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September 20, 2018
Check The Security Of Your PluginsHi folks I received an email from Wordpress asking me if I was using vulnerable plugins. I had to admit I did not have a clue. However there was a link to a checker. Now you too can find out if you are Using Vulnerable Plugins? Find out if you are using WordPress plugins that contain known vulnerabilities with PSC. Click the link below my name. The article also gives some good information which you might like to take onboard. Onwards and upwards folks a
What Can You Do About Your Website DesignHow To Find A Website DesignerHi Folks I published a blog recently within WA about Web Design and I have been asked lots of questions since then about how to get someone to design a site. I have to add those questions where mostly from new members. I also have to add that I pointed them in the direction of the training. After all that's where most of us learned the basics of creating a website. In this blog I will give a few pointers on how to look
September 13, 2018
Web Design As A BusinessHi FolksAnyone who has read my Profile Bio will know that I used to create and sell websites for a living back in the early days of the internet. I believe it was first planned out in 1983 and then on the 6th August 1993 the World Wide Web went live to the world. There was no fanfare in the global press though. In fact, most people around the world didn't even know what the Internet was.In 1989, Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, an Internet-based hypermedia
September 06, 2018
SEO Tips To Help You Achieve Success With Your Home BusinessHi FolksI pulled this list off Brian Deans Backlinko Page. Below are the seventeen SEO tips he has on the page. I must warn you there is an awful lot to take in within the blog so you best bookmark it and work your way through it as and when you have the time. I also suggest you choose the ones that you know will be off some help to you now. The list on the page is clickable to
September 05, 2018
How To Optimize Content For User ExperienceHi FolksWhen you write content for your website personalization is something you should always keep in mind. Here’s what you can do to perform better in personalized searches: 1. Geodemographic Segmentation - Optimize For LocationWhen you have your own online home business you must keep in mind that some people are more prone to supporting local companies. Therefore it makes sense to make sure that your own location is visible on your website
August 28, 2018
Bad Backlink Anchor Text Will Affect RankingHi Folks One of the most often questions I get asked by new members after they have started adding content to their sites is will backlink anchor text affect their posts rankings in search engine results. My answer - you bet it does. Therefore its important to understand what anchor text can do for your posts, so read on folks.How To Define Backlink Anchor TextRight Click to open Graphics in new tab if the text is too small.Anchor text is made up
How To Save With Tax Deductions For Home Based BusinessesHi FolksI had a few questions this week from new members asking when they should start paying tax. I had to reply that it would depend on how quickly and successful they where. However what I gleaned from the questions though was the question that wasn't asked. That questions was - What tax benefits were there in running a business from home? This blog is my reply to any member would like to know. Tax Advantages Of A Home Based Busin
Use Text Links - Dump TheButtonsHi Folks Many new members ask me where they can find buttons to put on their websites. My usual reply is use text links to send visitors and not buttons. In case you are still tempted to use graphical, button-based navigation, rather than text-based links, here are four good reasons not to: Buttons are not search friendly, since the text within is invisible to search engines. Buttons are harder to update than links, and need a new image for every update.
Increase Your Rank With The Keyword Meta TagHi Folks Some of the newer members seem to have a lot of questions about Tags to use on their websites, namely the Keyword Tag. The most common questions is should they use it. In my humble opinion the answer is an emphatic YES. I know that there will be a lot of the more experienced members who will say its not really necessary because most of the search engines do not use the keywords meta tag. However many search engines still use it and tha
August 05, 2018
Promoting Your Website - What Does It TakeHi Folks Do you believe you are doing a great job of promoting your website and the products on it, or do you think you could do better, but don't know how to? Perhaps you are like so many wealthy affiliate members who read about other members who are doing great. You are all taking the same training so why isn't everyone doing great? Think about it. If two people with zero experience start a home business how is it that one of them achieves succe