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Joined August 2005
I'm Carson, co-owner of Wealthy Affiliate...nice to meet you and great to have you here within the community :)

In a few words I'll give you a little background about myself. I've got a Computer Science background, and that's where Kyle and I first crossed paths. I love to learn, and I love to teach. My father in public and private education and my mother taught youngsters her entire career. I followed suit by creating a community here at Wealthy Affiliate where we focus on teaching folks how to leverage the power of the web to create Internet businesses!

I got my first Computer in 1994, and since then technology has always sparked my interest. Kyle and I created Wealthy Affiliate to bridge the gap between education, social networking, and technology. We're a small tech company (in a sense) with big ideas!

You have come to Wealthy Affiliate to learn about Internet marketing and how to build an online business. Kyle and I have a combined 26 years experience with Internet marketing, starting out independently before joining forces in 2005 to create WealthyAffiliate.com.

You'll find me here in discussions, in Live Chat, and within my profile helping out in every way I can. It is my goal to help absolutely everyone who is serious about building an Internet business.

When I'm not plugged-in I'm travelling, spending time with my family, or shooting hoops!

You have made a great decision to be part of our community, and I look forward to getting to know and work with you!
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Hi Carson. Thanks for getting back to me and letting me know there's someone there to help me out anytime I start to feel overwhelmed or like I'm going to punch my phone in the face if it had a face. Lol. Anyways I hope you can deal with my questions and weird moments. I just learned what all of this is like three days ago and I'm on a roll here I almost have my store up and running but I'm not sure what I'm doing so I'm running in information circles if you know what I mean so thanks again and for future reference cause I know I will be asking you guys lots and lots of questions.
When it comes to technology I am THE nerd I have a picture on my newly acquired smart phone but I am at a loss as how to transfer it here. I would like to get it so I could just drop & drag. . I came into the computer world late in life so I am behind most if not all of you, As a child I had the nickname "I bite" so you know I am a fighter. I don't give up .I have spent a considerable amount of money trying to succeed in a home based business and thus far have failed,I know the holy grail is out here and I will keep trying
Can you help with the picture? This first simple(?) step!! Thanks for being here.
sfairbrother Premium
Thanks, Carson.

I am blown away by Wealthy Affiliate! I attended a presentation given by Rich Lucia the other night, in which he outlined several paths for people who are seeking new positions or careers. Here is a link to an article I wrote about that encounter:


Rich is a great speaker, if you get a chance to see him, you should!

In the presentation he mentioned internet marketing as a possible path. I spoke with him for over an hour the next day and he told me about WA.

I want to help others who are looking for careers in DevOps or who need to manage their careers. I am working on a site that addresses general career management techniques as well as information specific to DevOps.

I hope to incorporate a number of tips and free information along with recommended career books and DevOps books that people should be aware of. In addition, I have some recommendations about software and organizations they should be aware of.

I am on Lesson 7 right now and super impressed by what you and Kyle have done. I will be writing up my impressions of your service and plan to communicate that to Rich, as well as to the wider world.

Thank you so much for doing what you do. Can't wait to crack into Bootcamp.

Hi Carson, Thank you for the kind words of support. I really do appreciate this. I am no computer whizz but I am getting the hang of this webpage making slowly. I intend to be extremely good at it once I can bring it all together. Love the community aspect and the help everyone gives to each other. I am looking forward to upgrading this week. I will get all this first course sorted first
though. Have a great day/night? I live in New Zealand. Take care and thanks again :)
Hi Carson. Thanks for the welcome message - I really do feel welcomed. Going through the getting started lessons and watching a couple of videos by Kyle, I get the impression that if I upgrade to premium membership, I can port (and host) my existing website/domain to WA platform and it wont cost me any more than I would pay for the premium membership. Is that correct?
Hi Carson, you have a beautiful family. Thanks very much for following me and keeping me on the track to become successful in online business.
I have no Visa card account and I am looking for best alternatives to have one and how to get it in my country before 7 days end.
Will you assist me for choosing a niche please once I get things in place please..
It's a blessing to meet you on WA and looking forward to working with you in the future
GOD bless!
Carson, thanx for the welcome and as you know, and as I can see, what a blessed existence! Gorgeous healthy looking family and I sincerely hope it is that way, now and for forever, which doesn't exist. But for a long, long, long time! Jokes aside, thnx! Till next time, Robert.
Hi Carson,

I'm a new member on the community and I'm looking forward to learn as much as I can from you and the community so that I benefit from you first, in order to teach others.

I wanted to stop and say hi as you recommended and thank you for the warm welcome you and Kyle gave me.
Hi Carson, thanks for following up on me. Please I have a question for you:

I understand that by upgrading to premium, I will have access to 25 websites, Lets say I create 10 wordpress website.

What happens to my websites whenever I am unable to meet up with the 49$/monthly premium fee?
AlbinoPingot Premium
Hi Carson,
Thanks for the warm Welcome!
This is really a great community you have created!
I am a newbie on this internet business,
And I want to do this business as an Affiliate Marketer.

What is the best way to start?
They say Clickbank and amazon are the profitable to start with.
Can You share you experiences and suggestions on the best way
to start your Affiliate Marketing?

Thanks again and Hope to hear from everybody once again!
Best Regards,
Hi Carson,
I think of what niche to choose to develop my online business.
I would like to ask you whether it must necessarily be related to some commodities, material things, or could be something beyond the supply of goods.
For example, I love very much American films and actors, I'm interested in cinema, so I wonder if this could be a niche for development and profit?
Hi Carson. Looking at the picture of your family(which you have a beautiful one) puts me at ease of knowing that there is an actual person to help me in my quest to learn more about online marketing and becoming successful with the knowledge you've so wonderfully put together.

Thanks for building such a website and thanks for all that transparency.
Best you! Built my own computer in 1980,! Was around before the internet & helped when the Oakland Bay bridge collapsed around 1989 while based in Germany via dial up & Compuserve!
Website at LifeAid.solutions, my story also there but I can't post a link to it!
Would love to hear from you wrt possible cooperation?
marilynmyers Premium
Thanks Carson for the bio. It always help to know something about people like yourself who you will be working with.

My time, starting this week, is going to be limited because I have friends coming to stay with us for three or four days from out of the country.

