30% Conversion Rate From Site To Starter Membership!

Last Update: January 26, 2018

This is for those in the make money online niche promoting WA mainly.

I want to thank @Miren who asked the question about our conversion rate from the unique clicks on the links in your WA review to getting a Starter referral found here.

I've always meant to look at this because I track all my links with this goal on knowing my conversion rates but I've been so wrapped on the other conversion rates that I forgot to look at this one.

I'm glad I did because I couldn't believe my results!

For those that remembered, I talked about adding a make money online guide to my site in Aug/17 and after I added it I meant to see if this page was going to convert better.

Without looking at the conversion rate, I knew my Guide was doing way better than my old WA review because I was instantly seeing way better results so maybe that's why I never bothered calculating the rate.

But now that I compared my results with my old WA review, WOW! Check out these stats:

I use Pretty Links for my website for tracking all my links as well as the tracking features here at WA... both need to be done (I feel) so you can see the number of clicks on those Call To Action buttons from Pretty Links and tracking done here in WA tells me how they became a referral. So the Pretty Links kind of match what I have in WA for this purpose.

Pretty links provides you with total clicks and unique clicks for all the links you create, so that's where the "Unique Clicks" above comes from.

Going from 2.43% to 29.92% is so crazy to me!!

Those numbers are not my total referrals as I have many entries to WA on my site, but my MMO Guide represents around 80% of my total referrals so I'm glad it's working well and I'm glad I made that change.

The old WA review is still online but hardly gives me much referrals these days for obvious reasons but still on bottom of 1st page for that keyword.

Why I made that change was because I felt my old WA review was not comprehensive enough, there was no story, and no explanation on how the business worked.

So that is why I call it a make money online guide vs my new WA review because it's really more than that.

Another thing that is different between the two is that the old WA review was a regular post.

The mmo guide is a page instead (but this could still be made as a post if you want it to show up on your blog roll) and I made it with Elementor (free plugin) so I can make it without any header, footer, and sidebar so that my visitor has nowhere to go once they land on this page from my product review pages or wherever else they came from (I have many ways that people can get to my guide).

It looks more like a landing page and you can construct the page so easily with Elementor as it gives you all these modules (image, text, bullets, etc) you can add to the page and very flexible to adjust anything on the page as well.

Another Use

On top of those results, this mmo guide also acts as subscribers magnet as well (which I've blogged about before here) as I'm offering them a FREE guide.

I have 1,500 subscribers since I implemented this guide in Aug/17 & an email series in Sep/17 so this guide helps get referrals through another avenue.

I only had about 40 subscribers before the guide and that was for a period of almost a whole year.

Worth Writing A Guide?

Yes, it took a few days to construct/write this mmo guide, but look at the results!


Hope this helps you!


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Hi Grace, It sounds as though your hard work is paying dividends. Congratulations! Mike.
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Thank you Mike :) Yes it’s sure starting to.
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Great and thanks for sharing
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Thanks so much for stopping by! :)
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EXCEPTIONAL!!!! Happy for your results and grateful for your sharing....
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Thank you Rosie!! Glad you enjoyed this. :)
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Excelent! Way to go!
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Thank you! :)
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Very cool Grace, strong work!
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