Perfectionism. How it Can Kill Your Mojo.

Last Update: August 01, 2018

There is the tendency when starting something new to try to perfect what you are doing. On paper this may sound like a great idea, but in the real world of applied knowledge it can be problematic. I want to explain why "perfectionism" can be one of the leading causes of failure in business and how you can cure your perfectionist mindset if this is what you are suffering from.

I am going to explain the top issues with perfectionism and hopefully help you avoid these moving forward.

Issue #1: Perfectionists are Slow to Make Mistakes

Often times I see people attempting to be perfect within the online business world, but they are their first week in. How can you even know or comprehend what perfect looks like? Perfect is your own assessment of what it might be, but unfortunately without an established subset of knowledge and experiencing a great deal of failure, your understand of what perfect is likely is going to be far off.

To obtain this knowledge, you are going to need to be met with mistakes, failure, and have to find solutions to problems. Without these, your idea of "perfect" is just that. You don't get to be the judge of perfect, or what is great. Your audience and people that come in contact with your "work" will decide upon that.

Let's look at an example.

If I pick up a basketball for the first time, how am I going to know what a "perfect shot" looks like. How am I going to determine proper shooting form? How do I know how to sink a basket, how bank shots work, the proper arc...without ever missing a bunch of shots and refining my shooting skills, my shooting technique, and practicing failing!

There is a famous quote, by one of my heroes growing up, Michael Jordan who was deemed the best basketball player in the world, and to many, the best basketball player of all time.

Michael Jordan Famous Quote

This puts failure and making mistakes in a lot of perspective. Although MJ was deemed the best, he still made plenty of mistakes and made them at some most critical junctures in his business, basketball. But ultimately, that is why he was able to rebound and create success.

So the first thing I want to emphasize is the fact that you should not try to be a perfectionist before you make mistakes, become a perfectionist as a result of your mistakes and the improvements that come with fixing those.

That leads me to the next issue.

Issue #2: Perfectionists Take Twice as Long to Make Something Perfect

When you don't make mistakes, how do you know what you are doing is correct, or perfect. You can't. You can spend an incredible amount of time polishing your work, only to realize what you have done isn't even close to perfect.

Think of putting a puzzle together. You have a couple ways you can go about this, one is trying to find the perfectly correct piece and then assigning it to its position within the puzzle. Another is trial and error, try anything close, try to fit the puzzle together, if it doesn't fit, then move onto another.

Perfectionists and Puzzles

I would rather create 10 good articles with some mistakes, than try to create one perfect article. This is going to lead to much more success and a much more efficient advancement of your skill set because you are doing MORE, with MORE frequency making way more mistakes along the way (which lead to improvement).

Issue #3: Perfectionists are Inherently Sensitive to Criticism

It is difficult to get ahead in life if you think your work is perfect. That is your own assumption, and more often than not it is an inaccurate assumption.

Nothing is perfect. Anything and everything you do can be improved upon in business, and because of this you need to embrace the idea of imperfection in business and be OK with it. The quicker that you can come to terms with this, the more receptive you will become to constructive criticism and feedback, and subsequently the quicker you can improve upon what you are doing (and get that much closer to actual perfection).

When you over-invest time and energy into something without knowing exactly what the perfect solution looks like, you are going to be much more protective of your work. Think of it is these two situations to exemplify what I am talking about.

SITUATION 1: You spend an hour writing an article and someone comes along and tells you that your article needs a lot of work. You realize this because you only spent an hour creating it, most likely, and that there will be ways to improve it. You ask them how you should go about improving it, and they make their recommendations. You learn from it and you do so quickly.

SITUATION 2: You spend a week writing the so-called "perfect" article. You spent over a day refining and polishing the way the content was laid out. You wrote as many words as you could on the topic. Then someone comes along and tells you that they don't like your article. You get your back up. You tell them you don't want their "negative" feedback. You don't improve, you are upset and although you think your article was good, you never get to find out why the person said it was horrible. Alternatively, they tell you it is horrible and you simply don't give them the time of day.

See how in situation 2, the perfectionist because of their time investment was reluctant to change anything, as a result they spent WAY too much time and were receptive to feedback (and thus didn't improve).

Embrace criticism and constructive feedback, not all of it will be completely useful, but generally speaking the greatest improvements in your business will be the result of feedback you get from your customers. This is something that we have learned over the years.

Issue #4: Perfectionists Learn a Lot Less

This is a take off of the last item. When you spend so much time trying to perfect something, you typically expose yourself to a lot less failure and you don't have as much time to learn new things (as you are too busy trying to be perfect).

Even within the period of a month, someone producing MORE that isn't quite as perfect, will have attained much more knowledge as a result of their efficiency to produce, fail, get feedback, and learn from all of their efforts. Also, if you take a day to write an article, and the perfectionist spends two trying to write the perfect article, you would have an entire DAY to educate yourself in any way you like.

More time equates to more opportunity to educate oneself.

Issue #5: Perfectionists Are Difficult to Work With/Help

I have worked with a lot of people over the past 13 years online, personally 100,000's, probably in contact with close to a million people personally now. I have had pretty much every imaginable conversation with aspiring entrepreneurs and I have seen all types.

I have worked with many perfectionists, and many people that slap their work together as quickly as they can. There is a happy medium between both of these, but surely the perfectionists have the tendency to ask too many questions before they try something, and accomplish a lot less. I see failure happen at a much higher rate with perfectionists as well.

It is unfortunate, but the reality. So if you are reading this and telling yourself that you are a "perfectionist" that is an idea that you need to get over and get out of your head. You can do GREAT work without being a perfectionist and by no means am I denouncing the idea of high quality work.

But the reality is that producing high quality work within your craft (your niche) is the result of a great deal of trial and error, a great deal of learning, a great deal of constructive criticism and resulting improvements, and your ability to be resourceful and just try stuff.

Don't be perfect. There is no such thing. Rather realize you aren't going to be perfect with your next effort, but that very effort is going to lead to a great deal of learning and take you that much closer to perfection.

I would love to hear your feedback and experiences based on the idea of perfection. I think we all battle with self-confidence issues when we are learning something and the fear of making mistakes. I hope this post helps you overcome this.

Don't be perfect, be great.

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MLorenz1 Premium
Hi Kyle,

I'm a perfectionist, but also try to do things quickly. Not sure where I fall in the scheme of things.

I'm also not always confident in what I do. I try to do my best , but then I wonder if I couldn't do better.

Your Secret Sauce video was a real eye opener. Loved it.

JamieFreedom Premium
@Kyle Super great article, Kyle. Thank you for writing and sharing it; your insight is based on extensive interactions with many people. You hit the nail on the head here! Perfectionism has kept me from doing the trial and error necessary to achieve success. But I will now commit to iterating faster and testing by the results I get. I know that's the only way to move forward faster.

Xaric Premium
This helps a lot Kyle!

I am a perfectionist and it takes me a week to finish an article.
However, I have found ways to reduce this time and but I still can only produce 2 articles, averaging 2k words each, each week.

My goal is to be able to produce 4 articles per week but I still need a lot of work.

Perfectionism is holding me back, I know it. I also know that it is all in my mind, but it hard to let go.

I guess, not being a perfectionist take time and practice as well :P

kgirk19 Premium
This article is what I needed right now! I'm in the middle when it comes to perfectionism. Right now I have been working on a post for weeks and haven't published it because its not perfect/ready in my mind...I needed to hear this article so I can move forward and just get it published. I can always come back and tweak it!
Dedo52 Premium
This lesson is soo profound!
thoughts keep popping up in my mind to counter it,...(and I'm not A Contrarian),'s just good practise never to accept the experts opinion !! : )
We learn and grow using the technique of questioning,...(it'a how we were when born into the world huh) ?
Anyway the scenario that popped into my mind ,...
Once upon a time when learning to play squash with a buddy of mine,.......I came to a realisation that,.. if I want to get better,I have to play someone better,...but !! ,..first I need to get some coaching, so I don't create limiting habits.

