those Lego interconnecting bricks have changed quite drastically in style over the years. Now the Lego brand appeals to not just kids but every age group up to senior citizens. In this post I am going to explain how to make money with Legos.WHAT IS A NICHE TARGET MARKETSimply put a niche target market is a demographic or specific group of possible customers who would be interested in the products you are marketing. This form of strategic marketi
A question I have heard many times here within Wealthy Affiliate, mainly by those members who are trying to rank high in Google is, can you really outrank the big companies on Google? The answer is a big fat YES! Let me show you an example of this.THE BASEBALL NICHEThe make money online niche is very popular. Many Wealthy Affiliate member websites are ranked on the first page of Google for that specific niche, as seen in my cover photo above. What about a niche totally unrelated to MMO? Can you
Many here at Wealthy Affiliate know of the incentive that Kyle & Carson offer, for us to get 300 "Premium" Referrals within a calendar year from January 1st to December 31st, and if successful they will fly you out to Las Vegas, NV. This offer is open to all members, not just Ambassadors. Have any of you ever been to Las Vegas?I HAVE AND I WILL AGAINFirst off you do not need to like gambling to want to go and visit Las Vegas. It has many other things to offer like live entertainment, stage
Welcome 2020! Every new year many people make a resolutions list like losing weight, stop smoking, get married, travel to, be better at, and more. How about a change in direction that can help you to finally quit your job and put you in the drivers seat of your finances?BECOME FINANCIALLY STABLETruthfully there are many ways to become financially stable, but you should choose the path that is not only the best way but also the least expensive. Does such a way exist? It certainly does. But do no
What does that picture above remind you of. The love of my life, in her always playful and sometimes sarcastic humor, posed for this picture to copy me. Though she looks much better than I do, it is a look, a pose, that has personified the one called Boomergp08.WHAT DOES CHRISTMAS MEAN?Back when I was little and even when I was in my 20s and 30s, Christmas was a time of spending money on gifts, wrapping paper, ribbons and bows all over the house on Christmas Eve, and getting ready for the big d
It is often said that Wealthy Affiliate has a very helpful community when it comes to the guidance and support for every member who wants to start a work from home online business. There is a "Pay it Forward" mentality encouraged here and we can all chip in when and where we can. I give back in many ways in the 6+ years I have been here and here I go again.WHO WANTS WA CREDITS?Wealthy Affiliate has an internal credits system that allows its members to use certain WA platforms like Site Comments
Have you ever played a video game so long that a full day had passed by? I know that has happened to me several times. Have you ever asked, can I make money playing video games? If you are an avid or casual player the answer is yes. I will explain how in this post.For those interested in choosing Video Games as the niche for your website business or if you know someone who is considering this as a niche, the information I share in this blog post will help. Anyone can earn money in this niche. P