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I'm Carson, co-owner of Wealthy Affiliate...nice to meet you and great to have you here within the community :)

In a few words I'll give you a little background about myself. I've got a Computer Science background, and that's where Kyle and I first crossed paths. I love to learn, and I love to teach. My father in public and private education and my mother taught youngsters her entire career. I followed suit by creating a community here at Wealthy Affiliate where we focus on teaching folks how to leverage the power of the web to create Internet businesses!

I got my first Computer in 1994, and since then technology has always sparked my interest. Kyle and I created Wealthy Affiliate to bridge the gap between education, social networking, and technology. We're a small tech company (in a sense) with big ideas!

You have come to Wealthy Affiliate to learn about Internet marketing and how to build an online business. Kyle and I have a combined 26 years experience with Internet marketing, starting out independently before joining forces in 2005 to create WealthyAffiliate.com.

You'll find me here in discussions, in Live Chat, and within my profile helping out in every way I can. It is my goal to help absolutely everyone who is serious about building an Internet business.

When I'm not plugged-in I'm travelling, spending time with my family, or shooting hoops!

You have made a great decision to be part of our community, and I look forward to getting to know and work with you!
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JoeFrancis90 Premium
Hi Carson,

How do I change things?
I have just this minute published my second piece of content.
However, I have left big gaps between paragraph, which I need to fix before people start to read my stuff as they have been on my first bit of content.

I know I need to be in Wordpress, and I am at Wordpress waiting a response from you.
Carson, could I go back to my content just sent to publish in site content and change it from there again or, if it is already posted it is to late?

I hope you have understood what I have ment?

Level 2 - Lesson 2


kayngg Premium
Hi Carson,

Just saying hello! And that I'm thrilled to be connecting with you and other affiliates here on the platform. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to connect with such an amazing and supporting community here at wealthy affiliate. All thanks to both you and Kyle! Looking forward to future talks!

Carson Premium
Glad to have you here, Karen. I am on this journey with you, so is the community here at WA.  If you want to jump in, work hard, take action, and persist.  Amazing things can and will happen!
vinvas Premium
Hi Carson, I am really happy to hear from for you. This is an awesome community and its really good to be a part of this community.
Looking forward to working with you (primarily it's going to be me asking a lot of questions :) )

Have a great day!

Carson Premium
Hi there, Vinayak. So great to have you here at WA Vinayak and if you ever do need a hand with anything, you have an entire community of support behind you (myself included)! :)

Exciting times lie ahead!
michaelw777 Premium
Dear Carson; I also want to add; can you list a few Affiliate Links that Customers click on and buy? I am just wondering; if you can suggest some Affiliate Companies that Customers buy from? If you want to put Affiliate Links: Please do so? Can you list at least five or more? I guess what I mean is: Both Affiliate Companies that are successful; and some links; I will get into this in my next Message.
michaelw777 Premium
Dear Carson; Can you please put up some links to very successful posts? Can you put links up to posts that are Very Successful. Or can you explain a format to make a successful post? Or create a tutorial which explains how to create a successful post. I am talking about an article here; in case there was confusion? I am asking for Links to Very Successful Articles? Please help?