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Is Your Website Performing As It Should BeHi FolksJust a short blog for the weekend with access to a tool that will analyse your site and let you know if your site has any problems.It will generate a report of your website's shortcomings, if indeed it has any.The tool will analyse your website on six categories -SEO ISSUESSEMANTIC WEBSECURITYSERVER RELATED ISSUESSOCIAL MEDIAMOBILE FRIENDLINESSThe tool is easy to understand and will critically monitor your website and let you know of any technic
Knowing What Your Customers Need Or WantHi FolksIronically enough, SEO isn’t really about your position in the SERPs. It’s about delivering real value to real people.The Google Search Quality Guidelines specifically say that when you create content that your peeps love, it will rank higher. That’s because:People spend more time on pages with great quality long form content, and don’t go back to the result pages after clicking on a page with great content. Why would the
Choosing A Specific Keyword Search Term For SEOHi FolksThis is yet another blog on Keywords born out of a few comments that passed between myself and a fellow WA member. It would seem there has been a misunderstanding regarding the search terms I advise members when searching for the right keywords to suit their site content, and how many. Lets start with the Broad Search.The broad search optimization can be an obstacle in marketing strategy because it only generates a large volume of low-qua
The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Working With A Home BusinessHi FolksOk you have taken the decision that you want to work from home with your own business. You want to be your own boss.Congratulations, you have made a start, but did you really think being your own boss with your own business through before you took the plunge?What I'm saying is. You have got to realise something about life. Life has a certain balance: there is no pleasure without pain, and there are no pros without cons. Th
Fine-Tune Your Longtail Keyword StrategyHi FolksThe thing with long-tail keywords is that they have to look natural in your content. While keywords are important for driving traffic, content that flows naturally should still be your priority.Using Longtail Keywords In Your ContentThe key is optimizing your content so that your longtail keywords don’t act as a distraction to the reader, and therefore act as a signal to Google so that your content satisfies a particular query. To that end,
Get Traffic To Your Website (And Good Ranking With SEO That Works)Hi FolksWould you like to increase the amount of organic traffic to your website content?Of course you would so with this blog I’m going to show you a great way to achieve that.Just last week I used this tactic to boost organic traffic to one of my posts by over 33%.Here’s How This Tactic Works…A wee while ago, I came across a very interesting study via information I received in one of my emails.In this study H
Is Your Content Quality Or Run Of The Mill?Hi FolksI see so many new members ask this question - What do I Write About?Let me tell you right now it doesn't matter what you're writing about because that is not your goal.Your goal is to write for people well enough so that they will come to trust what you're writing about and turn into buyers of whatever you're selling or promoting.If you’ve been writing quality content for some time, you're sure to have noticed that your rank stays relat
SEO + Content + CRO = DollarsHi FolksFor all you newbies or indeed not so newbies who have asked me to describe CRO and SEO in such a way you will understand, this blog is for you all.Conversion Rate Optimization + Search Engine Optimization, what should you know about them and how they can work together.The definition of SEO is 'The Practice Of Increasing The Quantity And Quality Of Traffic To Your Website'. This is mostly achieved through organic search engine results.CRO on the other hand i
Understanding User Intent - Become A Student Of User PsychologyHi FolksI read an interesting article today about 'User Intent', and the psychology behind it that you must be aware of. Here is the gist of that article.If anyone reading this blog has gone through the WA training they will know by now that you must always, and without exception, be writing your articles for users and not search engines.This is simply because if users like your content, search engines will as well.You should also
Are You Making These MistakesHi FolksHave you ever made one of those mistakes that costs you a lot of money, or one that you wouldn't have made if you had only known better?I know for a fact that I have, and not just once but many times when I started out working online.But when you think about it, when you're running an online business, making mistakes comes with the territory, especially if you're new to it.With that being said, and from my own experience, I have compiled a list of mistakes y