SiteContent Images is Here! Over 1,000,000 Optimized Images.


Well, we have been hard at work behind the scenes and as we have lead on to many folks here within the community. Today we are introducing the SiteContent Images platform here at WA. This is something that we are proud to introduce into an already thriving and very advanced SiteContent platform. I think it is going to be very well received by those using the SiteContent to publish amazing content...and now that content can include beautiful, high resolution, optimized images!

One of the Biggest Challenges With Images is Finding Them

You never have to worry about searching and finding an image again...or paying for images. As a Premium member of WA, you are going to have access to a database of well over 1,000,000 images. From dogs and cats, to basketball, to locations all over the world, to healthy eating, to anything!

These are high resolution, beautiful, and completely free and Creative Commons ZERO (CC0). CC0 means you can use these images in any way you want on your websites, including commercially, without any attribution. So now you have access to a resource of a 1M+ images that you can leverage to beautify your website content published through the SiteContent platform.

==> Access SiteContent Here

To access images, you will want to click the "insert image" icon within your tool bar within the SiteContent editor (as shown below).

This will give you three options in terms of the type of image you can insert.

  • Insert an Image from Search. You can search from a database of over 1,000,000+ images. These images are completely free to use in any way you like on your website, they are very high quality, professional photos. These photos are from three industry leading image repositories in Pexels, Unsplash, and Pixabay.

  • Drag an Drop Image. You can upload images manually from your computer. This feature can be used by dragging and dropping images into this box from your computer or mobile device, and also manually searching for image files on your device and uploading them.

  • Recently Used Images. Use past images through the "Recently used images" section where you can easily reuse these images across multiple articles.

So let's check out a sample search. Many of you have websites relating to animals and some are in the cat niche. Let's say I wanted some good "cat" pictures for a post, I would simply search for "cat" or a relevant term that I was looking for (hint: there were lots of "black cats" when I did that search as well).


See my "cat" results as depicted in the screen capture below.

These are just a few! As I scroll, more and more beautiful, high quality cat images continue to populate the search. There were literally 100's of brilliant images that I could have used to beautify my website and add a whole new level of professionalism with.

The Cropper Creates Beautiful Website Imagery

You can easily crop your images and insert them in any way you like into your content. We have not only introduced a square/rectangle crop, but a circle crop so it gives you flexibility in terms of your styling and design of your images.

There are many design reasons that you may want to use a circle crop, some you want to use square, and others where you will want to use a rectangle.

This can lead to some really slick designs within your website content (pages and posts) and it is going to allow you to add a whole new level of professionalism to your website. It is one thing to have beautiful images, but you also have a way to integrate them into your website so they not just look good, they fit the overall design and flow of your article.

Upload Your Own Images, Modify Them, Add Them

As with other platforms, you can upload your own images from your computer or devices directly into your content. The Upload features is super efficient in that you can drag and drop or copy and paste images into the upload area and it will automatically recognize it.

Upon uploading your image, you will be able to crop it and align it in the same way you could with other images that you "searched" for. These images are then going to be added to your repository (Recently used images) and you will be able to use them again in the future across other articles that you create.

Formatting, Linking, Alt Tags, and Editing is a Breeze

Upon inserting an image, you are given some tools that allow you to add alignment formatting, links to your images, alt tags, as well as an efficient process for editing your images after the fact.

You can quickly format your images alignment. If you align either left or right, it will integrate your image right within your content.

Here is an example of this.

If you have aligned center or you have no alignment chosen, it will put your image on its own line. This is done for content continuity and the natural way you would anticipate an image being inserted into content (ie, to make your life much easier).

You can also add "alt" tags and internal links (to your website) or external links (links somewhere else) with efficiency.

Faster Websites as a Result of NEW Compression Technology

A slow website is usually caused from a few things, one of the core reasons being large image files. When you add an image from an image website, they are often times full resolution and haven't been properly compressed for speed. Wordpress doesn't do a good job of compressing images, even the "best" image compression plugins don't do an effective job.

Fully integrated into the SiteContent Images platform is image compression which leverages the ultimate in image compression technology. There is no longer going to be a need to worry about images adding "lag" to your websites because they are too large or poorly optimized.

When you publish your content, there is a new layer of sophisticated technology that AUTOMATICALLY crunches down the size of your images on your website, while retaining the image quality.

This is a huge breakthrough in terms of website speed and efficiency which is going to translate into a better user experience and rankings.

The Future of Content Creation is Here

We have also unveiled a new dashboard design. It is now as beautiful as the content you are going to be creating and your "article cards" will pull images directly from the content so you can visually interpret your content activity with more efficiency.

The SiteContent Images "reveal" is something that we are very excited about and is our next significant iteration and evolution of SiteContent.

Although this update has been a significant one and it has taken many months of coding, development, testing and integration to get it in place, we are FAR from being done with the SiteContent platform. In fact, we are already heads down on the next iteration of the SiteContent platform and we have some amazing new features that are in the pipeline. No leaks as to what, but as with everything we do, it is going to benefit you and your business.

I think that you are going to truly love the SiteContent Images platform and as with anything, please leave us your feedback, comments and suggestions. Leave them in the comments below. It is how we improve and get better as a platform and a community!



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Recent Comments


This is so cool! Coming into the WA platform as a graphic artist and full knowledge of photoshop, I felt I had an edge to website design and creation... but not anymore! Kyle & Carson you two never stop working behind the scenes to make WA the best ever! Thank you so much! Love, Darla

Site content has been my favorite place at WA and now without even going in yet all I can say is Yessss!!!

Thank you Carson and Kyle and anyone else in the back ground.

