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My name is Dave Hayes. I am from the south coast of the UK, not far from Portsmouth

Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read this profile.

By doing so, I can GUARANTEE you ONE thing.

Your Success with online, WILL be made that much easier, by reading my story, because it will benefit you.

I have been associated with online affiliate marketing Since 1999

I was still employed at that time, but knew that the Internet could provide me with an opportunity to leave that job and work full time from home ...

IT became my GOAL

The other reason being that the Internet, is a form of Direct Response Marketing, which to me, is the most exciting industry in the world to be associated with

LOW start up costs... HIGH Profit margins

From that time until 2008, I did what most affiliate marketers did and promoted, various opportunities, VERY hard and for, VERY LONG hours, trying to MAKE money, earning commissions which effectively equated to no more than a few hours OVERTIME in my day job, which I was still doing.


I specifically, wanted to work FOR myself, with my OWN Online Business.

Then in 2008 I was introduced to a book at that time, which explained that the BEST Way to Make Money online was to


trying to MAKE MONEY by promoting your opportunity, because NO ONE is interested in it and ...

>>>>>>> Focus on Building my OWN list on a Domain I owned.

Having started with BLUEHOST, which I later discovered was a dogs dinner & having thoroughly researched the hosting space, I discovered the

WEALTHY AFFILIATE platform, back in 2018. At last a HOME!!.

>>> >>>> Use an AUTORESPONDER, to house THAT list. More on this below

>>>>>>> Provide, solutions business owners need... AND want, through a marketing system, which not only works works for you 24/7, IT ...

>>>>>>> EARNS you SIGNIFICANT amounts of Money

Doing this means that you will ATTRACT 100% more prospects and THEY will be the people that DON'T want to join your opportunity

It also explained EXACTLY How to do JUST that.

SO, Since that point, and to date (it has been 9 years & counting since I QUIT my Job, as a direct result of reading that Book) .

I have been associated with the 'NICHE' of

>>>>>>> LIST Building and Proven Traffic Solutions

These are fully documented on my own blog, which will you will find on my profile here.


You See, as an Independent online business owner, which WE all are, YOUR business has TWO Parts...

The MARKETING Part, which funds the Product / Services part & ...

The BUSINESS part.

NEITHER can exist without the other.

The MARKETING system, I had in place prior to coming to Wealthy Affiliate.

In terms of the Marketing System. You will remember that I mentioned an


After Extensive Research, I found THE right Autoresponder.

It is the ONE key tool, every marketer online needs

My Website provides meWITH Leads For Wealthy Affiliate

It also provides me with leads for 4 other EXCEPTIONAL Online Affiliate Marketing Programmes

Each of them is evergreen and been around for yeeeaaarrssss

Together THEY all pay Exceptional AND SIGNIFICANT Commissions

=======>>>>>>> 2009

I had successfully left my very secure DAY Job to work for myself in 2009

I was earning MORE per MONTH, than my day job!... So it was a No brainer decision : ) AND, made WITHOUT the aid of a SAFETY net!

My desire WAS & ... Still IS, VEERRYY STRONG. ( I have been associated with other niches & Industries, but found that none of them, have the same overall benefits that Direct / Internet Marketing has

So. I now, teach others how to do the same. I do that through my website

My website by the way is FREE and YOU can have the same if you would like one and want to earn, very SIGNIFICANT income.

I have a step by step plan, which if followed WILL...

>>>>>>> Work for ANYONE in ANY Industry, Online and Offline

>>>>>>> Pay you SIGNIFICANT Commissions (Even from those who DON'T join your opportunity)

This is the 'SECRET' to earning a significant amount of money online.

Then you have to STAY FOCUSED, BUILD your OWN list consistently & DAILY

Above ALL...

AVOID... >>>>>> Shiny Object Syndrome! : )
(You know the email that pops into your inbox, promising LOTS of Money, for very little work ~ EXCEPT it doesn't exist)

Do that, Stay FOCUSED, COMMITTED & COACHABLE on a daily basis & ...

SUCCESS comes!
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Money I would be happy earning
$3,000 per month
Money I would be ecstatic earning
$6.000 per month
Time I'm willing to invest to achieve my goals
8 hours per day
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Jan 2, 2018
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How much money would you be happy earning?
$3,000 per month

How much would you be ecstatic earning?
$6.000 per month

And how much time are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
8 hours per day
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To become an accomplished football blog writer
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Jan 4, 2022
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hi Dave
just read your profile, very interesting, you've tried everything to get here, ive kind of fallen on to WA, cut all the corners if you like, ive got a good a good feeling every time I log on, & I don't have to waste time looking for other opportunity's, only thing is Dave I'm a Leeds utd fan' I hope this doesn't spoil our friendship, woof woof
davehayes Premium
Graeme, thanks for the nice words about my profile and yes I have tried everything to get here. In that process I no know that this is the real deal and offers a great opportunity for lots of door openings.