So the coach set me up with a machine, the movements would form muscle memory habits.

I concluded (just to keep this short, hehe),..that,...if we model folk who are successful at any particular activity,..we've far more chance of reaching our desired state, that contentment,.....of whatever,...!!

Soo, go off and just do "you're thing",..will most probably keep you in a similar state you're used to,.........just saying,....

P.S,......Had to share,.(it just popped in my mind) ,.xx
Whatknots Premium
Kyle - How appropriate it is that I came across this article today.

Im working on my first website, have binned one copy, started another and was thinking this morning of binning that and starting again.
I dont think Im a total perfectionist, but what scares me is that - My web site is going out in the world and I only have 1 page of content - PS I jumped over the part in the training where you have to submit your webpage for Sitefeedback.
So I will do my next exercise - Writing a blog with keywords and phrases and then post if out for feedback - even though the site doesnt make sense yet.

Thank you for all you do to help people like me.
danderi Premium
Kyle, this was exactly what happened me before when I started in wealthy affiliate. In the first place I tend to be a perfectionist in my life so imagine when I was trying to find my nitch; It took me forever and didn´t find what I wanted. In the second place, english is my second language, so I write slow and re read several times. I will definitively change my aproach. Thanks for the article.
Jadatherapy Premium
Glad that your found the training helpful.

When I first started I was simply to yourself and then I realised I would get nothing completed if I carried on. Then I got to this part of the training and was able to breath out. I got it. just get it done. and repeat because it is good to go.
TonyMonzon Premium
hi Kyle,
it's hard for me not to be perfect, but i also need to be productive. I remember one of my coworkers said "Stop thinking so much and get to work". I also agree that Michael Jordan is one of the best basketball players of all time. He would jump and almost walk on air and score. Awesome!
Jadatherapy Premium
I am glad that you found the training helpful.

It can be hard at first to just do it and let it go but with practice you will get there.

just know that you are more than able to get the job done.

Wishing you much success here
MojalefaR Premium
Thanks for the post, Kyle.

Got to say, I fall in the category of `'perfectionist". I agonise over getting the work to be "perfect". Often if `i am not pleased with it, I just chuck it and take quite a while to get back in the groove again.

Boy, it's hard! Working on it though, for I'd like to succeed at this.

Forever Grateful
TonyaHickso1 Premium
Same here! It is very hard to get past it. It's a shame we are so hard on ourselfs. I'm not near as critical on other people's work as I am on my own though, I wonder why? Wishing you much success. Tonya
Cirian Premium
Yeah I probably needed to be told this. Again. I have a pragmatic side that just wants to do things and an idealistic streak that aims high, sometimes to the detriment of just getting things done.

Thankfully I also have the atitude that I myself am a work in progress. My attitudes are things that I can shape with guidance and experience. Everyone can learn to reshape themselves into a better entrepreneur. Even me!

I'm glad to have you as a mentor, Kyle. Your Michael Jordan quote reminds me of another sports star from Europe, the French football legend Thierry Henry. His saying is "Amateurs call it genius. Masters call it practice." The lesson? Failure is the greatest teacher.

I might be at the stage finally where I can just get things done and let the rest take care of itself. Thanks again.
Al-Fakih Premium
We run toward perfectionism but we will not reach it, and this is the improvement, so waiting for the perfect situation to happen is just killing the improvement.

Today’s technologies are at high levels, and that is because of previous steps which have been taken, in other words, because of the improvement. If the scientists, inventors and all those who play a major role in our life just waiting for a perfect situation (the work to be done ideally), the life is not at its high levels in varied domains (the computer, medicine, travelling, communication … etc.).

New visions will be planted in our minds as a result of the improvement. When we take forward steps, then new ideas, discoveries, and inventions will come up to our mind, and that will motivate us moving toward achieving our new ideas and make the new vision real.
Mariion Premium
I am a recovering percertionista!
Because it get's boring and, in my case, I discovered that only my "german angst" of everything made me a want to be perfect person. Since I realised that I did not get anything done, not online that is, I got rid of it in an instance. So here I am, daring to ask, daring to admit that I am very slow and overwhelmed no matter how good and deep the trainings are.
But!!! I get on, more and even quicker as at times when I followed the so called big guru's and still had to do it on my own.

So trow your perfectionism overboard and go to work.
( Otherwise you will be whitehaired)
gjshawk Premium
Perfectionism is not my problem. TV sports are. I love watching my favorite teams play, preferably live. That takes up around 3 hours, pretty much 5 days a week, that i should be using to write content and work on my business. I need to learn to love working on my websites as much or more than I love watching my favorite teams.
Help! How do I do that?
keishalina9 Premium
of course, you deserve a break now & then to enjoy life to its fullest!
possible solutions are many --
to start, there's something called a 'plan' and 'priorities' .....
having written goals result in achievement of at least 80%+ or more of them --
recommend to have a written set of goals (can be daily, weekly or monthly -- whichever you like) ... and a plan that is 'do-able' realistic for you to achieve....
well that's it for now ... try those ideas out for size and only you can find the fit... cheerio... :)

....*(by the way, if the above doesn't work, and you like sports, get yourself a winning coach!) .... :)
lissun Premium
I hope your blog is about sports then :)
Jay Gumbs Premium
Great way to deal with this would be to blog about those same tv sports that you watch. Then you would absolutely love working on your websites and watching your favorite teams would just be required business activity.
gjshawk Premium
Now that’s a great idea!
gjshawk Premium
Great ideas. Thanks
gjshawk Premium
I should probably go that way.
floshgordon Premium
Hello, my name is Joe Gordon, I love my sports too, but I think you may need to get you a DVR!!! Have a Great Day!!!
Igor13 Premium
Hi Kyle!
I like your article a lot. Great comparison of perfectionism with Michael Jordan and his statement about success and failure!.

My opinion about perfectionism is as following ...

Perfectionism is something that comes with practice, years of dedication, passion, accepting of criticism, dedicated work, and sometimes, even then, just a few achieve so-called "perfectionism!"

Being great is also a great achievement.
Almost 3 million posts are published online on a daily basis.
How easy or difficult is to compete with that? For anyone: regardless if a newbie, advanced writer or a pro!

To be perfect among all of those posts, articles, websites, content in general, it takes a lot of knowledge, hard work and the most important factor: time! And that is not a guarantee!
I hope you agree with me in some of the written above!
Great post.
Best regards!
Gracegift Premium
Get to the bottom of why you are perfectionistic. Focus on getting understanding as it heals. It can be a way to ward of success because you fear it for some reason. It sounds ridiculous but success can come with a whole lot of unwanted things like jealousy from others, overwhelm, hard work, losing attachments to free time and adventure. Your perfectionism is a "justified" form of procrastination. And it is not necessarily a bad thing. You are actually happy where you are and you dabbling in business is just a way to kill time before you die?
Shweta10mg Premium
completely agree I have been delaying and my ranking has suffered here . I am learning the training from scratch that I am writing to supplement my article. This is my fourth time reading and glancing past the article, in ways its written for me, as I am unable to complete SWAG to its fulfillment.
too many things on my plate including perfectionism
Mariion Premium
Yes, I agree with you. I found myself in this situation only to discover that I didn't like the topic I had to learn about.
After finding out I just cancelled the course and was happy with my terms.
chjerpstedt Premium
Kyle, your blog on perfectionism is something to think about.
I have often tried to write errorless content for an article only to erase it and start over. I was not a happy camper in doing this. After reading your blog, I realized that perfection was something that is not the answer to have a good website. Thank you again.
Kyle Premium
Sometimes errors are truly OK. They make you feel real, in particular when it comes to blogging.

