The Way We Approach Helping Others is Critical (UX Update)

Last Update: April 19, 2018

A few weeks back we discussed the new navigational elements of the new UI/UX that is soon coming to WA. However, we left out one of the menu items intentionally because it is such a critical element here within WA. Help.

Where do you get help? How do you get it? And where do you find particular "types" of help based on your specific questions?

Also, what if you want private coaching or help directly from your referral? What if you want to see who the most active "helpers" are here that could potentially be qualified to help you out. We have addressed all of these issues, and more within the new UX design.

Where the Heck Do I Get Support?

Although there are many mediums in which you can leverage to get support here in WA, there is still a certain level of confusion of where to go.

Specific Questions. Specific Help. How to contact specific people. It is currently scattered throughout Wealthy Affiliate now, but moving forward we are going to be providing a much more streamlined process for getting all types of help.

Within the new UX (coming out in a few short weeks), there is a new centralized menu where you will go to get all of your help, of all types. It is called the "Help Center" and is directly within the main menu. Here is a screenshot below showcasing what happens when you click on the menu.

As you can see, there are many facets to this new menu. Not only is it going to offer clarity on the specific types of help and where to go to get it, you are going to have access to coaches and the top helpers within WA directly from this menu.

Say I want help with PPC, I should be able to efficiently fire up a question, ask it, and it should connect with the appropriate people. Within our new UX, you are going to be able to do this.

As time goes on, this platform will become smarter, more advanced, and more efficient in terms of response time. We understand how long even a few hours can feel like when you answer or question and or goal is to get ALL questions answered within minutes.

On any given day there are 10,000's of people within WA actively engaging, helping others, asking for help. Many of whom have a lot of expertise, many of whom are learning from others. Some members in the middle, asking for help and offering advice where they can.

This is great and this learn and pay it forward environment is what we stand for here at WA and is true to our ethos. :)

So let's get to the new "Help Center" within WA.

Different Types of Help

First off, there are different types of help that need to be offered in certain scenarios. We have broken down the Help categories into FOUR different topics (as shown below).

Help CenterSite Support. This is where you are going to get any hosting related and technical support related to your websites. Currently this is buried within the SiteRubix menu and is difficult to find, now it is going to be readily available and in a much more intuitive location.

Ask a Question. If you want to ask the entire community a question and get focused responses, this is where you will be doing this. There is a very effective way to get help in respect to any topic relating to your business.

Live Chat. If you are in the middle of trying to accomplish something and are feeling stuck, Live Help is the place to do this. It is very efficient and at any given moment throughout the day there will be someone with experience in your given area that will be happy to help.

Private Message. As a Premium member, you can communicate and get help from fellow members. I personally am helping others throughout the day through PM, and I know many others are as well. It is an excellent way to communicate for more "private" type questions relating to campaigns, etc.As you can see, these are all streamlined in one location now. Within the current UX, you had to go to FOUR completely different locations to access these types of support, so this is now very much streamlined in within a well appointed "Help Center" Menu.

There are several other aspects within this new menu as well though, some of which are going to evolve into exciting new directions as we move through 2018!

Premium Coaches.

Direct help is available, but most people are unaware of it. We are introducing a new "Premium Coaches" section within the new UX.

Most of us come into WA through referrals, these are your natural coaches and they are typically there to help you out. But there are many others within the community, including myself and Kyle that will be more than will to help you out when you are stuck.

Of course, there are many other ways to get community help before you take this step, but this is just one more amazing option to get expert help from one of your fellow members.

This is also a platform that you will see evolve drastically in the coming year ahead. We have some exciting updates that will be taking place within this platform. There are many people with many expertises here at WA. There are many people, that are looking for mentoring/coaching in many areas. We are going to be working to align these two as time goes on. That is all we will reveal about the evolution of this platform at this point, but exciting stuff is coming.

For affiliates this is going to be an incredible tool for conversions as newcomers are going to feel a great deal of support (and you will be able to create "trust" efficiently) as you will automatically become someones coach when you refer them to WA.

Top Helpers Today

The top helper section will offer you insight into who is currently the most active helpers within the community. As a Premium member, it will also be an entrance to get help if you need it.