Because of the timing for joining can you go into the costs of joining to upgrade to Premium. I understand the first month is $19.00 and after that what is the expected costs for Premium?
Romen Premium
Hi Carson! Glad to know how you started. It is really encouraging to newbies like me. Early this year, I started to desire to go into online jobs. Thank God i found this WA. But despite that there are lots of training courses out there though there are some that are free but they don't teach you completely unless you will pay the courses they offer. I am eager to go into this kind of job---online!
It's kind a difficult for me by now cause I dont have any idea on how to do it. As I red some of the ways on how to do it, I'm still confused. Maybe I need to read more. Being a mom, its more convinient to be in this field of work. Please help me go through and guide me until I can stand on my own. Thanks and God bless.....
Rwindish Premium
I first would like to know who I have to pay beside wa. I already did that and there is jaaxy who wants 37 dollars . If I knew who and how much that would help greatly. And then I want to do each step you have in order. I do not know how I got off track and already have a web page and I think a domain. I appreciate very much that everyone has tried to help instead of criticize. I believe jaaxy already took 37 off my card but I do not have a code for it.thank you all for being kind, I was afraid I was being taken.
LRiel Premium
Love your bio... especially the fact that you and Kyle have a sharing spirit. So far in my short time with WA my experience has been terrific. The community has welcomed me openly. It is amazing what you two have created.... an educational program with the intent of building financial security to say the least. Thank you.
Hello Carson, good day and hope all is well?I am so happy to be in this community and i just want to say I am ready to give in all my time to create this internet business and to make a fortune of wealth like the community name implies.
krivera22 Premium
Hi Carson, I really appreciate that you reached out to me. I am looking forward to all of the opportunities ahead. It is great knowing that you and Kyle are so willing to help me! It makes me very optimistic for the future and even more excited for all of the accomplishments ahead! I'm even more confident that there will only be success from here on out! So thank you.
Hello Carson,
Let me start by saying that what you're doing here, wonderful! I also feel like I want to be honest and say that my cash flow situation is very tight so while I'd like very much to buy the premium status, bills and such are making difficult to do much else financially​. I do however have some spisific goals in mind, a niche and what have you. Anyway I am clear on what I want to do, just not so much how to make it happen. Very much looking forward to working together.
Thank you so much!
Jeff Collins.......
Hello Carson, My name's Bob Rishworth & it's nice to meet you. I'm 72 and retired from 30 years as an Independent Financial Adviser about 3 years ago after becoming very disillusioned about the way the industry was going!! I've been trying to make additional money on the internet over those 3 years, but have been let down, scammed and lied to at every turn and have yet to make a single penny on-line!! Needless to say, I have lost a considerable sum in the process as well!! Good eh??! I'm hoping that your Wealthy Affiliate company might change all that and that you are, at last, an honest and reputable outfit!?? Whilst I've already looked at a few of your initial videos, I'm feeling pretty lost already and need to be pointed in the right direction by you or Kyle to get me started. I'm looking to earn around £2,000 per month initially, gradually rising to about £10,000 in the future. Hope to hear back from you soon. Kind regards - Bob Rishworth.
TatyanaW1 Premium
Hi, Carson! Nice to meet you!
I started to work with computers when they took the whole floor in a building, and used to work with punch tape and punch cards. My son told me that I am so lucky to see all these changes with technology in my lifetime. And yes, I am so lucky and looking forward to see even more changes in a nearest future.
I am also looking forward to work with you and make money to live more comfortable and interesting life.
Richb1982 Premium
Hi Carson, thank you for being there for me on my new epic adventure in the world of affiliate marketing. However doing through the lessons and attempted domain registration for website purpose and it will not accept my postal code from here in the UK?? Can you help?? Please o please.
Hi Carson. I am looking forward to work with you in order to become a very successful affilate. I want to help people be their best through wellness and their food choices. I stared on this adventure barely 3 months ago and I can hardly wait to succeed and share wellness to the world!
VO57 Premium
Hi Carson just upgraded to premium. From the moment I began looking at all the information - I sensed this was for me. What a gr8 community. I have looked at many different avenues to add extra income and was poised to have a three way chat with another group and came across this site via a scam page - I am so grateful for that link.
I am excited to get going and can already visualise trying to get other single mums of a "certain age"
Greetings Carson. This is a new experience for me. The community seems like family already. I look forward to learning lots and new things in the near future. What have been some of your failures, and what have you learned from them? What sacrifices have you had to make to be a successful entrepreneur?
Kyoko817 Premium
Hi Carson, I am very excited to be part of your network, and continuously looking forward to learning from you and many other experienced marketers, and also helping others as possible. As you can tell, I signed up about 5 years ago as a "free member" and never had done anything and jumped around many programs. Now I decided WA to be my prime place to learn, get knowledge, build my success, and help others. I can't find better place that offers all-in-one! Thank you again!
Hello, I got your email. Yes I did get an email from the CEO. He was concerned about only having 3 more days left to upgrade. But wasn't it extended for me until July 1st? I got a message on here from someone that it was. I don't have a credit card with funds on it until July 1st. I know $19 is a small amt. of money and I have plenty more than that in my pocket, but that doesn't help get it to you. lol
DevarajD Premium
Hi Carson,
Thanks for your email and the welcome. Nice family profile photo. (will add mine soon once I upgrade to premium).God Bless you and Kyle for what you do in this community. I am only a two day old in this community and already feel part of a wonderful family. Looking forward to working with you all guys and making some friends for life.
dalestravels Premium
Hi Carson happy to have taken first step last night and dived straight into Prem. Also new to Insta , late starter I know but can't believe the global extent of posting a pic. Then it clicked and sort WA after much research to take advantage of my new found interest. I work 70 hours per week , going nowhere on a train I can't get off!!' Anyhow as I said to Kyle I'll be a good advocate once I sort out the navigation, the training, the website.!! Many late nights ahead but sooo looking forward to making it work
Cheers Dale
This place is so friendly and helpful. Incredible training.
So many ways to generate income.
Can't believe your personal interaction...from an owner!
Im so impressed!
Next paycheck I'm going premium and buying a .com domain.
I've had an online Christian bookstore in the past complete with just released books and christian t-shirts.
That will be my niche.
Also had a superbug attack my stomach and know all the paleo diets and supplements so I'll do that as well.
Adsense, amazon, and affiliate programs I've already bookmarked.
You're company is amazing.
Thanks for everything!
MWells1 Premium
Hi, Carson. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Finally, a home away from home. Got scammed a couple times. Was worried that I'd never find some decent folks. I am truly looking forward to learning and building a business. Building houses and additions, has taken it's toll. I actually feel kinda giddy with anticipation.
AltheaKerr Premium
Hello Carson,
I've had such a wonderful welcome already on WA and I am confident that with so much support, I cannot help but succeed. When I started IM in the 80s, I was virtually self-taught so it was a very long, very laborious and very lonely enterprise and I was burnt along the way as most people generally are who don't have a mentor.
But I feel that I now do - thousands of mentors and with you and Kyle cheering along the way - I am more excited than I have ever been to get stuck in and prove to myself that money CAN be made with internet marketing.

Thank you for the welcoming email.
Jennifer123 Premium
Hi Carson,
I want to thank you and Kyle for this amazing platform you have put together. I filled out my profile last night and completed the first lesson. This morning I woke up so excited to start the day and dive into the community and the next lesson.

I look forward to interacting from you, reading your posts in the community and learning from your experience.

Triplecrownr Premium
Hello Carson, good to hear from you, sorry it took so long to get back to you but as you know I been busy reading and looking. It made smile when you said you got your first computer in 1994. Being aged(lol) you use different ways to mark time in 1994 I was having my second son. Anyway I am very pleased to be here and meet you. Thank you and talk to you soon
Rosalya1 Premium
Thank you very much for sharing your personal informations and i am very much honored to get a message from you, the Co-owner of WA. Just by receiving this message from you giving me more confident and believing in WA. I am ready to start and i will be getting in touch with you in the long run. Again thank you for giving me the previlage of getting to know you.
carmen1948 Premium
Helo, Carson!

I find what you and Kyle are doing very interesting.

I also like to learn and teach when I can, but I did now study to be a teacher. My father was a teacher too.

Hope that you and your family are doing good.

God bless you!

RobW2 Premium
Hi Carson,

Just wanted to add my appreciation to You, Kyle and families, for the amazing opportunities you have provided for so many thoudands of people, I am just one of the many, but so very happy to have found WA and all the incredible help it contains!

I feel strongly that you both should be nominated for the Nobel Prize, for the benefits you have provided for so many!

