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Joined August 2005
I'm Carson, co-owner of Wealthy Affiliate...nice to meet you and great to have you here within the community :)

In a few words I'll give you a little background about myself. I've got a Computer Science background, and that's where Kyle and I first crossed paths. I love to learn, and I love to teach. My father in public and private education and my mother taught youngsters her entire career. I followed suit by creating a community here at Wealthy Affiliate where we focus on teaching folks how to leverage the power of the web to create Internet businesses!

I got my first Computer in 1994, and since then technology has always sparked my interest. Kyle and I created Wealthy Affiliate to bridge the gap between education, social networking, and technology. We're a small tech company (in a sense) with big ideas!

You have come to Wealthy Affiliate to learn about Internet marketing and how to build an online business. Kyle and I have a combined 26 years experience with Internet marketing, starting out independently before joining forces in 2005 to create WealthyAffiliate.com.

You'll find me here in discussions, in Live Chat, and within my profile helping out in every way I can. It is my goal to help absolutely everyone who is serious about building an Internet business.

When I'm not plugged-in I'm travelling, spending time with my family, or shooting hoops!

You have made a great decision to be part of our community, and I look forward to getting to know and work with you!
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MikeGunn Premium
Hi. I seem to have problems after changing my email address. I wanted to set one just for WA.
I made the change on my profile, but I have not been receiving msgs since changing. I have probably missed something obvious to an expert, but way over my head. The new address is mg50@mail.com. Any help would be great.
Cheers Mike.
Isaiahsr Premium
Carson !!! Isaiah sr here. Thanks for reaching out to me when I 1st started. Didn't mean to take so long to reply, just been over busy.working 40 hrs aweek painting, 2-3 evenings a week painting& weekends as well. Now if I could back off painting so much & leverage the energy of my alignment with online marketing half that time, with sincere application. Over time the pay off would be much more in the direction of how I desire to work ( from home, the park, on vacation, traveling etc). And lot easier on me (less stressful). Once again, thanks for the warm welcome & look forward to transitioning to an online business & true freedom & friends. Sincerly, Isaiah Israel Sr.
Thank you Carson for your and Kyles encouragement. as a newbie i have listened to a lot of noise on the internet and found WA through the recommendation of John at scam free zone. glad i found him. i want to use my online business to help others like myself especially women to generate additional income for supporting their families. i am no techie but embrace the opportunities that the internet can provide. thank you both for your work and your encouragement. gloria guerrero
Hi Carson how are u doing? I saw your message. And, thanks a lot for the encouragement. And am so happy to be in this WA Community.a place where when you work hard you will achieve your goals. so I, look forward working with you And Kyle. Thanks and have a beautiful day ahead.
Thank you, Carson! I think what you've done here creating a fabulous community to help us all achieve the financial success that we all strive for. I have so many questions to ask to help me along my path! I'm guessing you'd be the one to ask?
Anywho...Thank you again for the opportunity and I hope to speak with you further in the future!
Until next time....
Hi , I am just wondering what the purpose of following others and being followed is ? I am totally new to internet money making and marketing , website building etc .
What I do know is I am pretty intelligent , and if help and others really showing me how to do this is available in depth , then I will do what needs to be done .
Please answer the question in the 1st paragraph and share all the helpful info and encouragement you have for me .
Thank you much ,
Hello Carson, glad to find WA and will work very hard to establish my trust working with you and members of WA. i have already started learning the course. I have a website created so now I need to create my content. Thanks and near my 7 days trail will make the decision for monthly or yearly. By the way I am a US Army Vietnam Veteran. Any discounts :). Thanks Again
CJardin Premium
Hi Carson, thank you for your message and so nice to meet you and Kyle! And of course, the entire WA Community! Been reading all these fantastic messages from other WA members since beginning with WA over a week or so now and need to begin the training, but this part is so much fun too! :)
Hello Carson,
Thank you very much for your welcome message and thank you for accepting me here. It is a nice Picture from you and your Family. My sons are a Little bit older (12 and 14). I am eager to learn with all of you, even though it is a strange feeling to be in so many ways such a newbie... at my age! That's all for the moment, it is time to go to bed.
dionibas Premium
Hi Carson,

I've been a part of WA for 3 months now. I've created a beautiful website I think:-) (https://FeelYourAbsoluteBest.com). I just finished the training and I feel fairly confident in what I've done. Today is the first day that I feel a bit discouraged. I have no sales. I looked at a bunch of my low-hanging fruit keywords and I can't find my site in the first 5 pages of Google. I am getting some traffic as I've had 224 new users. I'm posting to social media and I just don't know where to go from here.

Can you shed some light? I would really love your advice.

gclorenzo Premium
Aloha Carson,

Thank you very much for reaching out to me. Its been a slow start for me. I just recently had a sibling passed away last month. Funeral is this coming Sat 19th. I'll focus more on WA after a week or so. I don't have any experience in Internet Marketing but I'm so excited to learn and earn. I'll definitely be in touch. Again, thank you for your patience.

Thanks Carson for the above communication , you have a lovely family . I am excited to be here ,excited to finally get on a networking platform which I feel I can work hard with and achieve my goals . I am from a teaching background my self my mom a now retired head ,sisters and brothers teachers ,I myself a P.G.C. E. History and Religious studies,was not for me though . I have a passion for learning new things and hope to learn a lot on W.A

Kindest regards
Hi Carson & Kyle
I want to tell you something about me, first of all I apologize for my English are only two months that I study regularly English even for 6 hours a day. I am an Italian olistic doctor with 37 years experience on health, with particular skill on how to maintain youth until 100 years and more. I want to share this experience with you and your community. I think you are the right mans at the right place.
With love
Juneygj Premium
Hi, Kyle, I went Premium Subscription, my top priority right now is to build and own my Personal Business Website which is at startup, am I able to cut to the chase to get this done first, due to time restraints? juggling act at the moment with time and clients and now WA training
WillStevens Premium
Hi Carson,
Thanks for the email saying you are following me. I'm only a couple of days into the training, so still finding my way about and only on the first stages of training. Just doing a little each day and trying to take it all in. Your contact and encouragement are much appreciated.
Thanks again.
FutureGuru Premium
Carson, I would like to complain about Site Support. I've been dealing with the same issue since July 26 - 16 days - Site Support is getting me nowhere. We're just going in circles. I ask questions and they refuse to answer them. I would like to send you the entire thread. Can I email it to you? What address should I use?
I'm going to contact Kyle, too. Thanks.

DKMade Premium
I just got your email blast and trust me I would love to sign up for the $19 Premium offer. I am just waiting on my refund from "the other place" to arrive later this week, just things are that tight, unfortunately, but thanks for the great email. I guess you're the new big boss until....."pinkie" is back in action, you know that nickname will stick now. Have a great one my friend.
calicarlos Premium
Hi Carson, thank you for the warm greetings. You and Kyle both have shown a major amount of class so far. Your set up and support is phenomenal. I have went through some of the lessons and completed the one on niches. I have a very novice question for you. Being in Merchant Services I know about POS Systems which are high ticket items. Can I focus on many brands on my website or just only one type of POS System? Please contact me or just let me know if you need more info than that. Thanks in advance.
murtheblur Premium
Hi Carson. My name is Murray Jones. I got started last weekend and have completed several courses. I have set up my first web site but need some help getting it going. I want to go to the premium level put presently there is only $1.61 in my bank account and I have no credit cards at this time however my ss checks and other retirement money will be directly deposited into our bank acct on or about the 9th or 10th of this month. At that time I will be upgrading to a premium level. I know that by upgrading to premium this will jump start my business. Thank you for your patients with my progress in this new venture. Murray Jones.
Good day
I have joined yesterday and i am still not to certain on what to do.

I worked in the farming industry my hole working life .
at first as a sales rep selling products to farmers . i became a expert in the agricultural chemicals industry . Me and my dad started our own company and it was successful at first ,till som farmers was unable to pay us and we lost our company. i started farming and tried new ways and new tech to make it work i struggled for 10 years but i have to stop now as farming is SA has become completely unsustainable . I have worked as a adviser to farmers and as a gran trader for Cargill and Agricom

So this is in short my working storey .

