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WordPress 5.3 has just been released and it includes some major changes. You can read all about it at First Back up Your Website!I don't mean a quick and dirty backup using Tools > Export, I mean a complete backup which includes your themes, plugins, and media library. It's only going to take a few minutes using either WP Clone or Updraft Plus plugin. Full Backup With a PluginYes, I know WA does backups for you but you may not realize that somethin
October 18, 2019
WP Clone has been UpdatedIt's taken a long time, with cautioning us that:"This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress."But I'm happy to report that one of my favourite plugins was updated about a week ago.The compatibility message is still there but I've used it myself on the latest versions of WordPress and it works
Tom's First Tutorial at Wealthy AffiliateMy friend, Tom (Tirolith), who's been with Wealthy Affiliate for over four years, has finally created his first training tutorial for our members.He's a keen amateur photographer who understands that creating the best photos doesn't stop when you click the camera's button. There are lots of things you can do to enhance your photos for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and your own website.Go over to his tutorial now Edit Your Photos the Easy WayPlease give
March 25, 2019
We see so many scam attempts that we've almost become immune to them. But this one is so good, it scares me. I'm sure you're all familiar with the typical inheritance scam which looks so phony you just laugh it off. Poor English, lots of typos and spelling errors. How could anyone take it seriously?This one is different First the envelope: it's neatly typed and, instead of a stamp, it bears an official-looking mark from Canada Post."Now, who do I know in Canada? Not a lot of people. It looks of
January 14, 2019
My granddaughter, Sierra, now has her own YouTube channel (FamilyFun) and is doing product reviews. She's 7 years old. This is her first video and I'm her first subscriber. Monster High Creepy Cool Microphone Toy Review 14-01-2019She's going to go a long way and Grandma couldn't be more proud.
Working from Home Survey As you know, I create video tutorials and courses, and I need your help to narrow down the subject of my next course/video. I would really appreciate it if you could answer the following questions, either in the comments below or via private message. What is your biggest problem with working from home? Why would it make a difference in your life to get a good answer for this problem or find a solution for your need? (Details, please.) How difficult has it been for you t
December 06, 2018
WordPress 5.0 is Here There's a new version of WordPress which incorporates the Blockeditor. It's a new way of adding and editing your content.I love it.The WordPress YouTube channel have published a little 1 minute video for your entertainment at YouTubeBefore You UpdatePlease follow these steps:Don't panic.Backup your website using FTP and/or a good plugin such as WP Clone or Updraft PlusSave the files on your computer, not the server.Install and activate Classic Editor plugin in case you don
New Target Date for WordPress 5.0 (Gutenberg)The WordPress core team have announced that WordPress 5.0, which incorporates the block editor, code named Gutenberg, is scheduled to be released on December 6th. This is based on the testing, stability and reports on the first two release candidates. A third release candidate is now available for download and testing.A release candidate is a version of the software that, subject to testing, could be the actual release version. It's like saying "this
Do You Need the Classic Editor Plugin? YES! When WordPress 5.0 is released later this month (or perhaps in January next year) the blocks editor (Gutenberg) will be the default way to create and edit posts. The Classic Editor plugin provides a way to use the classic editor we've become used to as a personal choice for all new and existing content. Or, by tweaking the setting as I show in this video we can make a choice between the blocks editor and the classic editor on a post by post basis.Gute
November 15, 2018
Don't let this happen to youIn the last few days I have seen reports of websites being hacked with new users being added with administration rights.The issue was caused by a flaw in the GDPR Compliance plugin. The flaw was rectified very quickly and an update to the plugin is now available. But it's up to you as the website owner to update your plugins. To check if your site has been hacked go to Settings > General and make sure there's no tick in the Membership box for "Anyone can register"