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Hi Carson, thanks for the message. I have a question about UK members. How many do you have and can I find out who they are and who is successful?

Many thanks
Joekaprod Follow Me
Thank you for the follow Carson.

I'm really excited about the site, so far I have been receiving tons of help and support, and I haven't even built my website as yet! I'm looking to upgrade to premium soon however, and so will build my niche website tonight surrounding parkour/freerunning (Extreme sports) so that I can make enough money to get qualified as a coach and build our very own parkour park and gym right here in Jamaica.

Wish me luck!
mato83 Follow Me
Hello Carson I sure hope to succeed with your help
geraldkew Premium Follow Me
Hello Carson, great to be in your success community. Cheers.
Allgib Follow Me
Carson - thank you for your welcome. I really appreciate your making the time for that. I have been astounded by what I have seen in WA so far and long for the day when I will have the funds to become a premium member. So for now I am 'getting started" and enjoying finding out what the process is for me to be successful.


Lavern Follow Me
Thank you for the warm welcome.
You're welcome Lavern, I look forward to working with you here at WA!
robertmulima Premium Follow Me
hi Carson. to be honest i bumped unto the wealthy affiliate program by chance less than 24 hrs ago . i am premium and will go through the training and ask for help .. i have never made any money online But what you guys have is amazing ..
You're welcome Robert, let's keep in touch while you continue to work through the training. It's OK that you have never made money online before because that is why you are here! We are going to teach you everything you need and provide you with all of the tools and support to boot!
robertmulima Premium Follow Me
thanks for your follow & God Bless
You're welcome!
HI Mamadou, great to have you here at WA! I look forward to working with you and helping out in every way I can. Take your time as you work through the training, ask questions, and take action on what you learn. You'll be up and running before you know it.
Mji Follow Me
Carson I did try to get back to the set to edit but with no luck,also I know you all trying to run a business and are asking for money at this point I am broke and when and if I sell I could possibly re-invest only time will tell. I don't see how the general public would have access to site very confusing method. Sincerely mji
Hi Mji,

Make use of your Starter membership as you can get your website up and running and you can learn how to choose a niche. Once your site is up, you can then focus on adding content to the site to get ranked. Although we walk you through this in great detail in our Premium courses, you are free to try it on your own!
Phindyk Follow Me
Hi Carson ,

Thank you so much for the reception and I am looking forward to learning and grow within the community.
You're more than welcome Phindi - take you're time as you get started, ask lots of questions, and take action on what you learn. I'll be available to help out at each step of the way :)
Phindyk Follow Me
Thank you so much.
Rama161927 Follow Me
Hi Carson,
hello again, I did try to send you a "thank you" note yesterday but only managed to send it earlier today due to network problem. I want to thank you again for the warm welcome & hope to be part of WA which really sound noble...keep up the good work!!!
Happy thanks giving!
You're more than welcome Sara, really great to have you here at WA and I look forward to working with you. Happy Thanks Giving!!
Rama161927 Follow Me
Thank you! Happy Thanks Giving to you too!
gledor42 Follow Me
A quick Hello! Will get back to you and Kyle after
Thanksgiving. Gobble, gobble!
Sounds great Doug - I look forward to hearing from you soon.
AsianMomma Follow Me
Hi Carson,

This is Kara. Thank you so much for the welcome as well. Your partner Kyle has also been in contact with me. My computer skills are lacking, but I hope to thrive here and learn the skillset to achieve a lucrative online business. I must go now as I haven't had much sleep the last few days. It's almost 5 a.m. here in Los Angeles. Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving and I am looking forward to communicating with you and other well seasoned members on here.

Hey Kara, you're most welcome! Don't stress about your computer skills lacking. The majority of people who join WA learn about the computer and how to build their websites from scratch by following the training here at WA. You've been able to leave me a message here on my profile and things won't get much more technical than that!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and I hope to stay in touch while you move forward in the training.

Talk soon!
AsianMomma Follow Me
Okay, that is great to know. Does the company offer any type of medical coverage after you become a premium member? I just became uninsured and have to apply for Covered California. I will get a subsidy since I have two children and I only work part time as a background actor. The kids are insured through their father. I was just curious.
Hi Kara,

No, we do not offer any kind of medical coverage here at WA.

Talk soon :)
greenwoodtam Premium Top 100 Follow Me
omg 449,490 friends :/ you are busy lol Happy holidays Carson.
Thanks Tammy, Happy Holidays to you as well! Yes, I guess I've got a few friends hey?!?! Let me know if there is anything that I can help with as you get started. Talk soon.