Top Helpers TodayAs an active helper, there is going to be benefits to this moving forward, including compensation for Ambassadors based on their help within the community. So making the "Top Helpers" is going to become incredibly valuable and will also lead to potential credit disbursements (outside of status/authority) here within the community.

We Are TRULY a Pay it Forward Community

One thing that is unique about WA is the fact that we, as a community, care about one another. This is unique and except the odd kerfuffle, it's the most helpful and community focussed platform on the web for online business.

But this has to start with us and the way WE approach support. 12 years on Kyle and I have NOT removed ourselves from the community, nor do we have plans to. We get asked about this all the time. Why are the owners spending time to interact with someone that is a Starter member?

Well, because we care.

It may be a little crazy, but WA was built off of these ethics and core principles and we have no plans on deviating from this. We are focused on YOU, getting you more help, better help and of course constantly evolving the platform here to make your "business building" experience online much better (and more efficient).

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keishalina9 Premium
Wonderful place to be here -- amazing platform! ... and thank you for developing all this for everyone's benefit ...

Currently, feel pretty much same as Paula (Whatnots) -- i came in via you/Kyle and i guess that makes you my Premium Coaches or 'go-to person' when i have questions ... however, i realize that you both have so many, many responsibilities on your time & efforts through-out each day, it would be so helpful for me to have an alternate(s) as 'go-to person' ...

...the biggest challenge has been getting through WordPress so far ... and it would be so helpful to have someone to talk with about it ... short of finding a workshop that is ... love the blogging/writing part -- it's the detailed tech. that's just isn't quite my cuppa tea! ...

Thanks kindly for everything ... you are very much appreciated .. ... all the best to you for continued success ... cheerio ... 😊
Whatknots Premium
Keisha - my sentiments exactly. It is the wordpress side of things that does my head in and then I start to procrastinate by reading peoples posts, training, answering questions etc. It s great that it puts my WA ranking up but doesnt help my website. LOL
keishalina9 Premium
well - let's persevere onward regardless ... knowing myself well, i need to partner / work with someone who is much more detail-oriented than i prefer ... although did work in high-analytics at one time and did very well--that's just through sheer diligence/competence ... not necessarily love of ... so now, i just want to do what i love vs anything else! ...

need a WordPress love expert here to help walk through or jump those hurdles with it! ... coming onto WA -- first exposure to WordPress so wa-ayy too much learning .... some say see it as a blank sheet -- frankly dealing with a blank sheet & pen would be much simpler!

thanks kindly for commiserating with me ... keep well & leave a note from time-to-time to say hi ... cheerio... 😊
Whatknots Premium
Hi. this is great information. I do have a question though - If the person who referred me to WA is no longer active.... Is there a way I can find someone who could act as a referer - currently i just ask questions from anyone who answers? However, it would be great to have one knowledgeable person who I connect with.

So what Im trying to say is... Could there be a place on WA where people are listed and who are prepared to help newbies with no referers as I dont like bothering people randomly.
LauraFuller Premium
I would be happy to be that person for you. I can't say I know everything or even a lot. But I can help you find the answers and mentor you if you would like.

Or maybe I should say we can work side by side because I am only 3-4 months in myself. But regardless I am happy to help any time you need it.

I don't think there is a place for you to find a mentor if your person is no longer active.

Whatknots Premium
Thank you Laura. It is great to know this community is full of helpers like you. Keep in touch and if I can help you in any way - I will also.
MasumBMusa Premium
Please help my referral hi was in problem from after upgrading his account as a premium member. his affiliate link is not completed. Already 10 days over but he did not able to refer anyone with his referral link. i sent lots of text to you and kyle please help him or refund his money to create a new account. Please have a look on this photo
HeidiY Premium
Did you put in a request to tech support? No one here will be able to fix this for your friend.
Marcus2020 Premium
The changes that are coming and the changes that just came were/ are all absolutely needed but they are very handy. I myself after have finished the whole program will try to speed my business results and for this tutoring or a personalized support might be in my plans.Thanks for yours and Kyle WA Community concern and approach.
Thank you
Starbound Premium
Hi Carson,

This new intervention is sooo need.