Of course if your content does not read as a result of your content having too many errors, it is not good, but write your content within SiteContent and use the editor/spell check there and publish.

The thing is, you can always fix any mistakes after the fact. :)
terrycarroll Premium
If the theoretical state of perfection is achieved by anyone in any field, how is that state confirmed and by whom?
If one has attained perfection, then anyone else who would comment must by definition, be unqualified to do so.
So the goal for all of us is to strive to be the best we can and never make the mistake of assuming we are perfect.
Thanks Kyle for sharing this great post and for keeping us all humble.

smartketeer Premium
Great final thoughts Terry!
Kyle Premium
That is exactly the case. Is there such thing as perfection, and how do we know what is deemed perfect now is the best way, perhaps something else will come along in the future that is that much better.
Hudson Premium
This message is absolutely correct. During my corporate career I was Mr Perfectionist and I have had to move away from this in the on line arena. Has it been difficult - you bet, extremely difficult, but looking at the ROI from a time perspective it is a no brainer. If you are a perfectionist then you need to keep reminding yourself of the time downside often. In my case it was. difficult and took a long time to change but I did make it and am very happy that I did. Try it and see what great results you can get, best Hudson.
Kyle Premium
Sometimes the spaghetti on the wall approach is something that we all need to consider. It gives you a variety of options and potentially you get to learn about a whole bunch of mistakes and what not to do right away.

This is well rounded knowledge that cannot be achieved if you are constantly taking too much time striving for perfection.
bpais1 Premium
I gotta say, Kyle, that 1 1/2 years ago - as a newbie - I fell into the "perfectionism" trap.

I didn't want to post A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G until it was perfectly polished and rewritten a half dozen times, at least. I was micro-managing myself by being too anal about every single word I used.

Does the content look as professional as what I had seen on other websites in my niche?

If not, I would rewrite it again...and again...

But,, I wasn't getting anywhere. Traffic wasn't coming like I'd hoped. And, after asking several friends to offer some feedback, I began to realize that my website was sounding too contrived and stiff.

That's when I decided to change my approach.

Now, my philosophy - taken from the comedy movie, "Stripes" - is:


In other words, my tone is much more conversational and down to earth - just like I was originally taught in your Entrepreneurial Certification training.

Now, I periodically revisit previous posts and tweak them - fixing grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors - rewording some sections that may have been slightly ambiguous - or, even changing or repositioning images.

I feel that this technique helps me improve my posts without losing my folksy, unpretentious way of presenting an enlightening view into my gardening niche.

Well that's my take. Anyone else got somethin' to say?

Kyle Premium
Thanks for sharing your story and insights into your own personal goal of perfectionism and how it possibly held you back. There have been many times that I have caught myself doing many of the same things, and I have learned from these.

Looking at the work of others can be the culprit of this, spending WAY too much time trying to be like them, without the realization that these experts at one point looked just like you.

Take it in stride, build and learn as you go, fail quickly, learn efficiently, and your ongoing progress will always be forward moving and lead to a much stronger and more sustainable business moving forward. ;)
bpais1 Premium
Wise words to live by...

Agice Premium
Good story, thanks for sharing. Interesting how having a 'stiff' approach found a reflection in how your web was being perceived. Somebody said: Anything that's worth doing is worth doing badly :) Think might have been Tony Robbins.
bpais1 Premium
Hi Ags,

I think that was an original quote by G.K. Chesterton, the Prince of Paradox. He was a noted speaker and journalist in the early 1900's.

But, Tony Robbins did say, “Identify your problems, but give your power and energy to solutions.”

Flash4 Premium
Truly helpful. however we must all achieve the best we can be, but as you are saying, "get on with it" Thank ;you for this revelation I too will make mistakes & learn why.

I have to admit, in my long years of work, it has always been something someone said that I did not do properly, that has improved my performance.

Also, is very difficult to become good at something unless one has lessons. I didn't have a proper education and found it a very long way around to achieve my goals. But I did! that is something that I learnt you can always achieve if one is stubborn enough.

Thanks for your post Kyle.

Jae ☺
MiaL Premium
I used to be somewhat of a perfectionist. It is not a good way to live your life. There is an inner critic that can be debilitating. Not fun.

I think when twins came along perfectionism went out the window and was replaced with survival and efficiency. Now happy chaos prevails and work gets done. It's not perfect and I can't tell you how happy I am about that :)

Great post. Thanks Kyle!
springdave Premium
I have to agree. This is a great article and it really hits home with me. It reminds me that I have gone much slower than I would like because I fear making mistakes, and it reminds me that I have to be willing to put myself out there before I think I know enough. Writing is always difficult and time consuming for me because I am afraid of people seeing mistakes in my work. So thank you again for your words of wisdom!
McWord Premium
Great article, Kyle! I've found that perfectionism takes a lot of time and I just don't have the energy to go that route. There are many in the community willing to lend a hand, and I have no problem reaching out. They help me do my best work!

All the best,

Agice Premium
Thanks for that post, I can definitely relate. Wanting work to be of good high quality is an admirable trait. But then the dark side of it is being stuck, self-critical, rigit. Somewhere there is an underlying fear of not being enough hence maybe the endless chase for the perfect. I would add, perfectionists often give up before they even start, I know I do, sort of thinking: what's the point anyway, if it cannot be perfect?' I do find affirmations and self-talk can help greatly.
ToLiNoLi Premium
Hi Kyle,

Why don't I got that feeling it reflects my 10 months building to what I launched Kyle?

Hmm? lol, yup there is truth to your article, and people do yourself the favor and listen to Kyle, well I did this to myself just in time, before he published his article. :P

Hey why didn't I got Kyle's idea to write that for you? ;0)

Now I started to write my thorough answer here about that topic that it got so huge that I decided to write a blog about it Kyle, so feel free to pick up to that post there. :))

But let me give a conclusion:

You better start earlier launching, even if it is not completed, it won't matter as in the eyes of a visitor, they won't see that anyway or just tell you what is missing.

Pick up from there and learn from errors to improve what you build. In my blog I will go more into those details, so feel free to jump in at any time and leave me your thoughts.

Stefan, ToLiNoLi
LeeJPete Premium
Wow! This is a powerful article!!! I have lived the side of trying to do things perfectly only to be discouraged, over and over and over. For years, I was the one that could never get started because I was too busy analyzing and calculating how to make it work out perfectly.

I signed up with various MLM companies. Each time, I would invest in all the products, all the accessories, and all the fanfare. After beating my immediate family and friends over the head with my sales pitches and guilting them with heavy discounts just to move product, my enthusiasm would be lost and yet another get rich quick scheme failed.

Unfortunately, when I finally decided to give up on perfection, I dove head first into a program that was way over my head. I had made up my mind that I would "fake it until I make it". I am not very good at faking anything and not only did I NOT make it... I fell flat on my face! I have spent the last 4 years trying to dig myself out of the pit of debt, despair, and humiliation that was the result of leaping without looking.

I am so thankful that Wealthy Affiliates is truly walking the talk. I have learned so much in the last 7 days without paying a dime. The introductory month for $19 is a small pittance to pay for 3 more weeks of excellent, step-by-step training.

Kyle, thank you for putting all of my past attempts into perspective! This post really spoke to me.

