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Hi Kyle,

I thought I came into WA fully prepared to go premium but life likes to throw curve balls. I was wondering if there was any sort of extended introductory premium offer by a few days while I wait for a cheque to come in? Regardless I will continue to plug away and if there is a promo after I will take it for sure, if it jumps to full price after the 7 days I may have to wait a little longer.
I asked for feedback in live chat and some thought it was $19 your first month even after the 7 days.

I was hoping for clarification as I watch my time run down... 15 hours left :(
puritykimani Premium Follow Me
hey kyle, my niche is wedding gowns for plus size women. i am stuck on deciding what to write on my domain once i manage to access name cheap. any suggestions on how i can do this?
pisces Premium Follow Me
Hi Kyle: I was told by NameCheap that my new "registered" domain name cannot be moved to WA for 60 days. Two months is a long time to wait to set up a website... how can I rectify this -- can I "un-register" my domain name? I had no idea I registered it anyway and I never had to wait 60 days on my first two WA websites.
Chingle Premium Follow Me
Hi Kyle

I do have my own domain at Namecheap but the problem is that it's been hosted by another Website Hosting. Is it possible to change the name server there?
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just want to say thank you for following...
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Hello, thank you for giving me an life changing opportunity. There is one person that has helped me more than anyone and his name is Devin Shaw! I appreciate then mentoring he has openly offered me. Thank you again!
Kalibear Follow Me
Hi Kyle,

I sent you an e-mail yesterday and then again this morning. Could you please go look at it and then get back to me. Thanks.
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Just Finished Lesson 2 but I have a quick question. My intended niche is going to be the health and fitness space and I get a huge amount of my information and inspiration from a website that I know has exclusive items not found on Amazon. I know they work in achieving any fitness goal due to my own personal use of them. First off, how would I be able to promote these products? And second, would there be a way to receive commissions from the owners of the website that does offer them?
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Hi Kyle, i want to know why Jaaxy is showing less average of searches that keyword receives per month whereas same search on google keyword tool is showing some other data??
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Kyle Please help me here man. I still see Sample Page
Chingle Premium Follow Me
I deleted the sub-title but it doesn't want to change
Chingle Premium Follow Me
Hi Kyle
I've changed the tag under settings and update and but when I check out the website it still saying "Proudly powered by WordPress | Theme: purelyShopping by PurelyThemes. " It doesn't want to update. And I don't also see my website URL's
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Nice to meet you Kyle! I'm 67 and YES Knowledge is a powerful thing
Releaseme Premium Follow Me
Hi Kyle, I tried how to send message to you through private but It didn't get me through. So, I have no choice I have to leave message here.

I just noticed that the $47 dollars went out from my account,and I have emailed back 3 weeks ago not to continue because this is not working for me. So, please I need my refund because my husband got mad at me. Thanks
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What happens if you are going to be away from computer for a few weeks