My goal is to start a internet business to give grate customer service and filling a need .

If you can help me with this i will be very happy.

MB231ABC Premium
Carson I am still trying to figure all of this out at this point. My goal is to learn about how to build a website for almost anything and build it effectively. The knowledge I currently have is very limited but I am looking forward to expanding it dramatically and quick as possible. I look forward to being able to learn and someday have enough knowledge to share.
Thank you Carson I surely appreciate the warm welcome message. I haven't had any solid consistent income since November 2014, it would be fair to say I am hungry which is good in placing my ambition where it needs to be to make a successful go of this. Looking very forward to getting the ball rolling here. Thank you for making this opportunity available to people in a similar situation like myself. God bless.
MFrye Premium
Hi Carson! I just wanted to let you know that I'm afraid that I won't be able to get my website up and running the way I would like, because of finances, and not being able to get what I need per month to make it successful, but I sure am gonna study and try. Thanks for being there for help.
Hello Carson,

I'am excited to be here, I just have a question i was wondering is their any other way i can get paid via my commissions of referrals but i do NOT used PAYPAL at all, I had a bad experience in the past so who could i used besides them.

Thank you,
MarkGuthrie3 Premium
Hello I'm Mark. I am brand new to this , but ready and eager to learn and succeed. I'm interested In pursuing many Internet Moneymakers posting links And whatever else . Not overwhelming slowly but surely. I just turned 52 and want to do something besides killing myself paycheck to paycheck. Well that's it in a nutshell. I will be going to premium on the 10th. Thanks
DKMade Premium
Hey Carson, thanks for the great email. I was wondering, is there a way to send you a discreet message from a starter membership? Email perhaps? I am awaiting a refund from another venture at the moment which will be my next 2 months as a premium member here as this experience is like no other, respect for you putting this all together.
TheBrandMan Premium
Hey Carson, I read that as a starter member if you set up a web site, it would be a .siterubix site, but if a premium member it would not, which is better. If I am going to upgrade anyway, should I just upgrade then set up my first site? Does it help with getting traffic and making money sooner?
hey Carson, thanks for touching bases with me and getting me started with WA.

The encouragement is definitely helpful and good to know where you're coming from and how and you and Dale got this community going online and have been moving people forward toward their goals for so long.

Am looking forward to learning more as I make steady headway into wherever this goes...up up and away!---I expect.

Jjul Premium
Hello Carson,
You and Kyle are two amazing persons, thank you for creating WA, also other WA members have been most hospitable to me that confirms me that this is the place for me to achieve my goals for Internet marketing now, that I don't know much about website design and development.
I'm looking forward to learning and working with you two.

Hi Carson, I received your welcome message to me in my email. I am happy that the I found WA. I feel a part of the community already despite the fact that I have not really contributed any tips to the community. I am not tech savvy as most so it might be a while before I am able to contribute to the community,
Thank you!
Have you read my bio-message about becoming greatly financially wealthy by following this man's simple life's application example! Go ahead and read the information and follow on from there.

All the best.
Hi NaiTapim, how do I find that bio-message?
montinz Premium
Thanks for the welcome Carson, you and Kyle and the other WA members have been most hospitable to me and that confirms my perception that this is the place for me to be to achieve my goals for internet marketing now that I know much about web design and development. Plus, I do enjoy this lifestyle! i am eager to make rapid progress through the courses, so I will keep this short. Feeling grateful that I was able to take this step, Peter.
Thank you for reaching out to me, I'm looking forward to working with you and learning from you as well.

...Hello Carson, I have a question concerning my domain I own two different domains but they are directed to marketing, I haven't build a website with them yet. Do you think that I need to include in my domain a phrase or part of the niche I selected or can I use any of my existing one?
KimonT Premium
Hello, Carson! Thank you for welcoming me to WealthyAffiliate. I am very happy to join you. I am just starting the courses and I look forward to putting everything I learn in practice! I am sure I'll be staying with you for a long time. Thank you for putting this together, and giving us a solid training platform but also creating this online community!
JasonMolczyk Premium
Hey Carson. Thankyou for the greeting. I too look forward to working with you guys. I have high hopes for this endeavor I have decided to undertake. Tomorrow is my first day off since I joined and I plan on getting alot done here in this gnarly community you guys have set up. I find myself excited at the prospect of learning a new skill set here at WA. I'm going for the boot camp first as it just seems to make sense for someone starting out with no prior experience such as myself. Thankyou, the both of you, for this amazing site and opportunity. Namaste.
I know this is a bit much to ask, I recently discontinued comcast for technical issues and have AT&T being installed, however that is currently set for August 7. I am attempting to set up this site on an android which you can imagine is tedious. Could you extend the time for the trial? I feel this is a good match for me but as is I am getting frustrated with the impedence of the keyboard and ideas. I understand either way.

SriV Premium
Hi Carson,

Thank you for your welcome to the site.

I'm really excited to be getting started on this. I was about to pay a huge amount of money to a 'guru' to be taught these skills, so delighted I found your site first.
I have lots of ideas about products that would add value for people. Once I've cracked the affiliate side, I'll get going with the products.

Looking forward to working with you and the community.

All best,
VickiB01 Premium
Hi Carson, thanks for the welcome! I've got a CS background as well, just happily laid off a couple of years ago almost, and still recouping after a lost business last year. Having many years dabbling in the IM space, I'm so happy to find something I'll be so proud to promote as yours. I can't wait to dig in!
Foresta-Gump Premium
Hi Carson Co-Owner

Thank you so much for your warm welcome.

I've got your name straight now so I won't be referring you as Conrad lol.

You and Kyle are Masterminds in this fabulous system you've both created--I see you're the WORLD's BEST better than any social media out there--this is evident to me as a highly perceptive person.

I see you have an awesome Profile especially your parents--I have a special love for Educators as I found myself teaching my younger brothers at my tender age of 12 where I would seat them at the kitchen table and teach them everything I knew and them being adults now remind me of this. But, my true first love is Psychology in which I wanted to become a Psychologist with a degree. And I am one already a natural--I give the right answers in life--not the educated ones. lol

Your son is the spitting image of Daddy. And I wonder where the term spitting originates from--it seems nasty to say that word so I will rephrase it to the word clone image.

Have a good one my prayers are with you and your family to keep you all safe because we members need your good influence here.

God bless you all and Thanks again for all you do to help everyone here.

Donna Thompson Author of The Compilations of Foresta Gump--Award nominated.
Hi Carson...so nice and refreshing to meet you...I hope you can help me. I had an internet business for 12 years and built my own web site, though it made me money...it was not nearly as successful as I had wished. I ended up closing it after my cancer and I would love to do another one with help.
I am new to this internet business and still have my doubts as to whether people do make money from it. Is this a long drawn out situation where you have to spend hours and hours before you can make $20? I don't quite understand what I am doing tho I'm willing to learn.
jengener Premium
Hey I just wanted to say hello and that I am most impressed with WA. currently im using just my cell phone to learn about the program. Within the next couple days I will be purchasing a computer which Will allow me to be more involved. At this time I will upgrade . Thanks again
GarryJam Premium
hello to u too. Garry in Australia
MorneOlivier Premium
Hi there Carson
Thank you for welcoming me to your community. I look forward in completing my tasks and upgrading to premium.
As I am working in Retail I will try make time to complete the tasks as quickly as possible, but this is not so easy at work and the hours are long, but I have decided to do this so I will push as much I can.
I will be doing my website soon and have decided on Sports, Outdoors and Travel as my starting block as these are my passions in life
sure we will chat as I go
GarryJam Premium
Hi guy im new too
Hi Carson,

Thanks for shouting out at me. I am excited about making money online throughout my future retirement. I completed the first 7 lessons and have been studying with another guru. I have a package of 10 businesses to launch on ClickBank and promote through my other program.