SWhitley Premium
As always informative and inspiring. I like the middle road, myself. While trying to put together that perfect article, I also try to put the information out there. Learning and growing is important to me because then I am closer to being the first one to produce the perfect article or blog.
Walking the Path of Peace,
Talk2Ray Premium
Thanks Kyle, It used to drive me crazy working with a perfectionist. I used to paint cars as a hobby and no matter how hard I tried they never came out perfect. I could see the flaws, but thankfully most people were just so happy to see a new finish they overlooked the little flaws.
CJardin Premium
Yes, I read this and felt it was a Chapter about me! So relevant too and a lesson to learn if you want to move ahead in life! Thank you Kyle for sharing all the important good and bad issues that can arise from this "disease". It's a mindset that must be unraveled and how we do this is by recognizing it and breaking through the mold we created in our heads of how we handle our daily tasks.
KammyBurnett Premium
This post is exactly what I needed to hear Kyle. My perfectionism definitely gets in my way and I don’t accomplish things like I should because of it. Often times my best work is when I allow it to flow and not overthink things.
I am learning,
Thank you,
AlisonK Premium
Thanks Kyle, this explains my slow progress; it's not for lack of motivation. I write so much but often don't finish things and hardly ever publish anything because nothing is ever good enough...and then when I finally do publish it I don't want to share it! And yet I read other peoples work, people who are actually making money, and I think "I can write at least as well as this, how are they successful and I'm not?" The answer is very obvious but then I go back to working with my latest keywords, write half a post and then decide it's not good or I don't have enough knowledge on the subject or whatever and on it goes. Thank you for pointing out that perfectionism is what is holding me back. It's time I just got on with it!
Agice Premium
I can relate. I sometimes won't even start things because what's the point if it cannot be perfect lol. Perfectionism is definitely something to leave behind.
HarveyBrown Premium
I think everything you said can be summed up in your second to last paragraph Kyle and is something I learned over the years studying and practicing karate.
Each time you think you have conquered a technique or sequence of movements you realise there is something else to consider and learn. Perfection is a goal you can never reach.
Hi Kyle. Great post. We are blessed to have you as one of our leaders in the WA COMMUNITY. Your points are clearly true. Nothing is perfect and it does not need to be. We make mistakes all the time and this is how we grow by correcting ourselves. Thank you for this powerful message.

Your friend,
DenzelSr Premium
Hay Kyle
You nailed it again an a wonderful conversation it was
As I read this I looked at myself an said O he'll look at
Yourself at the things you ate missing .You (I) have been
Very fuliich all the way.sence Feb you want to be perfect
An you want Give up the perfection
Just hang yourself an forget it.
That is the way.I.picture myself.
Thank for the Great uplift by putting me down.

Thanks again Kyle for an outstanding write up to save
Part of your WA Community.
jennlinger Premium
You're not wrong.

I have had way too many situations where being even slightly wrong wasn't an option. I got in the habit of overthinking Everything. It's debilitating, to be honest, and I've spent quite a number of years pulling myself out of it as far as I have already. I've decided that everything is a learning experience, I've learned to value and use criticism, but I still internalize it.

There's still a way to go, and of course it gets worse when I'm entering unknown territory. But I take encouragement from the fact that it's not an unknown struggle, and that people in the community are open and supportive.
KMeyer Premium
I have this problem. And my therapist mentioned it to me not long ago. Even though, I knew I suffered from it. It comes from having a Father that spent 33 years in the military. Lol. I had to complete every task to his level of expectation. I work on this personality defect every day.
Funny your post hits me right between the eyes.
DaisyTetreau Premium
Hi Kyle,
Thank you for this post. It is hard to find the balance as I am doing things I have never done before. I remember telling my children that there is something worse than making a mistake - it is not admitting it.
What are the ways to get feedback? I've just been here two months. My goal is to get through the training and get my basic idea organized on my site.
I appreciate you,
Pernilla Premium
This is what I needed to hear!
Thank you, Kyle, for this excellent post.

I must admit that I am striving for doing things perfectly. I have high expectations of myself.

You are so right: Everything I do, takes twice or thrice as long as it should. I am polishing, checking and polishing and checking again. It stresses me a loooot! I am constantly behind the schedule, time which I could use better for learning more new things to apply in my business.

I'm really open for suggestions for improvement. But inside of me, I get sad and angry with myself if I have made mistakes.

Now, I'm going to exert myself to let go of wanting to do things perfect. I still want to do my best, but I want to get forward with my online business and see results!

Thanks again, Kyle, for telling me I don't need to be perfect!
dring Premium
Your post is spot on. Thanks for the reminder. Many of us, myself included, have often struggled with perfectionism. I have to constantly remind myself that if I want to get anything done, I have to acknowledge when 'good enough' is really 'good enough'. I continue to be a work in progress.
Dawnm12 Premium
Good timing on the article. I started my first post (after "About Me") and feel as though I have to have it complete and factually correct - "perfect". So that has been stalling me. That leads me to a question. If I do discover that I have made a factual mistake, do I correct that article or correct myself in another article? I know that some things will be adjusted in other articles because I'm taking people on a journey to figure something out. But I don't want to give basic factual information incorrectly. In that case, do I just correct that information in the article in which it initially appears (at least early on)?
katkatskitchen Premium
my advice is just get it out there as it is! Then correct it later if you want to change it. I often change my about my page the circumstances change I change the website function changes. No problem
smartketeer Premium
Hi Dawn.

If your article already has been read by many people, it's recommended to make the needed corrections clearly emphasizing the fact that you've updated the content. Usually it's done by simply adding the term "updated" to the title of the article

If it's a quite recent article that has been read only by a small group of visitors, you can simply make the needed corrections.

MBjorn Premium
Thank you for that, Kyle.

This is definitely an issue I deal with on a regular basis. I actually know it, but I still get caught up in it more often than I would like.

I think some of the issue, for me, comes down to the fact that english is not my first language (I'm danish) so I take a long time to phrase my articles right.

But I could definitely benefit from being a little less picky with my work, and in turn creating more of it...

Thanks for a great reminder! ;)

Renede Premium
Thank you Kyle for sharing your article and your inspiration. It was motivating and I will keep it in mind.

Over the years, I have come to accept and learn from my mistakes. I now look forward to others comments so I can improve on my skills and on my content writings. Sometimes it is not easy but it is necessary in order to grow and be successful. It is all a learning process we all need to go through. When you accept you made a mistake then you can move forward.
sgregcrx Premium
Hmmm how much of being a perfectionist is choice ? And how much is an unfortunate personality trait ?

I am anything but a perfectionist very happy with an "it will do " attitude. Probably to a faul. My lack of confidence means i am very receptive to critisism. I am always sure there is alot more i can do.

I am struggling atm with control issues. I have begun outsourcing and have a real issue with just posting the paid for work. I find myself pawing over it to make changes and alter parts to suit my opinion. Really dont like letting go of content and this could be crippling !
edjr Premium
I needed to hear this. I tend to be a perfectionist which is mostl likely the main reason why I have reached my financial goals yet. Since I've been reading quite a bit personal development material in the last few years I think I making progress in the right direction.

I agree that we learn from our mistakes and failures.
ClarkLudahl Premium
Only about two months into WA, and needed to read this article at this time in the process. Have definitely made some mistakes and come up against some obstacles, but am pushing forward and continuing to write content. I know that my content is not perfect, but I know that I will become better at it and more of an authority with time. Thank you for your article on perfectionism.
HamzahBarik Premium
In school, we were always told to do the right thing and to pass all our exams. We are not expected to make mistakes. This is the culture that we live in and I think we should be encouraged not to be afraid of making mistakes especially if it is not a situation of life and death. It is about performance and achieving some form of success that we had never indulged in. We need to be brave to identify our weakness and we progress from there on.
Nkaujzeb Premium
Wow, geez Kyle seems like you're the WA Jesus. I wrote a post just over 2 thousand words two months ago and I was contemplating if it was perfect enough to post it. Seems like you read my thought telepathically and write this blog to encourage not only me but everyone else that needed to hear this.

