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Can you help me find my website please?

Can you help me find my website please?

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Everything Wordpress

I just logged on to SiteRubrix to work on my site and it's GONE!! However, if I type the site into the URL bar my site pulls up just fine - I can go to dashboard and see every

Here you are:

First Rubix, than manager than refresh and see if that will bring it up

Go to SiteRubly Manage. Then will see all your website

It is in the chat discussed with Kyle right now


Click on live chat on the left

Found it - I feel better now - I read through the feed - it happened when they did some type of changeover last night.

That's right, you have to PM your website to Kyle
Kyle said that on my blog

Unfortunately I don't have my PW :(

Hope for you Kyle will resolve this soon

I guess they are working on it - according to what he said in live chat.

Sites are coming back!!

I have contacted WA support - but I'm not working on my site today - I am afraid that if I put in new information that it won't save - until I know for sure what's going on I'm just going to sit back and wait. I was told on another users profile page that there is some type of internal glitch that is going on and many members are experiencing the same thing today - I'm just going to wait out the wave today I think. Thanks everyone for your input and support!!

You can login directly via WP SexIsland69.com/wp-admin if you have your password

It still let me in though - whew!!

Lucky you:))

Shannon, this is clearly a platform issue. Open a ticket as suggested by ChrisTowers and let them deal with it. Don't freak out, though - it's most likely just a visualization issue. If you have access to your site as an user it is clear no information has been lost.

My site is missing all the day, in SiteManager the same as at your side. Asked twice already and no solution from Support.

Im sorry Shannon, I don't know but have you tried logging off the internet, turning off your router and powering down including your computer and then starting up again? Worth a try? if not send a ticket! Good Luck!

I'm scared to shut down - because right now I can at least access it by typing it into my URL bar.

To be honest with you I would hit the support button with this... Let them deal with it.. they will sort it out for sure.

Just my opinion :)

Which support? Can you give me the link please? I have not ever had to do this!!

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Do you have an exclusive blogging website?

Do you have an exclusive blogging website?

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Website Development & Programming

I have seen and helped edit many many sites - and I am looking for one of you who has an all exclusive blogging site. I connected with a member a couple of weeks ago that had

I have an exclusive blog site takingaleapoffaithblogsite.wodpress.com

Is your site a rubix wordpress site or a wordpress site only.
Thanks Tom.

It is a wordpress site only. I have had it for a while now.

please share :)

NM Just read above - you already DID share - I'm tired - time to put up the computer!!

I have recently submitted posts about writing to an e-book on writing. This is a twist I will be working on. I have posts along with pages on my site.

Please share when you get to a place that you feel comfortable to share - we can all learn something new from eachother!!

Hi Shannon, I have a blogging site< it is now fully developed yet as i only started it last week but it's on the right track.


It still needs a few tweaks but I am working on an ebook at the moment.

I have a quite professional looking theme on it Hope it helps.

Hi Shannon,

I have a blogging style site I use to alert my readers of recalled pet food and also to promote our mobile app.

Hope I was able to help.


I just had a look at your site it looks awesome.
Could I ask what exit plugin are you using?

Thanks Tamzon, that popup is provided by Convertkit. I switch to them about 4 months ago and its been great so far.

Hi David where did you get your site from to set up. thanks Tom.

Hi, I agree...your site looks awesome. If I had a pet would have subscribed straight away and downloaded the app :).

Hi Tom,
It's a wordpress website with the "Daily" theme by Theme Junkie. I customized it myself with their help. They have great support.
Here's a link to the theme.


Thanks Stephanie, I really appreciate that!

Your site looks good.

Wish I could assist, unfortunately I'm not quite there. Still working on my main site

It's ok - when you DO get there please share - I think we can all learn something new by exploring all different types of sites. We would love to see it!!

I'm in the process of developing a site that focuses on stress reduction that will have my blogs on it as well as my store that advertises items that will help people develop a holistic lifestyle. I guess therefore it wouldn't be considered an "exclusive" blog site, so I'd like to help if I knew what I was doing. On the other hand, I have seen your website and I like how it is set up, and I think that is the format I would like to use for my unfinished site, so I may be asking for your help soon. You obviously did something very right, because you are rising rapidly, and thus the reason I am following you. I know that you will continue to impress me! Cheers & beautiful days until next time!

Thank you for such a sweet post!! My site is slow to grow - I spend a TON of time researching before I write - I like my content to be long, informative, accurate, and FULL of great keywords - so it takes a while to create all of that - It'll get there eventually LOL :) I'm patient though!

As for help - PLEASE keep me on your watch list - you are ALWAYS welcome to come to me for advice - I have several people I help on a regular basis. I am really good at writing and editing - so I'm happy to help you anytime. I'm not real techy - but I do know my way around WordPress fairly well. But if it's too techy I ALWAYS reach out to the community - I get stuck lots of times myself!! It's all part of the growing process.