I signed onto WA a year ago. As someone new to online marketing business, technology challenged & an insecure writer, I found the magnitude & layout of this platform overwhelming. Navigation was impossible. Answers to a situation or question, is only possible if I know the right question & who to ask. I didn't know the right question to ask, let alone the correct mentor to seek. Frustrated, I walked away after 5 months.

Returning this year I feel more encouraged. This is a wonderful & very supportive community. The potential for anyone's success within WA is unlimited. Success is dependent on a member's will & efforts to win.

Thank you, Carson.
alan47 Premium
So grateful for this update as I still hesitate as to which medium, I should seek help/guidance when I get stuck, however, so far, and despite this \I still never cease to be encouraged and uplifted when one of your team does answer and solve the problem so that I can move on to next stage. Thanks once again.
mlevendusky Premium
Hello Carson,
Thanks for sharing the update with us. It looks like it is going to be easier to use. That will definitely be great for us. I always try to help when I can even though I am still going through the training on my first website. It will be interesting to see how the whole UX is going to look.
Pernilla Premium
Carson thank you for introducing these amazing improvements.

I'm very much looking forward to the new help center. It will surely be of a great advantage for the WA newcomers, but also for everyone else here at WA looking for an answer/solution for a certain issue.

It's wonderful to have you and Kyle among us. It makes WA even more special to have you - the founders - within reach. It makes WA so much more "human" and personal. I feel honored to be acknowledged by the founders - a huge motivation boost!!

marycmiller Premium
Not sure what UX is but I am happy about the new help centre. Everyone is great to help, something I love about the community. I also want to help others, though I still feel so green. One thing I find when I ask a question is everyone wants to do there best at helping me, but it is from different levels of understanding the problem because of the different levels of expertise. This sometimes confuses me, because someone with more knowledge uses terms I have not yet come across. I find I end up doing a lot of searching to catch up on the lingo. I am hoping as I progress through the training that I will come across many of these terms and everything will just fall into place. I am excited though, this help centre should alleviate some of my confusion. Thanks for continuing to strive at improvements with the site that will only make all of us, including the newbies, stronger affiliate marketers.
Allwhys72 Premium
Wow I’ve never seen anything like this ..honestly! the help and support here is outstanding happy to have found such a caring community ..and you can see why WA attracts so many like minded helpful people ..because everything is built around helping people truly succeed by yourselves Carson and Kyle..thank you so much for all that you do
Kyle Premium
Yeah, we are certainly all like-minded folks here, one thing we can appreciate though is that we are all at different levels and we all have different types of experience.

We can facilitate an environment of both knowledge attainment and knowledge share. You are going to see a great deal of focus on this alignment as we do move forward.
Igor13 Premium
Thanks for the post, Carson!

Help is always important, especially for the Starter members. Knowing that there is somebody to help and to care about the members all the time, it is giving to the audience a lot of value and trust.

Looking forward to the new platform!

Best regards!
Freedomseekr Premium
This looks like an awesome update, Carson! I'm sure it'll help new and old members alike find help much easier when they need it. Both you and Kyle never seize to amaze me on how much you do for us...always working on things here to make it easier and better for us.

Thanks Carson! Can't wait to try it out...
Best Wishes :) ~Sherry
Marcus2020 Premium
Hello Carson,
You brought good news and I also agree that one of the great and fantastic points within WA is the willingness that you and kyle built the group and has being passed to all members about supporting other newbies the sense of community .
I myself feel that even being here for less than three weeks I am already quite comfortable and feel as at home .
Kyle Premium
Awesome to hear you are feeling comfortable and "at home" here within the community. It has also been nice to get to know you thus far, expect more of the same as you do move forward.
Chrisie1 Premium
Oh, I can't wait! That will help us so much, SHOOT, I need it now, lol :-) I know things take time. I can be patient with Some things ;-)

I know the Top Guys are hard at work keeping things more efficient.

Thanks, Carson for the info,
Chrisie :-)
Armlemt Premium
I believe this is going to help everyone, but particularly newbies. Before, it was confusing as to where to go when you felt stuck. I remember what I had to do to figure it out when I first got here. It was confusing.

