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May 25, 2018
According to Yoast, Shorter Meta Descriptions Google has changed the length of the meta descriptions they show in the search results.They are quoting from Google's Danny Sullivan who stated:Don't panic! As there is now no fixed length for snippets, just go over your most important articles and reduce the length of your meta descriptions to fit in with the old snippet length of 155 characters. As long as the meta description gives people a good reason to click on your article you'll be
May 25, 2018
Now the new GDPR has come into effect the plugin and theme developers are updating their products. This means that you should get a lot of notifications in your website dashboard about updates.Don't ignore them!First backup your website just in case something breaksFull Backup With a PluginThen follow the steps in this videoUpdates
May 19, 2018
Important UpdateKyle has written about how the GDPR affects us as website owners. Please read what he has to say and then update your privace policy in accordance with the new Privacy Template in Site Content. Make sure you adapt the Privacy page to match your own individual needs.GDPR Compliance. Our Official Take.Despite what you may have read elsewhere on this platform or anywhere else, your old privacy policy is not GDPR compliant.You have a WordPress website and people leave comments on Wo
May 15, 2018
Yesterday I updated an old tutorial to incorporate the new Wealthy Affiliate user interface. Today I managed to recreate an old video. I hope you like it.Submit a Support Ticket to Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Technical SupportPlease bookmark the video so you can tell other members how to get technical support for their website.
May 14, 2018
I love the new interface we have here at wealthy affiliate. It's cleaner and more intuitive.But some of my old tutorials and videos show the old interface. Ooops!It's time to start updating them. So I started with "How to Ask a Question and Get the Right Answer".I hope this will help older members as well is the new people. Please pop over to the tutorial and give it a like and leave a comment.How to Ask a Question and Get the Right AnswerThank you.
May 09, 2018
Inspired by the warm reception of my training videos within wealthy affiliate I decided to create a new course and publish it on I checked on Jaaxy using the search term "gutenberg course". Dang! Less than 10 searches using that phrase.But I knew I was onto something. Even if no one was interested now, I knew that people would want to learn more about Gutenberg as the release date approached. So I planned the course and submitted a test video. For the first course I did for
May 02, 2018
Update thanks to LabmanCraig (Labman) left this link which explains what happened and why I received this email out of the blueWordfence blog - Solved: Jetpack Generating Mysterious Admin Email Change MessagesMystery solved!I just received a very suspicious email purporting to be from WordPress dot comFor starters, I have not tried to change the admin email address for this website. So alarm bells started ringing.This site is not hosted at WordPress dot com. Like everyone else here at WA, my si
April 20, 2018
The purpose of your title is to get people to read your first sentence.The purpose of your first sentence is to get people to read the rest of the first paragraph.The purpose of your first paragraph is to get people to read the second paragraph.The purpose of your second paragraph is to get people to read your subheadings. The purpose of your subheadings is to get people to read the paragraph underneath the subheading.The purpose of your final paragraph is to get people to take action. This act
April 18, 2018
I just received an email from AWeber,This was in response to Woo Hoo! AWeber Has Embraced PayPalSo if anyone asks, yes our blog posts at Wealthy Affiliate reach a huge audience.
April 17, 2018
I just received an email from AWeber to say "Digital commission payments are here! The AWeber Affiliate Program is now offering commission payments via PayPal! "This is very welcome news for me. In the past I've been receiving paper checks which I had to take to the bank to deposit in my account. The bank charges a hefty fee for currency conversion from USD to AUD. And there's a long wait before the cheque is actually available as funds in my account.Most of my online expenses are in USD, and t