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I guess this is where I tell everyone what I like to do...maybe even give some insight into the life of "Kyle". I enjoy travelling the world when I can and fortunately owning an internet business is very accommodating to travel (but it also means that I am always connected lol).

I also like to exercise, play sports (mostly basketball), and of course, Internet Business!

I also like to read in my spare time. Knowledge is a powerful thing. If you educate yourself in things that you are passionate about and that you can "apply" towards your journey to success, you can achieve big things!

I began marketing in college, where I began my journey onto the Internet. I took computer science in school, primarily focusing on programming, but quickly found a love for the business & marketing components of the web. Business has always been an interest of mine. I remember reading jargon-filled business magazines while I was still in high school.

Since the inception of Wealthy Affiliate in Sept, 2005, I have a new found passion -- helping others succeed online. This is not an easiest of tasks, and everyone coming to WA comes from a different background, with a different story, but my (and Carson's) goal is to continue to work towards creating a system that will induce widespread success among the WA community members.

Give me a shout out in the forum and if you want, add me to your buddy list, or send me a message below!

Take Care,


PS. I truly look forward to working with you!!
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Miliahoney Premium Plus
Hi Kyle I found a niche: temptations cat treats but I don't know if I did correct ? choose a domain name for your website : temptations and Enter a title for your website: cat treats everything was green (ok). but it's my first time. tell me if I am correct for my first niche.
Kyle Premium Plus
Cat Food and Treats. I would head in that direction, as that will give you more flexibility to grow and evolve as you move forward. :)
FLuswili Premium
Hi Kyle. I am on Bootcamp training at the stage of building my website. As this is "irreversible" I would appreciate your comments:

Target audience/direction
Helping workers who are closer to or about to retire create online businesses in Affiliates Marketing (WA) as a way of generating passive income for retirement.

Website name (two options)
1. generatepassiveincomeforretirement (Avg 48, Traffic 9, QSR 43, SEO 98, KQI Great)
2. howtogeneratepassiveincomeforretirement (Avg 48, Traffic 9, QSR 3, SEO 94, KQI Great)

What would be the best website name?

Note: I am passionate about helping "would-be-retired-workers" starting their own Online Businesses through WA before they retire or are declared redundant. Millions of them have no retirement plans and even those that have, the retirement package in not sufficient to sustain their needs.
I have been in a similar situation and therefore I would engage my audience from my experience and knowledge.
My regret is that I wish I had known about Wealthy Affiliates at least two years before 2020.

Thanks for your time and thanks to you and Carson for giving us WA. The community here is AMAZING.

Kyle Premium Plus
Sure, this is absolutely a direction that you can head with your niche. I just wouldn't be so long winded with your actual domain name, rather choose a domain that is more brandable than one that is keyword rich.

Never worry about keywords in your domain name, keywords will be the focus with the content that you create. Your domain is your brand, so you have to choose something that you like!
michaelw777 Premium
Dear Kyle; as I am promoting The Wealthy Affiliate: I would like to know this for sure? How long can a new Member stay on with a SiteRubix Site; before that New Member has to buy a .com ?

And how long can a New Member stay on free before that Member would have to pay for Membership?

No Offense meant; I am just asking these questions because I want to know? And too; when I am Promoting The Wealthy Affiliate; it would be great for me to know the answers.

Thank you:
No Offense meant:
Kyle Premium Plus
They can stay using the Free membership for as long as they want, though the website that they create using the SiteRubix domains expires after 6-months, they will have to create again, or buy their own domain if they really are serious with the business.
TheaWS Premium
Been super busy and finally took the evening to go through the 2nd course. Like binge-watching! I am thankful that much of this stuff I already know, so it was easier for me to fly through some trainings. Wordpress is new to me, however, and I am giving myself a big pat on the back for getting a cup of coffee and paying attention to learn a NEW skill.
Can I make 2 suggestions, which of course you are free to ignore..
Why not make what is affiliate marketing first, so newbies have some sense as to where this is all going.
Honestly, the site-building part can be discouraging and if I didn't already know a lot about affiliate marketing I may have quit! But I saw the end game so I busted through it.
That is why people join- to learn affiliate marketing not. A newbie has to see the goal line and will be excited about site-building and content creating! This is my opinion so.
You are obviously successful, so please don't take it personally. Just giving my 2 cents.
Also, your checklist for staying on tasks and goal setting is great. Why not make that FIRST?

I am grateful for your wealth of knowledge and sharing. I am learning a lot. Things I wish I knew years ago!!
Blessings, Thea
Kyle Premium Plus
Because you cannot "affiliate market" without traffic, and without a website, you will never build a business. So it would be a "short cut" that would ultimately lead to everyone failing. People can make a "quick sale" by referring folks that they know here.

We show folks the goal line by giving them a break down in lesson 2 of the training, but I do agree that we could incorporate more of a mindset video and we are in the talks of that. Starter members also have access to this class. Something that you can share with any Starter member, or non member of Wealthy Affiliate. :)
Hello I am Robinson pls I don't have money to upgrade this is my first time pls can u help me send me money I can use to upgrade and buy some things I need at home to work I am employed I am new i don't have work i will really appreciate If u understand my regards thanks.
Kyle Premium Plus
All good! If you don't have the budget to upgrade at the moment, that is completely fine. You should work through the Getting Started training (within the "Get Started Here" button in the menu) and take action.

By lesson 4 you are going to have your own niche website up and running. This is the starting point of your business and is the foundation that is going to lead you to success down the road.

When you are ready to upgrade, I know you are going to absolutely love it but at your own pace.