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How do I renew my wa subscription?

How do I renew my wa subscription?

asked in
WA Affiliate Program

Hi WA-Family!

Okay, don't roll your eyes at me please! ;-) LOL!

I took the Black Friday Offer last year... and I'm not sure how to renew my subscription this year?

Automatic Sharlee


Hi awesome friend Wayne
Thanks for confirming that! Phew - I panicked in vain! ;-)
Wishing you an amazing day!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)

You have some good answers below and if this helps further, I just renewed mine, through the link on my dashboard, very easily

Hi Dave
Yes, this community is awesome! Thank you for chiming in as well! ;-)
Wishing you an amazing day!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)

No worries Sharlee, I see they just extended it as well, which is great for those who maybe couldn't quite do it the first way.

Have an awesome day yourself

Hello, check all responses to the question below: Thanks for asking!
Israel Olatunji

Hi Israel
Thanks for chiming in.
Wishing you an amazing day!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)

Much welcome, friend! Glad to help

It is automatic. You do not need to do anything. You will be billed the same way as last year.

Thanks Robert!
Phew, I panicked for nothing! ;-) LOL!
May you enjoy a lovely day!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)

You are welcome Sharlee

It will automatically re-new

Hi Leo
Phew! [wipe forehead] I just panicked and thought I almost missed the Black Friday Deal myself! [roll eyes] Thanks Leo!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)

Automatic renew! Love that - one less thing to keep up with!

One less item for you to keep up with as well! :-)

I'm all for anything that simplifies my life!

Hi Susan
I fully agree... But then Lawrence (BaldEagle) mentioned the bonuses he got as part of taking the Black Friday Deal and I went into a total tail spin, thinking that I have missed something. [roll eyes] What a relief! LOL!
Wishing you a lovely day!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)

It should renew automatically Sharlee so you don't have to do anything unless you used a weird payment method (lol).

Hi John
Thank you for the quick response!
Phew! [wipe forehead] I just panicked, but it turns out I missed Kyle's email! Shhhh, don't tell! ;-) LOL!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)

Hey Sharlee,

Look for Kyle's email titled "Black Friday is BACK! (and better than ever)" and dated for Friday 16 Nov 2018.

6th paragraph down, he states the following:
"You purchased a 1-year membership last year and since your account is still live, you don’t have to do anything and your membership will automagically rebill at the lowest price ever on Nov 25, 2018."
...though, yours may be a different date than the 25th.

Hope this helps you.

Hi Trish
I owe you ice cream! ;-)
I found your answer on Timotheus' question about the email which I missed. Phew, that was a few stressful moments. ;-)
Yes, you helped HEAPS - thank you! ;-)
Wishing you a lovely day!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)

Yeeeah, I love it when I'm able to help with a resolution. Thank YOU Sharlee for letting me know. :-))

Mmmm... ice cream sounds yummy... Baskin Robbins Pralines 'n Cream by chance?

Hi Trish

> Mmmm... ice cream sounds yummy... Baskin Robbins
> Pralines 'n Cream by chance?
[big grin + wink] It's on its way in the form of e-IceCream (just add a bit of imagination, okay?). ;-) LOL!

May you enjoy a lovely day, Trish!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)

Hi Sharlee!

Long time see :(

You have a link in every/any WA email you receive

And you should have a counter with a link at the top of the page

And here's a link


Hi Zed

> Long time {no} see :(
[wink] I was just testing to see whether anybody would notice! ;-) LOL!

Thanks for that, Zed! I found the link in my "Account Settings" > "Subscription Settings" > "Membership".

My question was sparked by the fact that I was "sure" that we will all get access to the juicy bonuses and then I suddenly wasn't so sure about that anymore, and thought maybe I should renew, by clicking on Black Friday again.

Just a panic reaction on my end, when I thought that I have almost missed the Black Friday deal (it is already midday Monday in our corner of paradise). ;-) Phew! [wipe forehead]

But of course, I was not the only one, I see others have already asked questions about that and it was answered... [blush] it turns out I have missed Kyle's email! Shhhh, don't tell! ;-) LOL!

So if anybody else is also wondering, Triblu has given the answer here: I should have looked for an email with the Subject: "I hate live video, but (hint, my bonus)"

Was nice to hear from you again, Zed!

Wishing you a lovely day! :-)
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)

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Can you help us out with amazon please? and can we help you?

Can you help us out with amazon please? and can we help you?

asked in
Social Engagement & Marketing

Good day WA Family! ;-)

Is there anybody who needs an Amazon sale before you get the dreaded Amazon letter? Can we buy through your Amazon link? And will you please help

More than happy to help out.

I need to order a microphone for my streaming studio. So..... just need to know where to click.

Any of the sites listed at the right side and bottom of my profile should work. Except that one that has nothing on it yet.

Comments would be great as well.

Hi Clint
Awesome, I'll be onto it shortly!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)

I love your niche. Great job on the site.

