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royalpirate Follow Me
Thanks for the follow! I look forward to continuing the training. Very easy to follow so far.

Arhoades Follow Me
so I ahve now finished all the trainings but reliazed one important thing you havent to place ads and other content on my web site to earn an income!
kirkW Premium Follow Me
Finishing lesson 7 and want to follow directin and comment on other peoples pages. Where do I do that?
Moki Follow Me
Hi Kyle,
Is it possible to communicate somehow with other members if I continue with the starter?

ashleylondo Follow Me
Hi Kyle, I am trying to sign up for premium membership, but I can't seem to get my debit card accepted. It looks like I only have 1 hour left, before I can't sign up for $19 anymore. can you help me?
ashleylondo Follow Me
I tried to sign up yesterday and when it din't work I thought it was just a glitch, but I am getting nervous now.
smook1992 Follow Me
kyle you can get the package 19$ the Monday I want to create my own Firm Turns to pay my money-making because I am from a poor familia..tha help me when I get the package of 19$?
Rich908 Premium Follow Me
We don't say thank you enough to You and Carson for giving us all equal opportunity to live a financial dream. I most certainly would like to meet you guys at the next conference
drs9566 Premium Follow Me
Hi kile I was wondering if you could send me congrats page and video again when I tried to tag my blog I didn't crop it right and at that minute I had to get off my computer and run. So if yold send the page to me again I would be highly graitfull.

Daren Swift
HarrisQuon Premium Follow Me
Hi Kyle, thanks for the follow! Looking forward to working with you.
LargoDi Premium Follow Me
Hi, Kyle: I got the DNS taken care of at and got my siterubix website transferred over to my new .com , but on the lesson about transferring it over, you mention the following: "It is important that if your content is indexed, that you do create the redirects. This will make sure that your new website is not viewed as duplicate content (which would be bad)." How does one know if their content is indexed? Doesn't everyone have to do the redirects (I'm assuming you mean when you list the ns1 and ns2) ? Thanks.
Reginald10 Follow Me
Im new to this and im going to need plenty of help ifu dont mind and have the time sometimes.
Petitpas Premium Follow Me
Hi Kyle I don't know why my PayPal payment failed. My bank details changed recently, but that shouldn't affect anything as the new account has been verified by PayPal. PP have suggested that I contact you to find out the cause of the problem because they don't think it is them.
If you can get back to me about this because it is a bit worrying - I don't want my site to go down through some sort of mix up. Thanks.

Shamarnin Follow Me
Hey Kyle can your website be focused on anything. like a particular brand ie. apple, coca cola, ferrari,porche, nike, adidas etc
isaacowusu Follow Me
kyle nice to meet you.
tony16 Follow Me
Hi Kyle am thinking of coaching the unemployed on wealth creation as my niche is that ok?