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September 16, 2017
Mini rant here people.I understand that we want to be a helping community but how is that possible if you do not understand the question?Now granted, many times a member will not be clear in their question, making it difficult to give an answer. But when the question is CLEAR, how can everyone read it wrong?Take a look at a question just posted by Vijay. He clearly asks for website names. Now read the comments below mine. you want to help your fellow WA member
September 09, 2017
In light of the many different hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes and other natural disasters happening all over the world, I would like to discuss a surefire way in how to hurricane and earthquake proof your business. By doing this you will not have to worry about your earnings being effected.THIS WORKS FOR THOSE WITH AND WITHOUT A BUSINESS OF THEIR OWN Start your own online business, if you do not have your own business, and build a website version of a brick and mortar business you may alrea
September 03, 2017
I am sure there are many of us here at Wealthy Affiliate who would like to go to Las Vegas as part of the WA Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference. All you have to do is sign up 300 premium referrals within a calendar year OR only 100 premium referrals between September 1st and December 31st.LAS VEGAS IS MY FAVORITE DESTINATION Why do I like going to Las Vegas? It certainly is not because of the gambling, I am not much of a gambler and if I were I could just drive 2 and a half hours south of wh
August 20, 2017
As I often do, I like to take something popular and see if there is an affiliate program associated with it. This post will show you how to find a niche from the Total Solar Eclipse 2017 event.THERE IS A SOLAR ECLIPSE AFFILIATE PROGRAM?Well not exactly, but there are niche related affiliate programs available when you start to break down a niche. Sometimes you can take a natural phenomena and find products used to monitor these that will have affiliate programs.Natural phenomenas is a niche ma
August 15, 2017
It is August 2017, four years later after joining and I am still very happy to be a member of Wealthy Affiliate, also known as WA. As I have stated before, I came to WA to learn how to build my own website so that I could start an ecommerce business and break away from eBay.What I learned from the training here changed my financial future for the better in a way I never imagined. I learned about a new way to make money online called affiliate marketing, a type of marketing that does not require
August 07, 2017
Though having your own website will greatly increase your chances of making even more money in your niche, I will explain how to make money in affiliate marketing without a website.THE ADVANTAGES OF A WEBSITE When you have your own affiliate marketing website you have the opportunity to reach billions of people all over the world. You also have the ability to make money without you being active on the internet at the time the sale is made. Basically with a website you can make money while you
July 29, 2017
Hello WA!A few days ago I posted a blog here on WA that was an easy 10 multiple choice question quiz. The questions were fairly easy, I thought, on some of the basics of the WA platform. I will be doing one or two more with a bit harder questions dealing more with the training and building websites.RESULTSOf the 33 members who replied...3 members didn't even leave their answers, just a comment6 members scored 50 and below22 members scored 60 to 90 points2 members scored a perfect 100 pointsWHO
July 25, 2017
Though many members here at WA strive to become WA Ambassadors, it should be obvious that the ambassadors would know much about the WA platform. Though currently we rise up in the ranking through an algorithm of being active and helpful within the community, it would be logical that we could answer correctly some basic question about WA, beyond that of the technical aspects of building a website.Below are 10 simple multiple choice questions that any member of WA who has been here for several mo
July 17, 2017
How would you feel if you were to update a plugin or theme and then you lost all of your website content? I bet you would feel like crap, finding out months of your hard work is all gone because you decided to update or install a plugin or theme. If this should happen to you, are you prepared?DO YOU BACKUP WEEKLY?Even though WA backs up all of our websites on a daily basis it is still important that we take it upon ourselves to backup our website content. Now there are two ways you can do this,
July 16, 2017
As a result of my most recent blog where I asked the community which domain names they liked from a list I had come up with, I now have purchased and secured 4 domain names for my next niche affiliate websites. As you may already know from my past blogs I have chosen the CBD Hemp Oil niche because it is a new and rapidly growing niche market.With all of the clinical tests and studies proving the wide range of medical benefits, popular athletes endorsing it for the management of chronic pain, an