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Hi, In lesson 8 I was in the process of adding the "about me" "privacy policy" and "site name". By accident, I added a second "privacy policy". When I tried to remove it, I ended up with a set of letters and symbols on the left followed by the correct words - "about me" etc ... Could someone please advise me how to remove the symbols? Geoff
rorolicious3 Follow Me
Hi Kyle I wanna say thank you for giving me this opportunity to change my life. I will do my all to learn and work hard to make this dream of mine a reality.
Once again Thank you.
piperman Premium Follow Me
First of all the system won't let me post messages with a question and I'm a premium member now and also I am building my Wealthy Affiliate website now and I transfered Wealthy Affiliates host server info to Godaddy where I have my domain. Question if I have another website from another company that I am a member with can I use this domain with them and add them in my settings at GoDaddy or do I need to buy another domain for that membership company?​ Alex Gordon aka piperman
kudaonline Follow Me
hie Kyle . Can you please open our country to be available in the payment option
Aliberator Follow Me
I know I waited till the very last minute to deal with this and I really have no one to blame but myself if I don't come up with a solution in time, even so, I'm hoping you can give me some advice! You see, I had to deposite money into my barren bank account today in order to have enough to switch to premium. I did so, have the receipt in hand that says the money is on there but I went to upgrade and the transaction didn't go through. I called the automated number to check and see if the funds were visible yet and they were not. I have no way to contact my bank until Monday to figure out why it's not showing up and my discount time will be up in less than two days. At which point, the price will be higher than my funds can afford. My bank is cornerstone federal credit union, and I don't have an online account. As far as I know, there's no way to contact them online without an account.

If I can figure this out, payment after this month will no longer be an issue but if journey just might end here for a while. I was thinking of just starting over from scratch and making a new account if need be but I'm hoping it doesn't have to come down to that. If you have any advice it would be greatly appreciated!
lindasea Premium Top 200 Follow Me
A very good morning to you Kyle!

I haven't been by your profile for awhile but see that you have recently changed the upfront profile pic and thought I'd drop back by. I love it! I especially have enjoyed seeing that it is a smile you have as you enjoy one of my favorite big cats! Oh so cool that you were able to get up close and personal with a tiger.

I also would like you to know that I really appreciate the other pics under your profile as it gives me such a lovely feeling to see the love you share with your wife! And then its good to see the camaraderie you share in the those happy moments with Carson, too!

I hope you are all doing well! We live in such a crazy busy time, and sometimes life throws us curve balls that tend to upset the apple cart. (I am aware of what is on Carson's plate and pray things are going well for them, too. Just don't want to be intrusive when there could be so much to manage there.) Those times can always be traversed but are made so much easier as we do it with family and friends support. Although we have never met, I just want you to know you have that in me. In time I want to develop a website to introduce others to what you have created, and to you and Carson, because it is powerful and good! Right now I am just trying, with too many starts and stops around my own time constraints, to keep my little blog up and running. "-)

So, would just like you to know that I am most appreciative of what you have created here in partnership with Carson. And I am humbly grateful to get to know a little about you through your generous sharing with us here in the Wealthy Affiliate community and through your profile pics.

Linda "-)
colsey2003 Follow Me
Thanks for your kind message its very encouraging. I just started the training yesterday but found it very interesting. Will start lesson 2 today.Regards Colin.
BCM Premium Follow Me
Hi Kyle, might want to change this date: .... "Be a Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador in 2014 by paying-it-forward and helping others within the community!" Keep up the great work. Thanks for everything.
filbs71 Premium Follow Me
Hello and thanks for the follow I wish you all the best, I hope you find my blogs and posts interesting and maybe you can help me on my way :) Vicky x
gkiernan Premium Follow Me
Hey Kyle, Nice pic and i hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Rickyharden1 Premium Follow Me
I am pulling a all night mission to complete the starter program! 5hrs and counting..... ;) I appreciate you helping me with the timer that was really cool man.... Thank you
LINDAMING1 Premium Follow Me
can i use my made up domain name do i have to buy one really
muelaner Follow Me
hi, I just created my profile. The niches I'm interested in are quality (lean, six sigma etc) and cycling. I have an established (but chaotic) site for quality getting about 2,000 organic visitors a month and I'm working on a bike site.

I've have some understanding of web design, seo, facebook advertising and affiliate schemes for years. But I've never really grasped how to really get it together to make money.

I'm determined to crack it this year. Looking forward to your advice on what steps I need to take to reach my goals.
Mdbergen Premium Follow Me
still unable to get answer to my issue.. I attached a link to a image . when I click to see if it works it says not found..wordpress please help
simbah Follow Me
try to upload the image again
PMakaris Premium Top 200 Follow Me
Thanks for the bday wish Kyle! :)