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zach99999 Premium Follow Me
Hi K...I love what you guys got it...After all my years online I never made money however this WA...make me feel things about to change
choclategirl Premium Follow Me
Hello Kyle can you please reply what I want to know is please don't change my account for next month dont have money and I won't be able to pay if im not making any its hard for me right now I lost my job and im a single parent
nfufa15 Follow Me
Hi kyle, Thanks for following me. Rich network, great community:) My only objection is the short time new members have to decide the premium which also can't be reversed.
choclategirl Premium Follow Me
Hi kyle im sorry to inform you that I want to discontinue my membership thank you for your help
RickRyberg Premium Follow Me
Hey Kyle, THANKS for the Follow! I am brand new but I already feel "at home" here at WA. I am progressing through the basic training and am following those who follow me as well as some who follow others. I think I want to be a WA Affiliate and promote WA. as well as other LEGITIMATE make money online programs.
THANKS AGAIN for all your and Carson's support! It is appreciated !
Rick Ryberg
CLapi Premium Follow Me
Hey Kyle just letting you and Carson know that this is one amazing powerful community that you guys have created and i am enjoying every single second of it. thanks
lcarrier43 Premium Follow Me
Hi Kyle,
How do I add you to my buddy list? I just started but I am excited about learning new things. I appreciate your involvement with us. The WA Community is awesome!
Lim118 Premium Follow Me
Hi Kyle, Carson still do not know I sign up as premium. I will go for monthly premium because I am earning very low income. Hope you all understand. Thank You. Michael
Zeddhaque Premium Follow Me
Hello Kyle, I don't know why I can't pay for premium membership on this site. I just bought something from Amazon with my bank card but my card is not working here. My paypal is also not working. Is there any other way I can pay?
JOXINA Follow Me
Thanks Kyle, I am glad to have met somebody like you. It had always been my dream to know internet marketing, I did not know where to start from. With you I am sure i have a foundation, since i want to earn from internet marketing my primary salary.

Hope my dream will turn out to be true.
positiveyear Follow Me
Kyle, thanks for your nice comments to me! As my brief comment indicated, everything is a little bit busy now. I want to learn more from Wealthy Affiliate! Yet, I doubt that I will feel comfortable about paying at the end of the next four/five days. I need to know that I an be sufficiently successful, and I may not have the time immediately. You appear very open-minded! FIrst, what do you suggest that I give the highest priority to do, to get the best taste about whether or not I will have some success? -- in a few hours time frame? Secondly, if I do not immediately join within the next four/five days (because I probably can not spend the time), is there a reasonable chance that I will learn enough without the full services to be able to test my experience and hopefully join a couple of weeks later? Thank you!
LH-CLUB Premium Follow Me
LH-CLUB Premium Follow Me
Hello Kyle , if you buy the first month , after that can you then buy for the rest of the year $359 less $19 , is that right, or not?
DianeBoyer Premium Follow Me
Hi Kyle! I am almost finished with Step 1. Just double checking that I didn't miss anything. I will upgrade tomorrow to Premium. Thought you should know.
nino1973 Follow Me
Hello there, I am Few Dollars closer to upgrade... Question: After I upgrade, I have to buy my own domain, buy auto response, landing pages?

sorry but I am so new in this maked, that I am still inside of the box.