Highest Regards
Tshupp Premium
hello carson , I have a question about signing up for affiliate programs, when filling out the application on line and it ask for my url I enter my web site and it says its not valid, also do all the key words that I have selected through jaaxy and wa key word tool automatically connect with my site, sorry to bother you but I have not had a reply from any other people concerning these questions
Reddyta Premium
Hi Carson,

I'm glad that I found Wealthy Affliate and joined the community as a starter. I do plan on upgrading to premium membership soon, well within the next 6 days. I've looked at several other work from home, online businesses which were scams or they tricked you into joining and paying upfront but to only find out after that you had to pay for additional services such as websites, hosting, and domains. Also, the services were not great either. After joining Wealthy Affliate and seeing the step by step lessons offered for free to help you succeed really blows everyone else's service away. Not to mention all the support that is offered to you at any given time is such an added bonus. Having a community of all different individuals all over who have the same thing in common, and that's to succeed and build a profitable online business. It's nice to get feed back from them on what has worked for them and what hasn't. I'm currently going through the lessons right now but since I'm working full time as an Electrian, and attending to my son too, I only have a couple hours a day to spend on getting my online business up and running. I'm doing this right now part time and if all goes well, it could turn into something more. Im initially doing this for a second income as I'm currently going through a divorce so, additional revenue will help provide a better life for me and my son. Also, I'm not afraid to take risks either so I'll definitely will give Wealthy Affliate a go and will put as much time into this as I possibly can right now. Here's a little background on me. I'm 41, divorced and I have one son. I have an associates degree in applied technology from 2007 but when the economy crashed, I was working as a consultant, and of course I was laid off and couldn't find employment at the time as no one was hiring so I had to take a couple odd jobs to make ends meet. Than 3 years ago, I decided to start from scratch and become an Electrian where I'm currently doing now and going to school for that at the same time so my schedule is pretty busy. I have a little background in retail and sales, but internet marketing is all new to me. So I'm sure I'll be needing some help from time to time and I won't hesitate to ask questions. I've always thought that if you don't take risks than there will be no reward. That's been my slogan for the past 15 years. Thanks for following me and I'm looking forward to working with you, Kyle and the rest of the Wealthy Affliate community!!

realtree Premium
Hey Carson i guess I am just dumb i am stuck i can seem to get my website up an going I dont understand getting to the builder Iam legally blind i have just enough site to get my I NEED HELP I want to up grade to premium if i can get to free websites first I just want to get it going Thanks George
Hi I just want to take the time to say that you guys show alot of interest and I can see where ur priorities are and I can honestly say I am very pleased with all the concern and the set to learn it's very informative . I can't wait to complete my 10 lessons and become certified. At the end of my training I expect to be my own boss as everyone else who is associated in wealthy affiliate.
aallen186 Premium
Hi Carson!

Thanks for welcoming me. This does appear to be a large network of nurturing entrepreneurs who seem willing to help each other. My guess is, they take their cues from you and Kyle. I am very much looking forward to leaarning all I can, then applying it. Thanks again, and have a great weekend!
Hey Carson I'm Dan I am excited to have found this good group. I've been searching for something that I can work on and quit my day job and work from home. I hope soon I can start making money thanks for following my page,and I look forward to advice from you and Kyle. I have already applied for an affiliate program with a company to post on my page ☺
lmwood646 Premium
Carson, I have a situation and Loes suggested I contact you.
I was 2 days late with my June Premium payment and was suspended. I Paid in 2 days and was reinstated. However, for some reason I have two accounts. The one lmwood646, this post is on it and LMW which is my current profile page. When WA reinstated me all was well except the Icon at the top right of the page should be from the LMW page. I wish to get the LMW account totally reinstated. I enrolled as a freebie and upgraded shortly after to Premium. I was premium when the suspension came and didn't get completely reinstated as premium. I know this is confusing, But!

Please have that corrected for me.

Luther Wood
wallen2165 Premium
Hey Carson,
I hope your doing well. I was wondering if you have considered my request for another $19 month? I realize my site being decimated has nothing to do with WA and that my not having a backup was the real issue, but paying $50 right now as I work over the next week or so to completely rebuild - seems a poor financial decision ,at least to my wife (as I have not actual earned any revenue).

Anyhow - have a great day and please let me know as soon as you can.

Hi Carson, its s great pleasure meeting you. I look forward to be count as among most successful online entrepreneurs here in wealthy affiliate. Is my great pleasure to be welcome to Wealthy Afliate(WF) , once again. Thank you for shaping and transforming lives across the Globe. May God continue to bless you and your family in all areas.
ToLiNoLi Premium
Hi Carson,

A pleasure to meet you. Let's take action! Will be awesome to work with you, seen what you build here, you know what you are talking about, although I wonder how you can manage so many requests, with so many members, if you introduce yourself to all new members assisting them?

Unless you cloned yourself (digitally and or physically.... lol :))) )

Anyway, I am curious, how you are doing it, it will be helpful to replicate and use that technique.

Said that, talk you soon.
RPeach Premium
Hi Carson, It's nice to meet you as well. I want to thank you for setting this program up and running and for giving me the opportunity to advance my career as an internet business person through education without missing pieces to what really needs to be done to have a good income and a good lifestyle,and without all the hype and B.S.. I look forward to a long successful relationship with you and everyone at Wealthy Affiliate.
JohnFraser Premium
I am wondering about premium memberships. I an planning to take advantage of the half price first month. I think a week is not enough time to adequately assess WA. However I would like to have the ability to take advantage of the annual membership as I move forward. My question is does the annual membership end in the seven day of access to most of the features of the web site?
Currently for some reason I am not able to access the features your offer promised. Can ths be corrected?
I've read your email on WA bootcamp and I'm quite interested in selling this service and earn commissions. However I have one question about how the affiliate system can pick up and trace back to whose ad or article that has brought them in to sign up, in the event immediately after reading the introductory article or website they are not keen enough to sign up but only do so later through google search on your company? I'm asking this because I came across another similar company like yours who only pays commissions to sales directly through the affiliate link only, that means we the affiliates might end up spending a lot on promoting and targeting but getting very little in return.
Well Carson I am low income person I want to upgrade to the premium support level but I just got back to being employed again,and broke right now but I really have been enjoying the lessons and have no one I can ask for a loan because they don't believe in online business, I am goal orientated person wanting to prove to my friends and most have a business I can call my own ,I don't have a lot of computer knowledge but I'm learning through Kyle and your business. Please get back thank you
Bscott0593 Premium
Iam having some difficulty with the tutorial video. When I try to apply the lesson to my websites, the plug ins do not match. The all in one SEO pack is there but the exclude pages from navigation, akismet and the SI CAPTCHA anti-spam plugins do not appear. Please advise
lhommedecoss Premium
Carson (also copied to Kyle),
Below is a message I have just sent to the support team.....
"I am assuming that you are unable to restore my 2 websites from backup, for what ever reason.
Please do nothing as I will use my own backups to get my site back to working order.
This is a serious failing in support which I intend to take up with Kyle and Carson. Furthermore, I feel I should inform the rest of the Wealthy Affiliate community about this failure of the backup system."
I think you might want to investigate this failing.
I'm lucky in that I have recently been working on my websites locally, however, others may not be so fortunate.
Hello, Carson, I am very glad that you are following me and it so inspirational for me and I would like to thank you for providing such a nice and lively platform for the people like me who wants to do something and earn something from the internet. I do appreciate the great hard work and sincere help that you and Kyle are providing to the people who are new in the net online business.
doug631 Premium
Hello Carson,
I have a question. I started building my website and today I bought a domain name from 1 and 1. I changed the dsn to WA but am wondering, can I use this domain for the site I already started and if so, is there a video explaining how to do this?
Glad to be a part of WA and look forward to growing my businesses.
JAM067 Premium
Hi Carson
Thanks for the welcoming .
I have been amazed by the contact I have already received .
You certainly have developed the supportive community you describe .
Am was over my head following the lessons .
But totally confident in your program & my ability to do anything I put my mind to .
Am very excited & motivated to see where this road takes me
Warmest regards
Rodger1 Premium
Morning Carson,
Thank you for the email and I have a question for you, I keep getting a http error when I upload an image to my media library it's been like that for 2 days now I used the size I was told, png or jpeg doesn't seem to matter it's a header image any help is appreciated. Also my Gravatar shows up as the one I use for my other business, I can change that by opening a different account in Gravatar right ?
Michael1954 Premium
Carson: Do you know someone in the community that has a significant amount of experience in marketing? Specifically I have several domain names I am considering and I want to run the names by someone along with a discussion of my proposed website theme and I would like some input on the domain names.
Hi Michael....just wanted to introduce myself...I only joined here yesterday but my trade is Graphic design for over 25 years...I have knowledge of some Marketing...I am here to help..
Michael1954 Premium
Thank you for the response. To accomplish what I think that I want to get accomplished I am going to first have to make a decision as to whether I want to upgrade to Premium. I would prefer to put together two or three individuals for a private chat session - sort of like a focus group of seasoned marketing individuals - to provide feed back on a couple of my ideas. Once the focus group provides some feedback then I can take the concept to the larger community for more general feedback. Just thinking out loud here.
LuisT1 Premium
Carson thanks for your very warm welcome! I share your interest and joy in helping and teaching others to have success. Yes, I want learn how to build a very successfull online business, and if along the way I can help other community members reach their goals, so much the better! Tks again for the opportunity. : )
Hello sir.i am Muhammad.acctually i am a taxi driver.but which i earn that is not enough for me so i want that i do something​ different in my life.i am so interested in online business and money.but i don't find way that how i do and who will guide me.i hope it will be the way that you people help me.sir i have one question.
I will must pay money to go to premium account.and it should be monthly.and how i will pay this money.
Kindly answer me about this question.
Boundary1 Premium
Thanks for creating this company. I'm really excited to have joined. I'm trying to find a chart or a table that I can show on my webpage post or page. What I'm doing is doing reviews on long-term food storage companies and I'm going to compare one company to another and of their products. I see other people have some nice tables out there on their webpages but I don't know where to find them. I'm going to use the criteria of best tasting, packaging, serving size, 2000 cal per day or not, etc. and I want to use at least 10 different affiliate companies so that I can generate revenue. I'm really into prepping and I've learned a lot more about food storage since I've been researching this. If you can tell me how to get a template, table or chart, not sure what you call it it would be most helpful. I want to be able to plug in the information so I guess you would call it a plug-in maybe?
HiwotLodamo Premium
ya, it makes sense that you are successful, you studied computer science in college and your days revolve around computers. i am not underestimating your effort or anything i am just saying that it is easier for you and other people in your field to be more successful in this industry,
i am a health professional, worked with sick people, never had to use computer for it, just used medscape a lot, nothing else, how am i supposed to be successful in your world?
wrwolf Premium
Hi Carson. Just a short note as I try to get started. I'm supposed to be retired and living the good life in Savannah. The Canadian dollar tanked, though, when the oil prices dropped so my pension isn't keeping us in the manner I had hoped. Here I am at 63 with two jobs! I'm getting tired. Just trying to sort out my niche now as I try to absorb all this.

