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anthonycara Follow Me
Just wanted to give thanks for what you and Kyle have created this is an amazing platform and i love the WA community very helpful and friendly with people that have the same common values and beliefs

Thank you Carson very grateful!
gkwaters Follow Me
Thank you for the email. I am just getting familiar with everything.
Gary K Waters,
GregEngland Follow Me
Cheers Carson. I look forward to the adventure
frr4me Follow Me
Thanks Carson i am happy to be a member of the WA family.
xandiman1 Premium Follow Me
Thanks for following me Carson, its great to be a part of this community :-))
mcth Premium Follow Me
Hello Carlson, thanks for warm welcome
RCGM Premium Follow Me
Thank You for the connection, I move at slower pace not quite as tech savy
Have a ginormous day
brwmtt0531 Premium Follow Me
dougbroadway Premium Follow Me
Thanks for the contact Carson. I'm looking forward to the journey to success with WA. Thanks for putting in all the hard work and paving the way for the rest of us. Have a great day.
robin Premium Follow Me
I have been working on these sites BUT have not been getting much traffic (less than 20 visitors) and no Opt ins at all.

Could you have a quick look and maybe tell me what you think I have

wrong or need to do...

Thanks in anticipation.

Nathan / Robin
mohanthapa Follow Me
Hi Carson. Thank you for the warm welcome. I am excited being here and ready to start the project.
OldGeezer Premium Follow Me
Carson - while doing Niche research around what maybe my Niche Marketing I found this disclaimer or notification by the site owner.

Quote: "In accordance with the new guidelines from the FTC, we are required to inform you that some of the links on this blog/website, either through images, text, or audio anywhere throughout this website, are in fact affiliate marketing links. If you purchase products as a result of clicking on these links and visiting the advertiser's site, we get paid a commission on the purchase. The amount of commission varies from product to product. We appreciate the support you provide to us through shopping with our vendors through these affiliate links. We carefully select the advertisers we include on this site based on the appropriateness of the types of products that they sell, and in many instances our own personal experiences with the vendors or their products. We DO NOT make recommendations for products or services of these vendors based on the commission that we might earn from sales of their products, but because of our conviction that these or similar products would be beneficial for our readers." Quote

Question do you are anyone else know it this is a requirement by the FTC or just something the site owner placed on their site.

Old Geezer (Joe)
MarkDunbar Follow Me
Hi Carson, great to be here and thank you so far for the fantastic support and info.
Kacopolis Follow Me
Hi Carson! Thank you for the chance!
DAWNP Follow Me
Hi Carson....thanks for the welcome. I am crazy busy at the moment but still hugely excited about my little projects.

I'm in South Africa so we have quite a huge time gap. I am truly challenged when it comes to this side of marketing,but I have joined you in the hope I can bring the intimidation to an end an finally get a handle on the obvious benefits of putting things together effectively.

Looking forward to the journey, LOL

Cheers for now.