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March 13, 2020
How are you coping with the latest flash scare dear members? I don't think we have ever had a national (and international fright like this.The infection casualty rate is about 3.4% People are dying from this and it is much more contagious than a common flu virus. Investigation shows China is the most likely source. The Corona virus began in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December 2019.The news is spreading like wildfire all over the world and in my area. Something is happening every hour! Chur
September 19, 2019
Yesterday I received a "seeding message" from Kyle registering one sale to my account. I deeply appreciate this. It is a momentous occasion to see at least the interior of the airliner .This is the first time I have a point logged in the valuation path. and a momentous occasion. It's also a reminder to :Revisit the trainingConfer with the successful expertsJoin Shae A sale sad every other affiliate program out there to build a followingPriority 1 - build my sites back upWe have something here i
September 04, 2019
This time I'm going down for the third time. down to 200 and going down/up fast. Getting off this merry-go-round requires an epic plunge off the visibility map.I'll return for the occasional spot broadcast After all the analysis and dancing around I've defined the lasting parameters of WA.It's time to seal my determination by taking the last plunge in view. My days will be filled going to writing conferences and learning new aspects of relating. This will require all forms of media presentati
August 15, 2019
!st nations trail system in BC Canada in K & C's back yardI'm in catch 22 territory with this post No. 2200 as displayed on everyone's readers today 2211 on my reader. Once again a time of great conductivity and change for me. With the onset of fall season. I'm setting new milestones and mapping out the 19-20 adventure trek.I love to blog and write articles. I'm getting tired of the WA system however. You move along and someone pops up as much as 20 positions below you.without warning. I a
Customer needs further explored. This is a tireless quest of marketers since the invention of selling! This is one of the best I've seen. The approach makes use of the fundamental motivators brought out in Maslow's Hierarchy of needs The approach primarily portrays the highest self actualized approach and spreads it through the entire individual and organizational spectrum.Working up from the bottom, The basic fundamental sensation based needs are explored but in a nonphysical way. This is base
August 11, 2019
Fifty years ago tho western world was waging a great conflict to stop the spread of communist socialism in Asia. Seventy five years ago The US Navy and Japan conducted an island hopping adventure in the South Pacific.Now the Chinese have taken the game strategy to the next level. Islands and parcels of land are being dredged on a hopscotch fashion in areas that heretofore have been mapped as ocean. This differs from the Netherlands which is reclaiming land from areas called polders which are al
August 09, 2019
This map depicts the counties in the United States in which 90% of the inhabitants primarily speak in English. They primarily read English in those counties as well.The swathe of southern Florida and the Southwest is Hispanic oriented. Wealthy Affiliate is well positioned in world demographics It is a definite blessing to have a world wide audience which speaks and communicates in English. The situation doesn't change much north of the Canadian border. British, Columbia and the Prairie State
August 06, 2019
SEO is the lifeblood of a successful business and website. Many aspects of SEO are tied to the physiology of a healthy body hereWhen you consider search engines, you are looking at Google as a pathfinder leading to your critical traffic flow. . Many tips here are critical such as the power of blogging in leading to traffic.Much of the information here is self-evident and well explained. In summation effective content rich in relevant keywords is the most effective living platform. The well craf
August 05, 2019
You joined Wealthy Affiliate searching for business opportunities. Did you know that WA is a reference hub or nexus for countless opportunities? Take one social media app alone...Pinterest. Pinterest has a wealth of business building ideas and assistance,If you take the approaches here, you will never run out of ideas and the stomping grounds to try them out. Let's look at these approaches.Initiating inbound marketing for success - Make use of the best tool boxes available, Google Tools and G
August 04, 2019
The course of events over even one year allows virtually unlimited marketing opportunities. A lot of thought has gone into identifying and pointing out many seasonal events that are also great social venues./This list is not all-inclusive. Many seasonal occasions such as Halloween are not listed. The Spirit stores which are used through spot seasonal franchising are an excellent idea for a season which has traditionally been eclipsed by early Christmas shopping.For.\Wealthy Affiliate the prime