Good morning sir Carson. It's my pleasure meeting you & Kyle & of course the rest of the group. I'm really excited to be a part of this community that you have. Yesterday was my 1st day & I'm so proud to have my own website. This is where the problem came in sir(sorry to take much of your time), I was instructed by Kyle to narrow down on my niche but I got stuck, honestly, I don't know what to do. If I may sir Carson if I could ask for your help regarding this matter so I can catch up. Really, I don't want to be left out. Thank you so much for your time sir Carson. Hav a nice day! More power to you! God bless!
Hello carson

I am very surprise by your promptness and the relevance of your lenghly article and i would like to sincerely thank both of you for your back up.

Considering that i have difficulties in hearing can you help me have the written version of the videos if possible

jonifar Premium
Hi Carson! My niche is BURNOUT. I started studying and taking notes yesterday. I read Veronica's 6 Ways... It was very helpful and gave me an enormous insight into marketing strategies: how not to have a keyhole view; to use many ways to receive traffic; to make associations between treatments (ideas) and physical products, and like-minded businesses via ad space, etc. She mentioned that you had a tutorial and provided an address. Then whoosh, her page suddenly went into cyberspace. I'm going to look for it now.
PLongva Premium
G'day Carson,

Many thanks for following me.

I'm blown away by the community vibe I'm getting with WA.

I'm a 58 yo grandfather living the single life wanting to establish a legacy for my grandchildren. I got my first computer in 2004 and went to night school to learn how to use it.

I've suffered the scams & the greedy over the years, however, I knew if I stuck at it I would find the "one".

I'm so excited to be a member of the WA family & looking forward to a brighter future for myself & my family.

Best regards, Paul.
jonifar Premium
Hi! I just joined and I'm 73 y/o. I feel like a kid who just graduated and I've got the whole world, my whole life in front of me. You can see that I don't have the appearance or loss of flexibility of others my age. I'd like to cheer you on. Please do so for me.
TommyA1 Premium
Hey Carson this is Tommy, its a pleasure to meet you. You know I have been looking for a place to call home and think I have found it. I have not been able to put this down very excited. However, gonna get a little nap and i will resume after my Dr app. Have a wonderful day.
oh,a Dr. appointment? Duh! I was thinking you meant after playing your Dr. app game or something lol. Speaking of which, the word Dr. makes me crave a Dr. Pepper now! See what you did?
Hi, I am new to wealthy affiliate and will be creating my niche soon. I am praying that this is legit and one day soon can generate some revenue from it. I have tried to many scams and really just want to live better and have something to show for my effort. I will see how it goes, thank you for welcoming me.
Alextbone Premium
I know exactly what you mean. There are so many scams out there. There's nothing to worry about here. The reason why is that you have full control with your business. You create your site, your content, and select which affiliates to partner with. And unlike those "get rich quick" schemes, this is legitimately your business. It's so legit, if you wanted, you could sell your site because it's your property. I tell anyone starting to out to first trust the training, give full commitment during the time you do have available, be patient, and you will succeed. Congrats!

Carson Premium
Hey Kamala, we have been in this business since 2005 and have always been transparent and honest with every single member that has joined (1+ million people). You are getting an online support community, the best web hosting in the space, up to date and current training, and a platform where you are not constantly being uphold. We have a Premium version of the membership that is extremely helpful to have, but that's the extent of Wealthy Affiliate. No hidden costs around each corner etc.

I look forward to hearing about how you do with the getting started training!
laishan Premium
Hi Carson!
Thanks for your encouraging words - I'm excited about starting this journey with WA and all the possibilities. The step by step lessons so far have been far better than the many hyped up andt high level webinars that promise money fast. This is the real deal!

Look forward to working with you in the future! .
Carson Premium
Hey Shanny, great to hear that you're already working through the lessons and enjoying the content! You're well on your way to getting a website up and running, getting ranked, getting some visitors, and helping those visitors with your content! You're doing great...keep going!
laishan Premium
Thanks Carson!
Hi Carson, What a brilliant introduction and profile!

Thanks for the follow. There are so many possibilities. I don't known where to start.
I need to find my niche, grab a domain and web site. I am happy to know you will be around
to assist me through the process.

Warm regards, Mildred
Carson Premium
Hey Mildred, you're more than welcome it's really great to meet you. The best place to start is the green button in the left menu that says "Get Started Here". This is the first course of our Online Entrepreneur Certification set of courses and it's where everyone should get started. You're going to learn how to find a niche, choose a domain, and get your website up and running. It'll also help you learn how WA will help you as you move through the lessons!

If you ever need a hand with anything, please let me know. I look forward to following your progress!

Hi Carson

Thank you for introducing yourself to me and offering your assistance.
The only thing I've been asking help with, is the fact that I am flat broke and can not pay the entrance fee of 19 dollars and wanted to know if someone would be so kind as to sponsor me for the first month? After that I am sure I would be capable of sustaining my own account and repaying my sponsor. Like I've stated my aim is to work hard,to the extend of becoming independent as it is my wife is now supporting me and our household.
This is TMI. I want to know how long it takes to start making money if I follow the instructions. My attention span is rather limited, I have ADHD and If it takes years or even several months I don't think its for me. And I don't want to waste my time and your time. Be brutally candid with me.
Hi Carson thanks for you welcome and a bit of you background Im not really that good with the internet and computers but I'm learning everyday little by little my favorite statement is one written by my favorite person Jim Rohn .If you dont like where you are change it you are not a tree.
Hello Carson,
I greatly apperciate your concern and willingness to help me along this journey. It is a bit nerve racking but nevertheless it is something new and unfamilar. I am taking the training seriously i hope for the outcome to be sucessful. I will take advantage to ask any questions when needed. Thank you very much.
Ps. Congrats on your new bundle of joy. God bless your family. My precious jewels are a 4 month old girl and a 5 year old boy.
Hi Carson, Thank you for your e-mail ! I'm very happy to be part of this community and look forward to everything I will be learning and to building my online business and website. WA crossed my path just at the right moment ! I had no idea where to start and one of your members, Kevin Bulmer, sent me a link to your website (we are both in the NeuroGym programmes with John Assaraf). Well, here I am, starting this new adventure !

