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Hello Kyle>
Thank you for the shout out., a pleasant surprise, as I am just, joined here, not really sure how its going down, but I can say this looks to be a good start. You see I have been looking for a online involvement, to learn, as well make money, I am just realizing the possibilities. I am a newbbbbbbb!, at this internet thing and feel its the totally the future, and want to be well position, to take some of the successes that can potentially come about, this is natural way of life in future.
So far I don't have that "is this a scam" sensation, so I'll keep exploring and I do so hope this one can be a go.
Hope to hear again from you.
Thanks again.
jadeour Follow Me
Kyle, I just finished the SEO section of the Course 1 and when I go to look at my site there's nothing there. I don't think I missed a step but I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong
affiliate10 Premium Follow Me
Can you share how I create sub menus? What I mean by that, is when someone clicks on my menu items them they would then see a list of other items that they can open.
jonesyj Follow Me
Hello again Kyle.
CarissaR Follow Me
Great to hear a little of your story. Looking forward to learning from you and Carson.
lorrenLee Premium Follow Me
Kyle thanks for your reply, do you mean I need to copy and paste the content on my site rebuilding it on free siterubix?I dont think it will take my theme 'customizr' it was not available when I was a starter. Can't I just transfer the whole site to your hosting?
Denise68 Follow Me
Hi Kyle, I'm finding it quite difficult finding where I ask a direct question so I am asking here if you don't mind. I have a Facebook page which I opened years ago while I was still in SA; it is related to the website I am constructing here. I changed the address info on it but the map on the page now shows the area I currently live in plus the area I used to live in in SA. How do I correct it on the map, or get rid of the map altogether? Hope I hear from you soon. Regards, Denise
Happygirl48 Premium Follow Me
Hi Kyle I could use your help. I have sent you a question privately, but it won't go?
Goldenbug Premium Follow Me
Username = Goldenbug
Kyle why haven't you answered any of my many messages or emails I have sent to you? I NEVER GOT PAID LAST MONTH AND WHY WAS IT NOT ALL PAID IN APRIL!
You replied to me when my credit card was hacked and you couldn't take money from it, then when everything was ok with that and I needed help getting paid the money I have earnt I never hear from you?
Here is a copy fo the last email I sent to you:
Hi Kyle,

I am still waiting for a reply about the previous months payment not being the whole payment, then this month I didn't get any payment at all? Please can you send my earnings to me I feel I have been very patient in this matter, I dont understand why the whole amount wasnt paid out on the 1 st april, and why have I not got a reply to my support ticket yet.

The message was sent 1 st april

Dear Sir / Madam.

Please can you tell me why I have not recieved all of my commissions today? I have $331,00 still in my account that I wanted paid today ?? Why wasn't that whole amount paid as I only recieved $157,50 instead of the whole amount.
Here is a copy of the amount owed - I simply do not understand why I should wait until next time to get my owed commissions

Your Next Paycheck
Sales to Vegas: 300

I find that very dissapointing indeed, please could you send the remaining balance of my commissions today?
I look forward to a very speedy resolution to this matter.

Oops sorry the last message was sent too early by mistake!
I didn't want to be rude and send the last message as it was, but the message was previously sent to your support ticket system and I have not had any reply yet. Although I got a reply when my credit card was
hacked and you waited until I could pay again.
I'm wondering why my payment query wasnt addressed at the same time as my payment problems where I also asked if you could take the money from the earnings i never got paid previously?

I look forward to a very speedy reply regarding my earnings getting paid out asap.

Yours sincerely
Philip Beaton
Hwihsdah Premium Follow Me
Sge:noh Hi! agian Kyle, my lord you are a blessing in disguise lol! I mean that in a really good way! You are the future as I mentioned both of you Carson too! Thank God for your gifts and God Bless You's and your families!!
moma4040 Follow Me
Please Please Kyle, never mind, my names are DIVICAN TOCHI my account here at WA was closed down. Reasons were that I did not subscribed to my premium this month. From my side no issues with my credit card. I contacted my bank and they told me that everything is okay with my credit card. I hope it is my account that has issues. When my account went dormant i.e on Friday I decided to resubscribe again on Sunday, yesterday but I received 2 e-mails, one telling me that your payments were rejected and another telling me that your subscription was successiful upon contacting my Bank no deductions were made. I decided to e-mail you but no response from you yet.
So Kyle I decided today to open an account for my wife to be cheap to get you to assist me. I am lost. I have not visited my website for the last 4 days since it is hosted here.
I hope you will take this issue and give it the first priority so that I may know the way forward.
You can also if possible I give you the credentials of my credit card to do it direct from you since I trust you man.
Once again thank you but I am lost, my friends at WA are worried where is Divican Tochi, charting here made me crazy that is why I decided to do all this as a means of getting you cheaply
Tabi85 Follow Me
Hi Kyle! Really looking forward to learning as much as possible with you and WA! Can't wait for all the advice I can squeeze outta ya! ;-)
jlangrell Premium Follow Me
Thanks, Kyle.
khayL Follow Me
Hi. Thank you so much. Im very much happy to be part of your team.
ali2ali Premium Follow Me
Hi.thank you very much