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Anybody using an automated translator for the site?

Anybody using an automated translator for the site?

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Everything Wordpress

There should be tools that detect location of a reader and do translation of a post automatically, in addition to a manual switcher.

Is there anybody here who is using s

These has been recommended for me.



There's also TranslatePress and Weglot.

I know how to find them, I wanted to hear about personal experience.

My apologies I don't have personal experience but I know a client who did this on their website, and they said, it wasn't user experience friendly enough it still needed to be proofread by a native human translator.

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How to rank in google?

How to rank in google?

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Authoring & Writing Content

I have written thousands of product reviews in the past years, mostly based on expertize and knowledge of the niche. Normally, my reviews would rank and this used to create a s

Hey Jovo,

No immediate answer, I'm still thinking about it, LOL.

Do me a favour though.

Go to Google Search Console.

Leave it as "Last 90 days".

Go to your PAGES.

Locate the article in question and click on it.

Look at the traffic graph.

Is there a specific date that traffic just bombed to zero?

We can then work backwards from there to work out what has happened.

Also, check that it is still actually indexed, and hasn't been de-indexed for some reason.


Actually it shows there, not very impressive, 414 impressions, 10 clicks, average position 16, but at least it is continuously there.

However when I search for it in Google (for any combination of words in the targeted keyword) it does not appear at all. So I have no a clue how this average position is generated when it is not in Google.

The clicks may come from indirect traffic due to internal links and Pinterest.

When I search for targeted keyword and variants, I do get my separate 2 lists posts where the product is included. So this is the source of the traffic traffic.

Hmmmmm, well the 10 clicks on GSC is obviously organic traffic from Google.

You can click the "queries" for the article and see exactly what search terms gave those 10 clicks and their "avg pos".

So, it's obviously still ranking (I take it you're still getting impressions this week?)

I'm still thinking, LOL.

Realistically, you shouldn't have to go through the "Google Dance" with an established website.

You've probably seen this yourself - you write an article with very low competition, no real competitors at all on page one, and within 24-48 hours you're ranking position one.

I still say that even for an established websites like yours, you won't reach your full traffic potential for an article until about 4 months, i.e. you rank for more-and-more related keywords each month.

I'm still thinking, LOL.

I don't know at the moment - in my mind, you have proven expertise in your niche, you have an established website, you have written a product review exactly how Google would love to see every product review, personalized, actually using the product, your own images, etc.

As long as your still getting impressions, as "worhtless" as that feels, you know you're still in the search results for certain product-related terms.

I dunno, sorry Jovo, I still have to think about it some more.


Yes impressions look continuous, see the graph, but I have been checking it a few times in the past a few weeks and could never see it in Google. So there should be interruptions in impressions which I do not see here.

it is dancing quite a lot. It was indexed and ranked on April 8, it should be stable now.

I took the product with me to the mountains recently wanted to make a video and pictures in a true environment but gave up, it looked pointless. Everything looks pointless.

But I did start a new site recently, more or less (hopefully it is more than less) following your approach. Just to know that I appreciate what you are writing at this platform.

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Is it legal to show content from other sites on your yt?

Is it legal to show content from other sites on your yt?

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Authoring & Writing Content

I see that many YouTube authors show material from some sites in their videos, screencastomatic and other types.

After watching a video from YT itself about this issue,

What's the video you watched about the "legality". There's a difference between something being "illegal", and something being against YouTube's TOS. Illegal implies that you'll be arrested or fined for a crime. Against TOS just means your channel could be struck or taken down.

My assumption is that with commentary, pretty much anything is fine. The key is adding value. Not just re-posting content, e.g. reading an entire article verbatim. Even then, what is "value". You could dress up as a goblin and read an article in a goblin voice and that could be considered "art" or "value".

By legal and illegal I mean that one can be sued for using somebody's material. I thought this was obvious from my question.

YT clearly say in their video that they cannot give legal advises regarding this issue. This is not related to their TOS. So you think this is safe to do, I feel uneasy about it.

If you are uneasy about it, then you shouldn't do it. Ultimately, you bear the rewards or consequences of your decision. I guess it also depends which jurisdiction you're in, and whose material you're showing. People get sued for nonsensical BS all the time in the US, so it's not like following the rules will prevent you from getting sued 100% of the time. However, you should only do what you think is right, since if you end up in a situation where you do get sued, it's you who will bear the cost of time and money. I'm just offering my interpretation based on your question.

