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lilbuddah Follow Me
Hi Guys, thanks for the encouraging welcome - have been very busy lately setting up my retirement plans but should soon have more time to work on WA, get it all set up and start making an income. Cheers.
Bummie Follow Me
Is Nigeria a supported country?
steelpanda Follow Me
Thank you for the great welcome. All the best to you and the community here at WA. We look forward to learning and earning :)
kiwiwi Follow Me
Hey Carson Thank for the nice welcome. Looking forward to learn and get support from you, Kyle and the community. Talk to you soon. Johanne
pnobes Follow Me
Hi there Carson thanks for the welcome, I am extremely grateful to be here and hope to be an asset to this community.
segopodiso Follow Me
Hellow carson...i think i have to go through all the teachings for me to gain an understanding...i like teaching espescially on health issues...
JC4 Follow Me
Hi Carson!

Thank you for the welcome. Still figuring my way through the entire system. Very grateful to be part of this awesome community!:)
herchliz Follow Me
Hello Carson!
MaryJoB Premium Follow Me
Hi Carson! I'm finding WA training to be both interesting and useful. I am interested in your streetarticles site, and am somewhat familiar with the concept, but hope you have a webinar, video, or other training module to explain its use in increasing traffic to your site. Thanks for all the help so far.
TimBartlett Follow Me
I am very excited to be able to start the journey. We will talk one day.
KuSo Follow Me
Hello Carson,

I am very encouraged to be part of this network with leaders like you and Kyle. I value loyalty, honor and integrity. Thank you for the opportunity you have created for people like me. Will talk to you soon.

Averil Follow Me
I'm excited to be here.
kudaonline Premium Follow Me
Hie Carson thank u very much. for an amazing platform ... I wanted to upgrade to premium by my Country is not available on the system.. Please help
colsey2003 Follow Me
Thank you for your message.
kenneth1212 Follow Me
Thank you very much Carson! I am pleased to be under the leadership of such wonderful people! Which now days are few and very far in between. I also love shooting hoops! Pretty good at too! So maybe one day in the future you, Kyle, and I can play with other affiliates who holds the game dear. About the sites that I have begun, can I start over from scratch? Taking one video at a time? I have to slow my role so to say! Thanks for the encouragement.