All the best,

P.S. What a beautiful family you have ! Precious !
UCCltd Premium
Hi Carson: Greetings to you and your beautiful family. Thank you for following me. I look forward to learning new things, sharing insights and ideas, and creating new opportunities within the WA Community. I will surely reach out with questions and comments as the occasion presents itself. Until then...Be well!
HNewell3 Premium
Hi Carson, I am excited to start this new journey and anxious to learn how to have a successful online business! What a beautiful family you have.... those little ones are so cute!

I have a question about Nerium International. I am a brand partner with the business and wondered if anyone at WA has been successful in building a website that drives business to their personal Nerium website?
Hi Carson,

Just saw you mail. How're you doing?
I'm glad you take time out to reach the people especially someone new like me, that means a lot. what is skeptical about online marketing is that one doesn't really know who to trust, because to me honesty is still the best policy and that is very important to me.
Thanks and I'll be in touch

Cfiso Premium
Hi Carson

I am looking to have a mentor to help me throughout every section of this WA journey and am asking you would be willing to be that for me. At the moment I am doing Course 1 in Lesson 9.
Im a 21 year old South African University student. In the past two years I have managed to save 75$ which in my country is a lot of money. This is all the money I have. Theres very little chance of me getting anymore money. I plan on joining the group as a premium member on my 5th day of my free trial and here is where my problem lies... With the money that I have accumulated I will be able to pay the 47$ fee on the second month since there will be enough left in my card for it. I am desperate to know if you think I will be able to make enough money off the website I am in the process of making to pay that fee because I am very invested in the program emotionally and financially. Is this goal achievable if Im dedicating 3 hours everyday to working on this craft?
My plan is to make enough money to survive every months membership fee at the moment.
Please reply to this message.

Your advice and perspective will be very much appreciated
Thank you
Hi Carson ,

I hope you are doing well today and every day .

I am in the beginning stages of going through WA.

I have been in many opportunities in the past only to find out I could not fully support the opportunity . WA caught my attention because you reach out to the people and there seems to always be someone to get in contact with - thats super.

Being a Christian I have an obligation to anyone I would bring into a business to be honest and stay rooted in integrity and support them as much as possible.

Thanks for reaching out to me as I am very much appreciative.

Hope you are having a great day . . . every day of your life !

Randy E Dobbin
Hello Carson, thanks for this really cool platform! I first started researching ways I could help my parents financially. They have to support two teens (I have a twin brother) and it would be great if I could add just a little income for them. I generally have a lot of interest in websites and website managing. However, I don't know why my site isn't on the google index yet! :( I have 3 pages so far and looking forward to making more but could anyone help me out? Thanks!
Roldano Premium
Hello Carson....
As part of my certification I am required to comment on at least 2 people's goals. I am on this site of yours to make my dream of earning enough to provide for myself a modest income in my retirement by learning as much as I can to be an affiliate marketer. One day in the very near future I trust that I will have gained the necessary skills to achieve this, thereby turning my dream into reality. I wish you all the best that life has to offer you and that you continue to enjoy the success you so richly deserve.
DanChapman Premium
Great! Looking forward to learning new tools and strategies. I do have a non-commercial site at tradingwellandliving on the blogspot site.
It is under my pen name Charles Longfellow.
Mostly a way to network with other traders and showcase my
favourite links. Will probably be using Wordpress and starting from scratch, but your comments on existing site welcome.
jramon Premium
Hi Carson,

Thank you for the follow! :) After looking into your bio, I'm glad you are inspired with helping people reach their dreams! Hopefully one day, if no one else can help, I'll be able to get assistance from you in helping me with my project(s) with helping people reach their dreams. :)

Treat Each Other Excellent & Party On Dude,

Jeremiah Quinn Ramon
Many years since 2005 began the path of knowledge on the Internet. My acquaintance began with the stock exchange NAGDAK trade shares of companies such as FORD MACDONALDS and a developing company APPL.opyt trade options. This is not the main thing I do not remember in which year the site was created. I had a good hosting and engine. The site on the promotion all liked the work of it. Many gave Only good reviews and eventually I gugladdvords zakril.kto then complained about the forbidden kontent.bolshe did not engage in.byli good results. Then made a couple more sites. The last did in drupal. Then the problem is a hyper crisis. Stroke and now disabled 2 groups. I want to send one to a nursing home. Now I think how to make a living and medicines. But these are not the main goals.
smitty73 Premium
Hi carson, how are you? I am glad to be here and get started. I am with another training programme at the moment but its up sell after up sell...so when cancel with them I will gladly join as a premium member. I,m stoked I came across WA.
Hi Carson :)

I have a question I was hoping you could please help with? There's a domain I'd love to register, but it looks like it's already owned by a WA member.

The domain is: thepowerofmatcha(dot)com

Thing is - it's not currently active, so I'm hoping the current owner might be interested in transferring or selling the domain.

Is there any way you could please help me reach out to the current owner to negotiate a sale?

Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


KLiimatta Premium
Hi Carson.....thanks for welcome note! I'm excited to get going, but unfortunately things took an unexpected change in past few days, & I had to help take care of my 10 month old granddaughter, so have been unable to look at all info. I have some free time now, so am going to start. Thank you!
AvieT11 Premium
Hi Carson. Thanks for the nice welcome. I recently joined. I must tell you that everything I've read makes sense but I feel overwhelmed with all the info as I'm new with this business. You'll be hearing from me so I ask for your patient in advance as I will ask more questions later.
Hello Carson,
Thanks for following me and offering your support. I'm pretty sure I will be calling on your expertise at some point.
You all look very happy in your beautiful family. I have four children myself and understand that feeling you show.
We are so lucky!!
Thanks again for this amazing opportunity. I'll try my best to make the most!!
WandaT Premium
Hi Carson,
Hope you and your family are all well.
I'm new at this on line looking to start working from home my job closed the door and at 60yrs old I don't want to work for someone
else. maybe get some ideas what I can take do.
I'm open for any suggestion anyone will be appreciated!
Hallo Carson :)
In fact i m still going through training and so far i dont have any specific question for you couse i understood almost everything from course.Just i can see no cashout or something simiilar for the future? And ,Do you think that one month premium membership can help a lot or its just a launching :) Best regards and keep in touch
andreanaO1 Premium
I really want to do well at this . I honestly don't have much time for anything these days . I work 75 hours a week. I make good money. I love my job. But Its not enough. I'm going through a divorce and I have custody of my beautiful daughter. I haven't received any financial help or support .Its been 10 months. I really need to make more money. I feel a little overwhelmed.. I just gotta power through it ...Do my goals seem realistic to you? How much do you think I can make only appyling 15 hours a week?
Amaury Premium
Hi Carson

Hope you are fine,
I want to say hello and let you know that I'm surprised about your WA platform, because never seen something like this. Now I'm starting move within the awesome community. I feel confortable and will keep my mind open to learn everything about the way which you have planned. Regards!
dshipp17 Premium
I'm trying to figure out how to PM you; I need help with Task 3 of Lesson 9 of Course 2 of the certification course; I tried asking through a support ticket, but, I'm not getting any help; I need to know what to do with Google Plus, after I create a blog post in my Wealthy Affiliate Wordpress website; do I just copy and paste that blog post in Google Plus? Wouldn't Google consider that duplicate content? I need more detailed instructions, as I don't fully understand what the task is trying to instruct me to do.
TheCount Premium
Hi Carson and thank you for reaching out. WA is awesome and completely different than anything I've ever seen before. The community is amazing. There is a tremendous aura of positivity and genuineness. No fake people and no one attempting to sell me things I don't want or need. Just great people offering a helping hand for those willing to put in the work. It's so refreshing! Thanks again!
Dweiss1 Premium
what if I had one page with most of my links, a reviews page and a couple other countdown pages would I be labeled a bridge website?