Thank you.

1signbanner Premium
Thank you Kyle, I need to be reminded of just that.

Petrified-itist usually happens to me when I get like that.
Not healthy and besides I do not improve.

I must always remind myself "moving forward" always, to me, help.

Put my fears behind and move on is always a problem with me.

Too much considerations fog my mind. Not good Kyle!

Thank you again for the reminder.

MartinJ2 Premium
Hey Kyle, great post and a very timely one for me.
You are spot on that we all struggle with self-confidence issues when taking on something new.
Sometimes I get stuck on something here at WA, mainly from the creativity side of things and allow myself to get far to bogged down with trying to explore every possible avenue to achieve perfectionism, and usually end up wasting a lot of time and the end product is not always that great.
Like you mentioned it is far better to just push on take a chance and keep moving forward and learning from any mistakes..
Love the example you used about Michael Jordan (MJ) I have the same initials as him, probably the closest I will get to greatness :)
Thanks just the shot in the arm I needed Kyle..
Angelia78 Premium
It's funny you should post this, Kyle, because I have been having this very talk with myself. I spent too much time working on the "About me" section of my website, and I'm still not happy with it.
I finally just posted it, and moved on.
I want to be successful, sooner then later!
Cinderella5 Premium
Great article, I Love perfectionism but I also love constructive criticism and being here has taught me to loosen up because you come to realize that being successful online takes a lot of hard work and time.

As such you learn to put perfectionism on the shelf and just try out things.. failing along the way.. at least that's what I did but I love order and I am a bit of a perfectionist with an open mind to learn..

Thanks a lot enjoyed the article.
Weka-Lodge Premium
Hey Kyle! must've been writing parts of that 'Perfectionist' stuff for me! - yuk! - Gotit!-though.... and 'Points-taken'!! --
Thanks! :) .... Here's a 'Perfectionist-type' you might also have met! .... Yup.. me again! :{ ..... I fairly-typically try to 'fly-into' a task with tonsa energy,... then get a bit confused or doubtful, on how best to continue! ....and by bitter experience -- THIS is the stage at which I may tend to "drop-the-ball"... instead of just trying-out a few different-angles! ...then I may tend to 'run-outa-steam', and drift-off to.... you guessed it! - 'The next shiny object' ..... Arrrrrrrrrrgh! ....Thankfully, however... I have 'developed a nose', for many a scam, or other 'woftam'... and had to pull-out, before getting 'bled-$$$-dry'! ....
Thankfully though, with WA I have been taking it a lot-more 'calmly'...( i think!).. and have intentionally taken some 'time' to just get to know a few lovely Folks, here &there; on you Social-Media pages! -- Happy to have done this. Getting a 'feel-for' your WA....and as-in the rest of my life...People are everything!!
Thanks Kyle, - and Everyone!! :) :)
Cheers! - Jen. -NZ. :)

Worden1 Premium
I agree, I always liked "on the job training". Making your first attempt at something and having someone to give Fred back. Yes, a person that thinks they are perfect, is a hard person to share points of view with. Because they think, they have the only right solution or steps to follow to success. I have experienced this with book smart people. We as entrepreneurs, must always keep an open mind, and be willing to learn more at every turn.
RD40 Premium
Totally agree with this Kyle! Making mistakes is part of the learning process. I can remember having many issues when I first started here, and never complained because I welcomed the challenge to learn from it. Now I have found success, and all the issues I had was well worth it. Great article Kyle!

Fgomez11710 Premium
Wow Kyle, this article was pretty inspiring. It encouraged me to just let go of my afraidness to start this thing and trying to make my first website perfect. I am going to commit more and just hack at it as much as I can. Thanks so much for this great article.
frex6 Premium
Exactly, Kyle, I'm not perfect and don't expect to be. I just write my own way and style I cannot be like anybody else and not going to try to be. If my blogs don't catch on I'll redo them until they do.
If I don't know something I'll ask.
Thanks for bringing this subject up it was very good.
TheAdvisor Premium
Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the subject of perfectionism, and I admit that I needed to read this and you couldn't have written this at a better moment like you had!

Have you been spying on my work, Kyle? Just kidding!

But you are correct, I had spent a week just trying to complete an article that I would only work on in bits between intervals, and even I am starting to notice that this only causes a burn out.

I have all the time in the world so I shouldn't be so obsessed in seeing results so quickly.

Even then, when I'm already 3 months in as a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate, I still have a lot to learning to do although it feels great when I accomplish a task.

Thank you for giving me a peace of mind for now I can relax knowing I don't have to put so much pressure on myself.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

1Summer Premium
Hi Kyle,

Thanks for this post Kyle...I agree with you simply because "perfection" doesn't exist, and yet sometimes it seems I keep chasing after it, perfection in writing that is... (perfection come here! where are you going?! stop! ugh!)..hehehehee...

At the same time however, this should not serve as an excuse for negligent, sloppy writing. For example, there are so many tools that we now have available to help us with our writing: Grammarly, word counts, not to mention the templates on Site Content. It's good when someone is available to review and critique our work, but when that's not available then you must rely on the type of tools I've already mentioned and whatever else is available or at a minimum reading the post to yourself out loud.

My pet peeve however is when people ask for comments on SiteFeedback and "promise" they will return the favor.once you have visited and commented on their site. But, in fact, they never do for whatever reason.

That they didn't provide any feedback on your site after you have already commented and provided feedback on theirs doesn't bother me as much as the fact that they really never had the intention to follow through on what they said they would do...the lie, that is what bothers me...because I can see how that type of behavior can transfer into the marketing aspect of affiliate marketing.

So when asking for comments on SiteFeedback, we should not write that we will return the favor when in fact there is no intention to do so...

ok that's all I have to say about "perfectionism" and my rant for the day... hehehehee

Here's to good writing! Cheers! :)
RussellO1 Premium
I am in agreement with your peeve, Dishonesty in one area leads to dishonesty in all others. We should be honest in all things.
1Summer Premium
Thank you for agreeing with me Russell...(that's very courageous of you....heheheee)

In affiliate marketing when we are trying to build our brand we have to develop trust right? I mean who wants to be a snake oil salesman? I certainly don't!

Enjoy your day! :)
Jadatherapy Premium
Yes i agree people should do what they say they are going to do.

But in reality people are people and sometimes life happens.

I think that you wrote this so well that you should have put it in a blog post to help to build awareness on the valuable point that you have raised.

You never know this may help to at least make other think before they write.


1Summer Premium
Thank you Jennifer I appreciate your insight and the thought did cross my mind after I wrote it...been so busy with my website and life getting in the way that I haven't yet done so, but your email has brought confirmation that I need to write a post about this...
It truly is refreshing when people are sincerely honest and have the courage to say something that needs to be said and even more honest to publicly agree with it, thank you!

Have a fantastic day! Cheers!
Jadatherapy Premium
You are most welcome

You also have a fantastic day and happy writing. lol
Kyle, This Is What Many Beginners Need To Hear, But I Don`t Think It Is Perfection They Seek, But Fear That They Feel. They Have Been Scammed So Many Times That They Don`t Know Who To Trust. They Fear The Next Step They Take Will Be A Mistake . That Will Destroy Their Whole Chance At Making Their Website Business A Money Making Success. So Kyle Please Write Me Back And Comment On My Statement. You And Many People In This Community Seem Like People I Can Trust. Thank You.
kpercival55 Premium
Great article, as I've spent the past 2 hours working on my first published post to my just purchased first domain...trying to get it to over 1,000 words, with exactly 4 topics headings, to be funny and insightful, and on and on. I think I'll stop for a break and come back and just make it great. Thanks Kyle!
AlenkaV Premium
Ha! What brilliant timing for this post!