At least in the US, if a work is "transformative", then it counts as legal use AS FAR AS I KNOW (since I'm not a lawyer), but of course, some people do have to go to court to prove this.

Hi - no, you shouldn't do this. However, it's not picked up by YouTube's algorithm as far as I know. Only copyrighted music is flagged up automatically.

And with music, you don't even have to remove it, but understand that you can't receive monetization from that video.

So, you are relying on the original owner seeing any screenshots, video clips, etc., and contacting YouTube to ask for it to be removed.

YouTube will always honor this request, and it would then be up to you to prove you either had permission or it fell under "Fair Use," which is a very grey area and subject to misuse.

Thank you Diane. It is surprising that people create businesses on such a concept that can clearly create lots of trouble.

I do not make negative reviews in any case, so my guess is that adding a link to the source in the video description would be good enough.

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How to enable subscription watermark icon in youtube video?

How to enable subscription watermark icon in youtube video?

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Video Marketing

I do not see the way to make subscription button active. Have watched quite a number of videos where this is explained, but it simply does not work as described.

I can a

Update: the things work. I was logged in and this is why it did not work. In incognito mode subscribe buttons work. Thanks all.

Glad this was solved.

Set up your button as directed through branding. Once that watermark is showing on your vids just let it be and go on with everything else you have going. Maybe it takes a bit of time, but if you have the watermark showing, it will work. :)

OK, thanks, it is there. I have seen that some YT channels have a subscription button under the video, no idea how this works.

The subscribe and share buttons beneath YouTube videos and on YouTube channels are automatic. You don’t have to do a thing for those. Hovering over the watermark you’ve created on your video will open up a subscribe option as well. :)

I have just realized what is happening. Tried the video url in incognito mode and both buttons (in the video box and under the box) are there and clickable for subscription. So this was the reason, I was logged in and it did not show as a true subscribe option.

See! It all worked out! Nicely done!

Were you able to get this to work now?

Here's a Youtube video showing it.
youtube dot com/watch?v=vTu668WTeu4

No it does not work. I have watched many videos and I have done these steps but the button does not work as described above.

Hi - I haven't tried it yet, but apparently, it takes 48 hours to activate. There is a community help forum if required.


Thank you Diane, I shall wait and see what happens. I submitted a question in the forum but have not received any reply yet.

Settings > Channel > Branding

Bottom > Choose image, and options and save changes.

Also this explains


I did all this already, but the button remains inactive as I explained in my question above.

When I did a way back, it happened instantly unless they've changed something recently.

Strange, I created two channels and the same is on both.

My apologies this is happening to you. However I would hope you get it resolved asap.

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Google search console results. how is this possible?

Google search console results. how is this possible?

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Search Engine Optimization

After the last Google algorithm update, I see a dramatic increase in ranking, see the orange line. The average ranking used to be very bad before.

However, Google's traff

I agree with dale that you'd have to look at individual posts to see what's going on. When data looks wonky like that, you have to look more granularly to find out what's going on. You asked, "what's going on with my data", and the answer is "something changed in your rank profile". Now the work part is finding out what changed.

To me, it looks like you lost some rank for broader terms and gained some rank for specific terms with less traffic. WHY that would be the case is unknown to me. Doesn't really make sense IMO, unless you had the majority of your traffic from a single post which lost rank, but you gained rank related to some type of specific posts you were creating from before. That's my best guess.

June 1 is kind of "the beginning of summer" as well though, so maybe something in your rank was about something seasonal.

I understand what you are saying but from what I see my top ranking posts are still the same. I guess I shall never know, traffic from other search engines seems to be unaffected.

It looks like you're looking at an overview of all keywords, you'd need to break it down by individual keyword.

You may have lower rankings for the keywords that had high volume, but higher rankings across the board for keywords that have lower volume, thus resulting in skewed stats like those.

The average ranking is increased 4 times or more, so it would be logical to expect bulk traffic to grow instead of disappearing completely. It is also top season for this site's niche. The graphs make no sense to me.

As I say, it needs to be done on an individual keyword basis - an overall summary of rankings will always produce skewed results.

For example, if you've dropped for generic terms but raised for brand terms, that would cause a graph similar to the one above, but there is no way of telling without actually looking deep into the data, anything else would merely be guesswork.

I receive monthly reports from GSC by email, and I know for sure that the top performing pages have been the same in the past months, nothing is changed there. The list of top performing pages is the same when I check for the past 10 or 7 days. So if their contribution is the same, and the overall ranking (for the rest) is so increased, I should see increased traffic.

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