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A really huge milestone & breakthrough once again...I got 900 WA Free Starter Referrals in a WEEK!!I was really shocked as well.I was contacted by an YouTuber (Yale Chen) on Instagram whom I have been following for a while. His channel is mainly about personal growth, building passive income and stocks/investing.Since I'm also somewhat active on Instagram sharing my Affiliate Marketing progress, we had exchanged messages a few times in the past.This time round his subscriber requested to le
Yea, you heard that right! I just made $7,395 in a WEEK because of the crazy Black Friday Sale!And this hasn't include all the other recurring commissions. This $7.3K is solely from Black Friday sales.I had a total of 59 Black Friday sales over the past week.I was really surprised by this result because this is my first year promoting Wealthy Affiliate's Black Friday Offer.Around this time last year, I just completed my 2-year full-time national service and didn't have a single source of passiv
November 27, 2018
Most of you should have seen the countdown timer for Black Friday already. It's now been extended for another 3 days.If you haven't grab your Black Friday Deal, this will be your LAST CHANCE to get everything WA has to offer at just $0.82/Day!Hundreds of hours of Step-by-Step trainingSecure web hostingWebsite builderKeyword research toolWeekly Live Training24/7 Support, etc.Follow the countdown timer you see in your account. That will be the time remaining.Black Friday is the ONLY time when Wea
Imagine getting access to every single benefit of Wealthy Affiliate's platform without paying anything for the entire year...As you know, holiday and promotion season is here. If you're in the US, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!Shortly after that, there's Black Friday, Cyber Monday and then followed by Christmas...Wealthy Affiliate is having a Black Friday Offer from 23rd Nov 2018 (Friday) to 26 Nov 2018 (Monday).The best thing about WA's Black Friday is that you can subscribe to WA's Premium Yearly Member
Just had a quick thought that I want to share with you.Right now, we're starting to receive an increasing number of promotional Emails regarding all sorts of Black Friday Offer, right?My question to you is...What's your reaction when you get all these Emails?Ignore them? Check out their latest deal?Here's what I think you should do...Many people are constantly complaining that they suck at writing or they don't know how to do Email marketing, what to write in Emails, etc...Instead of whining ab
Black Friday is coming in less than a week's time.I realized Kyle didn't provide us with a banner for the sidebar so I've just created one on my own.Feel free to use it directly if you want. Just download it to your computer and upload it to your website. It may look a bit blurry here because the image size is 330x600px. When you put it in your sidebar, it should be fine.P.S. Someone asked a good question - Is it really 50% off?Normally we pay $49/month, which adds up to $588/year.Black Friday
People ask me all the time...Jerry, how long does it take to make money?💰 Why am I not getting any traffic & sales?😫Or even worse, I've seen many people saying things like...I'm all in. I'll do whatever it takes to make it happen. BUT I really need to see some sales coming in by the end of the first month.I'll put in more time and effort until I see some results and sales.Can I start making money in the first month? Because I need to pay my bills...If you're asking any of th
Yo my fellow WA friends🤘The long-awaited course - Hiring Writer Like a PRO Even If You've Never Hired Before, is NOW LIVE🔥🔥If you:Don't like writingSuck at writingDon't have time to writeOr simply want to scale your businessHead over to this course now:👉Hiring Writer Like a PRO Even If You've Never Hired Before👈If you don't have much time right now, click on the link above and bookmark it for now:Let's Go!I'll see you there😊
**Update**This course is now LIVE!Check it out:👉Hiring Writer Like a PRO Even If You've Never Hired Before👈This is just a quick update that my course - Hiring Writer Like a PRO Even If You've Never Hired Before, is almost ready to go LIVE!So, look out for your Email notification with that title.I'll talk to you in a bit 😊Cheers,Jerry
Another month has just passed by and we're approaching the end of 2018!😊Here's my October report...Take note! To be successful, focus on the lessons and learning points that other people shared. Not just being jealous at other people's results but never put into any real actions for yourself!October ReportI had another record breaking month in October despite my website got hit severely by Google's algorithm update in late September and early October😢I'll share more about that i