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June 19, 2019
Mental reach is greater than you think. It might be easy to dismiss the findings here as bunk. For at least 10 years this premise is old news. In fact, the theory used to be external to the brain in the universe at large. It was ten dimensions and the theorists decided to extend it out in one more direction for an overview.The use of particle physics and string theory is used to an increased extent to delve in directions where no one has gone before. Conscious expansion based thinking has alway
June 18, 2019
As more and more intellectuals and "white collar" type workers flourish in the work force, an interesting phenomenon is gaining ground. Since the mind and brainpower is more dominant in the professions, various methods are being used to allow that mental power to flourish.When I first visited the Microsoft campus 25 years ago I discovered unexpected occurrences going on in offices. There was music playing in private offices. It turns out this is not game playing like throwing frisbees. It's no
We can all use specialized instruction when it comes to understanding reading and writing. After all both skills are essential to the success of Wealthy Affiliate. One thing that amazes me is how the standard Pareto Principle 90/10 iceberg has morphed into the l/8 equation (93.34/16.66) scrambling the physics of buoyancy.The analysis begins with visible signs of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Back in the 80s when it was called just "hyperactivity" descriptions were "wriggles h
June 16, 2019
You can't go wrong in giving your customer your all. We are constructed as individuals, each with our own mindset and preferences. In the natural course of events we must break through a person's mental and emotional barriers to reach them.User experience and customer experience are being looked at like never before. Marketing has always been about this, but as customers get more and more jaded with increasing commercialism. One way to tell the pulse of conditions is to look at ad blocking rate
Draw out your magnifiers for the fine details on this one folks. This reaches into the meat of writing any novel. Adaptation approaches are given from multiple angles from the three little pigs to War and PeaceFirst we start with the basics of a traditional novelist story Problem- Resolution. Usually we have an ordinary everyday thread. Then the inevitable change. The traditional approach is we have the protagonist with an ordinary everyday life.Two main branches then occur with undetermined p
June 14, 2019
Providing services can be a lifeblood initiative for your business. It also can make a difference to your cash flow. Results are not often satisfactory though. A lady here today had unsatisfactory experiences with outsourcing writing jobs.I've posted about offers before on the part of buyer and seller. The first thing you must consider is getting fair value. Virtually everyone has an angle.I spent some time with the feature image for this post. I had a first version where you couldn't see the n
June 13, 2019
Every so often when things combine I step back and just take a break. Part of taking a break is going to the right source for mentoring and coaching. I have my friends in Wealthy Affiliate to whom I am indebted. I also am fortunate enough to have an extended network in other directions.I got some updated advice from Shelley Hitz a holistic life coach and mentor. I met her at a Book Baby writer's conference in Philadelphia in 2017. Her advice is well set out in logical patterns. It's entitled 5
The following post puts things into context. was not the best. I'm affected at times like others here by the shenanigans that go on in the community. I noticed a number of astute observations about my post yesterday. Yes. I was off my game.I was wrong to do this I know. I need to bow to the will of the overseers and move to working on posts as many will suggest. I am well aware that the algorithm (which is constant oversight
The Kerguelen Islands are often called the most remote location on the planet. Also called the Desolation Islands these islands owned by France are located in a sub Arctic cold region with constant winds and rough seas. The main big island -Grand Terre - has sometimes been called the 8th continent due to its uniqueness. There is no air transport. Traffic comes here by ship only. The area is practically equidistant from most land areas. Almost due south by 5,000 miles from Colombo, Sri Lanka,
June 10, 2019
Terra forming on Mars, on Venus? Look at the image and make a guess before scrolling down.No. This is water (temporarily) accumulated in the lee of sand dunes in the Rhub Al Kali desert right here on earth! Located in the southeast section (quarter) of Saudi Arabia, this region called the empty quarter is one of the most unsettled regions on the planet.The image above is taken from a NASA satellite and shows the after effects of recent tropical storm Mekunu. This freshwater rain is in contras