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July 15, 2018
OK, so I didn't really have dinner with the company of Google but I did have dinner with a Senior Google Programmer. He is a former co-worker of mine way back in the 1990s when we were both employees of Imagineering, Inc and Absolute Entertainment, Inc. My friend David, we got off to a slow start as co-workers and I will explain why in a bit.DID WE TALK ABOUT SEO?I didn't want to talk business for our first meeting in more than 20 years, but it did eventually come to that. So what kind of SEO r
July 11, 2018
Here I go again. Another post about selecting a niche. But I believe it is a topic that too many members overthink and thus have a tough time making a selection. I guess many people hear and read the word "Niche" and think it is this obscure thing because they still cannot grasp the simple meaning of the word.LOOK AT YOUR PROFILE DESCRIPTIONSometimes when I see a member having problems finding a niche, I will look at their WA profile for possible niches. There are many members who actually list
July 01, 2018
For the majority of Wealthy Affiliate (WA) members like myself, who have been here for a few years now, the answer to the question above in the title is fairly obvious. Yes, being a member of WA will give you your best chance at success, because everything you need is right here.DO THIS AND FAILHowever there is one thing that can and will bring about your failure, if you let it manifest in your day to day business building routine. Unfortunately many people who are looking for a new way to make
June 24, 2018
Thousands of people all over the world were claiming that MOBE, My Online Business Education, was a scam. I even joined MOBE to investigate it on a tip from an acquaintance that it might be a scam. What I found was very misleading, making my scam radar switch on.THE FTC GOES UNDERCOVER Following years of more than 1,000 complaints, the FTC sent one of its own to become a member of MOBE. This undercover investigator discovered many of the scam claims that I and thousands of others have made were
June 16, 2018
The majority of us that join Wealthy Affiliate do so to learn the proper way to build and operate a successfully profitable Internet business. Then there are members like myself who have been here for multiple years, growing a few different niche websites.WHY GROW YOUR EMPIRE HERE AT WAOne of the common problems many newbie members have is choosing which niche they plan on doing first. I had this problem when I started but the choice was easy for me. I decided to do my least favorite niche fir
June 03, 2018
As many of you here in the Wealthy Affiliate online affiliate marketing training community already know, I do not have a problem finding niche ideas. I have created many tutorials on this subject alone, see links at the end of this post. But in this post, I want to focus on the Military Affiliate Program niche market.YES, THE MILITARY IS A NICHE When many go to choose a niche, they sometimes draw a blank in terms of finding a niche they can promote. You just have to understand that a niche can
May 05, 2018
Many times I will see members here at WA claim that they are afraid of using Social Media for the marketing purposes of their websites. Why would you be afraid? It is necessary for your success. If it weren't there wouldn't be an entire course devoted to it.HERE'S WHY YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FEARYou are engaging in social media everyday you are engaging within WA. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is another form of social media. If you have no problems posting and sharing links here, commenting on them and l
April 25, 2018
Being able to earn a living on the internet is nothing new. Neither are the dreams of working whenever and wherever you like. And though this is very much possible, too many people fall for opportunities that sound great, easy, promising, simple or all of the above.So for those of you who are still on the outside looking in, you may have heard of Affiliate Marketing. The concept is simple and there is no buying or selling involved. There is also no feeling of rejection by potential customers. S
April 15, 2018
Writers block is something we all experience from time to time. However, have you ever had problems coming up with a good target keyword for your website post? You might draw a blank or just cannot find a good enough keyword. What should you do next?WRITE YOUR CONTENT WITHOUT ONEThough keywords are important for the rankings of your content, you do not always need to use them to get highly ranked on Google. I realized that may sound backwards to the training you have received here, but it is tr
April 08, 2018
I am sure there are many of you here at WA that have jumped on the cryptocurrency bandwagon. I personally have not and do not intend to. But as I sit back and read all of the pros and cons, I am starting to see many signs of a shiny object syndrome appearing.Another thing I have noticed is how similar certain things are to the whole Multi-Level Marketing, MLM, culture surrounding people in this new form of investment. And though there will be people who will swear that crypto is more than an in