Also I would like website advice: https://gamingrelatedproducts.com/
Btw I am going to change my about daniel page picture soon
RisingKing Premium
Hello Carson, I want you to know how much I appreciate your site, and I haven't even been on here for 48 hours! Its really awesome to have this fantastic community that is free to join, and all the great features for when I go premium. Not to mention having my own website, and having it being so easy to build is great.

I seriously have been learning so much and seeing so many opportunities that I can't sleep! I've spent nearly 24 hours on my site and learning more from you guys than I learned doing a website by myself on Shopify in a month (and that process was difficult, believe me. I never made a single sale that whole month and spent $100 on ads). I had to force myself to get at least 5 hours of sleep last night, and again I'm so excited about this opportunity that I just want to keep on working.

But this wouldn't have been possible without you and Kyle starting this website, that was the one thing that started this whole community. I appreciate you so much already, and I'm sure we will work together for quite some time. Great to be here.
vtraweek Premium
I have tried everything to get my email client Thunderbird and cell phone to work with WA's email for my website. This domain is with godaddy but I transferred over to WA and have built the website for it. I dont want it forwarded either. Also, I dont understand why there is an outgoing password because Ive never been asked that before...ever. Its hurting my brain!!! Please help,
TenaBurns Premium
Hi Carson,
Thank you for the welcome. Just wanted to tell you a little about myself. I'm 53 and have been looking online for yrs but have never had any luck so I'm hoping this will be the one. I really like your program, and because I don't have a lot of money I am going to try and get referrals and will use that money to upgrade with. I am also a stay at home grand ma, and really want to find something so my husband can retire.

Thank you for the good training and the opportunity.
Hi Carson. I was excited when I got a warm welcome com Kyle, but then, I noticed your email and I'm just surprised that both of you actually reached out to welcome me. It is my privilege to meet both of you and really appreciate both you taking time out to reach out to a newbie like me. I love technology and am looking forward to working with you both and help to add value your community. Have a fantastic weekend with your family! ☝
Hello Carson, I am honored that you have chosen to follow me within WA. My name is David Hurley. Like you I have a passion for computer science, I got my first computer back in the 1980's it was a commodore VIC 20, man I thought the shit when my dad bought me a 1 mb memory expansion cartridge, and a cassette drive. I was playing around with DOS when windows was just a bad Idea LOL!!! Anyway I'm self taught but I have so much more to learn. Thank you for the oppurtunity. feel free to holler at me anytime. I would value your input.
JanP2 Premium
Hello, Carson. Thank you very much for following me. I see that you are one of the top people here at WA! I like the useful training given by various WA members, and at the time of writing, you have 21 such posts. Thank you for that. I will learn many useful things from them.

CandieG Premium
I would love to be as successful as you and Kyle. I don't want o be rich I want to be comfortable. I want to show my friends and family that there is a program out here that will teach them how to promote their ideas and turn them into a a lucrative business. But first I need to do this first because action as we all know speaks louder than words and as you and Kyle can see I'm taking action. I have strong confidence in myself I know I will be successful with both of your help.
There for thank you so much for helping us stay focused on the the path to success.
Hello Carson, thanks for your taking interest. I know my ability to learn is hindered perhaps by my age , but I am certain that with WA, I can reach the goal I've set. Which in the arena is small in comparison.
I really respect the ingenious niche that you and Kyle have tapped. Always, human nature, is the place to address when seeking to make ones fortune. I've spent 30 + years working in a trade, and still have not enough savings to even consider retiring. I've always been a bit angry at the way the fat cats were getting fatter off the sweat of my brow. So, it is my hopes to be a, Fat Cat, in my coming years?
Hi Carson,

This is a wonderful think you and Kyle created.

I got my niche and my website and am happily working on my pages.

Just a couple of questions while i still can ask. When my 5 days are up can I still access the beginner lessons I already went through?
Can I still read posts?
Will I still be following the people I’m following?
Can I still read their blogs?
Can I leave them messages?

Carson1 Premium
To one Carson to another I am very excited to be part of WA and am working my way through your system to building a web site. Going great so far a little overwhelming but getting better with each visit. Thanks you guys for all the support so far. Regards Carson1
Hi my great man Carson... you look great in the picture along with your family I suppose!!! and have no doubts you guys are amazing and look even better alive.
My humble "thank you very much" for welcoming me and be sure that am right here also...following you guys...and try to achieve success!
Kind regards and keep in touch...24/7...anytime you wish or need.
I promise I will do the same...full of joy and ready to help wherever you think I could.

Big hug

mbaochaben Premium
Hello Carson, I want to upgrade in the next few hours as I'm done with the beginners training. What I'd like to understand is.... Will the four remaining training be opened for me as soon as i upgrade or is it just the second lesson that will be open? and the rest over few weeks? or will all be open at once?
SolmanM1 Premium
Hi,this is Solomon. I have just been taken on my first tour of your programme and I am impressed.

Your discounted offer of 19 USD is hereby accepted by me. Please lead me to yourB illing Dept. I want to grab the offer now.
I am looking forward to be coached,supported and helped to earn money.

I am looking forward to view my weekly screenshots showing a ssteady growth of my profits.


Hi Carson!!!...I need your help.
I'm watching the video of "website getting SEO" and comparing it with my administration data and I noticed that in the "Setting the Title" section it does not allow me to select the title of "capitalize the tag and search titles" , And for that reason the "Format" texts do not appear ... can you help me to know what happens?
nabil621 Premium
Hi Carson, I'm very excited to be with you and with all WA member, considering as a family. Also please say big HELLO to your beautiful family :)
I have a suggestion if it's possible to make SHOPIFY training in the future it will be very awesome ! , beside that WA has a lot of thing to learn from, thank you very much.
MWR Premium
Thank you for the welcome. I am wanting to do something with my initials MWR. I woke up one day and it was like a LED sign, Market With Results. Or, Marketing With Results. I am determined to see if something good can happen with WA. I am not a marketer yet and hope to learn how to run an online marketing business. Give me the guidance and watch me run, I am hungry.
Hi, Carson. Thank you for your welcoming message. I'm hoping to get as much learning from this website as possible. I'll be very slow, though, as I can only do this in my limited time as well as this is not my first language. I hope free membership allows asking questions, even if not in live chat. We will still be able to find answers in discussions, correct?
IElectronics Premium
Hi Carson I got A ?, Been waiting over 30 Minutes and no replies. So much for Tech Support. Any way My? is How do I add Link to my domain to get credit for referrals and I have 4 Options which one do I us? ?#2 If I post A PDF file on a Contest will I be Infringing? Seen PDF file on other sites... Thanks Didn't want bother Kyle I'm sure both of You Are Very Busy. So I'm hitting You instead. Thanks Carson
rstuart Premium
Hello Carson!
Thank you for your message. I really appreciate your support. I'm very excited about learning this program once I get the hang of it would love to introduce WA to my friends and family. Because I work a full time job my time is limited but I won't let that stop me. My desire is to move ahead. Thank you again for your email and we will be in touch!

Your friend
Hello Carson and thank you for the opportunity to learn and run my own internet business.... My name is Oscar Henderson and like you I'm a family man as well in my spare time I enjoy traveling with my family, having cookouts, and sporting events. Last year I bought my first house now I'm at the next stage in life were I want to run my own business. Thanks to you and Kyle I now have that opportunity. Today my son turns 5 so I'm getting things set up for him, so thanks again and have a awesome day
Ereilly1 Premium
Thank you for the follow Carson and it is a pleasure to meet you! It is refreshing to be able to actually communicate with the founders of this business! I am excited to be getting started here and plan on being with WA for a long time to come. I did not stick with it my first time with Wealthy Affiliate, that was a mistake I won't make again! I appreciate this community!
flyinghigh Premium
Hi Carson,

Thank you very much for your kind words of Welcome. I feel very honored indeed to be able to communicate directly with the co-founder of an organization as huge as WA. This is truly encouraging, and I'm already feeling successful.