I had been postponing creating my first tutorial because I wanted it to be 'perfect'.

Today, thought to just do it and see how it goes. Well, good that I did, because it is done!

Yes, it took hours and hours to complete (even though it is probably the simplest and the shortest training ever), but never mind.

It is done - I've learned a new skill + feeling super happy about it!

Thank you for the great post, and the encouragement to get on with the work!

chief14nj Premium
Thanks again Kyle, no one is perfect and i think you mention this somewhere in the training so i just write and throw it out there and let it fall where it falls, if it doesn't work i do it again, this mind set has seemed to work so far, thanks again
baritonetom Premium
I have found in my experience that people who have failed and then got up and went again turn out to be the best teachers of others who face similar problems. I guess I shall be a great teacher because I have made more than my fair share of mistakes. But one mistake I have not yet made is to give up.
Never give up. Do like Kyle said, learn from your mistake and move on. You will succeed.
EKaye1 Premium
It is very true in what you are saying in this article and makes complete sense. Sometimes can have a tendency to be sensitive to criticism, but have to remember that there is always something to improve on. Like you said I would rather have 10 posts published with some mistakes then one perfect one.
JooKwang Premium
I agree. Trying to be perfect is a good intention but if one is too indulged in it and has no allowance for mistakes, the learning will take a far longer route and chances of giving up becomes that much higher. Just do and refine along the way. That's the perfect way!

And yes, I love that classic timeless quote from MJ.
shazzaWA Premium
Love that Michael Jordan quote.

I knew when I came here that the important thing was to get writing articles consistently as that was going to bring the traffic > referrals > signups... not a pretty website. To this day over a year later I still don't have a header banner image and it is just wording.

Just get doing the important things!
Great article as always Kyle
JosonInc Premium
We have to be as perfect as we can when we shoot a rocket aimed for a Mars landing or a rocket aimed for a spot on the moon. However, writing articles and the fear of saying things wrong, making grammatical errors are some of the issues facing perfectionists here at WA and elsewhere.

As some experts out there have said...Keep failing until you succeed applies to website building as there is a ton of details to learn as we go. Never on a rocket fired to land on the moon.

In WA, putting the right pieces of the puzzle together with as little mistake as possible takes us to our destination that earns money quicker. Reaching our objectives in WA, which is generating online incomes could be made into an art...when we dig into it and find those critical information necessary to fully home in on what truly works....and the step by step process needed to keep moving forward and reach that DESTINATION. We use google and youtube to find the details of these steps for now. We also have detailed steps as training posts by the more established members.

There is a ton of information within WA and within the posts and knowledge base of members. Navigating these intricate pathways could be streamlined and put into action by the experienced, knowledgeable and creative members much faster. For the inexperienced however, the progress could be a bit slower but progress could still increase as one gathers info and applies them.

WA is one of a kind in the world. The way it is structured has made it into one huge think tank. The pool of solutions need to have an all-time 'repository' where folks can go and search even the very old solutions to old problems but still APPLY today.

Just my ten cents as I continue to battle a Windows 10 issue that freezes my browsers when I start working on my websites or running WA dashboard. ha ha ha.

Great topic Kyle! Thanks for sharing us your thoughts!

BobMargroff Premium
WOW!!! I feel like someone just slapped me in the back of the head, sort of like a “Gibbs-slap” from NCIS. If any one here has ever seen one of the episodes. But anyway, I’ve got to stop worrying about writing the perfect review and just get it done. Same goes with the training here. I am feeling like I have to do things a certain way to make my website the way it’s supposed to be. Yes, I do have to follow the training, but not to the detriment of getting things done.

Thanks for this Kyle.
Weka-Lodge Premium
Hahaha! -- Yes, indeed.... I remember the 'Gibbs-slap'! --
Oh well, it does us all heapsa good to take a sizeable step-back, and realize just 'where' we may actually be heading.... before we go plunging ahead! -- But turning that into plain ole 'dithering' sure doesn't help us.... and Kyle's comments have been a timely help for me! -- And because there may also be a good smattering of 'fellow-perfectionists' in these posts....
I have just now taken the extra time to read-thru' quite a few of them... to try to learn from anything in their posts, too! --
Also took a mo' to "Follow" each, and "like" their Posts! --
I just like to sorta encourage others if poss... where poss. :)
Cheers! -- And wishing all you Perfectionists--Learners, every success with all of your best and even 'scrappy' efforts! -haha! -
-- Jen. -NZ.. :)
ladyluck2013 Premium
Hi Kyle,
I think it is virtually impossible for anyone to achieve total perfection because there will always be someone more "perfect" than his/herself. Therefore, I think that we should give it our best in whatever task we undertake--that should be "perfect" enough and just keep it moving. It's true that making mistakes is a part of learning, and is necessary for growth in knowledge. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
portiaS1 Premium
Hi Kyle, what you say is true to some extent, I think a lot of that comes from the lack of understanding. some people take a while to get it, while others get it and move on. We have kids in school, where some understand right away and some take longer to understand. As far as perfectionism is concern those people cause themselves problems, everything has to be just right. Casing point, their hair has to in place, no matter what, another point they have to make straight " As " on their report card. None of us are perfect we are humans.
digitmagic Premium
This is incredibly true. My parents are perfectionists. I'm someone who challenges myself to continue learning and growing.

While they are focused on my flaws, I'm focused on the innovations and benefits. It's a sad clash, but taught me how everyone thinks differently. We have totally different styles and don't get each other.
james57 Premium
We know that this term is defined clearly in the dictionary and we know its meaning, but in reality, nobody can attain this goal of perfection in life. This word needs to redefine as an act of improving always for the best. You’re right Kyle that each person needs to be opened to constructive criticism, suggestions from other people, acceptance of our weaknesses, failures and sometimes rejection. It doesn’t mean that we’re weak or has low IQ/EQ but to accept these, are signs of strength and true wisdom. There is more wisdom and strength in accepting our weaknesses rather than to be proud and always thinking that we’re right.

A person who wants to grow well and to become more effective in contributing to uplift the lives of others needs these seemingly negative reactions from others. Let us accept these with thankfulness in our heart that these are positive ways or agents to help us learn for the best!
Jadatherapy Premium
So so true, you can spend a couple of hours on an article getting it good to go and then find that you are indexed in google the next day.


You can spend a couple of days on an article and the wonder why you are not getting indexed.

go figure.

