5 Steps to Picking a Profitable Niche.

Last Update: July 05, 2018

Hiyo guys, so let me tell you, in spite of being in this biz for 14 or so years now, I still learn more and more each day about some of the most basic things, one of which is niches. If I had the insight back then which I have today on these things, let me tell you, I'd have a bunch more success back then.

But being that we can't change the past, I decided to write this post to help you guys avoid the same learning curve I had to go through.

While the training in WA on niches is good, I'd like to add my own personal approach to the mix, which I compounded into 5 steps.

We all know that niches are specific groups of people looking for stuff, but many people still end up picking the broad niches, the none profitable ones, the ones which they don't like, and more.

Picking the wrong niche can totally have an adverse effect on your success, which is why I want to help you get this stage of the business right and the 5 steps solve just about any problem you'll have in picking the niche.

Here's step 1:

You have to know what a niche is. Here's training in WA on that:


Here's some examples:


Here's step 2:

You gotta pick a niche you like, or better yet love.

I can't tell you how many people pick something completely different in this regard vs something they like. I can guarantee you that in 100% of cases, if you make a list of things you love (topics, hobbies, ect...), you're going to be able to narrow down more than 1 of things in a niche topic.

Let me give you some examples. Let's say I make a list of 5 topics I love (they don't have to be niches yet, just list the topics, then narrow them down):

Self defense.


Traveling through nature.

Making money.

Being fit.

Here's how these 5 things can turn into niche ideas:

Self defense. I can make a site on self defense for women.

Drones. I can make a whole site selling them.

Traveling through nature. I can make a list of places to visit with beautiful waterfalls, I can talk about cameras that are best for nature taking photos, I can sell action cameras like Gopros, ect...

Making money. I can make a niche site on stock market tips, on how to make money online (selling WA memberships), real estate tips, ANYTHING I have experience in when it comes to making money, identify the specific thing and make that your niche site.

Being fit. I can make a whole niche site on building muscle, being lean and toned, burning belly fat. Ideally you want to target a topic where the issue is isolated (belly fat is a great one).

Here's tip 3:

Figure out which of those ideas you listed are things that are profitable.

You love all the ideas you listed, and you have experience in them. That's great, but not every niche is as profitable as it can be, so run the ideas you listed through Jaaxy or do some research on what types of audiences there are for each one, the bigger they are the better the niche topic is for profit generating potential.

Tip: Choose a niche where the audience has a big problem. Problem niches make selling easier.

Here's tip 4:

Run that niche topic through the training in WA. Need I say more? Here's where to start if you already haven't:


Here's tip 5:

Get your butt to work and don't make excuses. Follow the training, follow the steps, ask questions and keep expanding that niche site you love. It will become a hit.

Have questions? Let me know if you followed these 5 tips and if you're worried you made the wrong choice or need my "stamp of approval" :)

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jetrbby80316 Premium
Great tips Vitaliy! From general to specific passions. And profitable. Always.
marycmiller Premium
Thanks I will try this for my next website.
MRivera2 Premium
Vitaliy, thanks so much for your continuing support and insight. You have laid out a very clear and practical approach towards getting the business off the ground and providing a basis for its success.
DCain2 Premium
What about meditations and spiritual guidance I'm not sure what you would call it. Someone said personal growth but I'm not sure that's what it is
onmyownterms Premium
In my opinion, that falls under personal development or self-improvement.
VitaliyG Premium
Learning to concentrate is a pretty good choice.
How to reduce stress/anxiety is also related to spiritual guidance so I'd consider targeting that.
NemiraB Premium
Thanks for the tips. What do you think about putting three niches into one website? For example, health, money, and self-improvement. Is it too much?
onmyownterms Premium
Way too much - one niche per site.
NemiraB Premium
Thank you, but I get bored with one theme. I see a connection between them. Anyway, thank you for the advice, I need to listen to professionals, all the best:)
VitaliyG Premium
Mel is right Nemira, you have too many options, they are all broad and they need to be narrowed down, pick one of the choices, but make sure it's a specific niche.