Less than 10 searches, but it's bringing in money

Last Update: May 09, 2018

Inspired by the warm reception of my training videos within wealthy affiliate I decided to create a new course and publish it on udemy.com. I checked on Jaaxy using the search term "gutenberg course". Dang! Less than 10 searches using that phrase.

But I knew I was onto something. Even if no one was interested now, I knew that people would want to learn more about Gutenberg as the release date approached. So I planned the course and submitted a test video.

For the first course I did for udemy.com I had to submit a test video four times before I got one approved. I've learned a lot since then and this video passed with flying colours within hours.

There was only one other course on the same subject at udemy.com, and because I figured my course was better I priced it slightly higher than the competition.

To give the course a jumpstart I gave out a few free coupons hoping to get some five-star reviews. Thank you friends. Every review counts and every star counts. This is the way that new students determine which courses they are going to take.

11 days later the course is attracting new paying students. But not through my efforts, udemy is finding the students for me. This is almost passive income. Promotion is not my strong suit, I much prefer creating the videos. So having udemy find students for me is awesome.

I'll keep updating the course as changes are made to Gutenberg. So it's not completely passive income.

The videos at udemy.com are different to the videos I've done for Wealthy Affiliate. If you haven't seen them already, the WA videos are:

WordPress Gutenberg: Create a New Post using WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg

WordPress Gutenberg: Add Headings to Your Post using WordPress 5 Gutenberg

WordPress Gutenberg: Add Images to Your Post using WordPress 5 Gutenberg

WordPress Gutenberg: Available Blocks in WordPress 5 Gutenberg

WordPress Gutenberg: Add Links to Your Text and Images

WordPress Gutenberg: Other Common Blocks

WordPress Gutenberg: Formatting Blocks

WordPress Gutenberg: Embeds and Videos

Now I'm looking for bright ideas for a subject for my next udemy course. What would you like to learn about?

PS I still have a few coupons available, you can contact me by private message.

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Starbound Premium
Great work Marion. It is wonderful when an idea supports a better product & is profitable also.

As a "learning" member, I am a bit green on understanding the value of Gutenberg. Help me to understand its value. Is it incorporated in the WA Platform? Is it suggested that I change all current web pages & posts to the Gutenberg format?

Thank you for sharing.
mbouteiller Premium
Hey Marion,

I love how you look outside your box. I have all of your WordPress Gutenberg bookmarked but haven't gotten to them yet. When will WordPress be releasing this?

I would like an in-depth training on how to write reviews. I know Kyle has training on it but I still really struggle. I am part of the Super Challenge and promoting WA. I have a template but it's getting the information together...

Thanks again Marion, wow, you are such a wonderful inspiration for me.

MarionBlack Premium
At this stage, a release date has yet to be announced. They want to squash all the bugs before making Gutenberg part of WordPress core.
amyr2017 Premium
I often come up with keywords or long-tail keywords that rank <10 and wonder if I should use them anyway. I always think that SOMEONE is bound to search for that word, etc.... but not sure if that's a good strategy.
I'm not at all surprised at your success with this. You've got what it takes and it is 2nd nature to you.
Kettei Premium
That's awesome Marion!

I have a course on one of the popular online-course platforms.
It's been my one online entrepreneur success story so far - I published a class on it two years ago and it's been generating $16 / month without fail (some months more). I know that's not much but it's more than I had previously! :)

I do want to try creating one for Udemy though.
MarionBlack Premium
That sounds great Phil. Which platform is your course on?
Kettei Premium
It's on Skillshare. It's about learning to draw animals for beginners.

I'm working on my second class at the moment.

I've watched your first class already. How cool does Gutenberg look? I'm totally excited to see this arrive in Wordpress!
RobFore Premium
Awesome! And thanks for the reminder about the potential profitability found in LONG-TAIL KEYWORDS.

I wrote a "article writing software" review on my blog over five years ago that has pretty much continously ranked top three on Google from the beginning. According to jaaxy... less than 200 searches per month. Now here's the kicker... that ONE blog post has earned me over 100k in affiliate commissions over the years.

It took me maybe 5 OR 6 HOURS to research and write the post because I actually did buy, try or use all the programs. And I've updated it maybe twice over the years.

Gotta love the long-tail. Thanks again for the reminder.
MarionBlack Premium
Great work Rob.
sdawson Premium
laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Marion,

I really think you are fantastica creating all these clever courses and videos, such a help for all of us.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

p.s. I think you missed my meeting with Michelle and Loes, here comes.
SachiKashi Premium
Wow - so glad I'm part of your network! I am learning and being exposed to so many different things through your training. You rock! A lot of it is over my head but I am being exposed to new terminology and ideas and that is crazy awesome to me! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!
hugh9905 Premium
Hi Marion, I find a lot of value in the training you created.

I'm looking into the Sitemap: AIO SEO, Yoast, & Google Search console, Child theme, and the custom CSS training. I have to say the child theme and the custom CSS are too advanced for me right now but I will spend more time on them in the future. :)

PatsyC Premium
Hi Marion, nice!!

Most of my post titles have under 10 searches and start from 3 QSR to about 50.

I started the course but had to put it aside for a few days. I have too much going on outside of WA.

Thanks again for the free coupon, I appreciate it :D
wendyg53 Premium
Your course on Udemy is wonderful. Thank you so much for offering me a coupon - it was so worthwhile.

Honestly, I think if I had to pick a topic that keeps aggravating me, it's finding a theme. How to pick the right theme. What are the best themes for different niches like health, etc.

It's so frustrating to pick a theme and then discover that it doesn't do what you need it to do. Then have to go chasing down plugins, which can cause more problems. That may be too much to cover in a video course. I don't know.

Thanks for all of your training Marion. It keeps me sane. :-)