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Sorry again. I meant trial jaxxy keyword tool
Kyle Premium Ambassador
You can set up a Jaaxy account here:

And you get 30 free searches with the trail membership.
Hi Kyle hate to bother you again, I know you are busy. I just tried signing into Jaaxy again and it said, couldn't find any matching credentials, I tried again to set up the free trial and it said, sign-up has been restricted due to multiple accts, probably from trying to re-enter my info. Does the Premium keyword tool have a QSR rating similar to the trial Jaaxy Keyword tool?
Sorry. Working on I phone. Didn't get a reply yet. Any ideas or suggestions.
Kyle Premium Ambassador
Just got back to your other message.
Hi Kyle. I've been having problems trying to log into my Trial Jakayla acct since Wednesday. When I try to log in it says email not found. I thought my acct didn't take so I tried to reset up an acct. now it says acct restricted due to multiple accts. I sent a ticket to help desk and haven't had a re
Kyle Premium Ambassador
I have never heard of that platform. You have everything you need here at WA though James, work through the training, take action, and you will be well on your way to creating a business online.
Sipke Premium
Hi Kyle, Marion here, when will i have the ability to give comments again? I'm not that bad....And I do need more comments....
Kyle Premium Ambassador
When you are using the SiteComments platform, your goal is to add to the dialogue of the content and to be highly relevant to the content within the post.

If the post is about "how to lose weight fast online", then your comment should be about this exact topic. Ask a question, offer insight into your experiences within the topic, etc. You ARE NOT critiquing a website, you are not commenting on how you like the layout and you are do not want to comment things like "Great post" as it offers no value.

Here is some training on how the SiteComments platform works: You should watch this before you make another comment as it will offer you a good deal of perspective here.

You were rejected because you were giving "SiteFeedback". People are not looking for a critique on their website when asking for SiteComments, that is the SiteFeedback platform so don't leave this sort of comment.

PS. I have reset your comments that were disallowed and you should be able to comment again here.
Sipke Premium
Yes Kyle, thank you, I relalize I have made some mistakes in that, Marion
Kyle Premium Ambassador
Happens to the best of us, no worries Marion and if you have any further issues moving forward let us know. :)
Fishzel Premium
Hey kyle am getting stuck on doing word press. I watched the video but couldn't do as i Watched it because on the video it says I should start by clicking premium services however I couldn't get that button on my screen. Fyi I became a premium.
Kyle Premium Ambassador
You are Premium, you have full access to everything here at WA. What do you feel you are missing?

You have the key to the community now that you are premium!
Thanks for the welcome
Kyle Premium Ambassador
No problem at all Selena, it is great to have you here at WA and I absolutely look forward to working with you and seeing you progress in the coming days, weeks, and months ahead.

I am connected to WA throughout the day, so if you ever have any questions let me know. I am always around! :)
Spellcry7 Premium
Looking for some help,comments, suggestions about my site, Thanks and appreciate the feedback
Kyle Premium Ambassador
A few things here:

(1) Target keywords within every page or post.

Each page or post on your website should have a keyword focal point. Keywords are what lead to rankings and what lead to traffic. So when you are looking to come up with an idea for a new post, do some keyword research and find a phrase that is related to your niche.

As you build out your content and start getting rankings under these terms, you will see your traffic (and revenue) cumulatively grow. Just know that not every page will rank, but over time a good percentage will. The game of numbers!

(2) Be thorough with your content. Quality content is content that is helpful and often times means it being thorough.

With each page or post you create on your website, people should come to it and feel as they have gotten the help/information that they were looking for and it was presented in a way that was interesting.


Content like that is a little thin and doesn't really offer your visitors much value.

Off and running here though Alan and off to a good start!
possumlane Premium Top 100
HI Kyle - I have been working on my website today as per your suggestions and I have edited some of my posts etc - there was a comment box on one of my posts but since I have finished the editing the comment box has disappeared and I cannot work out how to get it back - I have been on the chat line but no one seems able to help - can you?
Kyle Premium Ambassador
Many themes do not allow for comments on pages, but all posts by default will allow for comments. My recommendation would be to create everything as a post moving forward as comments are ideal for engagement, trust and ranking on your website.

Hope this helps you out here!
possumlane Premium Top 100
No it doesn't really - the comments that were on the posts have disappeared and I cannot work out how to get the comment box back on to my posts - guess I will start at lesson1 again and see whether that has any information
Kyle Premium Ambassador
Can you send me a link to a post where this is happening so I can have a look here.
possumlane Premium Top 100
Okay - sorry for the tardy response was working through the lessons again to see if I missed anything - there are three posts Stem Cell Technology was the one that had the comment which is now missing
Thanks Kyle
Kyle Premium Ambassador
Comments are there, they just won't show on your homepage because your homepage is your blog roll and it doesn't show your full post.

If you click the link to go directly to the post, you will see the comments there:

SO this is working just fine here Carol and as expected. ;)
BNewell Premium
Hello Everyone, I completed lesson 3 "choosing a niche." My greatest desire is to be life coach, person skilled at drawing out a person's own wisdom to help that person maximize their potential (personal, family, business, spiritual). I found information on life coach job description, life coach affiliate programs. What are your thoughts on needing a personal coach to help you establish your goals, set-up priorities, monitor and evaluate progress, figure out solution to set backs or learn how to continue moving forward toward personal growth and reach your goals and help you teach others to do the same?
Kyle Premium Ambassador
Self development is a trap niche, as is the "life coaching" niche. Whom do you want to help specifically, self develop what? Someone looking to develop better skills in their relationship with their spouse or someone looking to get over their fear of public speaking, or someone looking to......etc?

You need to narrow this down to something that is more specific.

