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It almost feels like an eternity since I was last active on here. My WA Rank is certainly a reminder of that. LOLI went from my highest rank of 3 (Ambassador) just under Kyle and Carson, to just above 25 and then gladly left the top 25.Gladly? Yes. The responsibility of being so helpful and active within the community, was putting a monkey wrench in my earnings.I needed to focus on making money with affiliate marketing strategies online and stop being so active here. Make that money!MISSING IN
Are you getting tired of working for someone else? If you take advantage of this Black Friday to Cyber Monday 2021 Sales Event, you could be your own boss within a year. How? Read on.THE WAY WE BUY HAS CHANGED FOREVERBack in 2019, the world was gripped by a global pandemic. Countries were shutdown, business and the economies came to a halt and many people lost their jobs and way of life.However, millions of people were still able to make money and in many cases they made even more money. I'm no
Hey Y'All, it's me Robert. I haven't left WA. Just busy making money. That's what I want to discuss today, Money Making Ideas From Home. The majority of people who join Wealthy Affiliate, WA, are looking to make money from the comfort of their home online.WA OFFERS MANY POSSIBILITIESThough the core focus of the easy step-by-step training here at WA is learning the proper way to start an online affiliate marketing business, there are other hidden gems to the training. I like thinking outside the
Now that it is 2021 and the entire world is still in the grasp of a partial economic shutdown, now is the perfect time for creating another source of income. Even though the in-store retail market was already shrinking, this global pandemic has accelerated that decline. But there is hope.WHAT IS AFFILIATE MARKETING ONLINE?Affiliate marketing is a process where you become a partner or an affiliate with another person or company that sells products or services online. You promote or recommend the
Though this blog post has nothing to do with any type of mind-altering drugs, it does explain how to make money by getting high. What kind of high? That picture above gives you a clue into what kind of high I am talking about. I mentioned this as one of two newly popular money making niches back in 2016 in my tutorial at the link below.Start Your Own Business by Thinking Outside of the BoxOf these two niches, one of them - Hemp - has become absolutely HUGE in its scope of application beyond jus
Kyle announced many changes for the Wealthy Affiliate platform that I find fascinating and needed as WA evolves to keep pace with technological advances in online performance and the affiliate marketing industry.Yes there will be glitches at roll out, but my confidence as a 7+ year member is knowing those glitches will be fixed in short order. These guys, Kyle & Carson as well as all those behind the scenes will get it right, so be patient.DO YOU NEED PREMIUM PLUS?Not everyone will need or
Are you a newbie to WA and/or someone who struggles with the use of keywords in your content? Are you asking the question, how do I use a keyword? The answer is simple when you look at the entire picture and not over-think the process.REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE WRITING FORThe reason for this short post and link to answers, is in response to keyword questions I have seen lately from several new WA members. Let me say this right now. The content you write should seek to get attention from the human rea
The world as we know it has changed since the start of 2020. The emergence of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the disease known as Coronavirus Disease 2019 or COVID-19, has made an already established niche market far more in demand by practically everyone.NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTIONA few years ago I began to miss the day to day human in-person interaction that you do not get from being a work at home online marketer. Even though I wasn't going to give up affiliate marketing and maki
A lot has changed for me in the past seven years after I became a member of Wealthy Affiliate, that I never imagined would happen. Back in August 2013 when I joined, my goals were far different than where I have ended up. Is Wealthy Affiliate a legitimate opportunity? You bet it is!MY JOURNEY IS DIFFERENT YET THE SAMEEveryone’s journey to achieving success will be different in various ways. In fact many people will have different definitions on what it means to achieve success. Some will
In this current age of the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic, the ways we all used to earn a living are either drying up, gone for good or have radically changed. However, there is a solution that can help us to change the course and journey of our future. We just need the courage to make that change and stay the course once that change has been made.There are so many people who strive to start their own business because they are sick and tired of working for someone else or they are in need of a job