Countries Banned From Wealthy Affiliate - Official Message from Carson

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If you're aware of this, you'll know that there's a list of countries where people are not able to join Wealthy Affiliate as Free Starter Members:

Countries Excluded From Free Starter Member - Complete List

These countries include:

  1. Bangladesh
  2. Egypt
  3. Ghana
  4. India
  5. Kenya
  6. Morocco
  7. Pakistan
  8. Philippines
  9. Vietnam
  10. Nigeria

These countries are deemed to have more cases of fraud and scams so Wealthy Affiliate is doing this to protect the community.

But, can they join directly as Premium Member?

Not exactly.

We've always known that people from these countries can join directly as Premium Member but this is not the case for Nigeria.

I had Nigerian referrals who want to join me directly as Premium Member so I sent the Premium Membership link but in the end it still said "your country is not supported".

So, I asked Carson...

Official Message from Carson

According to Carson, there are two cases where users would not be able to get an account at WA:

(1) Blocked Countries

These are countries where fraud is extremely high, and where payments are not possible. Very few folks from Nigeria can make payment to go Premium because they do not have PayPal, and most do not have credit cards that will work. In most cases as well, Nigeria cannot receive payment from affiliate companies, so it's quite difficult for them.

In other words, Nigerians are banned completely from both Free Starter & Premium Membership.

(But if you're a Nigerian in this community, please kindly share with us how did you managed to join. Is it because you use VPN?)

(2) Pay Upfront Countries

These are countries where fraud is high, but in most cases can make payment. People from these countries must go Premium and cannot have a Starter account.

So, these are the countries where people cannot join as Free Starter Member, but they can join directly as Premium Member.

So far, seems like Nigeria is the only country being banned completely.

If you know any other countries that are banned completely as well or are excluded from Free Starter, please update in the comments below!

Can people from these countries enjoy the $19 discount?

Some say yes, some say no. I'm still waiting for Carson's official answer on this one.

So, I'll update you guys again!

Update: Carson has replied me that "Pay upfront countries" do not have the $19 discount for their first month. They pay regular price of $49.

The only way for people from these countries to join WA is probably via VPN. Let me know if you know any other alternatives.

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Great info - thanks.

I took this info and went into the Insights section of my Facebook page which has over 10000 followers.

OMG! A massive percentage of my followers are from the countries on this list!!

So, this post has saved me a ton of time and frustration as now I do not have to bother promoting WA on my FB page.

Worth looking at everyone.

Great! I'm glad this helps! There are a lot more ways to promote WA. All the best :)

Great post Jerry, thank you for sharing.

My pleasure!

Thanks Jerry


You're welcome Wayne!

I am from Nigeria. Though joined WA over two years ago while I was in USA. I am back in Nigeria now. I can confirm to you that WA is loosing money, because there are lots of honest Nigerian that are willing to join this great program.

Nigerian has million of bloggers that are earning money and getting paid via many other affiliate programs around the world. In fact there are Nigeria Association Of Bloggers. I knew people in my country earning over $30k monthly via other affiliate and ads networks.

There are many payment channels aside PayPal that are accepted worldwide and in Nigeria. I have many affiliate programs that have sent me chqs and transfer money to my Nigeria account (Via Direct Payment).

I think WA should have a rethink and make it open for Nigerians that are ready to go premium from onset.

For me, I just start making money promoting WA. I hope I will get my funds out one day. I will continue promoting WA because I am addicted to making money online. There will always be a way out to the determined mind.

Thanks for the info.


Thanks for sharing John and congrats on your achievements so far!

Very useful info.
I'll look out for Carson's response.
Thanks for sharing :-)

You're welcome Rich!

Thanks for the info, I didn't know about this until now.

You're welcome!

I didn't know this---thanks for the heads up, Jerry!

Erin :)!

You're welcome Erin!

Thank you for the share, Jerry. Good information.

You're welcome Linda!

Thanks for sharing and helpful... I am from India...

You're welcome Paul! So, how did you join WA if you're from India?

Directly I signed up for yearly using Black Friday offer... No free trial available...

I see. Great action taker!!

Thanks for the update this is very useful info

You're welcome Juan!

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