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I guess this is where I tell everyone what I like to do...maybe even give some insight into the life of "Kyle". I enjoy travelling the world when I can and fortunately owning an internet business is very accommodating to travel (but it also means that I am always connected lol).

I also like to exercise, play sports (mostly basketball), and of course, Internet Business!

I also like to read in my spare time. Knowledge is a powerful thing. If you educate yourself in things that you are passionate about and that you can "apply" towards your journey to success, you can achieve big things!

I began marketing in college, where I began my journey onto the Internet. I took computer science in school, primarily focusing on programming, but quickly found a love for the business & marketing components of the web. Business has always been an interest of mine. I remember reading jargon-filled business magazines while I was still in high school.

Since the inception of Wealthy Affiliate in Sept, 2005, I have a new found passion -- helping others succeed online. This is not an easiest of tasks, and everyone coming to WA comes from a different background, with a different story, but my (and Carson's) goal is to continue to work towards creating a system that will induce widespread success among the WA community members.

Give me a shout out in the forum and if you want, add me to your buddy list, or send me a message below!

Take Care,


PS. I truly look forward to working with you!!
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mlvnjk Premium
Thanks for the follow Kyle. You guys were right about the community, I mean I rec. so many follows from so many wonderful
people in the last twenty four hours, it was just great, try to answer all of them into wee hours of the morning, but I could not get them
all, still have so many to catch up on. I have never, ever, spoken to
anyone on the internet before, but all these wonderful people just
seems so happy and pleased to be part of your great program that
they just made me feel so comfortable sharing with them. I even had a few laughs with our friend Dave last night, was just great to
be cheered up so late at night when I was feeling a little tired and
trying to push it through an extra hour. A great number of these people are on a higher level in life (including yourself )than I could ever hope to be, yet they all seem so down to earth when I connect with them, kind of helps me, (and I am sure others) come out of our shell and feel relaxed out here in this big scary space
we are in. My wife and I are really hoping that this will really work
out for us, with all the other disappointments we had on the internet over the years. We will now be married fifty years come
next year. We are both seniors...she is sixty nine, I am seventy
three, in the work force all our lives...always working for some one
else. Then when we would try to become a little independent along
the way, there would always be some one just around the corner
who would try and scam, or rip us off in some way. We would always pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and just get back on the road again. I refused to retire at sixty five, so I plowed right
through until this summer, when I thought that It might be wise to
hang it all up and leave it to a younger group. We seem to be younger than our age, and the fact that we are a stubborn couple,
might tell you that we are in this for the long haul. So we say,"step
aside life, we are not packing it in just yet". We raised four children
and our oldest is fifty, our youngest is forty. They are all out doing their own thing. Would be good if we could help them a little along the way. Well Kyle going to sign off for now...climbing to three in
the morning again...hey what did I tell you about feeling relaxed
in this community, wow just great !! Thanks again for the follow up
Kyle, and will touch up again later !!
shakou Premium
I want you to tell me what do you think about my website ?
I'm still confused... becausei whant to be in the make money online niche
cuz i got some 1,300 subscribers that opt in to learn how to make money online..

Question, is make money online my niche or The money is in the list... Marketing should be my niche ? Especially Email marketing ?

Hi Kyle! I'm very interested in doing this and send like it's something I want to do but obviously at some point in gonna have to pay in order to do anything and right now I'm broke as a joke with no family or friends that will help. So it seems like I made a mistake by signing for this :( had a feeling it was too good to be true
hhawkins Premium
I was watching the very first video once I joined premium but accidently left the whole website and now I cannot find the page that had all the videos and info on it when I went premium. Could you point me in the right direction?
I was wondering if the domain will support a social network type of site?
Thank you Kyle.
angelagatch Premium
Hi kyle, I want to upgrade to the premium for $19. Is that possible to do that now and then pay for a year next month. I don't know if I could do it that way or not? I know that I will still need help after the 7 days are up because I work long days at my job and I'm doing this on my down time. I want to be successful enough to quit my day job eventually.
Hey Kyle, question. Since my 3 pages were saved as drafts, would it be better to click Publish before or after completing pages?
ldelgarias Premium
Hi Kyle,
Thank you very much for your messages and reminders about going with Premium. I really do want to succeed with Wealthy Affiliate but at the moment I can't afford $50 a month. Even 20 is a stretch but will consider it tonight before the time is up since it's just one month and I can use the help when I need it. I definitely want to make sure to continue with the lessons and get my website up and running with tons of affiliate links and start making some money next year. Will the lessons continue to be available with the free membership? They have been extremely useful.

Thanks again Kyle!
Hi, Kyle and thanks for adding me to the group, nice pic of your family, by the way, you guys look very happy. I do have a few questions, first of all, my skills are in writing and especially English as a language, does it have a niche for this type of skills and secondly, once I complete the course and have websites up and running how will I be making money with a site?
Thank you. Now i,de like to see what every one is doing on here.
JafarRedha Premium
Hi, after seeing all these themes, is there any way to categorise them? For example, I'm not sure which is good for building landing page, or which one is for opening a store and so on. Thank you in advance.
Nice to meet you, Kyle!
It was good for everyone to join in good company with courage.
I also want to do my best to help everyone.
seconds2work Premium
Hi, Kyle, I just wanted to get in touch with you, let you know that I checked my credit card and it not showing WA has taken for December membership payment.

I would hate to make the progress I've made in WA and lose my account. I have tried other opportunities over the years, WA training and the community is the only one that has helped me to become this successful.

When I signed up back in March of 2015, you made me make a promise, I've kept my promise and have not quit. In April of this year, I made myself another promise to do what I love and start working on my dreams.

One of the reasons I joined WA is because of the pay it forward concept, which has been my concept most of my life. Another reason I joined is because it gives me the opportunity to brush up on some things I've learned over the years and to gain new knowledge.

My business is really starting to shape and I'm have entered the scaling stage, I know for a fact that WA has all the resources here I'm going to need to continue expanding, so I look forward to being able to have full access to my account at all time and I make sure my membership payment is always there.

I'm only concerned because it's now December 10, and WA has not charged my card yet. Would like to keep the business running as smooth as possible.

Thank you in advance for looking into this matter.

God bless
Hi Kyle, I know that I am just getting started, but what I hope to achieve is a successful way to make money online using the steps from your wealthy affiliate program. I see that I only have seven days to upgrade to premium, but even if I don't join in seven days, can I still sign up for premium service after the seven days once I see that I can afford the monthly cost?
Kyle Premium Ambassador
Do know that this is not a "trial" as your Starter membership does not end. Your Premium communication is for the first 7 days, but beyond that you will still have access to the community, your websites, and training.

Upgrade at your own pace and what works best for your situation. I know you are going to love the training and community here at WA and of course, feel free to ask for help if you ever need anything Joseph!