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Hi Everyone!I hope that you are having a productive and awesome week! Today I'm excited to officially tell you about some WA platform updates that we've released in the past week or so, specifically related to the LIVE CHAT!Over the years the live chat in WA has been the heartbeat of the community as it streams thousands of messages a day with everything form friendly "Hello's" to extremely helpful "How to's" and answers to all kinds of questions related to building a thriving online biz. Tod
Hi Everyone,Today I want to reach out to not only tell you about a few updates we’ve made recently, and to spark a discussion about TRUST and what establishes your trust in the online world?In the past few days we released a small, yet important update to the website. For those of you that have joined in the past couple of days, you would notice that we have a brand new form on the homepage that includes a number of testimonials from long time members here at WA.Here
Hey Everyone,Today I’m really excited to give the Wealthy Affiliate community an update on the many improvements and new platforms that we’ve been busy working on quietly in the background! As of today we released a major update to the Dashboard activity feed and I am going to tell you all about that. First though, a few general updates on what we’ve been busy working on!As many already know - in November 2020 (8 months ago) we released a major update to the User Experience
As each week passes, we are consistently rolling out new "code" here at Wealthy Affiliate. Each and every week is one of improvement, with some projects being visible within the community (to you), whereas other just as significant projects are being rolled out. Code, design, or speed improvements for example.We have just released a significant update to our video platform at WA. Over the years, video technology has improved drastically and we have adjusted and keep ahead of the curve in terms
Hi Everyone,Today I am really excited to blog about a technical update we have been working on for quiter some time. As many of you that have built websites at WA in the past know, image optimization is incredibly important to the success of your business. Slow loading images on your website are in many cases the sole culprit of a poor user experience, and worse yet, Google will punish your website in terms of rankings and exposure if you have a slow website.So how do you optimize images on you
After almost 2 years of development, we have officially launched the Affiliate Program platform here at Wealthy Affiliate. This is something that we have wanted for some time now and we are excited to finally make it available for you to use!Conventionally it has been difficult to find affiliate programs. They are spread out everywhere on the Internet and to find affiliate programs you typically had to do a Google search, or rely on searching through multiple affiliate networks to find a progra
Today we're happy to announce that one of our most highly used, and integral platforms to the website building process has been fully updated and is available now. I'm really excited to tell you all about SiteComments 2.0, the improvements that have been made, and brand new features that we have packed in :)To access SiteComments click "Websites" from the main menu and you will find it under the "SiteComments" button in the submenu. At Wealthy Affiliate we have long understood the importance o
Hey everyone! Today marks a long-awaited and incredibly important milestone in our history at Wealthy Affiliate. I am really excited to announce that Wealthy Affiliate is now Mobile Ready and mobile device users will get to experience our brand new responsive design!Mobile Responsive Design, Why it's so Important.First off...Responsive design means that the site will work beautifully on a device like a mobile phone or tablet, I wanted to explain that before we move on because it's something t
Hi Everyone,Wow, what a summer we've had here at WA and I hope that you've enjoyed yourself! We've just experienced one of our most exciting summers in terms of forward movement of the WA platform, and I can't wait to deliver some truly groundbreaking updates to the WA platform this fall! Today I want to tell you about some great new features we've just released!SiteRubix Websites Welcome SSL!!We have just released a major update to our website building experience at WA which makes all websit
Hey everyone,Less than 24 hours ago we released a brand new homepage at! We are really excited about this latest release, and we can't wait to you hear what you think about it.The homepage has been updated with the brand-new look. It's cleaner, easier to navigate, and we feel that it more clearly explains what's Wealthy Affiliate is, who it's for, and how people can benefit from joining the platform!Head over to take a look for yourself: https://www.wealthyaffiliate.comIt