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I guess this is where I tell everyone what I like to do...maybe even give some insight into the life of "Kyle". I enjoy travelling the world when I can and fortunately owning an internet business is very accommodating to travel (but it also means that I am always connected lol).

I also like to exercise, play sports (mostly basketball), and of course, Internet Business!

I also like to read in my spare time. Knowledge is a powerful thing. If you educate yourself in things that you are passionate about and that you can "apply" towards your journey to success, you can achieve big things!

I began marketing in college, where I began my journey onto the Internet. I took computer science in school, primarily focusing on programming, but quickly found a love for the business & marketing components of the web. Business has always been an interest of mine. I remember reading jargon-filled business magazines while I was still in high school.

Since the inception of Wealthy Affiliate in Sept, 2005, I have a new found passion -- helping others succeed online. This is not an easiest of tasks, and everyone coming to WA comes from a different background, with a different story, but my (and Carson's) goal is to continue to work towards creating a system that will induce widespread success among the WA community members.

Give me a shout out in the forum and if you want, add me to your buddy list, or send me a message below!

Take Care,


PS. I truly look forward to working with you!!
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FKelso Premium
Kyle, several of us would like to know why Joes946 has been told he is banned from writing on this platform. Surely there has been some mistake -- he has been one of the most supportive members on here. No one will tell him why he's banned, and we all want to know
BJPfaff-DeLo Premium
Kyle ~ I have had to back up a bit as I see I missed a few messages, including this one.

I am enjoying working your program and getting to know you and Carson. Your help with this is so appreciated and the patience you both show.

I appreciate each and every message you send and look forward to each step up the ladder to a successful online business(es) with Wealthy Affiliate...each day is an adventure...

Kyle Premium
Absolutely, I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and really enjoying the adventure within the online world. I have been at this for almost 19 years full time and I can tell you the adventure never gets old. ;)
EuropeanCar Premium
11 / 28 / 2020
Dear Mr. Kyle Loudoun,
Good Evening. I am aware that my monthly bill is due for December. I had a bill to pay. Sorry I did not have enough money in my bank account to cover my Wealthy Affiliate bill also.
I am waiting for this weeks, 11/22/2020, pay check to arrive in my mail box. I am expecting to receive it before Wednesday, 12/2/2020.
As soon as I receive my pay check I will deposit your fourty-nine dollars fee in to my account. I live paycheck to paycheck. I am trying to raise my income by doing At-Home and Internet websites like Wealthy Affiliate.

Enjoy the rest of your day,
Robert Lee Benjamin Lewis
Kyle Premium
Sure, not an issue Robert. Thanks for letting me know. We always give folks a flex period in which they can make payment if the first payment or two fail.

If for some reason your membership is cut off, you will be able to reconnect your membership (in its entirety) when you do have payment available.

Thanks for letting me know. :)
Thanks for reaching out. I have been doing alot research into online and have had my share of the scams unfortunately. I think I have finally found a home and am going to sign up this week to begin the journey. Thanks again it means the world to know I have help.
Kyle Premium
You have found a home here at WA, and yes, there are definitely a lot of scams out there. You are are in the safehouse from scams now that you have found WA. I know you are going to love your journey moving forward Brian and I really do look forward to working with you!
mjcharland Premium
Hi Kyle:

I have now installed Contact Form 7 on my website. You said I could ask you about it and perhaps you'll have a chance to test it.

I’m getting the email from the sender with no problem. I had Tech Support test it and it worked fine. But I'm not getting the sender's name and sender's email address that way.

How do I get the sender to send me their name and email address? I don't see that being captured anywhere.

I would like the sender to put their name in the Subject field and their email in the Message field, ahead of anything else, so I get that information. However, I tried to tell them that in a message on my “Contact Us” page, ahead of the Contact Form 7 material. But it didn’t work and I didn’t get my email.

I also tried to modify Contact Form 7 by adding two fields in it, per the instructions in your videos: one for sender name and one for sender's email address. But that didn't work either.

I’m attaching the current wording for the Contact Form 7 form. All I added to that form was the Acceptance field.