So here's to your providing me with a jump start and support on my journey to lots of great success in the future. Quick supplementary income is my immediate goal as I am working full time.


Michael Bernstein
ronaldforbes Premium
Thank you Carson. I am looking forward to learning from you and working with you and others in WA. Can you give me some ideas of what I will need to spend over the first year of my business? I would like to know how to budget for the year if I am going to be aggressive in getting to positive cash flow. Ronald
Alo8 Premium
Dear Carson,
thanks again for your time and valued starting tips!
I owe you to keep you posted of my progress!
I did Lesson 1, yesterday and doing Lesson 2, tonight.
I'll keep doing a lesson or more, everyday.
I need to tell you that on Tuesday, I'll buy the Premium...for all the good reasons you mentioned!
Later and All the best!
Hi Carson. Boy that is a BEAUTIFUL Family you have there!
Thanks so much for reaching out to me on DAY 2 as a WA affiliate. It means a lot!.
I spent two hours in solitude today, trying to get a grasp on this "niche" thing. Of all of the things near and dear to my heart, I feel that promoting WA is the "vehicle" that could take me to the level of accomplishment, that will allow me to help the homeless, raise a beautiful family (like yours), and to continue to impact my community and church through mentorship, and other volunteer efforts.
In L.A., (like in MOST major cities), you can tell that most drivers are unhappy with the daily grind, and then having to BATTLE the freeways trying to get home in 1 piece. I see WA as a pivotal "Change Agent" if you will. Uniquely, and Divinely appointed at this moment in history, to help the masses to become their own bosses, and spend more time with their particular life interests. I would LOVE to hear from you, on how to develop,cultivate, and GROW as a promoter of WA. I think social media might be the BEST conduit for WA to grow rapidly and GLOBALLY..
Hi Carson , I'm really excited about starting my own web site . I have wanted to do this for a long time . I do have a problem though . I don't know what type of site I want or what to sell . Do you have any suggestion ? This is what I am researching now and would appreciate sugestions from anyone . Thank you hope you all have a good day .
MAmulungu Premium
Hi Carson,

I am at that stage where I need to choose a niche. I will ran this by Kyle as well because I think a mix of ideas would help me make an informed decision in this regard. I took the whole weekend to come up with a niche and it led to this list in no particular order:

1. The best selling book in the world has always been the Bible and as a Christian I would love to sell and promote the book and if I can make money from that, even better.

2. Fashion: specifically the latest fashion for both men and women in their youth.

3. Make-up and facial products for women with sensitive skin since I have problematic skin myself.

4. Exercise and weight loss go hand in hand so I would like to share the secrets to a perfect body by promoting exercise equipment and exceptional eating habits.

5. Promoting Wealthy affiliate but I think it should be safe for me to nurture my niche first and share the outcome with the world as to how you and Kyle's website helped me succeed once I do.

6. Animal welfare with regard to buying food. By this I mean instead of buying for instance meat of let's say animals raised in harsh conditions rather promote and buy the products of animals raised in a humane way.

7. Promote organic fruit and vegetables not infested with hormonal injections.

8. Promote furniture and other products that are not the result of cutting down trees.

9. Promote good music specifically Rhythm and Blues.

10. Promote series and movies to improve their ratings.

But then I remembered something very important. I can always come back to this list and scratch out what I did and focus on what I didn't do that still needs to be done. It's more like a bucket list. I have settled on my niche and it's none of the above. I will tell you what it is when I am able to private message you. However, while I am continuing with my tutorial, tell me, in your honest opinion which one of the 10 would you settle for?
DavidOker Premium
Hello Carson,

Thanks for the follow. I certainly hope to work on this. I just kind of found out about cryptocurrencies, and that I should maybe pay attention to them this week and possibly next week. I'm actually down to 16 dollars after paying for this crypto- currency stuff. Seems I can't leave a link unless I upgrade. I get V.A. money at the end of the month. I tried to explain all this to the others as well.
Bob1932 Premium
Carson, I love what I've just read about you, how you have been into computer technology since 1994. It's great and very beneficial
in partnering with Kyle in leading the way to help others to learn how to walk the path to financial freedom. I was extremely excited
about starting my journey now, but as I have already mentioned,
it's been delayed. I am planning to leave for California tomorrow
to take care of this abatement issue in Yucaipa CA. Management
at the mobile senior park does not have a phone listing to be found. Unfortunately I have to drive there and personally take the matter into my own hands. When I return I will notify you immediately. Until then keep up the good work...
Psaker Premium
Hi Carson just quick message to say thanks for what you have created here, i had done my research for quite a while on various marketing training schemes, and yours came across as the most sincere, and i felt comfortable joining.
Im looking forward to learning a great amount, and know that this first step was the wisest step!
Shammohd67 Premium
Hello Carson,l really appreciate for the prompt follow up.I'm still searching the best way to start my website .l really don't know what are the best products,interests or writing l should start with. As you see,l have drycleaning cleaning business background for 20 years with zero IT knowledge.Should l start with something l familiar with or totally try new things?Actually l prefer to sell products but l don't know what are the best products to sell. Please give me some idea.

Maximus9270 Premium
Hi Carson. Thanx for the welcome. I just started at wealthy affiliate, I plan on getting premium before time has expired. I am still going through training, my computer skills are not to good, as I have a fitness and nutrition degree in which is my niche. I have a lot to learn and am trying, a little hard for someone with hardly any computer skills. I have a bunch of questions but one I will ask is how do you get amazon products on your website and then promote them for sale. I assume that how you make commissions by driving traffic to your website. Setting my website up is overwheming. I mean how do. Become affiliates with these websites. Thanx,
Hello So nice to meet you, Im happy to be here to expand my knowledge in the field of Marketing and to be a part of this informational community so far the training is great ,once I get to the making of my site is were I prbly need the most Help,but I definitely will take my time again thank you for having me
yclayton Premium
Thank you very much for the warm welcome. I just joined yesterday and have already upgraded to Premium because of all the great aspects of this business including all the warmth from the community. I have already started following those who are following me and going through the videos. I look forward to learning and moving through this program effectively to build my own success. Once again, thank you.
Alo8 Premium
Hi! Carson and thanks so much for your welcoming messages!
I followed on your Tip#1 and I 'followed' all those who thoughtfully followed me, just like you, as soon as I joined!
You're right, this is a very helpful community!
Btw, I read your profile and I must CONGRATULATE You!
I'll make sure to make good use of it!
As for me,
I finally got a day job, a server's job, today and starting this Saturday evening!
Since I only have an iPhone6 to browse the net, for now, I'll make sure to focus on assimilating as much of your knowledge trainings as possible, until I finally get a computer.
Thanks again for your practical creativity in the form of this opportunity!
and for your support, too!
We'll talk again, sometimes, soon.
All the Best, to you and your family!!
Hello, I'm Jean and its nice to meet you. I signed a few days ago and so far everything is going good the video tutorial are very helpful and all the work and time that have been invested into Wealthy Affiliate has shown me that hard work is the key to success.

Thank you
annabeth22 Premium
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MarcinK Premium
Hello, I`d like to ask you very important for me question.
I am upgraded member. Can I be a free member of WA again and still have my 2 sites for a few months and for example upgrade to premium member next year? And what should I do now? I can`t afford now but I` d like to get some referrals and when they upgrade I also will upgrade.
I think WA is the best site to earn online and i still want to be with you. One of my free sites with free domain (siterubix) - i want to get referrals with this site - how to work with this site for next months and, i hope, years? When i get enough money I want to be upgraded member again.
Help me please, what to do?
NicolasDNA Premium
Hello Mr. Carson,

It is with pleasure that I can contribute this phenomenal concept of connecting social media and online education in this format.

I am impressed to find caliber like you guys and willing to help and assist people of all walks of life to this highly educational as well inspiring journey to enhance their skills with your enthusiasm.

