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January 19, 2019
critical thinking can make or break many a business.
January 19, 2019
I did a little experiment last night and the results at this point confirm my hypothesis. The WA ranking algorithm has many parts to it. I have noticed for some time that when I do not post, the ranking figures go steadily down (up) But last night with one post there was a slip of 6. Last week with a posting of 2 there was a slip of 8. There was no similar swing at any other interval.I predict that with 2-3 more posts I'll be out of the top 200 (172) to 201+ in very short order. My hypothesis
There is no greater justification for your business than having a website. Some websites are enhanced with social media. Websites that are built on, inteegrated and enhanced with social media.have a clear advantage in the community. Each media contributesdemographioc types - tailoring concentrating on the type of people, professional, youthful, etc.habit patterns- based on interests in social connectivityprofessioal interests.- There are websites for every interest and walk of life. The two mer
January 13, 2019
. There are basically two different approaches to coaching. We can look at this as outgo in the form of a question. The second part is input in the form of an answer or feedback.The question is the foundation of an initial assessment. Here we have the beginning of an approach The 5 w's and how are instrumental here. Questions are at the root of defining a problem.Then we have the feedback of the query which suggests a solution based answer. If you note carefully here the answers do a little
January 13, 2019
Voice Engine Optimization is coming into its own as a new force in digital marketing. Voice activated digital assistants and I phones are handling a greater percentage of transactionsNow there is tie in to all phones. Even television has joined the parade. There is no doubt VEO is a growing part of the digital marketing spectrum.Don't be in a rush to adopt VEO to your business relevant. Depending on the niche or business however, VEO is going to be more significant.VEO is pertinent in t
Planning is essential to the effective support growth and success of any business. Our business in Wealthy Affiliate is businesses.I have an MBA in business administration but never went through the process of developing a business plan. I have been learning the processes. Learning to perform this operation should have been part of the Masters Program.Many here in Wealthy Affiliate are capable of developing and have developed businesses by a doctoral process.The process begins with the business
January 02, 2019
Making changes is great for business. Like any change. Labor is hell and it's the delivery that brings joy! There are many approaches to the "5 W" approach to determining process changes in every any business.The 5 W's have been brought up many times. I have brought them uo in past posts and advisories However it's like doing strip surface miining.You skim the riches from the surface with the questions where they are visible. Bur there is a huge 95% of questions that can be answered by digging
January 02, 2019
It makes sense to look for twists to create business success using social media. It makes even greater sense to employ the leading social media to bring about success opportunities!The common denominator here is the act of engagement as a method of cultivating leads. Eventually this should lead to capturing your leads.Methods of engagement include;visual connection- Associate your fans pictures showcasing your productbuild in a like connection too other business pages to spread acclaimbecome i
December 30, 2018
The number of business failures these days is endemic.Never Never has it been more important to do. First you have to set benchmark points as standards and markers. This is necessary to measure success in any venture.Hammer out those goals in specific terms. Place them in a dynamic process that you know and control. The 5 W's is always a reliable yardstick.Who are you dealing with and want to help?What and how do you want to do to promote their fortunes and your business?What is the timing of y
December 29, 2018
When we think with empathy, we are focused on the greatest asset of any business- people! You may have heard that business is built on people power. This is true. Scientists have taken a good look and are applying human engineering solutions to understand this.Many of the results are used as you can see to devise resume questions. I ave seen some even more advanced in which specific problems are devised and you are presented with options. A standard approach is to have many employees interview