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HI Kyle, I am brand new here. I am now a premium monthly. I really want to use my RETIREMENT by turning this into a lucrative work from home business where I can travel and SHARE THIS OPPORTUNITY ALL OVER THE WORLD. I want to call my business "HOW TO GET RICH RELAXING". Any advice you can provide with all of your experience would be greatly appreciated.
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HI Kyle, I am brand new here. I am now a premium monthly. I really want to take my passion for fitness/yoga, neuroscience/meditation and turn it into a lucrative work from home business where i can travel and host wellness retreats around the world. I want to call my business SoulStop and everything I promote or create nourishes the individual on a deeper "soul" level. I'm interested in the self realization journey and I just don't quite know where to begin. I also recently began recording guided meditations and hosting talks in my area in the field of Positive Psychology. That's a bit about me. Any advice you can provide with all of your experience would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi Kyle, This is my first day here and everything looks great
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Kyle why can I not send you a private message?
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Hi Kyle! Thanks for following . I am working on my About Me page and I think I will get there
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I kyle is me Vapsi
I have a question I'm trying to do the payment for premium but don't let me and I don't know why
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Kyle for the first time since joining WA (1MO) I am frustrated and have been unable to move forward for about 5 days now because of a problem that doesn't seem able to be resolved. I cannot get my website to come up. If I type in my URL (, a page comes up that says "page unavailable". According to namecheap, the problem falls on WA's end. - Here's what they had to say in my chat session with them -
Tuan N.:
As I can see, the domain is pointing to the following nameservers: Name Server: NS1.MYWAHOSTING.COM Name Server: NS2.MYWAHOSTING.COM
10:11Glen Nordstrom:
10:12Tuan N.:
However, there are no host records set for the domain at your hosting provider's end.
10:12Tuan N.:
Kindly contact them to check the issue.
10:12Glen Nordstrom:
What does that mean?
10:13Tuan N.:
In order for the domain to resolve to a website, it should be pointing to nameservers(DNS), and there should be a zonefile it includes DNS settings for the domain.
10:13Tuan N.:
In this case, the zonefile for your domain is missing.

HOW CAN THIS BE CORRECTED SO I CAN MOVE FORWARD?. I am stuck on Course 2, Lesson 2. Thank you. I also posed this problem to Carson
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I am member of WA almost about a month. I need to make my website . I know my niche and made keyword lists and searching more at WA by keyword searching tool and if I need to run the actual .com domains before I make the purchase for domain name then please let me know. Is it ok to make free website first and then transfer to my domain name.
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Hey Kyle,can we connect re my Billing situation,i don't want this to be a public issue.Hans
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i want to move up the ladder obviously that is from starter to premium ,but you never know what can happen in life
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hi there i am a complete newbie,can you please explain apart from training affiliate marketers, does WA act also as a hosting site ,if in case i move back from premium to starter level will my site still be mine ,will i still be able to use it
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hi kyle,
can you help me get in the going...i want to prospre like you guys for just sitting and working it out at home..thanx
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Good morning, just wanted to thank you for this opportunity, I finished a website for WA but am having difficulty getting traffic. I am now working on my second website. A site for painters. I am very excited. Hope you have a great day
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hello kyle can u pleas help me to make a better website