Thank you for this article, very much needed.
pasionazul Premium
Kyle the truth so I decide I feel totally identified and I have no doubt that I am a "perfectionist" All the activities that I have undertaken in my life, have taken me a lot of time and a great personal effort. I will try to be less of a perfectionist to better face the mistakes that I will surely have. Excellent Post !!
Nadja3 Premium
Ahhh... This post must be shared with all teachers, professors, and lecturers... as we know, most of them want to have perfect students, perfect work, perfect assignment, and perfect project...
And we inherit the perfectionism and we continue with this through our life...
Kyle... Can I have your permission to use this post (with the proper reference) in my first lecture in September?
chender684 Premium
I am not necessarily a perfectionist, I just like to do things right, the first time. Being focused on doing things the right way makes it much easier to make fewer mistakes. I hate making stupid mistakes, with a passion. A little thought and research always goes a long way for me.
joychRistine Premium
A little thought and research always goes a long way for me. -- I definitely agree! :)
alan47 Premium
This is a great post as I believe I am one of those who tries too hard to perfect what I do to my detriment and as you say. However, since I have recently overcome a major obstacle namely getting my site verified on Google , I do feel that my mind-set/attitude to learning is changing. I don't care how long it takes me to be a successful and wealthy affiliate here, I am going to continue this journey here and not feel intimidated by others being successful ahead of me. As some else said recently this is not a race in the usual sense of the word, but we are in our own race with ourselves improving our skills/knowledge base/confidence/competence and what is even more satisfying helping and supporting many others along the way and adding value and purpose to all that we do here at W.A .Apologies for the length of this but it was inspired by your amazing blog post. Thanks once again.
smokeywins Premium
This is so true! It can be so easy to fall into the trap to keep working on the same thing over and over again until it achieves a certain level of perfection that in reality is impossible to achieve because nothing is truly ever "perfect". The most important thing is taking that very first step, using the knowledge you have obtained and putting it into action. Sure, there is a chance that you will fail, and if you do, use that knowledge to improve yourself and not make the same mistakes the second time around. No one is truly perfect, I know there are some that will jokingly say they are, but it's learning from your mistakes that puts you on the true path to success.
jwaffil2018 Premium
This a terrific article Kyle :)) You have really opened my eyes to what has been a recurring obstacle with me. I spend for instance, too much time thinking and even over-thinking what I'm going to write about before I write it! Now you have enlightened me through your article how I can just relax and learn from my mistakes. What is the saying? "Rome wasn't built in a day" :) Jim
fervor Premium
I find that WA is not only a great platform, but it's also a place to learn and realize the mistakes we make so we can become better at what we do.

Your blog here totally relates to me, to be honest, this post is like you're teaching me, take WA'ers by the hand, and lead us to a much more successful approach to get things done and moving forward and closer to our goal. Thank YOU Kyle.
jetrbby80316 Premium
Great post Kyle. Perfectionism is problematic and impractical. We need to make our mistakes quicker to learn from them and become more efficient, and we also need to be flexible and easy to work with.

And even when we try to make something perfect, chances are very high it will not be close to perfect.

Perfectionism is impractical, we are going to make mistakes in the beginning regardless, better to make them quicker and experience failures faster so we can learn from them and correct those failures faster, then move on.
ToLiNoLi Premium
If you make your mistakes faster Kaju, perhaps even bigger, then you can quicker see them, hope that helps lol :P
jetrbby80316 Premium
Agreed, Stefan!
SCash Premium
So true, I find that perfectionism is a result of a number of reasons. Some people grew up with constant rejection or criticism and are searching for perfection and acceptance from somebody, anybody. To be vulnerable and put something out there that might be criticized is another rejection they haven't come to terms with. They don't realize that helpful criticism is key to growth. It's amazing how long we will carry around unnecessary baggage to our own detriment.
BusyGirl Premium
Exactly my problem! Even though my friends and former co-workers were very supportive, my family wasn't. This caused me to shut down and worry too much over every single sentence. Then I tried to add some humor and fell short. One of my closest relatives even said I was a hypocrite! That really hurt!

Oh well. You can't please everyone! Still trying to move forward. I've put that site on hold, even though I really believe in that project. For now, I am focusing on creating a niche site... more reviews and less opinions!
mbouteiller Premium
OMG... I'm my own worst enemy! Maybe I am a perfectionist... not sure on that. When I write a section, I read it, make changes, read it, make more changes and so on... (drives me to drink). Perfectionist? Maybe? I need to feel good about what I write. I think of what my readers problems or needs are.

I have no trouble taking criticism or constructive feedback because I always want to learn. I have no trouble trying new things.

BUT... there is one thing that Kyle mentioned here that makes me think I must be a perfectionist. For instance, it literally takes me over a week (sometimes 2 weeks to write a review. I'm currently working on my own review template to resolve this issue.

I definitely overthink as I've been told that from my friends.

I suppose, as long as I can see my 'faults' and making the effort to make changes, I am not a perfectionist or am I? (I never want to be a perfectionist because it holds me down from moving forward). Ummmm yikes, reading this I must be!

My Mojo is to keep moving forward cause life is short!!

OMG... I believe I just babbled here.

Ok Kyle... I get your message!! Thank you!
Vickic3 Premium
Hi Kyle. This is a great post. When I was 25 I became a professional singer/songwriter and had a brilliant career spanning 25 years. I made mistakes along the way as we do but I learned so much as well.
I have a friend who is a perfectionist and she is one of the most incredible songwriters I have heard, however, She is now 54 years old and has never recorded her songs to be sold. She was also a professional entertainer. I have offered over the years, to be her manager/marketing person and she has always said"My songs need work but thank you"
So sad as her songs are incredible and her guitar ability is amazing.
If only she would just bite the bullet and go for it before it is too late and she is left with regret in her heart,
Nothing is ever perfect but we must all strive to do the best we can without creating our own limitations around perfection

Thank you
Shweta10mg Premium
I’m guilty of all these each line:(. I’m too critical but I agree what impact it has, if I got absorbed and then burnt out. Perfectionist also burn out faster, owing to topic saturation.
Guilty but bouncing back. I never would have thought about being one, but as Kyle explains it’s learnt, belief of a type of personality.
I’m taking time that is dragging me down.
DOgbaugo Premium
Thnks Kyle for you motivating posts to build me up, you know that am very skeptical and not wanting to continue. Mistakes are not my problems because I know nothing about this, so I will have many mistakes, but the end justification is my concerns. I know putting 2-3 hrs a day is a lot, but that would not be my problems. You don't need more explanation to convince me that what I know and have seen going on, thanks again.
johipo Premium
I feel that this publication was for me. Actually one of my fears is specifically that, the fear of being wrong. Since I have a certain vein of perfectionism and it bothers me or makes me question my abilities.
I think we have many people idenfified with this article. I'm sure it is.

Thanks for sharing Kyle.
RoxyV Premium
Oh my goodness, this post is exactly what I needed to hear right now!
I don't think I even realized I was a perfectionist until now......
My brain talks me out of good ideas because I spend far too much time just thinking about how to do it and what's gonna happen in 2 weeks, 2 months etc
I've avoided WA yesterday and today because of this, what a silly sausage! Right I'm back on now and I shall just do something rather than nothing!

Thanks Kyle and have a great evening everyone! :)
Rich908 Premium
Great post Kyle - I have learnt that perfection kills a creative mind

Anne Lamott could not have said it better

“Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor, the enemy of the people. It will keep you cramped and insane your whole life, and it is the main obstacle between you and a shitty first draft.

I think perfectionism is based on the obsessive belief that if you run carefully enough, hitting each stepping-stone just right, you won't have to die.

The truth is that you will die anyway and that a lot of people who aren't even looking at their feet are going to do a whole lot better than you, and have a lot more fun while they're doing it.”

Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life
markos84uk Premium
I'm glad I read this early into my progress. I'm sitting here for yesterday and today trying to write a "perfect" article. Type it and get it done!

I have no readers and I'm worrying about what people will think.

There's a term in the UK we use (maybe local to me) it's called "Faffing" I'm a bit of a faffer sometimes! Like moving stuff around that really has no end result, you're just putting off the inevitable.

Thanks for the read.
clayharrison Premium
Nothing in nature is perfect. Rather than saying something is perfect, I like to say it is just right. I like to think what I am doing is just right at that particular moment in time, when I have accomplished what I have set out to do.

I like to allow myself room to build on to what I am accomplishing and to be perpetually creative. Some things are harder for me to grasp than others, but I keep on keeping on until I arrive at my original goal.

