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CatsScratch Follow Me
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your passion is quickly helping me head in the direction of achieving my goals of doing something I am passionate about. It's all about helping others. Back to my training. :)
SRidenour Follow Me
Hey Kyle...I am looking forward to this business adventure. Blessings!
Chrisdon Premium
hey Kyle; please take a second to check out my site at; it is the I imagine that I can make some improvements
sabacorp Follow Me
Hi Kyle, hello and I hope you are having your Best Day Ever! Looking forward to learning and working with WA.
daletm Follow Me
Hi Kyle, just here to say hello
johncicone Follow Me
Hi Kyle...just signed up as a starter account and I'm checking things out. Seems like a very good community and place to get help.

I'm working my way through the first ten quick question...does the WA system have a built in autoresponder or do I need something like Aweber?
msamya Follow Me
HI Kyle:
how can I guide the others to this website and make commission I red the boot-camp but couldn't understand how.
for example I have the website out side here and lots of email contact but I have no idea how you realize the people come from me?
if you can please explain to me or let me know where can I find my answer
Trip027 Premium Follow Me
Is there any way I can get my membership money back? It overdraw my account and I haven't used the membership in a few days anyway. This site just recurred my membership today.
Manjith Follow Me
Hi Kyle. I'm having a problem...I've referred 2 people to WA but when trying to create their accounts they receive an error message stating that they already have accounts. They then tried using their e-mail addresses to find their "lost passwords" but the message they then get is that no account information is available for the e-mail address? What's wrong?
SRidenour Follow Me
I just got the same response from someone that entered their info on my landing page.
JasonBurt Premium Follow Me
Just wanted to say hi :-)
You've got a great place here, think I might stay.
As I'm here can you give me your opinion on something? I'll be promoting the WA affiliate program. Should I use a domain name to brand myself, such as or a domain like
Many thanks
Dannaphea Premium Follow Me
Use a broad name discribes you Jason
dbcoach13 Follow Me
I look forward to being connected to you and your team of successful online business people.
satxmarkz Premium Follow Me
My goal is to have 1 new refferal per day in 2015 and build on that.
frr4me Follow Me
Hi Kyle nice to meet you. Questions please.
1-Can i build multiple websites to promote WA or does it need to be one site only?
2- Can i combine the 300 new subscribers from more than 1 website to get to Vegas?
3-If i can't get 300 subscribers to get to Vegas can i still attend on my expenses?
4- When is Vegas conference will be held?
Ummhowell Follow Me
Hi Kyle. Great to meet you. Just one question before i start the program. How exactly do i generate an income from my website if i decide to create one? Do i have to sell products or promote your program?
jdeen Follow Me
Hi Kyle. Am still at a crossroads with my first niche and need your feedback buddy. Am tossing up between Self Esteem...Classic Horror Movies...Jack the Ripper...INFP Personality Profile...How To Cure Acne. Which one would you think would be the most viable?