The intuition I have is that we have a lot in common and matching world views. I feel relieved of the stress in the last 22 years I endured since 1995 when I became a captured agent with Prudential of America and Pruco Securities while fairly new in the US. At that time I had my first laptop IBM and was amazed at the capabilities this thing could do besides business.

I am so glad that I can find like-minded people like you or Kyle and support in this field of generating an income from home and more access with a fundamental know-how on sharing as well as communications. I would love to see this concept implemented at schools or faculties as a mandatory curriculum to put some financial issues for millions away and focus on creativity, happiness, and love.

Right now I am nobody in this market, but I have visions and my mind is inspired to elevate the whole concept to a higher level globally.

Thank you for being who you are and remained with your revolutionizing ideas! Keep up the inspiration for your family and others and let's transform together "virtual to reality" for millions of happy online members becoming friends throughout this life.

WilsonCinco1 Premium
Hi Carlson great to know that you will be our role model being one of the co-owner of WA. I firmly believe you can impart vast knowledge to me. Honestly I am zero on the creation of website but I will accept this as a very challenging task and I know nothing is impossible as long as we aspire big dreams in life..
Stevo55 Premium
Hello Carson! Okay I said it. Hey, I have to tell you I'm really excited about this. And I don't do anything half A$$ed,( sorry for the french). My wife just asked me if I was married to her or to (Wealthy Affiliate). And I had to laugh! But she really is 100% behind me. (Mainly because she just started her own little business and I support her 1000%!) So I'm looking forward to working with you. Anytime you get the opportunity to look at my posts/websites please do so! I make you a promise, I'm going to put 110% into this, so any advice is MUCH appreciated! NOW, first question, who is your best website trainer, I have a couple of questions for them?

Take care and have a great day, my friend!
DKMorrison Premium
So nice to meet you, Carson! I too have a computer science background, but even still, this program is really helping me with so much of the stuff that I could just never figure out on my own. It seems like such a great program so far and I am having fun.

Not to date myself, but I got my first computer in 1985! It was an IBM PC Jr. with about 512KB (not a typo) of extra RAM which was a huge external cartridge-type thing! My dad is an IBM retiree so that's how I acquired that thing. Wish I had a picture!

Anyways, thanks for reaching out and I look forward to getting stuff done!
Dolor Premium
Hello there! I use to grab everything that's free since I really am not fortunate enough to have what most people have. This is the best grab I had ever pulled and there's no turning back. What keeps me in slow pace is my almost 24 hours full-time house-hold job which will expire on the second week of February next year. I am using a smartphone so I doubt if those applications could be carried out through it. I'm torn between just studying the free lessons from you and remaining a freebie until I could finish my job contract and buy my own laptop or just setting my foot on the premium training ground though less equipped.
Thank you for reaching out with the welcome. I truly want to successfully master this realm of business, but I must admit, there is a great deal I don't know, or have trouble comprehending. I do very well as a retailer on the site POSHMARK.COM, so I became ambitious to perhaps develop my own online store, yet every attempt I have made has left me extremely confused and frustrated. Hopefully I will have better success with your program. Again, thank you.
CharlieZ Premium
Really enjoy how things are laid out in WA program. Things here are done and explained so one can follow along. Have been trying the paid programs and not get much of anywhere. They get going much to fast and way to much info on themselves getting rich and not sharing in a meaningful way. Thank you so much.
Frankly, I am happier to be here in this WA community after my years of stumbling around in order to become affiliate expert. All efforts I made totally failed me. But now I am seeing something different here in WA. Though I am just started 3 days ago.
Tkanks Kyle and Carson.
MelanieBerry Premium
Hi Carson! I am anxious to get started and see how quickly i can turn a profit. I am hoping to retire in 5 months. This would be a great way to supplemsnt or mybe not even relie on retirement funds.

I'm hoping to get my son involved in starting up his own business.
Thank you for helping give us (the community), this opportunity!

Rebecca "Melanie" Berry
annabeth22 Premium
annabeth22 Premium 3 minutes ago
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Judith Annabeth22
annabeth22 Premium
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Saludos Cordiales a todos
Judith Annabeth22
Hello Carson , Im Donneita and I just want to say thanks again for welcoming me to the WA family. So far its been two days and I am now here on Course 1 , Lesson 5 :) I finally found my Niche and made the website . I couldn't view the video tutorial on setting up the website and now that ive made the site im stuck on how to customize it
Hi, Carson and Kyle thanks for the warm welcome. You are right about everything feeling overwhelming at the start. There is so much to grasp. I hope I can learn them sooner than later especially as I desperately would love to work from home before the winter. It's great to hear from you because I feel you care and I also feel well looked after. Thank you
Hi Carson, just finished a lengthy message back to Kyle about who we are and what we've done so you can get that on message center as we don't want to take the time to type it all over again and want to work thru our WA training to get start with our business. I've been an entrepreneur most of my adult life and we are looking forward to the training and support you and Kyle provide at WA. Thanks guys we appreciate the opportunity.
Hi Carson,

i'm Giulio and i'm italian, i'm sorry for my english that is not so good.
I am an employed and i work a lot of hours in the day.
I would like to find a business that allow me to have much free time and money (why not).
I am also willing to work very hard for the target.
My problem is that i don't know how, i like wealthy Affiliate even if i don't know how it works correctly.. Now i am in trouble because i think i have no ideas and i can't create nothing on my own.

I don't know if i am in the right "place" (if i can be one of the community).
Thank you very much in any case.


Rocky54 Premium
Hello Carson nice to hear from you,in myself don't have much in the way of computer skills and don't even have a computer,when I joined up with your site is had a good feeling about WA and really want to get my business up and running in look forward to working with everyone at WA you and your family have a awesome weekend and hope to hear from you soon
Naira09 Premium
Hi , everyone's, hope you peoples are doing well?
I just wanna share something about me , I work in a restaurant as team member snice a year ago , by paycheck to paycheck is not support me well, and I have been facing my financial crisis from many years, but I really want to do something for my family, where I can save something for them, my job is not enough for me, wanna move forward and get out of my this problems, and change my current situation, have so many responsibilities on my shoulders, so my question is that, , is this a path will works and help me out?
Rocky54 Premium
I have the same problem is work over 70 plus hours a week to make ends meet and am still struggling just want to look after my family better and better able to spend more time with them
gparfitt Premium
Hi Carson,
Thanks for creating what I discern as the GOLD STANDARD for knowledge and training for anyone who strives to become an internet entrepreneur.
What sparks my interest the most is the WA affiliate program. Would you share some success stats about this program?
I,E I would lke to know what % are earning a $1000,00 a month or more and what is the average time (based on 20 hrs a week) to achieve this level of income. I want to keep it simple and just focus on this program.
Gerald Parfitt
GranolaGlam Premium
I have been stuck on Level 2 over a week now with NO ANSWER. CAN CARSON OR KYLE PLEASE HELP!! No one in this community is comprehending my question so I've been reaching out to Kyle with no response yet. WA needs a customer service line available to answer questions more efficiently. I've wasted over a week, unable to progress and I'm paying $49 a month. When you stop the consistent flow of growth and progress, it causes people to lose the beautiful momentum you've helped them build up. QUESTION.... Level 2 Task 1. "Keyword rich" post. WHERE DO WE PUT THE KEYWORD RICH CONTENT CONTAINING POST???
Hi I'm sarah , praying this is my chance to change my life and become my girls hero . To achieve something more in life . To stop being the one who give n give to only be hurt in the end , to be able to go to the store And buy what ever my kids want and need . To be able to stop cry myself to sleep only to wake up 5 min later and then up all night freaking out my light be turned off . so thano you for a chance to change all that . I'm crying out for help only for no one to hear my pain ..
Hi Carson , I am hoping to finally get something going , I have looked at it for years. I remember when Mark Ling got started an Steve Iser and some other affiliate marketers , I work two jobs and I honestly am tired of it . So here I am once again trying to change my future. Any way !!! So I'm going to sleep now got another 16 hour day tomorrow , havagoodone, Todd

