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January 15, 2018
Optimize Content For Long-Tail KeywordsHi Folks I have published several blogs on keywords but I'm still getting questions asked of me what are the best ones. I have no hesitation in saying - Long-Tail Keywords. In my experience they are without doubt the easiest to get ranked for. How to articles make the best evergreen pieces of content. If you provide people with guides on how to solve a problem, or answer a question you will have gained their trust, and that is your goal whatever you
January 10, 2018
Keyword Density Strategy To Improve Your Rank Hi Folks Competition is hard between websites, and their posts/pages, and what makes one more successful than another is the position a site gets on search engines? The higher the ranking the bigger the traffic volume to the site. To achieve a higher position websites use the strategy of SEO and content is written in such a way that its rich in keywords. What does Rich In Keywords Actually Mean?Its not as simple as using words over and over again.
January 07, 2018
Best Keywords For SEOHi Folks A member ask me a question this morning about why their website posts were not ranking very high in the SERPs. Could it be the keywords they had used?My first thoughts were to inform them that while a great keyword will give you a high ranking position in the Listings this does not guarantee it will stay there. Why not I hear you ask? This is simply because what was a great keyword last month does not mean it will be so this month or next. This is because peopl
December 29, 2017
Optimize Your Website For Mobile Users - Googles Quick Answer BoxHi Folks Read an interesting article today when I was actually searching for an answer to a members question. I found it with my search term within the quick answer box that google usually has at the top of page one in the SERPs. Anyone who does search for anything will surely have seen these quick answers to any given search term and they will save you a lot of time. The Quick Answer Box is the short blurb of information that a
December 21, 2017
You Must Optimize Website ImagesHi Folks I have been reading some very informative blogs the past couple of days. This blog of mine contains the information and links to further info that I believe the membership would benefit from and of course their websites. More than half of all Google searches are now conducted on mobile devices. Fifty-three percent of those users will abandon a site that doesn’t load within three seconds. While images make your site look appealing, they can be
December 16, 2017
Secure Your Website With HttpsHi Folks Having browsed a few sites this week at members requests I couldn't help but notice that a few are still not using the https for their dot coms. If your site is hosted with wealthy affiliate then that service is free. If your site is hosted elsewhere then make sure you get an SSL Certificate asap. Read this short article Why! That's all f
December 13, 2017
Why You Should Optimize Your Meta Tags And Title Tag For Search Engine OptimizationHi Folks I recently published a blog on keywords and where to and how to use them. It seems not everyone who read the blog understood the How To part, especially when promoting their home business locally. With your Meta and Title Tags you must make it crystal clear what product or service you are offering locally. Title and meta tags need to give prospective customers a clear understanding of what your ser
December 10, 2017
Keyword Factors To Aid Website RankHi Folks a short blog on keywords as a lot of new members seem to be having trouble understanding the principles of using them. This means the where to and how to. Anchor One of the things you should concentrate on when writing your articles is to have relevant keywords in your anchors. Ideally, the same keywords you want that article to rank for. Example: In this article for SiteProNews one of the entries is entitled How to Do SEO for a Brand New Website.
December 06, 2017
Using Facebook Live For Your Home BusinessHi Folks Just read an interesting article about Facebook Live. Anybody heard anything about this? It seems it came out last year and as I don't do much FB I must have missed their updates. Anyway it came out about a year ago when Facebook introduced screen sharing. With plugin and an extension in a browser such as Chrome, you can now share what you are doing on the screen you are using. The plugin started with basic functions but it does provide
December 01, 2017
Do Colours Matter In Website Design?Hi Folks A very short blog for the weekend. Two questions asked of me today from new members wanting to know what design they should have for their websites, namely the colours they should use. This was very fortuitous for them because only yesterday I published an article on website design and marketing on one of my sites. In it I touched on the use of colours and included a graphic. As always if the text is way too small for you to read then right