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woodworm Follow Me
hi kyle thanks for course 1 i completed it all today but as i have been conned with courses on the internet before i am unable to upgrade to premium at this moment as i am totally broke and very worried that i may get conned again......thanks Lee
YounginKrb Premium Follow Me
Hey Kyle thanks for the insight. Im a really ambiance teen that just wants the best for himself. I really want to thanks and I want to make this opportunity WA gave me, to be a very beneficial one!
kathywil4 Premium Follow Me
thankyou..looking forward to learning more about online business:)..beautiful life to all:)..
Ann-la Follow Me
Hi Kyle
About the niche
I like high heels very much, dont see how a niche on that would work

I like working with tools, more spécificly the ones for wood, ive done inside houses finishing, from staining up to installing, from molding, ogees, doors, floors, stairs and wall designs, etc. I would behave a niche on tools, staining products and thecnics?

Chronic back pain, from moderate to sever, illnesses like arthrosis, arthriti, Spondylitis , what AM i going to promote, meds, ben non, were will i find affiliate programs ??

What to do???

There is boot camp lessons, online entrepreneur certification.
I AM going on lesson 4 of get started.

Wich should i go to?
ckogetz Follow Me
hi Kyle, thanks for the welcome looking forward to the experience.
gspalding Follow Me
Just wanted to touch base with you on thoughts going into my second day
The first thought I had going into this was I heard the word affiliate and found that very interesting
( back burner )
After starting day 2 and reading about niches probably like so many others my head was spinning thinking what can I write about ? What am I passionate about
Even though so far I am not any good I do enjoy it tremendously ( on line fantasy sports ) I typed in fantasy sports affiliates and came up with all kinds of hits
Just have a good feeling about moving forward and thought I would share that with you
I will be becoming a premium member I can feel that for sure. Thanks for all your help so far

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LX Follow Me
Thanks for the welcome message.
coldshadow09 Follow Me
Hi Kyle, I have an interest for a Korean pop band with 8 girls but how do I make a niche out of it?
DavidMBayas Premium Follow Me
Hi Kyle! I joined WA today and got the premium membership as well. My name is David Bayas, I like marketing and business. I am glad I found this website and I am excited to get started. I was referred by Jaime Cisneros but I forgot to do it under his name so he can get the credit for it, I hope that can be fixed.
JMcGurn Premium Follow Me
I'm having a problem with my website. I don't know what I did. My website is: First, on my sidebar I have my Pages & my Posts and they are the same. But what I have written does not show up when I select from the side bar or from the pages on the top. Please help, I'm really getting frustrated again. Be waiting to hear from you.
Krissy1976 Follow Me
Hi Kyle, Well I'm in lesson 9.. I'm hoping to god I can get this all put together the right way. Even with the video I was still overwhelmed. I followed it the best I could. I'll keep trying but I can't afford to lose money. So going with the starter and I just hope if I go premium I could make some money but I just can't afford to lose any. I don't even know how to copy and paste.. If I can't get the hang of this I won't be able to join as premium. I can't help but to feel discouraged but I want to give it a shot.
Kind Regards
Kyle Premium Ambassador Follow Me
If you treat this like an opportunity, you are not going to be able to build a business. If you treat this like a business and are fair to the idea of a business taking time to create, then you can and will be very successful.

This is not a race. A business will take time to achieve and bunch of hard work, but you have absolutely everything you need here at WA to create success including help from me every step of the way. :)
Krissy1976 Follow Me
Hi, thank you! Yeah sorry that came out wrong but I'll learn. I have no experience at all and I don't want to give up. You guys are wonderful! Its overwhelming at first with all the information but I'm learning my way around! :)
Soondra Premium Follow Me
Just completed my web page .Hope it was picked up.
Kyle Premium Ambassador Follow Me
Hey Soondra,

It usually takes 7-14 days to get your site initially indexed in Google (sometimes quicker). That is completely normal.

As you build out your website content and as you get engagement on your website, it will only continue to get indexed quicker. Google will continue to grant you more and more authority as they deem your website to be of value and before long you will see your new content getting indexed almost instantly.

Just part of the process and you are absolutely heading in the right direction. :)
holliebard Premium Follow Me
I want to upgrade but the purchase page won't allow me to. I have an APO AE address and all of credit cards are linked with that address. APO AE isn't an option in the purchase page. What do I do
Kyle Premium Ambassador Follow Me
Can you test something similar. I am not quite sure what an APO AE address is, at the very least you should be able to use your credit card through the Paypal option.

Let me know if you continue to have issues here Hollie. :)
holliebard Premium Follow Me
APO means Army Post Office AE means Armed forces Europe. My husband is in the Army and we are American but we just got stationed in Germany and our "American Address" is of an APO AE address.
Kyle Premium Ambassador Follow Me
I would definitely try choosing the paypal option or trying just putting in a different address that makes sense to the payment processor.
holliebard Premium Follow Me
Still trying to get this figured out. I don't want to miss out on this. Just my luck.
Kyle Premium Ambassador Follow Me
I see you have gotten this all sorted now Hollie! ;) Hope you have a wonderful weekend and if you need a hand with anything moving forward just let me know. ;)
Yishal Follow Me
Hi Kyle i need some advice is "watches" to general of a niche or should i go with something more specific like analog watches/ digital watches
Kyle Premium Ambassador Follow Me
Yeah, you might want to narrow it down. Smartwatches is a huge niche by itself. Ladies Designer Watches is also another huge niche. Men's designer...etc
Yishal Follow Me
thanks kyle
BConsolaro Premium Follow Me
Hi Kyle,
My partner would also like to make an account and start a journey of her own. Is there a way around creating two accounts from the same computer?

Kyle Premium Ambassador Follow Me
You can PM me the details they want to use to join and I can get this set up for them (with you being the referrer). Not an issue at all, or of course they could join through another location (even their phone should work fine).