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Hi Carson I didn t do all the work I should have don because I have a tax verification to do and it needs to be done soon
CameliaR Follow Me
Hi Carson , i can't register to swagbucks, can you help me?! Thanks
william1982 Follow Me
Hi Carson.I can't wach the video's and i dont have a pc.i am on my mobile...
edlange Follow Me
Thanks for the info, impressive CV. I am certainly going to make a great attempt to use your training program to make my goal.
Many Thanks,
Sounds great Ed! I'm glad to hear that you have set a goal, that is definitely one of the first things that we suggest folks do when getting started. Our training will walk you through the process of how everything works, what you will be doing, how you generate revenue, and all of the in-between things like building a website and getting traffic. I'll be here to help out whenever you need it, so please don't hesitate to reach out :)

Talk soon.
Sivakista Follow Me
Hi Carson.

Thanks for your kind words and support. You certainly have built a good organization here. I am a civil engineer, but I wish to do something different as well. I need the internet for many purposes, such as alerting people about health matters, environmental matters and injustices around the world. I also want to set up a business in Africa regarding health products. I'm not really sure whether I wish to become a Premium member now or when I've already set up the business in a couple of months, and deduct the monthly membership fees as business expenses. I do realize that there is plenty to learn, such as setting up websites, getting a list of clients through facebook and other means, setting up e-commerce including go-carts, etc.

Perhaps you could explain the advantages of becoming a Premium member immediately. I had thought that I should first take some time to scout the tasks here, before I seriously commit.

With friendly greetings
carstant Premium Follow Me
Thanks for the follow!!
You're welcome Stan! Please let me know if there is anything I can help with as you move through the training. Talk soon :)
vivie Follow Me
hey Carson thank you for the follow hope I will catch up
Hey Kuuku, you're welcome :) I'm here to help if you have questions, so please don't be shy to reach out for a hand if you need it.
fmh12575 Follow Me
Hello :) How are you doing?
william1982 Follow Me
halo stil struggle with my acc..
Hey there William, what are you having trouble with in regards to your account?
poshy Follow Me
Hello Carson. Looking forward to your help in building my online business
Hello Patience, I am also looking forward to helping out in every way I can with building your business. You're in the right place to learn, get help, and you've got the best tools for building your business right here at WA. You can do this!
etyson67 Follow Me
thanks so much. I've got a good felling about this..
I'm glad that you have a good feeling about this Elvis because you are in the right place. Let me know how you do as you get started in the training and I'll be more than happy to answer questions or provide you with guidance as you need it. Have fun :)
sarahjones Follow Me
Thank you Carson for contacting me, will now begin my journey of opportunity. This opportunity came at the right time. Appreciate you reaching out, it propelled me to explore.
May the rest of your life be the best of your life.
Hey Sarah, I'm glad that you found us at the right time. I'm always here to help, so please don't be shy about contacting me with questions.
Shanika20 Follow Me
Thanks Carson. I am grateful for your help to start my online business.
Hi Shanika - you're most welcome! I look forward to working with you here at WA.
JAHBOBCLATO Premium Top 100 Follow Me
Sir CArson.. Hopefully you still have strength to answer a tough one.
I am trying to assist another member.

I am only trying to keep my end of a promise. I tried to find a solution

The answer probably is No..

Will WA take payment through paypal?

I see in my account setting no selection option to use Paypal to pay WA.

confim please. At least, I kept my word to this person.
Hi Robert, yes we accept Paypal! To change over from Credit Card to Paypal you can follow these steps:

1 - Cancel your current billing from here:

2 - After you have cancelled the current billing, you can resubscribe here where you can choose "PAYPAL" as your payment method:

Hope this helps :)
carstant Premium Follow Me
OK, 1st question, if I make money, how do I receive it. do I have to be able to take credit cards?
Hi Stan,

The companies that you are "Affiliated" with will send you payment in the form that you choose. Most affiliate companies send checks in the mail, but some offer direct deposit or transfer to a Paypal account of your choice. You will not be accepting credit cards or handling any shipping and handling.

I suggest that you watch the introduction video on the following link as it will explain how Affiliate marketing works. Your job as an Affiliate marketer is to send people to company websites. When purchases are made, you get a cut of the proceeds.

Watch Lesson 2 of the getting started course: Carson