Hi, Carson, Thank you for the follow! I'm new to online work of any kind and am going to take my time to learn it well. Please do not be discouraged if I do not upgrade to premium right away. I am excited about learning, but need to move at a slower pace to feel comfortable and absorb as I go .. I'm a bit of a dinosaur at this, LOL. As I get to a point where I'm comfortable with my learning and feel I can afford it, I'm sure I will upgrade. For now, I am very happy to have such great support out there!! The training is great.
AEremichev Premium
Hi, Carson! I am honoured that You started following me. Thank You!
A few words about myself. I love learning new things (I have three educations: sociology, economics, EMBA Stockholm School of Economics). And I am true believer in success formula - "Study And Practice. Lots Of It".
I also am a fan of freemium approach - the one you use here.
So WA is really perfect place to be for me.
Thank You so very much!
Carson, thank you for your welcome. I have been searching for a way to make money online for a few years now. Spent some good money on wild rides that just never had a completion. A key link was always missing. I would say I have been guilty of chasing shiny objects. The real meat and potatoes I have yet to find just to make some money in internet marketing. Eager to finally be successful here with you guys. Thanks for the opportunity.
karolineH1 Premium
Hi Carson, I am new but since I haven't done any training I am still all over the place. Good to see your achievements, it does motivates me. Can I ask you when I need help. I have to complete Lesson 1 and then after Lesson 1 what do I do. I forgot how to earn money on your system. And what do I do when people follow me? Thank you very much.
kiss68 Premium
Carson I need help with my web site My paragraphs are all over the place when someone reads them on my new site although they look good on my end under site manager.I have been asking for help from Kyle since last night.I cannot move on with my lessons till this is rectified.No response!!!
I am a new immigrant here in the US and I would like to dream the American way, want to know how I can earn online so that I can work where ever I go, internationally. I will not procrastinate and will be a good student to learn everything that is taught of me. Thank you for the opportunity to join this community.
Thx Carson. Nice to connect with people like you. I will learn from you and all members of this community.
Right now I want a systematic learning pattern, too much information that I have downloaded to my PC just makes me confused. The guidelines from you and your colleagues here mean a lot to me.
Chelski09fc Premium
Hi Carson, just to let you know that I have been responding to my followers, reading their profiles and thanking them, absolutely amazing. I am so glad that I have become a member of Wealthy Affiliates, so in the mean time I will be working on my personal profile from Monday onwards then of course I'll be working on the modules.


Allen Carson
Wow, this truly amazes me! Interaction and I havent spent a dollar!
The other programs Ive paid for and could never get a response of any kind except more emails of the same! I only wish I would have checked them out prior to. Thank you so much, and I look forward to interacting with all of you as I know little to nothing about this buisiness, but also know where Im headed if I dont do anything about it! Again, thank you for the contact you have truly put hope back into my vocabulary!
Hi Carson, it's a pleasure being on this platform. It's all surreal because most endeavours like this ends in a wild goose chase. I'm first interested in affiliate marketing. I really hope this works out. I hope I will get help with any hitches I run into as I get myself settled into the community. I've desperately tried to make success of online business and I couldn't so I hope I've come to the right place. Thank you for making yourself available.
Hi Carson. I'm perusing your website and everywhere I go I am inundated with notices to "Update to Premium". I have a simple question, do you and Kyle make the majority of your income from your WA premium membership fees or do you both have actual "Internet Businesses" totally separate from WA that actually generate enough income to support your current lifestyle? I guess I am asking what separates you from other internet gurus like Keala Kanae? I look forward to your answer. Thanks!
Moty1 Premium
Hi Carson, it's a pleasure for me to meet you, I'm Mexican, but I also have Family in the American Union, I've been trying to make money online for 6 years, but I have not been able to. I hope to have a lot of you, and I am very happy to have entered here, for me, this job, more than money, I hope to get many friends and a lot of hope and wisdom about marketing, knowing this, nobody can take it away. Therefore, I think that even if you are without a centimeter and have the knowledge of this, I can go very far. That's why I say: it's better to be wise than rich, you understand me! . Okay friend ! , We are in it, I hope to know more about you. Again, thank you very much, best regards, see you soon.
Your friend:
Mario, Mayito, Mayis, Moty1 or whatever you want to call me, that's what they call me here, where I live.
See you soon and thanks again.
Your Friend: Mario.
thank you sir for this opportunity am looking forward to developing a great business using the internet and this platform u have provided though I wld like to know how I can upgrade to premium and how long it will take me to start earning from my website after I create one
Hi Carson,
Thank you for popping in. Whilst I'm advance in age, I'm more than green on this computer stuff. But with your assurances, I beg you not to be bored with my queries and discard me along the way. I do look forward to our close collaboration.

Kind Regards

John Bakeua (JB)
LesY Premium
He Carson, tonight funny story, my boy 8 years old has a few turtles. He has some great stuff I wanted to see what WA had on turtles for sites.. I really have so much work to do. Thanks for making my life full of being busy..

This picture is actually one of his pets.. ha ha..

The possibilities are endless.

Thx- Les
nana1976 Premium
I am really getting frustrated...I am on Affiliate Bootcamp Phase 1 Lesson 9 where I have to write review content. I asked a question in chat and I got two separate answers. I have been working hard on my review since last night but I cannot seem to get a clear answer. I am doing my niche on LCD and LED televisions with comparisons to both including which one is better, which brand is better, better price etc. I need to link it to an external site but I am finding out that I need to also be an affiliate to that external site. The bootcamp lesson only tells how to link it back to WA because WA was that niche. HELP!!
TGoddard Premium
Hi Carson
Just wanted to say hi and sorry so late but I've been overwhelmed with joining. You guys have everything I need and if I can't find it all I have to do is ask. Well have to get to boot camp so I can make the Vegas trip..
nana1976 Premium
Hi Carson,

I wanted to say hello and I am enjoying the program, classes and bootcamp which I am nearly finished with. I started a similar program a few years ago but it did not end well I spent more money on it and I came out with nothing. This time around I have actual training and an abundance of support. I really am excited this time around.

Hi carson i am realy excited to talk with you.
When i was 7 years old my family and i travel to england for 3 years. There a learn english but now that i am 48 sometimes is difficult to me use this languaje.
I join this enterprenuer because a want to learn about selling and buing online.
Before i was in SFI but i really dirent like it. I never sow a cent of what they promise.
I know that this job will take some time so that why i gonna ask every thing i dont understand.
By the way iam a chilean woman living in argentins.
Thank you very much for your help and support
ShirleyAnne Premium
Thanks for the welcome. I want to make my second website now. I did hit a very low point with my first one as I had no direction to take it that wasn't too broad. But overnight my brains back burner came up with something new that I'm super excited about! So I'm hoping to start over at that part of the lessons and go with my new one, and give the other one time to gel. Time is kind of a pressure to me as I want to get as much done while having full access. When done lessons I want to review past lessons. This is just to be sure I can/will do this business .... Then I will use my first $20 earned to upgrade ( keeps hubby's negative comments to a min. Lol).
Anyway just wanted you to know what I'm planning in case there is any problem with it or you have any advice, ie can I start over at the lesson to make another site. If it isn't a simple process please give me some direction, otherwise I'll soon be going on in my lessons with 2nd website.
Have a great day!
Thank you Carson! Glad to have your and Kyle"s support! I have made a few attempts at an online business and just about gave up...I have a website called Tshirtsbymark...and I have only been able to do word of mouth sales...also if you go to the. Barnes and Noble website my book is print to order "In Search Of The Holy Dog Food" it's only a 2 to 4 minute read and will lift anyone's spirit!
I look forward to finally learning how to be a success online and wish everyone a great Holiday coming up! Wondering what works best for newbies... Take care.
JaneD1 Premium
Hi Carson, nice to meet you. It feels like being in school. Who will I sit next to?

