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Hello Carson
I have my regular job, but once I get home I work together with my wife designing and building websites for small businesses.
We want to offer our clients SEO as well. I have read to some extent about the subject, but now I am stuck trying to find a tool to find the best keywords for a particular niche.
Milouis Premium
Would it be possible to have the text of the video in printable text ? The reason I am asking is that I have some problem to hear the video.
Thank you for your understanding.
Michel Badiere
oxygen4oz Premium
Thank You for the follow Carson; it means a lot to me :)
halo and thanks you for help me to be one of the wealthy affiliate family
Hi Carson, Thanks for welcoming me to the community. If I have question later I will seek for help for sure.
Thanks for the "words of encouragement" - I look forward to travelling this journey with you - should be a blast !!!
Hello Carson, this is Abraham. I have a problem with my profile. I changed what I described about me but it didn't edit it and the second problem is that I tried to change the image that I originally placed for my face photo but didn't change it. I downloaded my photo from my outlook express - Picture file. Will you please help me in how to do it properly.
Wolfmacks Premium
Thank you for the Kind message Carson. Both you and Kyle have made me feel quite welcome.
First of all, nice to meet you in this modern way. I really want to be successful through your system and in anticipation i thanks for the support i am already experiencing.
Brittany1988 Premium
Hey Carson would you be able to give me some feedback on my website. It's still in the begining stages thank you :)
Carson, thanks for welcoming me to the community! I'll make sure to seek you out whenever I have a question!
great site and community here. enjoying myself. thank you
Thank you if I.have any questions,ill ask
souciefa Premium
Hey Carson thanks for all this amazing help! Can't wait to keep moving forward with you guys!
Thanks man!