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October 09, 2020
As more people are buying more stuff online, Amazon reduced affiliate commissions. They don't need us so they've practically cut us out.And now they've tightened their disclosure rules. Please check out my updated training:Affiliate Disclosures, FTC Guidelines, and Amazon RulesIf you are still promoting stuff for Amazon then you'll need to comply with all their current requirements. Is it time to find other sources for the products you promote? Among others, I hear that ebay is offering a bette
Time to Make the Switch!You don't need to continue to struggle with the Classic Editor plugin. WordPress introduced the block editor, initially as a plugin named "Gutenberg" almost three years ago but kept the old way of writing posts as the Classic Editor plugin. The block editor is now the standard editor and most people find it much easier to use than its clunky forebears.But some people still use the Classic Editor plugin. It's even installed, by default, with every new website built at Wea
The All In One SEO Plugin Needs an UpdateWordfence, the security plugin I use and recommend, released a notification early this morning (my time) to advise that the All In One SEO plugin which is used on over 2 million websites had a security risk which has now been rectified in the latest update.In Plain EnglishAny user of your website with Contributor access or above could inject a malicious script and take over the site. What this means to you is probably not much. If you're the only registe
When the block editor became the WordPress default editor many people resisted the change and installed the Classic Editor plugin. This was fine but a tad short-sighted. The block editor is now easier to use and it's about jolly time we got with the program.But what are you supposed to do with the existing posts that were created before WordPress 5 or with the Classic Editor plugin?OK they still work but what if you want to add some new content, say a call to action, in the middle of the post?
I've seen a few people asking about how to choose the size of videos on their websites recently so I've created a new training video which should help.Make Your Videos Pop With ElementorUsing this method you can choose the exact size your embedded videos will appear on your website. And make them pop using a lightbox. If you think this could help you then pop over and watch the video.Stay safe,PS Elementor is a free plugin.
March 31, 2020
WordPress has updated to Version 5.4 with lots of new features for your blogging pleasure.But first...Back UpEvery time there's a big update there are problems. Your favourite plugins may not work with the new update. Your theme may break. According to Murphy: if anything can go wrong it will. So make sure you create your own backup and download it to your computer "just in case". Yes, I know that Site Support does frequent backups, but that may not be enough. As a responsible business owner yo
Google is Messing Around with Featured SnippetsRecently there have been some changes to the way Google displays search results. And they're still experimenting. They've suddenly changed the rules for featured snippets. Previously, an article in a featured snippet was also listed on page 1 in the organic results. Now, the article in the featured snippet only appears in the featured snippet itself.What the Heck is a Featured Snippet?There's a huge difference between organic results snippets and f
A big thank you to everyone who responded to my question about the Thrive Architect drag and drop button which went missing.Is anyone else having a problem with Thrive Architect?It was an intermittent problem which seemed to fix itself then came back a number of times over the last couple of days. I put in a support ticket at Thrive and they were quick to respond with a few suggestions as to how we could potentially fix the issue.Then I finally sussed out that the problem depended on the size o
December 06, 2019
Watch Out AussiesI just received an email from paypal with a button to click to update my "informations". Yeah not Subtle difference that I didn't spot at first. But the email looked "off".As usual, I used my browser to log into my PayPal account. Never, ever, click on buttons in emails unless you're absolutely certain that the email is legit.No messages at PayPal so I knew that the email was a phishing scam.I've reported this to and forward
November 19, 2019
UPDATE: Facebook has stepped in and removed the bogus account already. That was fast.ORIGINAL POST:I just received a private message to let me know that someone is impersonating me on Facebook and Messenger. They're sending spam/scam private messages.I just checked the link I was given and they've stolen my profile photo and even my Facebook cover image was uploaded to their page about 4 hours ago.I've reported it to Facebook Community Standards but I don't know what else to do.Please, folks, i