I am hoping to join a MLM company I was told about 3 yers ago- but then I forgot about it. In the meantime, it is doing really well. I do not have many personal contacts as I live in a very small community and do not want to sell things to people I see 30 times a day. It wont work. Can this be done on-line? Don't I need to be cheerleading my rospects along a bit?

Any input welcome. I have to fir this around being a ful-time student. Thanks. Jane
rohan131165 Premium
Hello mr. carson
I am highly Impressed with your talent, capacity, ability to teach in WA. I was following since last four months and reading about you and KYLE. you are really doing great job in scam world.
I am Rohan Shah from MUMBAI INDIA In my life I have done only Sales and marketing But I am very much new to online marketing so I reached WA after one year.After joining I am very happy to reach WA. Now I can fulfill my dream.
Once again Thanks for your good work.
Hello! I have toes :3
Okay jokes aside this is literally the first site i have come across that is committed and driven to be actively involved in making sure their members are successful. For that I can't thank you enough!!!! :) Also we are now officially friends you've got no choice :D yay
MCrim Premium
Hello, Carson. Thank you so much for following me and offering your assistance. Today, I asked for critiques for my web site at NoTVonlinemarketing.siterubixcom. Would you mind taking a look at it? It's my first attempt, so any help is most appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you! mitch
Abiola456 Premium
Hi Carson. Thanks so much for welcoming me into the community. I have read few of your blog and I can say I'm delighted to be in this group and look forward to working with you guys. I can say here without mincing words that I have had fears and doubts about support available at different training programmes but what I have seen so far at Wealthy Affiliste has shown me that I'm in the right place. I really need help and support when it comes to selection of traffic source(s) and how to drive traffic to website but I think I can get the desired help from this community. I'm convinced.

Once again, I'm happy to be part of the community.
EmilianoD Premium
Hey Carson, I just changed my URL and saw this.

**NOTE: After you transfer your website, your Privacy Policy URL's will need to be updated as they will still point to your old SiteRubix website URL. Simply go to your privacy policy page and update your URL's to represent your new website. You can see how I have done this here:

How exactly do I do that?
Marcih Premium
Carson, I am truly on vacation with my children and grandchildren and unable to concentrate Longview enough to dedicate some time to WA right now. Got an email - liked what Ivsaw and joined before I realized that I only had one week of free Q & A time before upgrading to Premium. Any chance I can get that extended? Vacation ends after the 4th - on the 5th. Would really like to make that my start date if possible. If not would understand - but thought it wouldn't hurt any to ask. I already have two sights - e- commerce stores - at two different stages with unique problems to each. So I do have questions and need help. Both sites are start ups.
I'm excited about getter no some guidance from WA. Glad I found you.
Thank YOU Carson and The Support Team!
Thanks for the warm invitation, I truly need someone to hold my hands. I'm not sure how I ended here with your affiliate but I like it.
I am going through the process of another affiliate program and training and it's all overwhelming too. I have a bucket full of videos to watch too. Please don't let my hands go. My computer keeps acting up the letter M sticks and I'm just learning windows 10. And I may need a refresher course on the computer again. But once I shake off the fears I will be TOTALLY AWESOME!!!
Thanks Again
chrisshipp Premium
Hi Renee
That's exactly what we're trying to do - hold people's hands through the whole start up process which can be very intimidating - feel free to ask if you get stuck anywhere - only trying to help
Thanks for the warm greetings, I hope that I can understand the system as soon as possible and make great use of it. I don't really have a lot of time now but I will do my best to get the website running soon.
Once again, thanks for this wonderful welcome.
Stupid33 Premium
Hi Carson. Thanks for getting back to me and letting me know there's someone there to help me out anytime I start to feel overwhelmed or like I'm going to punch my phone in the face if it had a face. Lol. Anyways I hope you can deal with my questions and weird moments. I just learned what all of this is like three days ago and I'm on a roll here I almost have my store up and running but I'm not sure what I'm doing so I'm running in information circles if you know what I mean so thanks again and for future reference cause I know I will be asking you guys lots and lots of questions.
pjjtz Premium
When it comes to technology I am THE nerd I have a picture on my newly acquired smart phone but I am at a loss as how to transfer it here. I would like to get it so I could just drop & drag. . I came into the computer world late in life so I am behind most if not all of you, As a child I had the nickname "I bite" so you know I am a fighter. I don't give up .I have spent a considerable amount of money trying to succeed in a home based business and thus far have failed,I know the holy grail is out here and I will keep trying
Can you help with the picture? This first simple(?) step!! Thanks for being here.
sfairbrother Premium
Thanks, Carson.

I am blown away by Wealthy Affiliate! I attended a presentation given by Rich Lucia the other night, in which he outlined several paths for people who are seeking new positions or careers. Here is a link to an article I wrote about that encounter:


Rich is a great speaker, if you get a chance to see him, you should!

In the presentation he mentioned internet marketing as a possible path. I spoke with him for over an hour the next day and he told me about WA.

I want to help others who are looking for careers in DevOps or who need to manage their careers. I am working on a site that addresses general career management techniques as well as information specific to DevOps.

I hope to incorporate a number of tips and free information along with recommended career books and DevOps books that people should be aware of. In addition, I have some recommendations about software and organizations they should be aware of.

I am on Lesson 7 right now and super impressed by what you and Kyle have done. I will be writing up my impressions of your service and plan to communicate that to Rich, as well as to the wider world.

Thank you so much for doing what you do. Can't wait to crack into Bootcamp.

amdysart Premium
Hi Carson, Thank you for the kind words of support. I really do appreciate this. I am no computer whizz but I am getting the hang of this webpage making slowly. I intend to be extremely good at it once I can bring it all together. Love the community aspect and the help everyone gives to each other. I am looking forward to upgrading this week. I will get all this first course sorted first
though. Have a great day/night? I live in New Zealand. Take care and thanks again :)
Hi Carson. Thanks for the welcome message - I really do feel welcomed. Going through the getting started lessons and watching a couple of videos by Kyle, I get the impression that if I upgrade to premium membership, I can port (and host) my existing website/domain to WA platform and it wont cost me any more than I would pay for the premium membership. Is that correct?
Hi Carson, you have a beautiful family. Thanks very much for following me and keeping me on the track to become successful in online business.
I have no Visa card account and I am looking for best alternatives to have one and how to get it in my country before 7 days end.
Will you assist me for choosing a niche please once I get things in place please..
It's a blessing to meet you on WA and looking forward to working with you in the future
GOD bless!
Carson, thanx for the welcome and as you know, and as I can see, what a blessed existence! Gorgeous healthy looking family and I sincerely hope it is that way, now and for forever, which doesn't exist. But for a long, long, long time! Jokes aside, thnx! Till next time, Robert.
Hi Carson,

I'm a new member on the community and I'm looking forward to learn as much as I can from you and the community so that I benefit from you first, in order to teach others.

I wanted to stop and say hi as you recommended and thank you for the warm welcome you and Kyle gave me.
Hi Carson, thanks for following up on me. Please I have a question for you:

I understand that by upgrading to premium, I will have access to 25 websites, Lets say I create 10 wordpress website.

What happens to my websites whenever I am unable to meet up with the 49$/monthly premium fee?
AlbinoPingot Premium
Hi Carson,
Thanks for the warm Welcome!
This is really a great community you have created!
I am a newbie on this internet business,
And I want to do this business as an Affiliate Marketer.

What is the best way to start?
They say Clickbank and amazon are the profitable to start with.
Can You share you experiences and suggestions on the best way
to start your Affiliate Marketing?

Thanks again and Hope to hear from everybody once again!
Best Regards,
Hi Carson,
I think of what niche to choose to develop my online business.
I would like to ask you whether it must necessarily be related to some commodities, material things, or could be something beyond the supply of goods.
For example, I love very much American films and actors, I'm interested in cinema, so I wonder if this could be a niche for development and profit?
Hi Carson. Looking at the picture of your family(which you have a beautiful one) puts me at ease of knowing that there is an actual person to help me in my quest to learn more about online marketing and becoming successful with the knowledge you've so wonderfully put together.

