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Hi Carson! Thanks for following me, I'm just new here, but I feel good with what I found in WA.
frankcheng Follow Me
Hi, Carson I just found this site when i surfed some affiliate topic in internet. Then I think WA can help me on ecommerce knowledge and network to the people in whole world, this is so great! I am from Taiwan, and open my business recently, I have great interesting to expand my business in other countries but I don't have connection especially in south east asia, so I do hope can know more people here and get help and support each other! Thks for your warm welcome!!!
NSolomons Follow Me
hey Carson thanks for the warm welcome. i have a question, can i be successful without the premium membership i cannot afford it at this stage, ive completed all 10 lessons and has my website up, written a few posts as well though, can i continue this way can i still generate a revenue hopefully to afford premium in the future
RewardMukono Follow Me
thank you for the welcome and encouragement .hie to you all
Joon Follow Me
Where do I go to see the questions I posted? I had asked the same question twice cos I wasn't sure if it got thru and dis appointed that i hadn't got a reply yet.
Suei Follow Me
I'm happy I discovered your site... Thank you so much.
cintay46 Premium Follow Me
Hey Carson! I discovered this site yesterday, and I'm so glad I did. Upgrading to premium here later tonight. Thank you so much. I think I will be able to change my life with this.
CLapi Premium Follow Me
Hey Carson just letting you and Kyle know that this is one amazing powerful community that you guys have created and i am enjoying every single second of it. thanks
MAllred Premium Follow Me
I just wanted to say hello and thank you for the warm welcome.
WBass Follow Me
Hey Carson, thanks for the great market training platform. Looking forward to learning from the best! Cheers, Wendy
Hey Wendy, you are welcome ! Great to have you here at WA! I look forward to helping out if you have questions or need a hand getting up and running.

Stay in touch :)

LH-CLUB Premium Follow Me
Is this 15 Questions for one subject or for 15 subjects, Use Q & A Sites to Drum up 15 Questions People are Asking, not quite sure Lesson 10 bootcamp
Hey Lou,

What you want to do is find 15 questions that people are asking online in regards to getting a business up and running.

For example:

how do I build an online business?
do I need a website to make money online?
what is the best place to learn to build a website?

At this stage in the training you are familiarizing yourself with the niche. The 15 questions that you drum up will be perfect candidates to write content on as the next course will teach.

Hope this helps,

LH-CLUB Premium Follow Me
Thanks Carson for that, I understand
DavidWebster Premium Follow Me
Thank you for the welcome and encouragement in something that is so new to me. I have so much to learn!
Hey David,

Really awesome to see that you're already familiarizing yourself with the community. We have a lot to offer in terms of training, tools, website features, and of course support!

I personally look forward to answering your questions and helping in every way I can!

Talk to you soon,

Takeyan Follow Me
Thank you Carson! Very nice meeting to you too !!!
You are most welcome Koko!

Let me know how you do as you get started in the training. I'm here to help :)

adamferrara Follow Me
hey carson im wondering why I can't work on my website anymore? its like im being forced to create a new website all of a sudden
Hey Adam,

Your website is 100% accessible to you and you can login from your SiteManager here:

If you are having specific trouble with something then let me know and I'll be happy to help out.

lcarrier43 Premium Follow Me
Thanks Carson. I joined yesterday and haven't yet started the 1st day's "things to do" Every time I get on the WA website, I get the pop-up "internet explorer has stopped working". My computer freezes up and I can't do anything. It is really slowing me down, to the point where I can't get anything done. I have researched this, and haven't yet come up with a "fix". Hopefully I can get back on here tomorrow and get caught up...tomorrow is Day 3 - ugh! I am way behind, but I will work at it until I am up to where I should be.
Hey Lorna,

Sometimes web browsers that are not up to date or are not compliant with web standards can cause problems. What I suggest doing is downloading and installing Google Chrome.

It's free and you can get it from here:

Install Google Chrome and let me know if you still experience the same issue.

I suggest using Google Chrome as your default browser too for everything you do online. I hope this works for you.

lcarrier43 Premium Follow Me
OK thanks Carson. I have installed Google Chrome and hopefully that will solve the problem. Thanks for your help.
lcarrier43 Premium Follow Me
Hi Carson, I got Google Chrome installed correctly today and it seems to have solved the problem. Thanks for your help.