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October 02, 2018
Today I received a private message from someone who shall remain nameless. The gist of the message was that he had been following my posts for some time and that he really admired my work. He really laid it on thick.And the upshot was that he would like to write a guest post on my website.And the strange thing is that he didn't start following me at wealthy affiliate until after he sent the private message.I wouldn't bother mentioning this except that he has probably sent the exact same copy an
September 29, 2018
There are 56,000+ plugins available at the repository. That's plenty to choose from when you need more functions for your website.So which plugins do I recommend?Only install plugins you really needI recommend only installing plugins that you really need. Badly coded plugins can slow a website down, allow access to hackers, or even break a website. The best recommendation I can give you is to search at for the features you need. Check that the plugin
September 21, 2018
My dear sweet friend, Loes, wrote a beautiful post congratulating me on my return to the Wealthy Affiliate ambassadorship. Back where she belongs! Marion is Ambassador again!And you, my friends, overwhelmed me with your kind words and actions. Not only did you echo Loes's sentiments in the comments but you also clicked the like button on so many of my tutorials and posts. It may seem a small thing to click the like button but it means so much to know that we are appreciated.As I said in the tit
If you're hesitating about trying out the new WordPress editor here's some good news.The official WordPress site has created an interactive app so you can try Gutenberg without installing it on your own website. Check it out for yourself at: many of you know, Gutenberg is the name for the new WordPress editor which is expected to be released with WordPress version 5 some time during the next few days, weeks or months. There's no official launch date at this sta
WordPress version 4.9.8 has just been released. And with it an invitation to try out the Gutenberg plugin.As this is a minor release your website may have updated already to the new version. Minor releases ae usually automatic as they fix bugs and security issues.So what are you waiting for?Install the Gutenberg plugin and have a play with it. It will soon be part of WordPress core so you now have a chance to get ahead of the learning curve.Please remember that even after Gutenberg becomes the
0 If you've been using WordPress for a little while, you may be aware that the WordPress editor will soon be undergoing a major change. That change is called Gutenberg.Instead of having a long document comprised of headings, paragraphs and images, each post and page will be comprised of blocks. Each heading will be a block, each paragraph will be a block, and each image will be a block. Every separate element in your document will be a block. One of the major advantages of blocks is that they c
According to Yoast, Shorter Meta Descriptions Google has changed the length of the meta descriptions they show in the search results.They are quoting from Google's Danny Sullivan who stated:Don't panic! As there is now no fixed length for snippets, just go over your most important articles and reduce the length of your meta descriptions to fit in with the old snippet length of 155 characters. As long as the meta description gives people a good reason to click on your article you'll be
May 25, 2018
Now the new GDPR has come into effect the plugin and theme developers are updating their products. This means that you should get a lot of notifications in your website dashboard about updates.Don't ignore them!First backup your website just in case something breaksFull Backup With a PluginThen follow the steps in this videoUpdates
Important UpdateKyle has written about how the GDPR affects us as website owners. Please read what he has to say and then update your privace policy in accordance with the new Privacy Template in Site Content. Make sure you adapt the Privacy page to match your own individual needs.GDPR Compliance. Our Official Take.Despite what you may have read elsewhere on this platform or anywhere else, your old privacy policy is not GDPR compliant.You have a WordPress website and people leave comments on Wo
Yesterday I updated an old tutorial to incorporate the new Wealthy Affiliate user interface. Today I managed to recreate an old video. I hope you like it.Submit a Support Ticket to Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Technical SupportPlease bookmark the video so you can tell other members how to get technical support for their website.