This is huge. If anyone cant see the value this adds then they would never see the value in WA.

This is so friggen exciting.

Thanks again. Time to head inside.


Happy to introduce this to you Dale and our approach to the platform and community is to overdeliver and continue to evolve with each day that passes.

We want to make YOUR life easier and more efficient as an affiliate marketing and online entrepreneur and you can expect more of the same out of us through the remainder of 2017 and right through 2018. Lots of awesome stuff going on behind the scenes and slated for the WA world!

Thank you so much for adding image capabilities to the SiteContent Editor! I wanted to try it first before I gave you any feedback and I love it. You gave me an idea for a review and added it to my website already and was sure to add it to Google plus, Facebook and Twitter. I used a black cat Halloween photo and demonstrated using it 3 ways in my post and it gives my website a nice Halloween look for the season - it shows up really nice on social media too. I can see that this was a huge undertaking and it is working great.

Definitely an exciting new feature to have. My only concern would be, I like adding text boxes and arrows etc... to my image. It seems I would have to do that outside of WA still.

Am I able to download these images In WA and move them to canva or something similar to edit with added elements?

Adding some kind functionality to perform this task inside WA would be the icing on the cake.

Hey Brandon,

We have definitely considered marking up images, it’s something that could be of great use. Even exporting to Canva, then sending back to WA. We are working hard in the background and you can expect a lot more from SiteContent.

Great ideas!

I haven't even finished reading this yet, but I had to scroll down and comment!

Thank you!

I was about to sign up again with a certain image provider that I have used in the past. Like, literally tonight was the night I was planning to do it. I am so glad you published this now before I did, because I really don't have the money to waste.

This is awesome. You guys just keep getting better. You know, usually the term "fanboy" has a negative connotation, but I am happy to say I am really a Wealthy Affiliate Fanboy.

One quick question though: can we use these images anywhere? For example, can I use them to make a Facebook or Instagram post?

CC0 (Creative Commons Zero) means you can use the images freely without attribution even for commercial usage. So yes, you will be able to use them anywhere you like.


That is what I was assuming, and what seemed logical and likely, but when it comes to image use, I always want to ask in order to be certain.

Hi Carson, thanks soooo much for this awesome post! VERY excited up your latest improvements to the Site Content platform.
That huge bank of free images looks amaaaazing.
Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

I played with Site Content's image uploader for the first time yesterday. Might need a training on this because I experienced two challenges:
1. I couldn't find out where to upload my feature image.
2. I uploaded the Pinterest pin I had created in Canva for this post but could not find where I could resize it. I always upload the image full-size (735px x 1125px) and then re-size it to 350px by 525px so it doesn't overpower the post.

One more question on the 1,000,000 free images - are we able to download them so we can create Pins, FB posts, Instagram posts, Tweets etc. in Canva? Or are you planning to offer these templates in Site Content as well?

There is a big button right front and center when you open up the Images section to upload your image. You can see it in the screenshots above.

In terms of resizing your images, you can do so (to scale) after you add it to your article. You will simple pull the corner of the image to any size you like once it is inserted.

You could add to your website and download from there and we are considering integration with Canva so you can take these images and create your "own" posts headers, banners, and marked up images that you could use anywhere you like.

Ooh, nice!!! Thanks Kyle. Testing out uploading free images and re-sizing them now. Appreciate your speedy response.

Thank you! I have been waiting for this before I even use SiteContent.

Would we still need the EWWW Image Optimizer plugin? Sylvia asked a question I have the same. What about our previous page and posts. Do we copy them to SiteContent so the images there will optimize to a better size? I use a lot of images, my website is visual.

Thank you guys this is so exciting :D

If you are publishing through Jaaxy, no, but there is no sense deleting this. It might still add some marginal compressions to some things, but it will likely be phased out as the compression we are using is superior to that within EWWW.

Hi, I didn't even realize you could publish through Jaaxy. Once I'm more established with earning an income I'll become a member with Jaaxy. I have heard a lot of great things about it.

When EWWW gets phased out, how will I optimize my images from previous pages and posts? I'm illiterate when it comes to this.

Thanks Kyle.

Thank you, arson and Kyle Oh and the fabulous team this will be an awesome addition to all WA premium members.

This is an added bonus in that as it becomes compressed we most likely can take out the odd compression plugin as well thus reducing the number of plugins.

Can't wait to try it out.


Yeah, compressions is a big part of images. It is important that you are putting optimized images on your website for performance and we have added a compression layer "on publish" that adds incredible optimization to your images.

With this image compression and having SiteSpeed turned "ON", your website should absolutely rip along.

Most definitely Kyle. I just tested one image I had already compressed a while ago and redid this in site content to see if there was much difference.

And Yes it compressed it even more so I think over time I will redo the images I already have on my websites and have then reduced even futher.

Thank you all for the great support and benefits WA is giving us as we all go forward.


Amazing all the work you guys do for us here at WA. I had started using SiteContent when it first came out but quit. Now that we can use images & links, I'll be using it again. That's going to save me a lot of time & frustration having numerous images to choose from all in one place. Thank you so much for this new addition.

That's good news Carson, I am certain I will use it.
Just a question what do I do with already existing content? Can I upload previous posts/pages to the SiteContent platform to optimize the images I am already using?
I hope I have made myself clear. :))

Thanks, for this new grat feature.

Hi Sylvia, I was thinking the same thing. Our previous content and the images there. If they will be automatically optimized like the new ones we post or do we have to I guess copy and paste them to SiteContent?

I haven't even tried it yet! I was waiting for the images.

Sylvia, this is a very good question!
I'd really like to know the answer of this myself.

See more comments

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