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tantanup Follow Me
Hi. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be apart of your community. Looking forward to see what great things it has to offer.
Blacky22 Follow Me
Hi Carson, I would like to suscribe to the live video training but the system showed this message: " Sorry, you are not permitted to submit a review. Please upgrade to premium membership"

Am not yet a premium member but i the basic package run out in 2 days. Many thanks in advance for your help!
Padrepio68 Follow Me
Thank you following me. This is being really great experience so far. Im happy to be a member of your company. I'm hoping to archive my goals’. Again thank you Carson.
My best regards ,
Yanilet Aracena
tonyamacik Premium Follow Me
Hey Carson, I am so glad to hear from you I have spoke to Kyle a few times but, this is our first meeting. I am very excited to be able to be a part of you journey. I hope we all make lots of money,I suppose that is what it is all about. Take care talk to you soon.
tantom Follow Me
Thanks Carson for the warm welcome.
zaddkeefer Follow Me
Hey Carson, thanks for your welcome email! Cannot wait to be a bigger part of this infinite growing community, on a sidenote I am also promoting and sharing Wealthy Affiliate with my network! And so far so good!
NBarkley Follow Me
Hi Carson :)
I truly am sooooo excited to be apart of this amazing community of intelligent, kind and thoughtful people!! I am kind of freaking out inside! Thank you for providing me with immense hope for my future! Can't wait to make you Fellas PROUD!!
Smartster Follow Me
Hi Carson, many thanks for your welcome email.
Here in Germany it's late night but time enough to say hello!
I am not sure if this is the right opportunity for my starting online business because I am a passionate Badminton player and own a local shop here in Germany. Therefore my targeted customers are living in Germany...

What do you think about this?

BR Markus
Cheree1989 Follow Me
Thanks Carson for the nice words I'm excited to I did create a website but I can't seem to find it
Bigsaj786 Follow Me
Hi Carson, thanks for the welcoming message, I just wanted to ask if there is any support in blog writing for my chosen niche about weight loss, and how could I promote clickbank products within my two free websites for customers to purchase?
jth99 Premium Follow Me
Hi Carson,

I have a question that will improve the WA community.

Somebody might have asked this question before.

The like buttons all over this site does not tell me who has posted the like for that post.

Wouldn't it be great so we can thank those who have liked our comment. It could make a better bond/relationship to those who have liked your comments
will send this comment to Kyle as well.
MAndison Follow Me
Hi Carlson thanks for your follow, how much is it to join as a premium member of WA? Is there any hidden charges? Is it monthly payment or one annual payment?
I'm happy with the training, the community of WA seem great too if you are all honest like me it's going to be a great future! Warm Regards, Michael T Andison.
Pirula2010 Follow Me
hi... i have a problem now... now when pasted the codes on wordpress of amazon company and i update, than i click view the page, when am in the the page i dont see the html of the code. but when am on my phone and i go in the website i can see then... so idk if is wordpress or i dont... plis help
Richman67 Follow Me
Thnx Carson. Great to be here
yontenc Follow Me
Hello I am very happy to go through you lesson and it very interesting and i can feel my success in near future.
Thanku Carson.