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How To Increase Sales For More CommissionsHi Folks One of the most common questions I receive from new members is, what's the easiest and fastest way possible to boost sales.After seeing this asked so many times, I want to cut right to the chase and answer this question for you here.Below I share with you three tips that can have a huge impact when it comes to making more sales and growing your business.1. Scale Up What Is Working BestRegardless of what business you're running, be it eBay, Ama
April 11, 2019
Press Release Benefits in Marketing Hi FolksPicture this if you will. You have just given your site a major overhaul and its looking fantastic. This you hope will benefit your current and potential customers because you have also just launched a new product line. Therefore why not inform people with a press release.It's possible to use a press release to compliment the marketing strategy you already have in place using business milestones as potential news items. Many times the use of this
How To Update A Website To Improve Your Ranking In The SERPsHi FolksIf you're planning to update or launch a new version of your website you'll need to take some steps to ensure that you don't damage your search engine rankings in the process. When you update your website, especially if you decide to change your domain, these changes can have a negative impact on your SEO for the site. You can avoid these problems by carefully planning the update process. Here is my step-by-step guide to hel
Getting The Most Out Of Your PPC Marketing CampaignsHi FolksFurther to my previous blog on PPC I want to point all who took the time to read it to an article I found on several ways to get the most out of your PPC marketing campaigns.Its well worth a read and will give you lots of tips and advice.Here is the link.Have a great day and be successful.Robert Allan
Are There Any Worthwhile Benefits Of Pay Per Click Advertising?Hi FolksI have seen a lot of questions asked this week from new members who seem to be confused about PPC. This is understandable because it does take some time to work with PPC Advertising correctly so that you get a good return on your investment.In this blog I will do my best to explain what PPC is and the benfits to your home business.PPC is simple once you really understand how it works. If you're thinking about giving PPC a g
My Boss Told Me To Have A Good Day So I Went Home And Became My OwnA Day In The Life Of A Work At Home Internet MarketerHi FolksIs this the picture that came to mind when you were thinking about joining Wealthy Affiliate to start an online business you could run from home?The sun is up, its bright outside. I didn't hear the alarm clock, I must have slept in. Wait a minute though, I work at home now, I have my own online business at home, I can sleep in when I want. No stress and no pressure.I
March 10, 2019
Procrastination - A Dangerous Obstacle To Achieving SuccessHi FolksAfter you joined wealthy affiliate you most probably started building your home business with a lot of anticipation. You seemed to be doing everything right but then what happens? Procrastination seems to be getting hold of you and the progress you hoped to make appears to be eluding you. This scenario is not new and isn't confined to new members. Its encountered by many people in the home business arena.They started hoping
How To Do The Right Tests For Your WebsiteHi FolksRead an interesting article today about the various ways you can test your website. It gave three ways which I have outlined below.First a word about Google Page Speed InsightsThis tool will test your speed on both mobile and desktop but the results should be looked at with some caution. Why? Because I have found that the results have not been a good reflection of reality. The primary goal of this tool is to help site developers detect and fi
What Is Your Brand And How To Build It Out?If the text is too small right click to choose your method of enlarging the image.Hi FolksLots of new members with no online experience of starting an online business ask these three questions below, and usually within the first couple of hours after joining:Where, and how do I start? How do I make money? How do I promote or sell?Just like a website needs creating and building out, building a strong brand identity is the most effective w
February 26, 2019
How To Best Use Longtail Keywords To Generate Traffic Hi FolksOnce you know your audience longtail keywords have long been the best way to generate tartgeted traffic.For example, Weight Loss is a good enough keyword but in itself it won’t generate much traffic. It’s way too broad and too competitive. So what do you do?You do your keyword research, and then use your best keyword phrase as your main longtail. Then, you start to focus on keyword themes. This is when you come up with an