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Hey folks, so one of the most common issues I see people having is niche selection, whether it be understanding them, selecting them, or being 100% confident in their choice.As someone who personally struggled with that in the beginning, I totally know how it feels and I can also tell you that a good niche choice on your part is reflective of your success, meaning:The better your niche choice, the better your odds of success.Keeping this in mind, one of the things I did behind the scenes for th
The chaos of 2020 has hit pretty much everyone, and specifically with regards to you and your time here in WA, you may have the following thoughts right now:1) You may be new to WA and just getting started, but the whole 2020 year has flipped everything on it's head so much that you're wondering if it's worth carrying on.2) You may already have started a website in WA and the times we are experiencing are making you doubt the future of your business, and even making you want to quit.3) You may
Too often, people who get involved with this business, in or outside of Wealthy Affiliate make the mistake of trying to take the short cuts, the easy route, the cheap ways of building their business, where they do things like create low quality content, copying it, or for a lack of a better metaphor, slapping some dirt on a site, expecting it to turn into gold.If you are making any of these mistakes, while saying to yourself that you're "doing the WA training", then you are lying to yourself. Y
Hi everyone, with all the craziness of 2020 looming over our heads, I was really surprised when WA announced an extension to their black friday offer which many of you may or may not know wasn't really supposed to happen.I wanted to share my 2 cents about this offer, but also throw in something that I know will help everyone who reads this post really get the most out of it, WA in general and their success. But I just quickly want to review what happened before I do that:After the Black Friday
Hey guys, so I'm doing research on a new site I'm running and it deals with affiliate marketing. One thing I am exploring is what the most common questions are from people who hear about, get involved in it and so on for the purposes of research.If you could do me a favor and post your top 3-5 questions you have about affiliate marketing, I would truly appreciate it! Please label them in order so I can see which are which.I'll also happily answer as many questions as I can in response to this s
Hi folks, the SEO tip I want to share with you today comes from Jay (Magistudios). The tip is simple:Update your old content that isn't ranking high and change the date of it to the present. This will help improve rankings for that particular page and help the site grow overall.Let me explain how this works:I have a website with 100's of articles (Seriously) and some of my content is YEARS old. I have found that old content like this doesn't really get ranked high in Google, especially when oth
Folks, I did write about this before, but it's been happening more frequently as of late...There's an increasing pattern of people trying to "game" site comments in that they submit really poor/cheap quality ones in order to get it approved, get credits and get paid. Such things include:Writing extremely general, short comments that show you didn't read my article.Writing things like "nice review" when I don't actually review anything (read it...).Copying parts of MY content and pasting it as p
Hi folks, in 2018, my online business took a huge nose dive because in 2017, I had worked very little on it, due to private reasons.In any case, the panic button was pressed and I wondered if this nose dive would be permanent. After my fourth Vegas trip, I had to re-contemplate a lot of my thoughts on online business and get my ass to work.One of the initial goals I set was to hit 1,000 posts before the end of 2018. I had even posted several blog posts in WA talking about myself reaching these
November 14, 2018
Hiyo. To anyone who was following my question that I posted here (and asked for an update): filed a counter, and won, because the person didn't contest it. So the post that was taken down is back up woo. Cheers allVitaliy
Hi WA community, so lately I've been seeing and getting messages from people who are freaking out about their traffic dying out for some strange reason.They are doing the WA training, they are supposedly doing it right, and yet this is happening, what's going on? Well here's what you need to know:Most niches sites see a loss in traffic due to the holiday season coming up this time of year and it happens across the board for MANY sites, especially bootcamp sites which promote WA, it's just norma