Thanks for building such a website and thanks for all that transparency.
chrisshipp Premium
Best you! Built my own computer in 1980,! Was around before the internet & helped when the Oakland Bay bridge collapsed around 1989 while based in Germany via dial up & Compuserve!
Website at LifeAid.solutions, my story also there but I can't post a link to it!
Would love to hear from you wrt possible cooperation?
marilynmyers Premium
Thanks Carson for the bio. It always help to know something about people like yourself who you will be working with.

My time, starting this week, is going to be limited because I have friends coming to stay with us for three or four days from out of the country.

Because of the timing for joining can you go into the costs of joining to upgrade to Premium. I understand the first month is $19.00 and after that what is the expected costs for Premium?
Romen Premium
Hi Carson! Glad to know how you started. It is really encouraging to newbies like me. Early this year, I started to desire to go into online jobs. Thank God i found this WA. But despite that there are lots of training courses out there though there are some that are free but they don't teach you completely unless you will pay the courses they offer. I am eager to go into this kind of job---online!
It's kind a difficult for me by now cause I dont have any idea on how to do it. As I red some of the ways on how to do it, I'm still confused. Maybe I need to read more. Being a mom, its more convinient to be in this field of work. Please help me go through and guide me until I can stand on my own. Thanks and God bless.....
Rwindish Premium
I first would like to know who I have to pay beside wa. I already did that and there is jaaxy who wants 37 dollars . If I knew who and how much that would help greatly. And then I want to do each step you have in order. I do not know how I got off track and already have a web page and I think a domain. I appreciate very much that everyone has tried to help instead of criticize. I believe jaaxy already took 37 off my card but I do not have a code for it.thank you all for being kind, I was afraid I was being taken.
LRiel Premium
Love your bio... especially the fact that you and Kyle have a sharing spirit. So far in my short time with WA my experience has been terrific. The community has welcomed me openly. It is amazing what you two have created.... an educational program with the intent of building financial security to say the least. Thank you.
Hello Carson, good day and hope all is well?I am so happy to be in this community and i just want to say I am ready to give in all my time to create this internet business and to make a fortune of wealth like the community name implies.
krivera22 Premium
Hi Carson, I really appreciate that you reached out to me. I am looking forward to all of the opportunities ahead. It is great knowing that you and Kyle are so willing to help me! It makes me very optimistic for the future and even more excited for all of the accomplishments ahead! I'm even more confident that there will only be success from here on out! So thank you.
Hello Carson,
Let me start by saying that what you're doing here, wonderful! I also feel like I want to be honest and say that my cash flow situation is very tight so while I'd like very much to buy the premium status, bills and such are making difficult to do much else financially​. I do however have some spisific goals in mind, a niche and what have you. Anyway I am clear on what I want to do, just not so much how to make it happen. Very much looking forward to working together.
Thank you so much!
Jeff Collins.......
Hello Carson, My name's Bob Rishworth & it's nice to meet you. I'm 72 and retired from 30 years as an Independent Financial Adviser about 3 years ago after becoming very disillusioned about the way the industry was going!! I've been trying to make additional money on the internet over those 3 years, but have been let down, scammed and lied to at every turn and have yet to make a single penny on-line!! Needless to say, I have lost a considerable sum in the process as well!! Good eh??! I'm hoping that your Wealthy Affiliate company might change all that and that you are, at last, an honest and reputable outfit!?? Whilst I've already looked at a few of your initial videos, I'm feeling pretty lost already and need to be pointed in the right direction by you or Kyle to get me started. I'm looking to earn around £2,000 per month initially, gradually rising to about £10,000 in the future. Hope to hear back from you soon. Kind regards - Bob Rishworth.
TatyanaW1 Premium
Hi, Carson! Nice to meet you!
I started to work with computers when they took the whole floor in a building, and used to work with punch tape and punch cards. My son told me that I am so lucky to see all these changes with technology in my lifetime. And yes, I am so lucky and looking forward to see even more changes in a nearest future.
I am also looking forward to work with you and make money to live more comfortable and interesting life.
Richb1982 Premium
Hi Carson, thank you for being there for me on my new epic adventure in the world of affiliate marketing. However doing through the lessons and attempted domain registration for website purpose and it will not accept my postal code from here in the UK?? Can you help?? Please o please.
Hi Carson. I am looking forward to work with you in order to become a very successful affilate. I want to help people be their best through wellness and their food choices. I stared on this adventure barely 3 months ago and I can hardly wait to succeed and share wellness to the world!
VO57 Premium
Hi Carson just upgraded to premium. From the moment I began looking at all the information - I sensed this was for me. What a gr8 community. I have looked at many different avenues to add extra income and was poised to have a three way chat with another group and came across this site via a scam page - I am so grateful for that link.
I am excited to get going and can already visualise trying to get other single mums of a "certain age"
Greetings Carson. This is a new experience for me. The community seems like family already. I look forward to learning lots and new things in the near future. What have been some of your failures, and what have you learned from them? What sacrifices have you had to make to be a successful entrepreneur?
Kyoko817 Premium
Hi Carson, I am very excited to be part of your network, and continuously looking forward to learning from you and many other experienced marketers, and also helping others as possible. As you can tell, I signed up about 5 years ago as a "free member" and never had done anything and jumped around many programs. Now I decided WA to be my prime place to learn, get knowledge, build my success, and help others. I can't find better place that offers all-in-one! Thank you again!
Hello, I got your email. Yes I did get an email from the CEO. He was concerned about only having 3 more days left to upgrade. But wasn't it extended for me until July 1st? I got a message on here from someone that it was. I don't have a credit card with funds on it until July 1st. I know $19 is a small amt. of money and I have plenty more than that in my pocket, but that doesn't help get it to you. lol
DevarajD Premium
Hi Carson,
Thanks for your email and the welcome. Nice family profile photo. (will add mine soon once I upgrade to premium).God Bless you and Kyle for what you do in this community. I am only a two day old in this community and already feel part of a wonderful family. Looking forward to working with you all guys and making some friends for life.
dalestravels Premium
Hi Carson happy to have taken first step last night and dived straight into Prem. Also new to Insta , late starter I know but can't believe the global extent of posting a pic. Then it clicked and sort WA after much research to take advantage of my new found interest. I work 70 hours per week , going nowhere on a train I can't get off!!' Anyhow as I said to Kyle I'll be a good advocate once I sort out the navigation, the training, the website.!! Many late nights ahead but sooo looking forward to making it work
Cheers Dale
This place is so friendly and helpful. Incredible training.
So many ways to generate income.
Can't believe your personal interaction...from an owner!
Im so impressed!
Next paycheck I'm going premium and buying a .com domain.
I've had an online Christian bookstore in the past complete with just released books and christian t-shirts.
That will be my niche.
Also had a superbug attack my stomach and know all the paleo diets and supplements so I'll do that as well.
Adsense, amazon, and affiliate programs I've already bookmarked.
You're company is amazing.
Thanks for everything!
MWells1 Premium
Hi, Carson. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Finally, a home away from home. Got scammed a couple times. Was worried that I'd never find some decent folks. I am truly looking forward to learning and building a business. Building houses and additions, has taken it's toll. I actually feel kinda giddy with anticipation.
AltheaKerr Premium
Hello Carson,
I've had such a wonderful welcome already on WA and I am confident that with so much support, I cannot help but succeed. When I started IM in the 80s, I was virtually self-taught so it was a very long, very laborious and very lonely enterprise and I was burnt along the way as most people generally are who don't have a mentor.
But I feel that I now do - thousands of mentors and with you and Kyle cheering along the way - I am more excited than I have ever been to get stuck in and prove to myself that money CAN be made with internet marketing.

Thank you for the welcoming email.
Jennifer123 Premium
Hi Carson,
I want to thank you and Kyle for this amazing platform you have put together. I filled out my profile last night and completed the first lesson. This morning I woke up so excited to start the day and dive into the community and the next lesson.

