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Hi Carson. Thanks for your warm welcome. I'm happy to be here & can't wait to work together with you.
Hello Carson,
It was great hearing from you! Thanks for the hearty welcome and I look forward to working with you!
Hi Carson,

As you know, I, just getting started.
But, I'm impressed with what you and Kyle have done with your website. The training and communication are much better than another one I joined a few days ago.

I'm happy to be part of the community, and hope I can work toward making a nice income here.

Take care and God bless,
Thanks! for welcoming me, I'm looking forward to an experiential learning.
desharp Premium
Thank you for the follow Carson and I am glad to be here at WA
Looking forward to a GREAT Experience
Thanks looking toward for your assistance.
How do i check if my affiliate link is working as people are using it, but i cant see any activity. I am not a member yet and have no site so they are being directed to the main WA Site. Any ideas? As i am just marketing through social media until i get up and running.
Hello. Thanks for your response. I am trying heard to get to know how to work on line. It is not easy for but I am eager. Ready to learn. I will ask a question wherever I am stuck. Thank you.
Hello Carson
I'm glad to hear from you and really hope to make this work.
I have in the pas made a few bucks online with TE and ClickBank a few years ago. Now that I am retaired I have more time to invest.
Hello Carson, I'm new member, still watching training videos, thanks for follow, I wish you all the best
Really appreciated for the follow! :)
Hi am new at this tryed to watch to video. But it froze.
Hello Carson,

I'm glad I came across WA. It looks like a very lively and informative program. I'm so excited to see that first dollar earned using Wealthy Affiliate. I'd stick around and say a lot more and give more thanks but, I have some lessons to look over.

Best Regards

Chance424 Premium
I see why you have a great network of followers Carson. Your community is great and the help that you offer and that everyone else offer's is absoultley the best. I can only hope my work ethic and desire to reach my goals can some how give me. A little taste of what you have going on here. Thank you for reaching out
and letting me into your world.
Hi Carson thank you for letting me look around your community it seems very nice and I really hope my involvement works out for both of us. Here is where I am coming from I am a father of 3 children that I look after on a daily basis I'm out of work and money is tight but I see that the premium is not unreasonable I would really like to be involved, I am not a slacker but I can only make smart decisions from here on out for my family and I spend all my time with them but that also leads to me being broke, I'm not complaining but I would like to give them the things they need and want. Basically my question is just on an average of your members how long does it take to get something going with this system I can fully understand that the more time you put in the more you will receive. I have tried a internet marketing system before and was extremely disappointed with how I listened to what they talked about for a while then they wanted a crap load of money to be my mentor and I could not participate because of money.I am just scared in putting my time in which is taking away from the kids but if I could give them something in return I believe it would be worth it. Thank you for your time