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katjaR Follow Me
Thank You Kyle for folowing my work.I am so honor and proud.
David15 Follow Me
Crikey, what a terrific set up. Thank you Carson
mburns55 Follow Me
Hi Carson, I look forward to taking this journey of building an online business. With patience, I feel confident that WA will allow me to achieve my goals. It feels great to be a part of an awesome community,
fgeorgalos Premium Follow Me
Hi Carson! Thanks for following me! Your website is outstanding!! I really enjoy learning with you guys!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
JFochetti Premium Follow Me
Hi Carson,

Quick question : It has been already a day and my message auto responder to my invited guest has not yet posted. Can you please check on this? Yours has but not mine.

Thanks in advance,

wricci Premium Follow Me
Thank you so much for the community and opportunities you have created.
hjs7 Premium Follow Me
Hey Carson, I love your name, Its very unique. I just wanted to say I appreciate you and what you and kyle have created. Honestly its the most amazing thing, the way every one comes together and all the good WA brings to all who are lucky enough to be here. I really did not expect how much of an impact WA has had on my life already. I get so side tracked reading profiles, and the blogs ! I have enjoyed every one I have had the pleasure of connecting with. There are some true treasures here. I have to get back to my lessons, but I'm having so much fun just being here and chilling with the community, its hard for me to stay focused.
I will be sending kai love and light, all I have within me every day. You can almost see in those beautiful little soulful eyes a divine spirit, a higher power watching over him. There are plans for him, this will only make him stronger and prepare him for all the greatness he will bring as he leaves his mark in the world. He walks in the shadow of greatness already, so there is no doubt he is here to do amazing things for the world, just like his Mom and dad. Its interesting that in Japanese his name means restoration and recovery, and in Chinese Kai means victory. And in Burmese Kai means strong and unbreakable. So with all of that working for him and all of your internet family sending good energy and strength, he will be better than ever before you know it. My heart goes out to you, your wife, and your family. Kid Rock says" You get what you put in and people get what they deserve". (David Allan Coe wrote that song, I know this because my late husband was his band manager for 20 yrs). You have done so much good, There are not many who have put in more than you. The blessings won't be skipping over you, and you can take that to the bank.
Times like this should remind us all to never take for granted the every day luxuries of the gift of life. Wake up with a smile and thank god that we can be here one more day to do something good.
nschimedza Follow Me
hie Carson,feels good to be part of this awesome community WA!!
rishlak Follow Me
Mr Carson,I reall think that I'm in the absolute right place to achieve my potential.I highly appreciate your assistance and in the coming future dearly love to work with you.thank you.
DaleenA Follow Me
I love the teaching style on here. Lessons short enough to not overwhelm, action steps and nice to listen to videos. Great job!
RPludeJr Follow Me
Hello Carson, Thanks for the email, right now i'm going through the lessions, will be sure to right down any questions I have after seeing them. Thanks again Richard
nnayak Follow Me
Hello Carlson. Thanks for the mail and support. Looking forward to work with you to build my own website.
DKMM Follow Me
Hi Mr. Carson. Thank you so much for the follow. it is a great privilege to be in the WA family. Well, I am a newbie in internet marketing and ready to learn as much as I can. I will not hesitate to drop you a line whenever I need help.
jmull747 Premium Follow Me
Thanks for the follow. You guys have really put together something special here. I feel privileged to be a part of it.
MorganI Follow Me
Hey Carson thanks for the follow and I am happy to be a part of this community! Would love to connect with you soon.