I look forward to interacting from you, reading your posts in the community and learning from your experience.

Triplecrownr Premium
Hello Carson, good to hear from you, sorry it took so long to get back to you but as you know I been busy reading and looking. It made smile when you said you got your first computer in 1994. Being aged(lol) you use different ways to mark time in 1994 I was having my second son. Anyway I am very pleased to be here and meet you. Thank you and talk to you soon
Rosalya1 Premium
Thank you very much for sharing your personal informations and i am very much honored to get a message from you, the Co-owner of WA. Just by receiving this message from you giving me more confident and believing in WA. I am ready to start and i will be getting in touch with you in the long run. Again thank you for giving me the previlage of getting to know you.
carmen1948 Premium
Helo, Carson!

I find what you and Kyle are doing very interesting.

I also like to learn and teach when I can, but I did now study to be a teacher. My father was a teacher too.

Hope that you and your family are doing good.

God bless you!

RobW2 Premium
Hi Carson,

Just wanted to add my appreciation to You, Kyle and families, for the amazing opportunities you have provided for so many thoudands of people, I am just one of the many, but so very happy to have found WA and all the incredible help it contains!

I feel strongly that you both should be nominated for the Nobel Prize, for the benefits you have provided for so many!

Highest Regards
Tshupp Premium
hello carson , I have a question about signing up for affiliate programs, when filling out the application on line and it ask for my url I enter my web site and it says its not valid, also do all the key words that I have selected through jaaxy and wa key word tool automatically connect with my site, sorry to bother you but I have not had a reply from any other people concerning these questions
Reddyta Premium
Hi Carson,

I'm glad that I found Wealthy Affliate and joined the community as a starter. I do plan on upgrading to premium membership soon, well within the next 6 days. I've looked at several other work from home, online businesses which were scams or they tricked you into joining and paying upfront but to only find out after that you had to pay for additional services such as websites, hosting, and domains. Also, the services were not great either. After joining Wealthy Affliate and seeing the step by step lessons offered for free to help you succeed really blows everyone else's service away. Not to mention all the support that is offered to you at any given time is such an added bonus. Having a community of all different individuals all over who have the same thing in common, and that's to succeed and build a profitable online business. It's nice to get feed back from them on what has worked for them and what hasn't. I'm currently going through the lessons right now but since I'm working full time as an Electrian, and attending to my son too, I only have a couple hours a day to spend on getting my online business up and running. I'm doing this right now part time and if all goes well, it could turn into something more. Im initially doing this for a second income as I'm currently going through a divorce so, additional revenue will help provide a better life for me and my son. Also, I'm not afraid to take risks either so I'll definitely will give Wealthy Affliate a go and will put as much time into this as I possibly can right now. Here's a little background on me. I'm 41, divorced and I have one son. I have an associates degree in applied technology from 2007 but when the economy crashed, I was working as a consultant, and of course I was laid off and couldn't find employment at the time as no one was hiring so I had to take a couple odd jobs to make ends meet. Than 3 years ago, I decided to start from scratch and become an Electrian where I'm currently doing now and going to school for that at the same time so my schedule is pretty busy. I have a little background in retail and sales, but internet marketing is all new to me. So I'm sure I'll be needing some help from time to time and I won't hesitate to ask questions. I've always thought that if you don't take risks than there will be no reward. That's been my slogan for the past 15 years. Thanks for following me and I'm looking forward to working with you, Kyle and the rest of the Wealthy Affliate community!!

realtree Premium
Hey Carson i guess I am just dumb i am stuck i can seem to get my website up an going I dont understand getting to the builder Iam legally blind i have just enough site to get my I NEED HELP I want to up grade to premium if i can get to free websites first I just want to get it going Thanks George
Hi I just want to take the time to say that you guys show alot of interest and I can see where ur priorities are and I can honestly say I am very pleased with all the concern and the set to learn it's very informative . I can't wait to complete my 10 lessons and become certified. At the end of my training I expect to be my own boss as everyone else who is associated in wealthy affiliate.
aallen186 Premium
Hi Carson!

Thanks for welcoming me. This does appear to be a large network of nurturing entrepreneurs who seem willing to help each other. My guess is, they take their cues from you and Kyle. I am very much looking forward to leaarning all I can, then applying it. Thanks again, and have a great weekend!
Hey Carson I'm Dan I am excited to have found this good group. I've been searching for something that I can work on and quit my day job and work from home. I hope soon I can start making money thanks for following my page,and I look forward to advice from you and Kyle. I have already applied for an affiliate program with a company to post on my page ☺
lmwood646 Premium
Carson, I have a situation and Loes suggested I contact you.
I was 2 days late with my June Premium payment and was suspended. I Paid in 2 days and was reinstated. However, for some reason I have two accounts. The one lmwood646, this post is on it and LMW which is my current profile page. When WA reinstated me all was well except the Icon at the top right of the page should be from the LMW page. I wish to get the LMW account totally reinstated. I enrolled as a freebie and upgraded shortly after to Premium. I was premium when the suspension came and didn't get completely reinstated as premium. I know this is confusing, But!

Please have that corrected for me.

Luther Wood
wallen2165 Premium
Hey Carson,
I hope your doing well. I was wondering if you have considered my request for another $19 month? I realize my site being decimated has nothing to do with WA and that my not having a backup was the real issue, but paying $50 right now as I work over the next week or so to completely rebuild - seems a poor financial decision ,at least to my wife (as I have not actual earned any revenue).

Anyhow - have a great day and please let me know as soon as you can.

Hi Carson, its s great pleasure meeting you. I look forward to be count as among most successful online entrepreneurs here in wealthy affiliate. Is my great pleasure to be welcome to Wealthy Afliate(WF) , once again. Thank you for shaping and transforming lives across the Globe. May God continue to bless you and your family in all areas.
ToLiNoLi Premium
Hi Carson,

A pleasure to meet you. Let's take action! Will be awesome to work with you, seen what you build here, you know what you are talking about, although I wonder how you can manage so many requests, with so many members, if you introduce yourself to all new members assisting them?

Unless you cloned yourself (digitally and or physically.... lol :))) )

Anyway, I am curious, how you are doing it, it will be helpful to replicate and use that technique.

Said that, talk you soon.
RPeach Premium
Hi Carson, It's nice to meet you as well. I want to thank you for setting this program up and running and for giving me the opportunity to advance my career as an internet business person through education without missing pieces to what really needs to be done to have a good income and a good lifestyle,and without all the hype and B.S.. I look forward to a long successful relationship with you and everyone at Wealthy Affiliate.
JohnFraser Premium
I am wondering about premium memberships. I an planning to take advantage of the half price first month. I think a week is not enough time to adequately assess WA. However I would like to have the ability to take advantage of the annual membership as I move forward. My question is does the annual membership end in the seven day of access to most of the features of the web site?
Currently for some reason I am not able to access the features your offer promised. Can ths be corrected?
I've read your email on WA bootcamp and I'm quite interested in selling this service and earn commissions. However I have one question about how the affiliate system can pick up and trace back to whose ad or article that has brought them in to sign up, in the event immediately after reading the introductory article or website they are not keen enough to sign up but only do so later through google search on your company? I'm asking this because I came across another similar company like yours who only pays commissions to sales directly through the affiliate link only, that means we the affiliates might end up spending a lot on promoting and targeting but getting very little in return.
Well Carson I am low income person I want to upgrade to the premium support level but I just got back to being employed again,and broke right now but I really have been enjoying the lessons and have no one I can ask for a loan because they don't believe in online business, I am goal orientated person wanting to prove to my friends and most have a business I can call my own ,I don't have a lot of computer knowledge but I'm learning through Kyle and your business. Please get back thank you
Bscott0593 Premium
Iam having some difficulty with the tutorial video. When I try to apply the lesson to my websites, the plug ins do not match. The all in one SEO pack is there but the exclude pages from navigation, akismet and the SI CAPTCHA anti-spam plugins do not appear. Please advise