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Hello Kyle...Thank you for the follow and Blessings to you...:)
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Hello Kyle, what's the probability that I make more than $19 the moment I start my online business when I upgrade to premium
livelife4u2 Premium Follow Me
Thanks Kyle!
LorineJ Follow Me
Hello Kyle, I am unable to create my website. I followed the tutorial, but when I went to the manager my website was not created. What am I doing wrong?
Pablo818 Follow Me
Goodness Gracious Señor Kyle, You have created a monster of a site. What a beautiful effort. I can't thank you enough for this fabulous resource. You have provided me with exactly the tools I was needing in order to achieve my $10000.00/month goal. As my son says, "you are beast".
MrAlexey Premium Follow Me
Hi Kyle please help me to create banners on my pages.. i got lost there >: thanks
Vanna5 Premium Follow Me
Hi Kyle it's me again.can you help me with this please?It's about less 5 from general settings,worldpress address URL and site address URL,do I put by myself my domain like http..infantsnd toddl or not,,pls help me..thanks
Vanna5 Premium Follow Me
Hi Kyle..I am moving to lesson 6,but I am hopping that I did ok less 4 building my website and less 5.I have no clue if I did something wrong.
oussou Follow Me
Hi Kyle, this is "Koelner" , I couldn't reply to your message because I can no longer send messages with my account. I sent 103$ for a 3 months membership by Paypal to by this adress :
HJordan Follow Me
Hey kyle,
I'm going camping this weekend, so there won't be much internet access, but I plan to go premium as soon as I get back. Hurray!
jphe Premium Follow Me
Would you please look at my website and let me have your input
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HeroldCorp Premium Follow Me
Hey Kyle there looks to be a tremendous amount of value in your program. I am looking forward to hopefully turning profitable before the next billing cycle. Thank you for putting together such an awesome team.
FRocks Follow Me
How is your day going? I want to take advantage of the $19 premium for full month membership my country is not listed in the drop down list on the premium payment page, how can I pay?
Also I selected the Paypal option but my current location (Nigeria) is not listed as well.
Please advise me. Thank you
And the offer ends in 24 hrs :(
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Hi Kyle
Thanks for following me