PM me anytime - happy to be here for ya'

Shannon, I have a business blog that is supposed to direct people to the main website.

Please feel free to share - always great to see alternative sites!! Gives people ideas!!
Thanks :)

Not sure what you mean by exclusive blogging site.

That is a website that only has a weblog on it. No specific pages to outline certain things or products. That kind of site only has blog posts on a specific topic.

Thanks Paul - he hit it on the head - that's what I am asking for.

Hi Paul, to have a proper website where should we go. Tom.

Hi Tom,
You can simply register a new website here at WA and set that up with only pages, no blog posts. You can create a good landing/home page and use that as the first page people see when they visit the site. In the configuration of the theme you use you can select the "Static Frontpage" to use. Set up the pages, create the menu, and voila, there's your website.
You can also register the website at places like Dreamhost or GoDaddy, who offer Wordpress setups as well.
Good luck!

hi Shannon I wanted to blog as well as sell vitamins from my site . I really don't know if this is possible to do though.

ANYTHING is possible if that is the route you want to go then you just need to learn how to create a great blogging site - that's why I posted this question - it will give everyone ideas on different directions they can go. Don't think that you CAN'T do something - ANYTHING is possible if you do your research and you set your mind to it!!!!

thanks shannonsb I am just learning the ends and outs to this.

You are welcome - you can always learn from other site.

Hi Shannon - not sure what you're really looking for - but my site http://whenthestarscomeout.com - has recently become the FAQ site for a 10k + FB group.

What is it you're looking for from a site?

All the best, Mark

What product are you selling ??

Maybe not exactly - but always an alternative for people to take a gander at!! It gives people ideas on how to create something that they may not have thought of otherwise!!! THANK YOU for sharing!!

Where is your site from. How did you make it. Tom.

Hi - are you asking Shannon/me or Mirita?

All the best, Mark

Anybody under the stars that can answer the question.

Who are you asking, my dear??

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Why is google analytics so confusing?

Why is google analytics so confusing?

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Search Engine Optimization

Ok - another stupid question I imagine - but now I'm frustrated and need help understanding this disaster....

When I go to Google Analytics (GA) - and I'm logged into one

Hi Shannon,
Google customizes your personal search results based on your past search history, this is done through a cookie in your browser.
For example, if you frequently visit your own site, then your site will appear higher in the results than someone else would see.
That's why you need to use the incognito mode as suggested below.
Here is some training that explains this and also gives some other tools for checking your search engine positions.

Hi Shannon please do not waste your time with this as it does not effect what is really happening - your focus to to write good blogs and share and get your site on page one of all search engines

I just don't know how to check that "really" because GA has that all messed up!!!

In Chrome it is called "Incognito", in Firefox it is called "In Private Browsing". In Chrome, go to the button in the upper right corner of your screen. It looks like three, short, horizontal, black lines stacked on top of each other. Click that, then choose New Incognito Window. In Firefox I don't remember the exact steps but I think you go somewhere on the upper left side of the screen to get to In Private Browsing.
Can't help you with understanding Google +!

Thank you guys for the Incognito description I did that and that was very helpful so that's how I'm going to check my search engine results from this point forward is Incognito and I do believe I'm going to rely on wa data versus GA data I think that I will have more reliable results be in GA data is very conflicting depending upon what your login to sew that's my take on it

Hi Shannon, remember there is no such thing as a stupid question! Google Analytics is all beyond me at this point but it does sound very complicated; no wonder you have been confused. Don't worry about being stuck at 21 for 4 days; that's a very short time. Worrying is counterproductive. Just keep going the way you've been going and you will become an Ambassador before you know it. Best wishes, Amanda

Here are some of the things I know about Google Analytics. If you log into your site whether it's to review what's on your site or to change one or more pages, Google counts each of your page views as well as the page views of real visitors to your site. Google also counts as page views people who are just analyzing your site and are not really visitors. They could even be machines. They essentially count everything.
Jetpack stats throw out the page views of those like yourself who are just logged into the site. If you run Pagespeed Insights, Jetpack will count 2 pageviews and Google Analytics will throw it out.

Imagine you are in a jungle, and you are logged in with G+ and become Spider mode. Your G+ follower and your following is connected by a thread to you, like a web. So, G+ posts in Google Search is not a real result and can only be seen by G+ that are connected to each other. These network of web, hang from tree to tree far away - above the ground.

When you logged off G+ or going incognito, you are entering the ground level as an Ant mode and you don't see the realm above the tree. Google Search result just show these Ant where to find the popular food in the jungle. The result goes up if the Ant actually do something like wander around (stay longer / decrease bounce rate) and pick up from the food (interacting).

