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Hello Kyle,
I feel so blessed finding you wonderful people around me. I'm new to WA and trying to accustomed into this Horizon.
sry, not much time atm, have to set up a linux server with workstations.
make me sweating but i like it ;-)
DebraWarren Premium
I feel so blessed to have met all of you wonderful people. I feel my life is improving already and its only been a few hours! Time is something I have right now to help others and be helped as well. I'm big on the pay it forward thing!
I am looking forward to learning more here at WA.
Thanks for your welcoming email and I like so much work in WA. You are a best guy among the good guys.!
Hie Kyle .. hope u are good . I tried opening a PayPal account but in the drop down menu fr state ther is no option fr my country (Zimbabwe) . Tried payza same thing as well . what other do I have to open an account and link it with WA
Hi Kyle, I'm new to Wealthy Affiliate and just started step 1: Get Rolling. Please forgive the ignorance but I need to ask, what if I have a website already, do I need to clone it onto Wealthy Affiliate in order to make it profitable? I don't sell anything on it, it's a website that has a blog and I write on it. I am just soo confused about online marketing and wealth production right now.
I found my niche and wanted to know if there is a area in building you website to associate the two (website and the joint pain affiliate website) from the affiliate website that I want to sign up with?
MorN Premium
Hi Kyle. Just wanted to drop a line and say Thank you for creating a culture of caring and teamwork at WA. I am having a lot of fun learning and the outlook is great. Thanks again.
Hi kyle, im a newbie here. I wonder if the free member here can earn.?
Mvalencic Premium
Hi Kyle, So I have some new goals now...First goal I achieved, built my own website (check!), buy my own domain (check! Finally, because I think this will help getting noticed), my next goals are to keep updating my content, and maybe lastly make a sale or two. I think I'd be happy if I made one real sale by the end of may. I want to be realistic, but definitely optimistic as well, thanks for all the encouragement!
Kyle Premium Ambassador
Nice work Megan, just knocking off the goals one by one. I know that they are going to continue to get accomplished and as they do, you are going to be in a position to create bigger and more lofty goals. That is how it works as in business, there is always going to be room to grow and scale your business. :)
Freedom4Ever Premium
How do I add a comment bubble or space for my visitors to leave comments?
Do I need to have a comment space on each page?
Kyle Premium Ambassador
Many themes do not allow for comments on pages, but all posts by default will allow for comments. My recommendation would be to create everything as a post moving forward as comments are ideal for engagement, trust and ranking on your website.

Hope this helps you out here!
RKhatra Premium
I added google webmaster tools after setting up my google analytics but i couldn't verify my website the way you and Jay did but have to verify through HTML and please let me know that I have to click which tab to see lab option in google webmaster tools. Thanks.
Kyle Premium Ambassador
What are you seeing that is so different versus within the video training?
ArifAhmed Premium
hi kyle,
i have just had a blonde moment and totally forgot the difference between competition and traffic!!! if traffic was 300 wouldn't that mean competition is the same if not very similar. can you remind me the difference please. thank you.
Kyle Premium Ambassador
Competition is the # of competing pages in Google under that keyword, traffic is the average search volume that keyword gets every month.
ArifAhmed Premium
yes! thats it. now it makes sense. thank you.
Please will you change my nameservers as requested in my previous emails - Roger Filkins.
Kyle Premium Ambassador
You can change your nameservers (if you bought your domain here). You can update your name servers within the SiteDomains tab (under the SiteRubix) menu.