Well from my side, let me also promise that I'm here for the long haul. I'm here to come and put my best foot forward, really dig in and try and make a huge success of this opportunity, especially with the kind of assistance that is available around here.

Thanks once again Carson, not forgetting Kyle, for the warm welcome, and also to the wonderful community at large. I feel like I'm part of the family already.

I'm re-ignited, supercharged and full of hope again, with a very bright light shinning on the other side of the tunnel. LET'S DO THIS THING.
pibian88 Premium
Hi Carson. I am a bit frustrated at the moment. I messaged you and you didn't answer. I asked for people to look at my blog and let me know how to improve it, but can't find any answers, and my profile page says I do not have a blog. What am I missing here? My blog is freedomfrompain.siterubix.com . There, it does exist. My profile page does not show my premium status eitherl. Please help me Carson. Paul.
Samthepieman Premium
Hello, I was instructed to say hello to you so I'm being obedient. I don't quite know what to do next but I'm ready to start doing something that will lift my spirits. I've taken a hit and its left me reaching up to touch bottom. Talk to you soon.

Sam Pdark
Thanks for all the interest in me and all the willing to help. I am getting through the training. This in itself is a job . Looking forward to the other side. Just to let you know I am retired and on limited income so I look at thing be fore I spend.

Thanks for everything.
jgh1 Premium
Well, Hello, Carson! It's good to hear from you. I see you have a wife and kids. Lucky guy! Kids can be so much fun.

Being followed may well keep me moving forward and on the right road. Your site gets good reviews which, of course is the reason I chose WA. I've wanted to do this for several years but the other sites are unfathomable for me. I'm a retired construction person and so know quite a bit about construction but when the little electrons start racing around in circles, I get confused. A simple, useful platform is just the thing! That you also have a large crowd of knowledgeable, willing people ready to help is a huge lagniappe!

Arild1 Premium
Hello Carson!
I'm not a robot, but want to help as many as possible to have a healthier everyday life around the world. Therefore, I need help creating a website that makes people around the world come to see what the world can give it. I admire Kyle and your involvement in the Wealthy Affiliate. I hope that I can learn a lot of what I do not have competence on pr. date. Looking forward to becoming a premium member at a later date, my economy does not allow new costs until revenue is in place. Wishing you and your family good luck and looking forward to a useful one here at the Wealthy Affiliate.

Arild Kvarme
Hi Carson! Great to meet you guys and thank you for the incredible enthusiasm from all of you. I want to congratulate you, Kyle and each successful member for the work you have done.

I just watched the video about 'what I am missing' if i'm not a premium member, and I have to confess to you, it is overwhelming. The amount of training and information is incredible.

I have to confess to you that I feel kind of akwards and slow. I want to learn but I feel I would take more time than the average person. So I think I wouldn't take full advantage of the premium if I take it right now. I need to familiarize better with the site and take the lessons. So, I wanted to ask you, If I understand you right, do I have seven days from the moment I registered to use the material available to join the premium membership? After that time I wont be able to read the lessons?

Regardles of your answer, I want to thank you guys again and express my admiration for your work.

ShirleyJH615 Premium
Hello, Carson, it's nice to see a picture your beautiful family. I appreciate the training from you and Kyle. I tried this web marketing two times years ago and was ask both times can I come up with $500 down for a $2500 training. You don't want to know my reply the person on the other end hung up. I was happy with his response! I didn't think no one could make me smile after two weeks of my daughter and husband passing. He made my day!
Thanks for your personal intro and also personal concern Carson! Almost unheard of nowadays! So my story, well I'm in a high ticket program but as is common, no budget at all for marketing. Found out via the web about ya'll and looking forward to making something happen with this. Speaking of following, I am a musician and have a twitter acct. @daveseagalmusic . Would love to have you follow me there! It's a fun, means of diversion for me. Thanks again though dude, appreciate it!
SBotwe Premium
Hello Carson, Greetings, It looks as if I have never been able to have any chart with you since I join this wonderful platform. But I want take the opportunity today to thank you all very well for the many wonderful things that you people are accomplishing here.

Once again, I want to say thank you very much.
GeorgiaZoe1 Premium
Hi Carson,
Just accidentally changed credit card information to an old 2015 WA account. But I have a new 2017 account and I am working on a website. Can I be credited for the $49 payment made today?
My new user name:
I'm now at:
GeorgiaZoe@protonmail.com NOT
It was a mistake, as my browser kept going to the old WA membership area.
JamesJB Premium
Hi, Carson! Thank you for this opportunity that WA is offering. From what I have seen and heard so far, this setup seems so genuine. My only disappointment is that I didn't come across you guys a couple of years back. However, as they say, there is no better time than the present :)

I can't wait to start doing something concrete from my end. These last few hours I spent just getting used to the system and having a quick look at all the quality items available for members. It's fantastic. Please keep it up, and it's very reassuring to know that there's somebody with tons of experience out there who I can turn to for advice.

Best regards,
WAsrini Premium
Hi Carson, Am still doubtful about certain aspects of this or any other affiliate business could you help resolve my doubts please:-
1. Would an hour a day suffice to generate atleast 2000 dollars every month kinda extra income?
2. Do we need to invest in "anything else" other than the monthly subscription 46 dollars ?
3. Do I need to spend on ads such as Facebook ads to post my WA links for whichever products am selling?

Pl let me know your honest views, thanks alot
Money up front is a problem with starting my own business that I've. Had for a while.
WAsrini Premium
Hi there, Thanks Could u also respond to my other queries, Thanks in advance
2. Do we need to invest in "anything else" other than the monthly subscription 46 dollars ?
3. Do I need to spend on ads such as Facebook ads to post my WA links for whichever products am selling?
Hi, Carson, I am both excited and cautious. I can clearly see that WA is a positive resource and support toward my success. I will go slowly and treat this as I would a class in a MBA course. I will succeed and am in for the long haul. A tremendous thanks for all of you who will help me complete my journey.
I wanna say Hello Carson, Thank You for your time for looking into what I've been doing, I also wanna say Thank You for your time for welcoming me on Board. I just lost my job, and trying too get my websites onto this WordPress, I'm looking forward for a long and Profitable Time with you. I'm very thankful for getting to know you.
RJValdez777 Premium
Hi Carson, I joined over a month ago and have not had much time to devote to getting things up to speed. I was trying to save my 9 to 5 but it doesn't look good and I really want to get this going. How do I start over? Where do you suggest? Are there 1 on 1 coaches I can get help from? I really want to make this work.
I need to find out how to put music samples from Apple into my website like a widget tool. Apple offers the widget that I need and the HTML code, but I don't know where to plug it in to Wordpress to make it appear on my site but I'm looking for help. Thanks!
GoBuyBig Premium
Hello, My name is Lovetta. I really didn't know what I was getting into when I joined Wealthy Affiliate. It's big. I mean really big. For me that means a lot for me to learn. This program has something for everyone's need and it can be suited to every individual. The potential is unfathomable. I will do my best & continue until I reach my goals. Thank you.
James89 Premium
Hello! I chose WA because I seems to be an honest program without a lot of hype-you know, here's my million dollar house, 7 figure income, pile of checks, sign up now or be doomed to a dismal life of cubicle hell, that sort of greed/fear manipulation. Hope I'm right.
My name is Matt and I am new to this program. Heard nothing but great reviews and comments about your site and what it offers. Wanted an honest program, with step by step plans that will soon lead to my success online. For online entrepreneurs there is a vast world where the possibilities are endless. Such a huge marketplace right in our grasps, but tapping into such a wide spread audience could be rather difficult. Without the proper knowledge or training. After getting let go from my job, I found myself getting caught back into online scams, I hated it and had enough. Then I came across your site, don't remember how, but I am glad I did. I'm really excited on getting started on learning how to build my websites from the ground up, and by learning how to get the traffic I need to have great success for my business

Thank you 2 for making it possible for me to actually make my dreams come true. By giving me all the tools I need in one place to achieve greatness, while also providing a community. Where we can all come together and help each other achieve our goals or dreams, simply by sharing ideas and leaving feedback. Being able to talk to people whom have had success with their sites and in return help you with yours is awesome. One day I could pay it forward using my success or knowledge onto someone else. I know with these tools and my determination we can make this happen. So thank you for everything!!!