As for being a leeds fan, well I won't hold it against you, I think they have the right coach now and play the best football since the revie era, well minus the clogging!!

But glad you are here and nice to meet you
Easy-Moneys Premium
Hallo Dave!

Dr Barb from BC Canada here - 6 hours from Kyle & Carson & Jay!

I so love your Bio - honest and straight-up integrity all-the-way!

I'm going to consume all of your content here...lots to learn it appears!


PS Thanks for commenting on my WA Blog Posts....sometimes it's like Crickets are chirping and no-one is around or cares! LOL!
davehayes Premium
Thanks for your kind comments & folloow, I appreciate both
Easy-Moneys Premium
You are most welcome!
Weka-Lodge Premium
Wow! - Thanks, heaps.. Dave! - All your Training and Discovery Background sounds really interesting, and Productive!
I would sorta like to be able to claim at least 'some' form of success to show for all of the 4 to 6 years that I spent plunging around on the cunning and perverse 'Online-Marketing' scene! --
But sadly, I never made a single Brass-Rahzoo!! :{ --

Oh, I learned heaps, of course! - - Mostly, what NOT to do! :{
However, all of that sad-ole background to my Online 'training' has at least given me a 'nose' for the money-grubbing 'stinkeys'!
-- (haha!) - and a far better appreciation for 'Something-better',
when I have finally discovered it. :) - And WA, so far, seems to be steadily 'fitting the profile' better &better;, as I go along! :)

So, I hope to be able to learn some really good stuff - from your considered years of experience... and even successes! --
Feel free to drop me any 'nuggets' of knowledge and experience you may be willing to offer!! --- And the same for anyone else who may read this! -- ??? -- I'm 'all-ears'... &eyes;!! :)

Thanks again! - and Cheers! -- from: New Zealand....
Jen. ..........................................................................
davehayes Premium
All that will change here at WA for sure. I tend to put all the nuggest on my blog, which is the first one on my profile, but nice to meet you.
CLandi Premium
Hi Jen,
I read your reply to Dave. I just want to comfort you, and let you know that you are not the only one who has been taken in by some cunning marketers.

I asked a question of the community, and Dave responded with an "I don't know, sorry". I thought he was going through early stages of learning, so I gave him a like and follow to help bolster his confidence for at least responding. When I received a reply from Kyle that Davehayes is now following me, I clicked on it, and was sent to this page.

I read his bio and learned that he has knowledge of what I need to know. Meanwhile, I read some comments by others to see what they have to say, and that's how I came to reply to your comment. Devote most of your time to the training, not answering likes and follows. Everyone here has a different view on whether or not to spend "X" amount of time answering comments,,etc., and how much time for training.

If you have a problem, try to figure it out yourself, but don't spend a half year doing so. Ask questions if you don't know how to solve your problem. If you don't get a response from the community, ask someone like Dave if they can help you out. Maybe you know this by now, but I just wanted to encourage you to listen to all the positives that are mentioned in these posts and not the negatives ( if there are any ). Good Luck.

kpercival55 Premium
Hi Dave!
I appreciate the follow!
And I love the name of your town-Chichester-I think I’ve heard it mentioned in some of the British mysteries that I’m addicted to listening to on Audible.
I’m working on getting my first site ready for feedback. Since I still work it’s going a bit slower than I would like, but it will get there.
So glad to hear your positive feedback about WA. If someone with your knowledge and experience sees it as the right place to be then it just confirms my decision.
Happy Friday!

Kyle Ann
davehayes Premium
Thanks for the kind words and without doubt this is the right place
1signbanner Premium
Dave you are my hero. I've been involved in MLM like Amway and others but never successful. Here staring in my eyes WA is the answer to my new niche. You have mentioned it on SnowyGT, I think that's his name.

But you have motivated me on WA niche. Yes, I know about it.


Never thought of it as "ADVERTISING."

In the past I am a graphic artist and had my own business in Advertising.....DAAHHH! Why didn't I see WA IS RIGHT UP MY ALLEY, I DON'T KNOW. LOLS!

Thank you Dave! I owe you!

davehayes Premium
Frank, not sure abut being a hero my friend, bu thanks for your kind words

Every business needs advertising, good luck to you
1signbanner Premium
Thanks and that's what I will sell as an WA. To promote you must advertise your passion. You have ignited my direction.

I know about bootcamp, but (Dave keep it a secret- I have not gone thru it.) I will do it this time. It was looking at me right in the eyes but it was you that made me see it.

Thanks again!

could I take a glance at your sites? You can pm me.

Thank you Dave! Oh, I said that already. =)
davehayes Premium
Thanks for your kind words, I'll PM you my site