Thanks to you and Kyle for all you are doing to make a great experience even better!

Postum99 Premium
As a newbie, I have to add my 2 cents. If this new format would have been available 6 months ago, I would have cut my time down enormously. I had so much anxiety trying to get answers, I had to throw in the towel. I'm giving my site away for free because I can't do it any longer. Social media was too tough for me and blogging is not my thing either. I can't just start blabbing about a subject without it tearing me apart. I had good intentions, but I decided I would never be able to do it right.
Support is a nightmare. No matter what you ask, they have an automated answer that doesn't get down to the problem and show you where to find the answer. Too many frustrations for me.
I'm happy for the affiliates that know how to navigate WA for help.
It's impossible for me.
Best to you all.
LeeMcQuay Premium
I am sorry to hear that you had this many issues.
I am also a complete newbie and have been here 4 months, but I have never had an issue with support.
Anytime I had a question I received a personal response with in minutes that followed with conversation until I understood.
There were times a link would be included, but it was so that what was being explained was visual also.
I hate to hear you gave your site away, after all I am sure you put work into it.
As for social media, it isn't always going to be what someone wants to use.
If there was one social media platform that you were ok with, you could have just maybe focused on that one.
That is what I have done.
I just feel bad that you weren't able to accomplish what you came here to do.
Even though, they say it isn't for everyone, you are the first one that I seen it happen to.
No matter where you go in life or what you do, I wish you the best of luck n all you do.
Take care,
Lee Ann
Kyle Premium
Support certainly isn't automated, but if you ask the hosting team questions that are not related to hosting, they are going to pass that on to someone else because they are "server administrators", not general help.

That is the problem here, many people are asking their support in the wrong locations and this is going to address this.

Of course, you can use the "question" feature here and get help from the community, this way people reach out and respond to you, versus you trying to find the right person to get help from.
KenPe Premium
Hey Carson,
A very timely post. I have been continually amazed at the level
of engagement that You and Kyle participate in to provide
necessary input at the right time. Both of you have a pulse of the community that sometimes seems surreal. This new innovation
will be of significance as it will save many hours of unnecessary
searching by members to find the proper help. Thank you both
for that. It validates my belief that this is the right place to be
for me. Note: I found WA on my own by searching on GOOGLE!

Thanks again.

KenPe Premium
Hey Kyle,
Thank you for the like on Carson's post.

KenPe Premium
Hey Carson,
Thanks for the like. I really appreciate it.

dchapman3 Premium
This is truly exciting to see. It will be more intuitive and easier to get an answer when you need it.

It shows more transparency into the organization and personable for the user.

Truly a big advancement for the organization and it's members.

I really like the ability to give more personable help to drive conversions to premium.

I look forward to this roll out of the new system.
susanmacneil Premium
Wow! Great job!

It is truly impressive seeing you and Kyle so personally involved with your "hands on" approach to running this very successful and supportive organization!

Thank you for being so "values" driven and for creating this wonderful community of learners.

If only all organizations operated with your philosophy!!!!

Thank you!

Susan MacNeil
HeidiY Premium
The anticipation is killing me!

I am still amazed at the hands on approach from both you and Kyle, and the other well seasoned members of our community. It is very reassuring to know that you all believe so passionately about your product and our community.

Way to go guys :)
herinnelson Premium
Thanks Kyle and Carson, for this incredible run down of the new UX Help Center! It's the perfect solution in gathering together all the help areas in getting assistance in one informative place! I will be happy to continue assisting the community to the very best of my ability! Looking forward to future innovation at its best! A very exciting post!
rcapers Premium
Sounds awesome! This has been a great community, very responsive since I began whether they could help directly or not which has been very much appreciated.