You have Google Jungle, Yahoo Jungle, MSN Jungle, Facebook Jungle and more. These Jungle are not connected to each other. Just drop a little food here and there at each Jungle.

The Spider can see the Ant but the Ant cannot see the Spider. This is just analogy. Hope it helps :)

That's a very interesting analogy. Funny too.

I was wondering why my G+ pages were landing and not my website. Makes sense now!!!

Your analogy was very entertaining and very helpful too!

If you want to know your site rank, go into incognito mode in your browser. Then you can search for the ranking of your site.
If not when you are signed in Google+ with different accounts, Google will remember your user setting and it will try to remember what you did before.
When you have visited a site before, Google will bring it up on the first page for you - that is called cached.
I hope this explains it.

How do I go "incognito"

You're the first one with advice - I just want to understand. So when you tell me how to go incognito I will do the search - but still - what does that have to do with the difference in data?? When I'm in GA with my WA G+ account open I see WAY different data than I see when I am in my personal G+ account or even completely logged out of both - why is that????

To go "incognito", it depends on which browser you are using. Type "incognito" in WA top search box. You will find the instructions.

When you sign in a different account of G+, the browser remembers all the activities, like which sites you visited and how many times.
It will give different result depends on your past activities.

Sorry Shannon, my comment has nothing to do with your question. I just noticed that you're still moving up in rank. Up to 21 now. Congratulations.

Thank you very much - I appreciate the mention. I am however stuck at 21 have been for about 4 days now - it seems that the better you rank the harder it is for those numbers to drop off :) I am just hoping to simply maintain my ambassador status at this point - I don't want to 'gain' back any of those points FOR SURE!!!

I was thinking the same thing last week. I have 5 keywords that have hit the first page but I think that is just google tracking my history. I am going to go to the public library to do a keyword search to see if I am still landing on the first page. I'm glad you wrote this. I was going crazy about this.

Thank goodness I'm not the only one on here wondering what's real and what isn't!!! FRUSTRATED!!!

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Can anyone answer my question about affiliate linking?

Can anyone answer my question about affiliate linking?

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Website Development & Programming

Hey Family~

Ok - so I have probably the world's stupidest question - I think I know the answer but it's not what I want to hear - so I have to ask....

I have all my

It depends on the affiliate rules for the product or service that you are selling. I believe that most allow you to sell other products on their sites as long as it was your link that brought them there, and the cookie, or the duration that they can purchase is usually good for at least 24 hours.

Thank you guys - you have definitely eased my mind. I forgot about the cookie thing, I knew that about eBay and Amazon - but I wasn't sure with other affiliates - I'm sure it works the same way - see - I need to be reminded to... Told you it was a stupid question :}~~

I came here to find the answer, Shannon, and I see below, so thanks for raising it.

In most cases, this is a redirect from your affiliate link and will actually protect your commissions. If your affiliate code stayed in the Web address then if the person who clicked your link was also an affiliate they would be able to just replace your affiliate code with theirs and they would get the commission. This is much harder to do if the page is redirected so this should actually protect your commissions

It really depends on the company you are affiliated with and what their rules are. For instance, with Amazon you have a 24 hour window, so if they click my link to go to the product that I recommended and decide not to buy that item, but go back to Amazon to shop for something, no matter what it was, as long as it is in the 24 hour window I will get credit for that item. It doesn't matter what they buy when they have clicked your affiliate link, as long as they buy something within the time frame that the affiliate program specifies.
Hope that answered your question. If not let me know and I will try again.

I wouldn't worry. With some affiliates, the affiliate link gets converted to a regular looking link after it's clicked and your affiliate code doesn't show. But there is a cookie that gets attached and you will get credit for whatever product you pointed to, and oftentimes anything else they buy from their site within a certain amount of time. That varies, too. Amazon is 24 hours. Some affiliate programs give you a much larger window.

If they use that link to go that website even if they purchase other product it will still be your sale.

I don't think you have anything to worry about. That whole process is automated and your affiliate information is automated throughout the site. Cool niche by the way.

Incidentally, are you getting any traffic and if so what is you 3 main sources of traffic to you site?

and do you have any way to analyze your traffic campaigns?

That all depends on how the company you are affiliated with does things..

Take Ebay for example.. If you are an Ebay affiliate then as long as the person uses your affiliate link to go to Ebay, then anything they buy counts towards your commissions. I imagine it puts a temporary cookie on their computer to track their purchases.

Kind of like WA... if they use your link to come to WA but then don't sign up....and then come back a month later and sign up, then you get credit for it as long as they don't clear their cookies.

I hope this makes sense and helps answer your question.

Good Luck!

Sometimes affiliate links do a redirect to the actual page. You should get credit. Most affiliate pay you for the consumer purchase regardless of the product variation. You should check the terms of service though. Every affiliate program has it's nuances.

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