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hi Carson, am Robert from Zambia. am have started the program and I must say things are looking good :)
am looking forward to learn from you.
thank you.
Hello Carson. Thank you for your warm welcome.
Hi Carson, thanks for reaching out and great to connect with you. I've only been with WA a few days but have gained so much information so far. Looking forward to moving forward. Grant.
Hey Carson. I have a question? on my site I have 3 tabs for my that too many to start with. Would you care to look and let me know what you think? thetekguru.siterubix
paulchris Premium
Hi Carson it's great to hear from you.
Looks like you have a beautiful family. thank you for giving me a great opportunity to be involved ,with a great bunch of people.
I only wish I had found you before I had spent a huge amount of money. hopefully you guys can help me recover my losses
Hi Carson,
Thanks for reaching out . I will definitely take you up on your offer to help me be successful learning all I can with the platform you & Kyle built helping newbie like me.
I will love to follow you, if only I know where to find the button. I really don't known why we follow each, guess its the trend. I want to learn as much as I can I have spent 4 years online with no success.
The last scam was MOBE that's why am taking my time to check WA before I commit so far very impressive.
Hi Carson,
Thanks for reaching out.
Hi Carson,

Thank you so much for sending me a nice message.
I'm really new to this affiliate business and I was looking for service like WA in Japan for a while however I couldn't find any nice site like yours.So I'm glad that I found your site.
I'm so excited to learn more and to make some side income sources too.

Thanks again for your nice message .
Hello Carson ,
Thanks a lot for this great massage , I'm new in all of this and I hope to find support in creating my business starting with a website step by step with your instructions.
I am kimberly activities outside of working is just playing with my child and hanging out with friends and family. I am excited to have discovered this opportunity although still a little confused with what I am doing. I hope to figure it out soon through the help of the bootcamp.
Thank you for welcoming me
Have a fantastic day
Hello I am new and thinking about this opportunity as a new adventure hoping to prove promising. Will more than likely become a Premium member.
Lorraine151 Premium
Hi Carson, thanks for the message, I was hoping maybe you could give me feed back on my Websites so far. I spent most of last night working on them and had a few trial and errors lol. Look forward to chatting with you. Many Thanks Lorraine
nickester Premium
Hey Carson, nice meeting you..question 4 you .before I started here..I notice there were online marketing companies that are asking for 2500 to 3500 dollars to help the person interested to get started with the job. .why the heck do they ask for some much money and assume that the person has that? Don't they realize that the person is looking to make money?
Hey Carson, I'm looking forward to working with all of you.
HI Carson,
I know this isounds embarrassing but I actually thought this is a place where I can learn how to trade forex or foeign currency online !
I would be very greatly if you can advise me which niche to select as I really prefer a niche in whch I do not have to handle or deliver any physical goods.

Yours truly,
Jean Nee