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December 09, 2018
Optimizing Visual Content For Organic TrafficHello Folks Search Engine Optimization of text content is relatively easy. However, you also need to optimize your visual content for the search engines. Unlike text, images cannot be read by search engines. You need to tell the search engines what the image is displaying. This can be done using Titles and Alt Tags so that the search engines can read them. The Alt Text provides information to search engines regarding the content of your media file
December 05, 2018
Secrets Of The Online Money MakersHi Folks I see so many new members asking other members who have been here for some time what is the secret to making money online. They will also ask members who post their monthly earnings how did they do it? What are the secrets of these members, and do you have what it takes to be one of them? Back in the day when I first started working online making money used to be a lot easier. The reason was simple enough. With a lot fewer websites, it was easy f
December 02, 2018
Do You Publish Content ConsistentlyHi Folks Without checking can you say when you published a new article last? When do you think you will publish another article? Will it be today, tomorrow, maybe next week. One article every now and again won’t do much good. Sure, you may get to the third or even second page of Google. But that’s not really where you want to be, is it? You want to be on the first page and pretty near or at the top of the list. Google loves fresh content reg
Are You Still Posting Short ContentHi Folks I saw quite a few members ask over the weekend how long should their posts be and was there an ideal. No there is not an ideal but once upon a time 3 or 5 hundred word articles used to be the norm. In fact, they were ideal for squeezing in all those related keywords. By that I mean one per article. But these days whatever the audience you are targeting they want in-depth content. In-depth content rarely means short content folks. Today, an art
Finding The Most Successful KeywordsAnd Phrases For Keyword MarketingHi Folks There is money to be made in finding the right keywords to be used in your site. In the event you're not being specific enough you can be certain the effort you put directly into your website articles won't be as effective as you would like. Essentially the most successful keywords and phrases will be a primary thing to consider within your content. There are many ideas that can be found which match a niche mark
Learn How To Simplify Your Life By Keeping Your Business And Personal Finances SeparatedHi Folks I have had a few questions this week about Taxes so this blog is about keeping your business and personal finances separate. Managing a home-based business myself, I have learned how important it is to keep personal and business matters separate. Not only does it make life less confusing, it can also save you money, especially on your taxes. The first thing I recommend is to open a separate ac
Why You Should Maintain A Professional Image For Your Home-Based BusinessHi Folks I reckon quite a few of us could list a couple of professional, and consequently unprofessional, business experiences we’ve had recently. Our interaction with these businesses may have been in the form of an email, a retail shopping experience, or a phone call. In most cases, the deciding factor between a professional and an unprofessional experience may have been something so small, yet so significant.
Choosing Keywords For Search Engine OptimizationHi Folks Choosing your primary keywords may be one of the most difficult parts of good SEO. It is however, one of the most important. When you begin optimizing your website for search engines, you will need to choose one primary keyword or keyword phrase, and four to six secondary keywords. These keywords are going to be essential later on. You won't just use them for a single page on your website. Instead, they should feature prominently on each
Improve Your Website Rank In Search EnginesHi Folks A lot of new members seem to ask this question - "How do I get people to come to my website?" In my opinion its all down to how you use your Tags and below are my 4 top tips. 1. Title Tag The title should contain keywords and keyword phrases that are important to your site. The recommended maximum number of characters for this tag is 60. Also when counting your characters remember that spaces are considered as well. Titles should also
Looking Back To My First Year With A Home Based BusinessHi FolksAlmost every day I see new members asking how long could they expect it to take to start making money from their home business. They also ask about why this happened or what do they do because of this, that or the other. But the main one was that first question - How Long? For reasons that escape me now, I kept a diary of sorts during my first full year of working at a home based business. It was nothing close to being a comp