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Hey fellow WA friends,Today I want to share with you something really really basic yet powerful. But it's often neglected or underestimated by many people.And this applies to literally EVERYTHING you do, not just your website, your affiliate marketing business...So I often get a lot of messages from people asking me about this, about that...First of all, I want to say that I am willing and happy to help if you have any questions.But there are just too many people asking questions that can be VE
I left one more sale on my airplane countdown when I went to bed last night.This morning I woke up and checked my Email..."Congratulations! A New WA Commission!"And I logged in to WA...I'm already looking forward to my second WA Vegas Trip.Anyways, I've somewhat automated my WA business. I haven't written any posts this year apart from my Vegas trip. But I have my writer writing 5 posts per week for me.My main focus right now is my Chinese Affiliate Marketing course which I made $100K during my
Last week, I Pre-Launched my Mandarin Affiliate Marketing Course and I made over $40K in 4 hours time.You can see my blog here: week has passed and my Pre-Launch Offer has just ended.To be honest, there's no word that can describe how happy and excited I am.I worked hard for months. And all the hard work just paid off HUGE.Over the past week, I made over $100K with 500+ active students...(Stats in the screenshot doesn't include
Hey guys,I just had the craziest night of my life so far. I made over $40K in 4 Hours...So here's what happened...These sales didn't come from affiliate marketing directly. But it's because of everything I learnt here in Wealthy Affiliate that enabled me to achieve this.I joined Wealthy Affiliate since May 2016 and I made it to Vegas 2019.Since Dec 2018, I started working on creating a Mandarin Affiliate Marketing Course because there are many Mandarin speaking audience asking me to teach them.
I could still vividly remember when I was sitting in front of my old ASUS laptop 2 years ago reading other Super Affiliates' Vegas posts, admiring how they enjoyed their well-deserved FREE Vegas Trip.Most importantly, I was really jealous that they could take a photo with these 2 great men like this👆Aftering visualizing, working hard and waiting for 2 years, I made it. Finally, it's my turn to take this long-awaited photo with Kyle & Carson. Like I've told them, it's really a dream
January 26, 2019
Hey Guys!I’m waiting to board my flight to Vegas while typing this post on my phone. This is really a dream come true as I’ve been waiting for this moment for over 2 years. I’ll be transiting in SFO. It’s a long flight from Taiwan to Vegas. Will update you guys more along the trip :)
January 06, 2019
This is awesome. I joined WA in May 2016. After 2 years and 8 months, I just reached 10K followers here in WA.Thank you for all of you following and supporting me. I really hope my contents have been valuable and helpful to you.However, I have to say sorry that I won't be able to reply back to all the comments I get on my posts here in WA because I don't have the time for that. (Read this post if you want to know why.)But I'll still skim through all the comments and reply if you need help or yo
Hey my fellow WA friends!First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR :)Today, I just want to share that 2018 was the BEST YEAR of my life so far. Through my own hard work, patience and consistency, I managed to achieve a lot of things.So I've filmed a video sharing my 3 KEYS TO SUCCESS:Here's the link for you to check out the video:2018 BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE 改變我一生的一年As always, I try to offer as much value as I can, same for this video. So I hope you can l
My fellow WA friends & referrals!Some of you may have noticed that I'm not very responsive recently and it took me a few days to reply your message.Just want to let you know that I'm still here, not going anywhere, still care about everyone of you.I always try to reply all my messages everyday but there are a few reasons why I'm not so responsive recently:I'm getting a ton of referrals, which means lots of new messages, questions, notifications...I'm settling down in Taiwan with my girlfrie
A really huge milestone & breakthrough once again...I got 900 WA Free Starter Referrals in a WEEK!!I was really shocked as well.I was contacted by an YouTuber (Yale Chen) on Instagram whom I have been following for a while. His channel is mainly about personal growth, building passive income and stocks/investing.Since I'm also somewhat active on Instagram sharing my Affiliate Marketing progress, we had exchanged messages a few times in the past.This time round his subscriber requested to le