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kevshrm Premium Follow Me
Hi Carson. I just wanted to make a feature request for Jaaxy. It would be nice if there was a way to clear out old site rank searches. As time goes on this list not only becomes quite long, but also outdated. I have been searching around and it seems that there are others that would also appreciate this feature.

Hsbc2015 Premium Follow Me
hello everyone today I made some major upgrade to my sites by adding several pictures and even a video I created on the main page, just wondering if anyone could care to take a look some feed back would be great
youssfahm201 Follow Me
Thanks Carson ,
I in getting start course at lesson 2 ,choose nich but I prefer to build my website .com not sub domain
Can you give me your point of view about this
Hi Youssef,

Since you are a Starter member here at WA, your only option is to choose a free website. If you go Premium, you can then choose to more your site to a domain you own.

Start off with a free site, then make this decisions later. A .com will always rank better than a subdomain, but there is no problem with starting your site off as a subdomain on our network :)

Hope this helps!

Happygirl48 Premium Follow Me
Hello Carson, I believe we met just before I became a Premier Member. I've just started 3 days ago. I take my commitment very seriously and I have been working day & night so I can become one of your many success stories. I've searched for years to find a Professional Company such as yours. I'm taking the classes, I've seen 1 Webinar and I'm also putting in the time to answer anyone who is following me and I reply to them once I've read their profiles. This is a wonderful community and I look forward to a long and rewarding relationship with the Members as well as yourself and Kyle. I think you get back what you put into it and also what you give back to those who are striving to succeed in turn. I'm sure we will be in touch throughout my journey and it's nice to know I don't have to do this alone. OH! Also good to know we're fellow Canadians :) Kindest Regards, Sharon, aka Happygirl48
Hey Sharon,

You're kicking butt already're already involved in the training, have checked out a webinar, and you sound very motivated to make this work for yourself! We are going to provide you with all the training, support, and website building tools that you need. When yo have questions, just ask because there are always answers here at WA!

You're not alone, you can do this, and I'll personally be here to help out when you need a hand :)

wesercom Follow Me
Hi Carson
Thx for the nice welcome

Greetings Juergen
You are most welcome Juergen!

Let me know how you do as you get started in the training. I'm here to help :)

robcollins Follow Me
ty for all the help so far the lessons have been great now it,s time to e
pick my nich
Hey Robert, you're more than welcome!

Here is a great blog post by Kyle that will help you better understand how to find a niche: Also, this post that explains the biggest 5 mistakes people make when choosing a niche. I think these will really help you!
arassu75 Premium Follow Me
Dear Mr Carson,
I tried to link my domain name after purchasing it from But the domain name could not be transferred from because ns1 server link is not connecting to my WA web builder link.I need help, if possible. Where could I find ns1 and ns2 in our WA site? I like to know them. I'm keeping ready one web site material in Chemistry for publishing. If it becomes successful for publishing, I'll proceed further for more website preparations. I'm inspired even at my 78 years of age, not for earning potential alone but for contributing my able best service to others.
Thanks in advance,
Hi There,

Here is the training that will help you with your website and pointing it to WA servers: If you are still having trouble after you read the above training, then please create a hosting support ticket so that I can look into this for you.

When you create a hosting ticket it gives us all the information about your website that we need to investigate.

To add a hosting support ticket just go to your website dashboard, then click on "Support Tickets" from the top tabs and proceed to add your ticket.

Here's the direct link:

AngelAgent Follow Me
Hi Carson,
Thank you for your warm welcome... I look forward to getting to know you better.

Be blessed, Geraldine
Really glad to hear fro you Geraldine! I look forward to getting to know you as well :)

Let me know if I can help with anything as you get started in the training - I'm here to help.

Kyle97 Follow Me
Hi Carson! Thanks for the training! I'm still working on it now, but I will finish it pretty soon. See you later!
Sounds good Khoi, great to hear that you're taking action and working through the training. I'm here to help if you have questions :)
lthampton Premium Follow Me
Hello Carson. The training on WA is very good...even though I have not yet finished. I'm sure I will finish up and be pulling everything together pretty soon. Thank you.
Hello Latonya,

I'm glad that you are enjoying the training and are working through it! Everything will come together as you complete the tasks in each lesson. Let me know if I can help :)
gerard1955 Follow Me
Hello Carson,
As you can see with my Avatar, I live in rural, Sydney, Australia.
I currently work a day job in local government as a cost clerk in Road Construction. I have been playing around with IM for years, and never made any money, too many shiny objects and thousands of dollars wasted. I would love to pay off my home and retire, at the moment that is just a dream. The weird thing is, I'm very good at Wordpress and using other IM software, but I am stuck on ideas and the whole drilling down of keywords.
It all looks great here, but I'm one of those "Visual" people, I need to see every single step...Go figure.
Hey Gerard,

I noticed the Sydney Harbour Bridge right away in your picture as I've spent a lot of time in Australia :)

You will love our training if you are a visual person because the video's walk you through all the steps that you need to take to get up and running with a website.

You can achieve all of you goals if you're willing to put in the time and effort to build a real online business.

We will be here to help at each step of the way.

gerard1955 Follow Me
I'm still stuck with how to find a niche, I don't really have any "passions" I also don't fully understand how to keep drilling down on "Keywords" I'd love to see the whole process from whoa to go... Creating a website, domain names and hosting is the easy part for me ....Thanks Gerard
Hey Gerard,

If you're having trouble finding a niche, then give Affiliate Bootcamp a peek. Take your time and work through the training. Your questions will all be answered because we teach you exactly how to build a website, choose keywords, get ranked, get traffic, and sell affiliate products on your site. Its all there in the lessons.

ozzyvanhalen Follow Me
do i need a landing page blog and or a fan page do i have to hustle people
Hi Dennis,

Please follow the training by clicking "Get Started Here" in the main menu, we explain exactly what you will be doing and how everything works.

You will do exceptionally well here at Wealthy Affiliate if you can follow the training and take action on what you learn.

ozzyvanhalen Follow Me
i have an idea that i think will work i just need to talk it over with someone
TerryGray Follow Me
Hello, Carson. I have about 22 hours left to decide whether or not to pursue this and go premium. Even after watching the niche lesson, I still don't really have any idea what I would be interested in doing and spending hours of research in in order to always be writing content. I'm not very knowledgeable about anything other than philosophical and religious ideas; certainly nothing having to do with any kind of product or service. I don't just want to be another WA salesperson; I want my own gig, but have no idea what might potentially be successful.
gerard1955 Follow Me
Hello Terry, I am eagerly awaiting to see your reply, I'm in the same boat as you!
Hi Terry,

Success is not dependent on your niche, it's dependent on your understanding of what your niche is looking for.

Here is a great blog post by Kyle that will help you better understand how to find a niche: Also, this post that explains the biggest 5 mistakes people make when choosing a niche. I think these will really help you!