*Is it possible to make good money being an online market affiliate. Either making a percentage of the total sales, commissions, pay per click, etc.
**Are there places that offer more than one stream of income, like the examples I mentioned upon by adding their products or business to your site.
***Know of any great pay per click sites, any help would be much appreciative.
cptkirk Premium
Thanks Carson, it has been a hard and expensive road getting here. I quit my job in January to take care of mother who is in the later stages of Alzheimer's and I have about 4 hours in the evening to work at this, I already can see that WA is by far the Best place for me to be. I am excited to be here and already feel at home and can't wait to meet new friends within the community. WA has so many different methods to making a Good and Honest living, Again Thanks. Kirk
des1963 Premium
Thank-you so much for the welcome! This community is totally awesome. I'm on the last lesson in Phase 1 of bootcamp and in a couple of days I'm going premium. Ya'll weren't kidding when you said its a lot of work--but fun work!! I love learning new things! Once again many thanks!!
Hi Carson, I'm just stopping in to say hello. I'm obviously new to WA but I'm enjoying the training so far. I'm not going to ask all my questions because I'm assuming the training will answer most of them. I do have one question though. I've been thinking of becoming a consultant for Rodan + Field as well as learning from WA and building website to sell as an affiliate. Will some of the WA training be transferable to my R + F business as well?

Thank you. ;)
kmhines Premium
Thank you for the following.

I started to free websites out following the get started. I guess I am at the point where I upgrade to Premium.

I know this question sounds a little silly, but could I potentially begin making money on the sites before upgrading? I think I have been burned a few times in MLM schemes, so this may be why I am a bit cautious.

Do you think upgrading and following through the lessons and making those changes to the sites allows the user to get results faster?

Thanks for the input.
Hello Carson, Thanks for the Hello and welcome. Whether it's truly you or a well planned Autoresponder, I appreciate the initiative. I haven't had a chance to dive into your services yet but i will. My biggest challenge is simply having a new product (3 CD's and a manual) available on the on-line store of my website but needing to get traffic/action to it. I thought Wealthy affiliate might help me increase my distribution potential by expanding my sales agents through you. Is this how your site works? Thank you both . Dennis Kelly
timtex0077 Premium
Hi Carson. Thanks for following me and for all of the great help and training and support so far. I'm trying to catch up with things here on WA. I love it here and I wish you well. I look forward to us helping each other build our dream business. Let's do this! Tim
joniluse Premium
Hi Carson I really didn't mean not to establish a relationship w/ you --that was my intent. Anyway, i desperately need some executive support here & i am tired of always asking kyle (he's got enough on his plate).
I have managed thru some dum luck, to get my profile pic next to the image spot but ca n't figure out how to rotate it to get into the image circle because it is rotated.
Could you help me with this?
Hey carson I just received an email from you to say hello anyways I jave been going through the tutorials and somehow my phone isnt refistering it but I think it's because I have been trying to go through the whole lesson before I jump into signing up for the ckick thing through google and such, I really want to be a blogger something about the coloring world I love to color and nmake candles I really want to do my own.blog and sell my own products I mean I do by word of mouth when people ask im just wondering as my niche just beingabout coloring what are some good ideas also im ibsessedr with pens ex sharpies, chameleon pen and the wonderful world of adult coloring books,
thank you for introducing yourself. I'm pretty slow at this and its quite the learning curve for me, but I am most impressed with everyone who is willing to help. I am limited to time I spend due to physical restraints. I have been going to the office of my apartment complex with my laptop to learn about this business. I finally purchased internet for my apartment so I am hoping I get beter at this. Thank You
SeptemberJoy Premium
Hi there, How do I do this :
To verify that you own a site, you have two options to select from:
Option # 1 - Add a <meta> tag to your home page (proving that you have access to the source files). To use this method, you must be able to edit the HTML code of your site's pages.
Option # 2 - Upload an HTML file to your server. To use this method, you must be able to upload new files to your server. Download HTML Verification File
After placing the meta tag on you home page or the file in the root of your website directory, return to this section and click the button below to verify your site.
I really want to add their stuff to my site, however have no idea how to do either of those options to verify. Can you please help me?
pouremi522 Premium
Hi Kyle and Carson,

So I've been trying to figure things out more. I hope it's not too late to ask for some advice?

My friend promotes and sells Mineral oils for all benefits of health. Would I be able to use this as a niche? Firstly, I'm wondering if I I'm allowed to put a link on my web page (of course I would ask her if she's allowed to let me do that) and to blog about how mineral oils help you with your health. I just don't know how specific and in which avenue I should start.

I'm interested in the weight loss end of it and also that it helps you get better, like when you get upper respiratory infections like I ge a lot!

I hope it's not too late to ask for help to see if I can re-up my premium before everything expires in mid May.

MaryannM62 Premium
Hi Carson, I am really excited to be here. I think you have an excellent product. I am taking the lessons very slow to absorb everything well. Also, my time is limited as I am a full time OR nurse. I'm in no rush. I'm starting with something simple to learn how it's done technically. Then I have a lot of ideas that will come into play once I can do it with some authority. It's really fun and I hope monetarily beneficial some day!!
GrannyDear Premium
Goodmorning Carson!!

Yesterday I happened - indeed ,, I was looking over a page on Pinterest I had saved a couple of weeks ago for reasons of 'Well Henri, when the time comes and the sun shines and etcetcetc.' So, I went over the page, I read some articles and it struck me, that this was interesting material. Me and my youngest daughter are on Etsy - we love .. LOVE... to knit and sew and buy fabric ( please stacks of it - and me personal interest in all of the magic of the internet, the connecting and communicating and sharing ideas and exchanging of revenues - was awakend.
And while scrolling over that Pinterest page.. I ended up with WA .. all the content and the set up was so appealing, that out of the blue I found myself into WA - This was a very very good choice. I am still baffled and thrilled. Such a happy and outgoing and positive community!! and of course the potential money wise is great as well!!
I am looking forward to develop in every respect!

Wishing you and your family a wonderful weekend.

Kduhon1 Premium
Having issues iknow what i want but i am unable to place the banner link in place of the wiggit .I It says to shift and click it will turn blue but my chosen banner will not show up.I am almost ready to just leave that wiggt and go around it if i can add a bigger size banner where it will allow me.UGH
Did i miss something or do i njust would like to finish them ineed to go back and do refresher.can you help.I am almost there with my first couple sites .Help Please .....
Kduhon1 Premium
Meant did i miss something or do i need refresher course
BradBurns Premium
Hi Carson

Sorry I have written so many emails I thought I replied to you.

I'm going through the course 1 and should complete this course and 2 by this arvo.
I had to do many family things yesterday so I did not get the chance to get stuck into it.

Take my hat off to you and Kyle for creating an intricate system. Well done.

I have already set a goal to have a beer with Bitopton in May 2018 at the Kentucky Derby, hopefully or near there anyway.

Cheers and best regards,

wgolden Premium
Thank you for the personal message Carson. I can tell from looking around the site that you and Kyle have a real commitment to helping people learn and run their own business.

I've been a public school teacher in NYC for the last 22 years, so I appreciate a well structured training system and the support of such a large, friendly community.

I've done quite a bit of content writing for SEO clients, so I'm pretty good in that area. My issue is getting comfortable with web design, Wordpress and all the other tech stuff.

I look forward to joining all of you as a premium member shortly. :-)