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marketer1929 Premium Follow Me
Hi Kyle - link to what page? I have only one and that is my web site page. I still dont know how to add anything to my web site as follows:

Am I a WA Affiliate yet? I wouldnt know since no-one communicates with me, right? At least Dawn Nave told me I am in the University since I have a web setup. Thats good to know. But, without a reliable contact within WA I am still wallowing in confusion. I was hoping Dawn Nave would sponsor me into the WA Affiliate Program, if I am not into it already. She knows how to communicate well. Please advise by sending me an email please
billmgl Follow Me
Hi Kyle. I just joined your community as a new. I have few questions. I am actually graphic, web designer and online marketer. I know how to use things like google adwords, facebook advertising already. But never have done affiliate marketing before. I just registered with clickbank recently. I can see some good products.Is it possible to ask Vendors to give me their landing page to me and I use paid ad ? What do you think? Please give some advice :)
Sam123 Follow Me
Hi Kyle, Can you help me with selecting a niche as its gonna be my first niche so can you give me few niche names which is good as a starter and also do I need to have full info of the niche I choose.
GeniusAli Follow Me
I am a Graphic Artist, I want to showcase my works to my free site that i created here....

My question is can i upload my work here? so it can be seen live on the site?
bosko11 Premium Follow Me
hey kyle
i have learned more in the last 2 days than i have in along time. keep up the good work. i was so impressed that i went to premium and signed up for jaaxy.
Reshma27 Follow Me
hello kyle,
am really 14 yrs old and i thnk am not correct to this website.can u just tel me how to deactivate this account
katjoyfox Follow Me
Hello. Just wanted to say I am so excited about joining WA. Love the community and how everything is so easy. Will become a premium member here shortly. :)
REICATALYST Premium Follow Me
Thanks Kyle.

I am totally amazed, it just seems like I can't stop learning before I even begin the classroom. It is really a learning environment when you can learn even before you step in the class, WOW! That is VALUE ROI for a very reasonable subscription fee. I really wish our prestigious universities could learn a lesson.

What's being taught here will produce Job/Business Ready Prospects and Millionaires to keep our economy strong.

May the Universe smile!


RealBizMan Follow Me
this member needs help, I have seen him ask for help with double paid premium membership. apparently he has had a stroke which causes him issues and is also not computer savvy.
Member handle = "LDKelley"
Gastly Follow Me
About the payment problem i had (country not available), I've figured out a solution.. Let me know what you think
I have some very good friends in Germany and i can have them make and account here on WA and go premium since they can unlike me. I'll be using that account then.. problem Solved ! :D
In any case, if i can't go premium some month.. what would happen to my site?
CalebV Premium Follow Me
Also, I don't know how to get my facebook and twitter buttons on my website.
CalebV Premium Follow Me
Hey kyle, I need your help figuring something out. I want to post a link to my website on a comment, but I cannot figure out how to do it. I copy my link but cannot find how to actually post it without just pasting it. When I do this, it comes out as normal text so that people cannot click it and go to the website. Also, I was wondering where I can get the link for the sign up page for WA where people can sign up and join either starter or premium member. Thanks
csfunwork Premium Follow Me
Thanks Kyle for the welcome and the video.
Kyle Premium
No problem at all! :)
steelyblue Follow Me
Thanks for the welcome Kyle. I thought you already had but two welcomes are better than one.
Kyle Premium
No problem Rich, an abundance of welcomes over here lol. :)
NicoleC Premium Follow Me
Hi Kyle. Is it possible to transfer a domain from Yahoo. I have unlocked it and got the code from Yahoo to transfer but don't see instructions for other hosts other than the ones you have listed...thanks for your help
Kyle Premium
I see you have gotten some help within your existing thread Nicole. Do let me know if you have any further issues. ;)