Thanks a lot, Kyle for sharing your valuable insight and knowledge to guide me in the direction I need to be going.
teyh19 Premium
@kyle. I agree with you Kyle. As neophytes to web builder like me, zero experience at all. I have been making several revisions about my web content but it doesn't mean I want my site to be perfect but I am making sure that the audiences and the visitors could understand what is all about my site is talking about. Writing single article is really hard for me you know that I am not good writers and I am not native English speaking at all.
JackieSmith Premium
Trying to be perfect is definitely an obstacle... trying to get things "right" - which will never happen - especially with Internet Marketing.

The audience is so vast - 'perfect' means so many things to so many people. What I try to do (now) is to give my all in whatever sphere of work I find myself in. If I fail, I learn from this and do things differently - take a step back and reassess the whole situation.

I also utilise feedback and comments as my aid to produce something greater.

Thanks for this Kyle.
Being perfect is a stumbling block to success!
Jonnie91 Premium
Oh gosh - issue 3. I read that and caught myself doing exactly that - I'm a perfectionist and I'M not sensitive....

The irony.

I love posts that challenge me like that. Thanks for posting Kyle!

I do have a question for everyone here though, if you've ever been a perfectionist at all, how did you overcome it? What did you do, to help kick yourself out of that funk?
Hollshope Premium
I struggled with perfectionism when I was younger. It took me years to ditch the notion that it wasn't serving me. Instead I was perfectionism's slave. I no longer buy into that lie. "Good enough" is now my motto. And you're right, perfectionism is a huge time drain.

The concept that made me loosen the reins was when I listened to a webinar about perfectionism. The speaker stated that perfectionism was a control issue, and a function of the ego. Well, let's just say I didn't want to be an egomaniac.

Perfectionism is also an issue of pride. For instance, does the person writing the so-called perfect article want the perfect article or to be the perfect writer? It's hard to separate what's being produced and the producer.

Pride doesn't allow for constructive criticism because the person delivering the criticism, in their eyes, isn't attacking the article, but rather the writer.

What a relief to let perfectionism go!

Great post - thank you!
Stella2 Premium
How did you know me so well when we've never met? LOL

Actually, I consider myself a perfectionist in recovery. :-)

And, I must say, WA has done a lot in the past two years to really drive home some of the important things that you talk about here.

When I was a teacher, I used to tell my little perfectionists not to be afraid, because they weren't making mistakes, they were making learning experiences.

Fortunately, I've been able to see these traits in myself and work on them. It's always a process, but I stick to it and I'm loads better.

AND, I no longer text in complete, grammatically correct sentences! Big Win for me! Lol

Now, I say things like "r u ready?" As Oprah would say, that's huge for me. :-)
Kate1984 Premium
I'm with you on that one! As a teacher myself, I struggle with perfectionism, perhaps because I teach these concepts -- grammar, organization, sentence construction -- and so I'm constantly evaluating myself as well. Even when I'm writing rough drafts, emails, etc. (and yes, THIS message), it's hard for me to turn off my inner editor! The best way to describe it is a compulsive urge to "tidy" up the words on the screen. When I copy and paste something and it's a different-sized font, that also drives me crazy! Yes, I can be sensitive to criticism, but usually by the time I've finished a piece, I'm so exhausted that I'm past the point of caring about anyone's reaction. Because you refer to yourself as a "perfectionist in recovery," it gives me hope that I, too, can recover!
Stella2 Premium
Hi Kate;

I also used to work as a content writer that had to have work approved by an editor and that made it even worse!! haha

Actually, you may find that, like me, WA helps to get some of that out of you.

I find the more I work on websites, the more I'm finding the balance between "it needs to be reader-friendly and ready to publish" and "okay, I'm done, let's move on."

I'm sure you'll get there, too.
Al the best! :-)
RobSciubba Premium
Hey Kyle you hit the nail right on the head I just happen to be going through this right now myself and I keep telling myself that I have to go back and change things because they’re wrong and other people saying different things and I want to change things to make them perfect.
But I realize that’s not reality I’m spinning my wheels by going back to change things all the time I have to keep moving on I have something on my wall that I printed out that you said and it says the moral of the story is never stop writing content Kyle was right.
I look at that every day and I just realize what I have to do is exactly what you’re talking about to write and do the best I can learn as I go along and not go back anymore wasting time to change things so that they’re perfect.
If I make changes it’s to the articles that I’m writing now and in the future I can go back and spend time editing every article that I’ve written I have to learn from my past mistakes.
It is frustrating to not make sales and to keep failing but I know that it takes only one time to be right.
Thank you for very informative and enlightening post!
aleksandra19 Premium
I agree with you, I would like to give my opinion in this topic because I think that the word 'perfectionist ' can have a positive or negative meaning.

I think that the perfectionists are divided in two categories.
In the first category I would include those persons ,who call themselves perfect and who think that,they don't need improvement,
And the second category , I would call 'positive perfectionist 'because these people know very well that they are not perfect but they are constantly searching to improve themselves, to achieve the best possible in what they do, but not the perfection , because the improvement is a continuous process.
I think that the positive ego pushes this kind of person to make progress faster.
HowardJaros Premium
I agree one hundred percent, Kyle!

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence. - Vince Lombardi
juanster2017 Premium
Thanks for sharing I remember reading this post during my training it was very helpful and a confidence booster
newy219 Premium
I needed to hear this. Thank you for the post. I am guilty of this and realize it isn't a positive quality to have anymore.

Time to speed up my mistakes :)
Godsmack12 Premium
Powerful message. Took me a long time to stop being a perfectionist I hated criticism and would never take it as someone trying to help me grow but as someone just chipping away at my self-esteem.
Later on I learned to grow out of that, and learn from it and became a listener.
Most successful people when asked "How did you become so successful?" The honest ones will tell you from a lot of failure.
Thank you Kyle for the great article.
Mark120 Premium
Kyle, you really cheered me up. But your video tutorials require a thoughtful understanding of the new material for me, plus the language barrier, which gradually settles. Now, when training,against my perfectionism, I apply a timer and clipboards. Naturally, thanks Mark
Bamanand Premium
In the beginning, I used to worry more about being PERFECT and my progress was really slow.

After seeing many websites on google first-page, without having the perfect image, heading, theme etc, I realized that it is the action that leads to success, not Perfection.

> Any blog that is helpful is a quality blog.
> Anything that answers the questions is high quality.
> Any website or blog post that solves a problem is a high quality and I can definitely build that type of website.

Now, I only concentrate on helping people through my website and creating posts much faster and easier without worrying about the quality.

If a blog is helpful, actionable, step by step is definitely high quality and anyone can create these blogs.
MKearns Premium
I have fallen into this paralysis trap a lot Kyle. It stig\fles creativity. Of course, all it is is fear of rejection. Failure and experience weathering life's storms are the solutions. One has to think of what might not happen if you give sway to this paralysis. Thanks for these good pointers
Eugene Premium
Excellent post Kyle, as always I enjoy to read your articles. I get a lot of good out of them. Just as Michael Jordan(my hero too), Thomas Edison failed about a 1,000 times, President Abe Lincoln failed many times, and so many other. Failure makes us better, because it is the starting point to make things right. Thanks again
Kyle Premium
Yeah, failure is certainly part of understanding what doesn't work, but what does, and what "almost" does.

When you have all of these varying benchmarks in completely different circumstances to work with, you can move your way to becoming an expert!
Grizzly114 Premium
Thanks for the post Kyle. I think that has been a life long obstacle for me and your article has made me realize that I am not producing content to be marked by a teacher and with comments I could be guided to improvement.
Kyle Premium
I suppose school to a certain degree conditions us to aim to be perfectionists before we get our marks. In the real world, you don't really know what is perfect until you have feedback and you cannot define perfect until you have that relevant feedback.

So it is a bit backwards to teach people to try to perfect things before they get feedback. The appropriate would be to have two chances, the first revision, then the second once the feedback from your teacher or audience has taken place