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August 04, 2020
As the weeks and months go by the entire planet is in a quandary of unimaginable depth...Predicting the direction of an epidemic is a major challenge. Likewise, predicting the course of an epidedemicc from an emerging virus is more so. It doesn't help that our emotions get in the way hoping still for a workable solution that flies in the face of recurrent data.As this phenomenon of 2020 continues, it is being attacked with countless approaches to gain an understanding. From this determination w
As is more and more common, COVID 19 is so big a beast we can't get our lives unwrapped from it. Every day I hear about it so much, I get sick of it. I am fortunate enough to live in Maryland USA. Our governor has adopted a "measured" approach to the pandemic. That is to say build a little, test a little and take actions one step at a time. That is exactly what this beast requires. Some areas have opened theaters and other large meeting areas again. Due to recurrent outbreak spikes,.only too q
There's never been a year in our lifetime like 2020! I follow the covid outbreaks in the us daily. One thing that regretfully is standing out is the number of resurgent infections or new cases in areas that have been recently declared "safe" Many areas are having to shutter down and shelter in homes again.The feature image represents a recent posting on the Las Vegas strip. There is resentment on wearing masks. However, this is a necessary clothing item of the 3rd decade of the 21st century! T
In the US, the governors of the respective state have been given the privilege of delegated power the deal with the Covid pandemic. Each day and each jurisdiction has a different scenario for resolution.In Maryland and many other sites, recovery plans are in effect. The current plan is composed of three recovery states (phases) these stages I feature allowing people out of their homes the isolated activities such as hiking, stargazing, etc. The criteria involves minimal contact. We are in the p
As we in the United States enter the first summer season in over a century (the flu epidemic of 1918) with a major pandemic in our midst, its time to consider how things have changed. The last several weeks and the indefinite future show turmoil and confusion.The vulnerability breach--China's Hebei prvinceThe Chinese are calling on their ancient knack of walling of their society with Beijing, the quarantine. The "forbidden city has enlarged its grip on the entire planet. In many way
May 01, 2020
I check the following site as part of my daily routine. A non promotional service sponsored by the Washington Post as a daily forum of information. these unusual times, I find it necessary to have a road map daily of the status ofResearchMedical updatesPolitical daily opinions and controversial tug of warThe latest daily optimism and pessimism on the virusUpdated daily figures showing initial infections, recoveries and deaths by all countries globallyNew ele
April 30, 2020
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April 28, 2020
This is a great time to be alive! We have every reason to be hopeful of opportunity as the weeks unfold. I was looking over Mervens' post about 10,000 reasons for being happy and the idea is contagious. Spring in the northern hemisphere is a time of reawakening. I have a feeling of upsurge and plan a lot of physical pursuits as the allowable spring excursions in nature unfold around me.How are you all adapting to the new change in seasons? Just moving indoors awakens the senses to new opportu
I have had the chance to do some deep r\reading while the exterior world of touch, taste in the restaurants, social congregation and feeling the wind in my face has been shut down. We are all awaiting some unconfirmed release date of the "new normal".Physicists have postulated the existence of separately unique spaced multiverses that go beyond our native spaceEven in the theoretical world of a multiverse, each component will have its bounded space that will keep it protected and discrete from
The latest Covid 19 news reflects one certain thing...uncertainty Far to many of are adrift and acting as if there are no guidelines. This is even though guidelines have been given most everywhere!EVERYBODY IS AFFECTED. MYSELF INCLUDED. We all drinking the same water and breathing the same air. Over the centuries we recycle the substance of the earth.Images of covid 19 masksThe other day, earth day to be exact, I ventured out to the supermarket for the first time in weeks Since it has been the