When deciding on a niche and trying to narrow down to a more specific niche, I recommend you ask yourself the following question:

I want to help people that ______________.

Fill in the blank and you are going to be much closer to a specific audience. After you do this and if you want to run any further ideas by me, let me know and I will give you a hand. :)
BNewell Premium
Thanks Kyle. Let me get back to the drawing board.
Kyle Premium Ambassador
Sure, if you want to run any more ideas by me let me know. :)
EKibikibi Premium
Hi Kyle,
I am following you. I am lesson 9, have yet to start my content page.
Will try doing that soon.
Kyle Premium Ambassador
Yeah, that will be the next step. As you move forward, you will be building out your website and content. Just make sure that you take action on the tasks within the training, they are there for a reason. ;)
EKibikibi Premium
Thank You - noted that!
Takatomo Premium
Hi Kyle,

Is it possible to cancel my Jaaxy membership? It's just that I am not using much and mostly have to spend time writing content now. I want to start using again in the future.

Kyle Premium Ambassador
Yes, you can cancel your Jaaxy membership directly within your Paypal account (that is where you signed up through and where you can manage all of your subscriptions from). Do let me know if you cannot figure this out Taka and I will give you a hand.
Takatomo Premium
Kyle, Thanks!

I just changed the setting and it says, "This profile has been canceled and cannot be reactivated. No more recurring payments will be made."

Does this sound right? I think I did it correctly.
Kyle Premium Ambassador
Yes, that sounds right. :)
cyd02 Premium
Thank you Kyle!
Kyle Premium Ambassador
Any time, chat soon!
rarneyjr14 Premium
Hi Kyle, I just finished my first content for my site, still have some work to do on it, would you take a look at it and let me know what you think. I think it may be a little wordy. Here is the link
Kyle Premium Ambassador
A few things here:

(1) Avoid overuse of bold within your content. Bold text is very difficult to read and I would avoid using it at all if you can. When you bold something, it's intended purpose is to stand out from the rest of your text and it should be used very sparingly.

(2) I recommend that you keep your menus on one line, versus flowing over into 2-3 lines. This makes the navigation experience much more comprehendible to your audience and also will put more emphasis on your content as your menu will not take up so much vertical space. You can do this with custom menus.

You can add these custom menus to organize your top menu in any way in which you like, as well as create sub-menus (for themes that will support this). You can also use these custom menus to add within your side widgets on your website (within your sidebar).

Here is a tutorial on how to create custom menus: I use custom menus on all of my websites (over-ride that default menu). It allows much more control and organization....both good things!

(3) One thing that I always recommend is to "show" people more within your content instead of just "telling" them. By this I mean that you should not just let them know about something, you should walk them through a process. Help them. Use screenshots or images to represent what you are talking about.

This will lead to a much more enjoyable user experience and will also lead to much higher conversions.


Overall though, off and running here and heading in the right direction.
Thanks Kyle so much,am seeing my self getting to the bottom of every thing before I join premium
Kyle Premium Ambassador
Most definitely, immerse yourself here within the community, take action and ask some questions as you move forward. No pressure at all Godfrey and if you ever need a hand with anything moving forward, just ask. ;)
ok Kyle I have 8 keyword or phases I found on jaaxy
but not sure if they are really good or not, or what order I should use them in.
1) Potty train a puppy in 3 days searches 316 traffic 54 qsr 11 seo 91
2) fastest way potty train puppy searches 104 traffic 18 qsr4 seo 96
3) Potty train dog fast searches 171 traffic 30 qsr 14 seo 98
4) potty train your dog 7 days searches 64 traffic 11 qsr 0 seo 97
5) best way potty train your puppy searches 56 traffic 10 qsr 11 seo 94
6) potty train older dog searches 313 traffic 54 qsr 30 seo 96
7) potty train dog searches 4799 traffic 816 qsr 86 seo 88
8) best way potty train your dog searches 32 traffic 6 qsr 0 seo 95

I know the last one isnt that good on searches. So, should I use these and if so in what order.

By the way thanks for all the help, Tina
BNewell Premium
Hi, Years ago, I had German shepherd collie mix and it took a couple days with reward treats if they went to the door indicating they needed to get out or id they barked at the door.
Most people want their pet potty trained as soon as possible.
Things to consider: Is the dog being trained to go on pads inside house, trained to go outside house, trained to go if owner works all day? Does certain breeds of dogs give the owner signs that they have to use potty? Example: Pit bulls (per my friend) excessively sniff the ground or surroundings when they have to go; also about 15-30 after pit bull eats or drink they have to go. Type of dog may be harder to train; some adult dog take week to potty train.
There are plenty dog potty training affiliate programs. Look at

Hope this helps!

Kyle Premium Ambassador
Always make sure the keywords make grammatical sense before you choose them.

Keywords are the premise of all of your content. Ideally you will be finding keywords with a lower competition (also known as QSR) because it means that you are going to be competition with less websites in Google when you go to create your content.

You want your keyword to meet the following criteria:

(1) Must be lower than 200 QSR initially, as you get more authority in search engines you can tackle more competitive search terms.
(2) Must get some traffic, I ideally aim for over 50 searches per month
(3) Must make grammatical sense

Once you have your keyword, you are going to create a page or a post on your website targeting that keyword. It should be within the following places in your content:

(1) Somewhere in the page/post title
(2) Somewhere within the first paragraph

And then write your content naturally and make sure it is engaging. People search "keywords" when they are looking for something so as you start getting ranked under these keywords, you are going to start to see traffic.

Once you have have a ton of opportunity to generate revenue.

Hope this helps you out Tina!
Thanks and I already found a dog training affiliate pays 80% but I'll look into them as well. Better to have two then just 1. Always better to have a back up plan.