Hi Clint
Thank you - Hubby will be grateful for you comment.
Wishing you an exciting day!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)

I hope you'll get the help you need soon. Sorry I cannot help as I have not signed up with Amazon.

Hi Delores

Thank you for stopping by and lending emotional support - that is sometimes just as much needed (especially when dealing with these big companies)! ;-)

Wishing you all of the very best!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)

I'd love to help because I need 3 sales in the USA. But I'm based in Australia. Jim

Hi Jim
To be honest, I don't have any idea how all of this works - Hubby is the one who drives the website that has Amazon affiliation.
If we can help you out with a sale (the more the merrier, right?), feel free to let me know on website you would like a sale. ;-)
Wishing you all of the very best, from "across the big pond"! ;-)
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)

Hi Sharlee. I'd love some help, But how do I help you guys in return. Also, purchasing from the USA would cost a lot in postage for you guys and for me. So I'm a bit lost with all this. My web site is listed on my follow me page under the blogs. Jim

Hi Jim

Yes I know, shipping usually amounts to almost twice as much as the price of the item, right? [naughty grin] I guess that is just the "Tax" we have to pay for living in such a special corner of paradise - what do you think? ;-) LOL!

We are not buying expensive things at this stage, it is not about making commission from each other, it is just to get sales in order to avoid all the shlep and hassle of re-doing all the links and re-applying for the Affiliate Program.

Awesome, I will go grab your link from there. ;-)

Wishing you all of the very best!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)

There is another other company that sells millions of products similar to Amazon and is giving Amazon huge competition right now and you don't have to worry about getting booted out.PM me if you are interested.

Please PM me because I have already been booted out.

Tried and True


thanks for the info. I would like to know which company that is since amazon has booted me out 2 times already for not making a single sale!

Hi Nandkishore

Well, I guess you have a all of us interested to hear which company that is.

Please PM us and let us know as well. We would love to have an alternative.

Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)

Yes I have been booted out 2 times also. I think they like giving people the boot.

Tried and True


Would appreciate knowing who that Amazon competitor is too. I hear of so many people having trouble with Amazon. Thanks for your help!

Hi Sharlee
I know Judy is desperate to get the 3 sales required to keep her account open.


I'm going to help her out as well and I know she will appreciate the gesture from you as well.

Hope you are having a great day.

Hi Robert

That is so awesomely kind of you! I will quickly visit Judy's website and buy something there. Having to start over when getting the boot from Amazon is such a pain. We'll be happy to help her out!

Thanks for forwarding her link, Robert! This is what makes WA so extra-ordinary - everybody chiming in to help everybody - this is so amazing!

Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)

No probs Sharlee and happy to help out when I can.
Take Care.

Hi Robert

I've send a PM to Judy, asking her what her website address is, since I couldn't find it on her profile.

Then I found it in a comment - https://findmejeans.com - but I've clicked around on a few posts, but can't find an Amazon link!

If you have a way of contacting Judy, please let her know that I am trying to help her out, but that I can't find a link. If she can please PM me a URL link and tell me where on the page I can find her Amazon link (if it is not easy to spot), since I will be glad to help her out!

Thanks for your help, Robert!

Have a lovely day!

Hi Sharlee Choco Icecream

I though you would be in bed now or is it morning over there in NZ.
Click on the Bike Accessories or Best Commuter Bikes in her Menu and there are lots of her Amazon Links.

Thank you for helping out.

Now I'm off out uptown. Busy Monday for me.


Yes, WAY past our bedtime already - my beauty sleep to the moon... [roll eyes], but I just quickly wanted to help Judy out first!

It will be very much appreciated and she is a very nice lady.
I just followed Cassandra (Cass51) from your neck of the woods.
I believe she speaks Maori as well.
Now I really must get off uptown.
Sleep Well.

Thanks Robert, found it and bought through her link. Thanks for your help! Hope it helps her as well!

Do you know how Amazon works? If I buy 2 items in one order, does it count as only one sale?

Anyway, I think the limousine which would transport me to Dreamland, has just arrived! ;-) LOL!

No its two separate sales.

Thanks for clarifying that, Robert!
May you enjoy a lovely "day" (24 hr period). ;-)

Yes you make two separate buys so its two separate commissions.
Time for your bed again?
Have a good one whatever time it is.

Hi Robert
No, it is a brand new day here in our corner of paradise! ;-) I wanted to say "the sun is shining", but uh, noticed that it has disappeared meanwhile. ;-)
All of the very best to you!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)

Okey Dokey.
Your name should be Choco Cream coz thats the most yummy according to my youngest grandaughter lol
I will be off this machine soon.
Take Care.

LOL - well, she definitely has a taste for the finer things in life then - she's going to morph into an awesome woman! ;-)

She also takes after her grandad coz she's very brainy even at her young age (8).