I have been struggling through because of my technical challenges and once ranking in the 600's even. With my past lack of understanding tech terminology, I didn't get my site to appear or perform as desired. I began to start the training over; however, it never seemed to actually go back to the very beginning for a complete start over. I honestly did become discouraged and stayed away for a long time but still as a premium member because I am still determined somehow to get through, make it work, and enjoy a successful (membership and affiliate) website. Perhaps I will find more direct help with the new approach. Gives hope and generates excitement! Thank you!
DNgoka1 Premium
Carson and Kyle, thank you very much for this great innovation of centralizing how you render help to the WA community via your new HELP CENTER. I have been stuck severally with divers problems in my walk with WA and it's community but could not obtain help. My problems stem from the fact that my knowledge and use of the computer is grossly inadequate to assist me in my drills in WA; most of which are still unsolved. The situation is made worse by my wife's health challenges. She is billed for three spine surgeries in May and I will be there with her. My attention with my WA training is quite impaired. I therefore request to step aside for two months and to resume again in WA if this request is okay with WA'S policy. My subscription for May 2018 has been reflected in my statement of account. If my request is acceptable, I would ask that that my subscription stops until I rejoin WA. But if not approved, no love will be lost with WA and it's wonderful people
But I will certainly take a break to give my wife my full attention which she needs at this time. Thanks to you all for your friendship.
LeeMcQuay Premium
Thank you Carson for everything you and Kyle do for us. Yes Jay, you too : )

Y'all have shown me that I can do the unthinkable and have taught me that internet love (caring people online) does exist.

To be a part of a platform where the owners take part in their members is rare, but to have them socialize on a regular basis
AND constantly want to improve the platform for their members?? That my dear is just unheard of.

Oh and NOT CHARGE US EXTRA. Definitely won't happen somewhere else. Thank you.

To see how long y'all have been doing this together and to hear how far you you have come just makes it all the more special to be a part of W A.

Thank you for what y'all do for us. We definitely appreciate all of you.

With that being said.... Can you just stop teasing us and give it to is already?? : ) lol jk

Best Of Luck In All You Do

Lee Ann
J-KWest Premium
Looking forward to this new UX, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't also nervous about glitches or having WA go down temporarily. I've been through this more than a few times while it took developers months to get thing running smoothly.

It's great that you guys are taking your time, and introducing us to it gradually... once done I'm sure we'll all be happy and maybe it'll lead to more conversions as well :-D
RCollis Premium
Already I must say thank you to both Carson and Kyle for sticking to your ethics for such an extended period of time. Thank you also for being such an active and driving force in this WA family. You provide ideal role models for others to emulate and follow.

The new UI/UX addition will be very welcome as will the more focussed helpers listings.
cmartin614 Premium
This is so awesome! As a newbie, my first thought of the WA website/platform was that it was kind of all over the place. So this new navigation is going to be fabulous! I'm so excited.

A sincere thank you to everyone who had a hand in making the UX update.
MarkyHill Premium
Hey i don't know why u said it like that . i am still struggling out here trying to figure this process out and im sorry i will wask for help when i have a min to sit down and pay attention . hopefully we got a place to stay for the next week straight instead of evryday having to find somewhere to go . that takes up alot of my day. But trust me im gonna get involved this evening .
Thank u i appreciate everything.
Debs66 Premium
I love this platform and I love those ethics both yourself Carson and Kyle still put into this Platform. Most would be off and not really care by now.

I love to promote and work from something I believe in. Ok so I am not the best nor am I the most Tech Savvy.

What I have learnt and yes I have earned all because of this platform will stay with me for Life.

The knowledge I have and the extra money I have gained are second to none.

I am not too bothered about what others think and I have had my moments with some.
We are multi national that speaks alone for itself.

What I can say is this! We have our blips and bleeps but this platform I landed on in 2016 really is and has been a blessing for me.

I am loving it.

Hey and my kids think I am SUPER MOM they are 16 and 19. Great Kids and are proud of me.


Thank you Carson and Kyle :-)
Ramseystrate Premium
I really look forward to using the new format. But this discussion about the HELP feature(s) is going to be really helpful to me. I have learned a lot here but have not been able to get a website started to build on. Very disappointing to me but hope this will change soon.
Stella2 Premium
Hey Carson;
That is such a convenient and simplified way for people to get help and support.
And, yes, the principles that you and Kyle have embedded in this community are very evident. That's why so many of us stick around. :-)
Can't wait for the new UX! Thanks again for all that you guys do and offer. :-)