LOL! That we can't argue against! ;-)
I hope you are teaching her from a young age to build an online business too! That will be one of the biggest gifts you can give her in life. And it will be a fun project that the two of you can do together and it will teach her so many different things! (internet related, but also patience, professionalism, how to evaluate things, etc.) [naughty grin with twinkle in eyes] And you will learn a LOT about real girly stuff too! ;-)
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)

When her mother comes to visit me she brings the kids and the wee one will sit next to me sometimes when I'm working on my internet stuff and asking questions.
What you doing, why did that happen, how do you do that etc etc etc.
She does take and interest.
Now it really is time to call it a day so I am off for the night.

Thanks, Sharlee, and Robert-A My website is https://findmejeans.com I am writing this sometime after she helped.
Let's rally together and find someone to help Sharlee's husband about RV products.
There are many rules from Amazon. I love Amazon, but they need to make things more simply understood.
I just got off with a wonderful chat person who told me candidly what I did wrong on my site. Now, I have to go back to change a lot of things. Leave out a tremendous amount of information I had on my site.
I told her okay but that I wanted to make my product page an incentive for people to buy. The information I am to give is scant. For each product, I am going to have a short skit at the very last. I will give you an example. In 10 minutes I have written 10 of them.

Bob. (I will have pictures of the two characters.)
Bob: "Do you know how to get these shoes from Amazon?
Sam: Why you have to click the red thing. But I don't see a red thing."
Bob: "A link is always in blue letters.
Sam: "Ah, ah, ah, ah, I see it. Byyyyyyyyyy.

See you all. Sharlee and Robert, I love ya for caring.

No probs Judy and I would listen too closely to what those people are telling you how your website should look.
Its your site and your articles.
Stick to what you know and are still learning about here at WA and you wont go far wrong.

Have a great weekend.

please send me the link by pm, I'm promoting WA, but happy to help

Hi Cora
Love your website! ;-)
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)

Please send me your link via PM - I am not ;quite set up with my Amazon link yet, but heppy to help if you need it! Charlotte

Hi Charlotte
You're a star, thanks for you help!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)

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Who needs an amazon sale + can return the favor?

Who needs an amazon sale + can return the favor?

asked in
Social Engagement & Marketing

Good day WA-family!

I didn't know where to post this question...

We need another Amazon sale on one of our websites, in order to avoid the dreaded Amazon kick

I would be glad to help but right now I am broke so I can't get anything right now so I am sorry I can't help right now. Even though I could use another sale but I can't return the favor at this time.


A solution would be a one-stop social media hub , a Facebook group where we can drop by and share buying activities from Amazon as Sharlee and others have suggested.

So here we go. Created this FB group just for this purpose. Join up and let us see how this works. I have a few things to buy from Amazon. And... I have not made one sale through Amazon! : )


By the way, will this be legit as far as Amazon is concerned?

Thanks everyone!


Just make sure it is a closed group and no amazon employees join!!
should be ok as there is no link between anyone.

just responded to a member who has had the first email - 90 day warning - so she could do with a hand if you haven't already ordered. thanks for doing this Sharlee.

Thank you for sharing my post! I am going to join the Facebook group, too and see what happens.

Best wishes,
Karin :)

thats what this community is here for Karin.
Hope you get your sales.

In what base you're helping others. More explanation and why. Thanks.

Hi Sharlee,

Last time I sent the link to my Girlfriend with a product I wanted to buy.
She did the purchase, I sent her money and I got another 6 months with Amazon:)

Hi Michal
Awesome, I'm glad that she could help you out!
I just thought if I can help somebody out here on WA, that way we both win.
May you enjoy a lovely weekend, Michal!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)

Actually I am curious as well :)
It is good you raised the question

Have nice weekend too, Sharlee :)

Hi Michal

I take it that you are interested in another Amazon sale as well? Is that what you mean?

If so, please respond, so that others will know you are also interested in doing an exchange purchase for them, and they can then team up with you.

That way we can all help each other, until our wings are strong enough to fly! ;-)

May you enjoy a lovely weekend, Michal!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)

Hi Sharlee,
Sorry for not being clear :)

I meant - Curious if somebody from WA would share the links in exchange for yours.
Because in the future I might need such help as well.

(Don't worry my GF and me are still together;) )

Hi Michal

Jessica (Swangirl) did something similar the other day and many people responded. I guess we are all in the same boat.

RodneyJr responded almost immediately, but I guess as others see it, there will be more responses, so that others can also team up and get helped.

LOL - lucky you! (Only joking of course!) ;-)

Enjoy your weekend, Michal! ;-)
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)

Great to know Sharlee :)

Thank you
Cheers ;)

My idea too:) Activate with friends, I buy they order:)

Hey Sharlee, I got a question for you. Is there a timetable on your offer because I get money (My paycheck) on Wednesday, and could do it then or do you need something before then?

Hi Rodney
No, if we can do it on Wednesday, it will still be fine, as long as we just don't go past that, otherwise that kick gets a bit too close for comfort. ;-) LOL!
So we will be in contact next week via PM then!
Thanks Rodney!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)

Awesome Sharlee, it's a date (figuratively speaking)

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