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Thank you for your interest to visit my profile here at Wealthy Affiliate.😀
I have been a student at this amazing university for quite some years. And if you are not a member yet, I strongly recommend you sign up for a free account today to check out this excellent training facility.🎓


My name is Loes Knetsch and living in The Nederlands🇳🇱. I am a mother of 6, grandmother of a couple of grandkids, and happily married. For 10 years, my full-time job was attending the children of others, I ran a daycare center in my own home. (two boys 👨?👨?👧? one girl) During the day, they were all going to school, so I had quite a lot of free time. But that has changed. I have taken on the care and support of my friend. She has recently suffered from cerebral infarction and is left paralyzed. She is single and needs a lot of help, and I am going to support her as well as I can.


Since I joined WA I have written 125+ training 💻courses to be helpful for the community. When you put "Blogs Top Rated By Loes Listed" this into the search bar on top you will find these amazing tips. ☕


During my study here, I have developed 7 websites, which are attracting thousands of visitors, because I have learned how to fill in the right keywords for the search engines. The niches are very divergent.

My "This is Kids Art" website 🎨attends handmade crafts made by children between 4-12 years, those are of course made in my daycare.

My "Work at Home, the Future is Yours" website is full of tutorials about website development 🌐 ( everything I learn here at this university). Which I am translating in Dutch on eigensitemaken.siterubix.com, also the website where I display tips and training for Dutch language coaching to be helpful for others who want to step into this traject as well.

Then I have a "Free Images" website, which displays all the pictures made by my husband 📷 and has a huge list of collected free images websites from others.

And I am proud to present to you my "Kleurboekjes" websites. Coloring life for kids. 🌈 A spiritual website with booklets to educate children on the first steps for a holistic and spiritual view of life. I also use the blog of this website to kick some authority *sses.

"your.siterubix" which I started in February 2016 has been merged with my workathomefuture website and will be deleted soon.

And I am irreclaimable :) My newest website is in Dutch again and is called "aloesvera.nl", 🌿 the name says it already, this website it delegated to Aloë Vera, bee 🐝 products, food supplements, and superfood.

And I have a special WA Black Friday Website, affiliatemarketingblackfridaydeal, a siterubix, to which I link to for info during the Black Friday sales.

4 of these websites are to find on the right when you scroll down a bit. If you are interested to visit one that's not listed, (I only have 7 boxes) you may PM me and I will send over the URL.


Wealthy Affiliate is an open education resource, 📚where you can learn all about how to develop and monetize your own website. You'll learn the finer part of affiliate marketing. Besides that, there is a lively international warm and helpful community 👥. 24/7 open to answer any question you might have. The step-by-step video courses are for everybody to understand who has mastered the basics of the English language.


I am creating an additional income 💰here, and am very confident, seeing the results, that my income will be doubled, even tripled :) when the time comes I retire.


Teach the children well, so we can change the future in one decade
What you send out, you get back, so give everything to everyone 🎁😉


On the Workathomefuture.com website tab "contact" I welcome you to connect with me on all Social Media accounts.

Down to the right, you can find the links to: in position #1 my categorized Top-rated Wealthy Affiliate training and posts. Position #2 My healthy Super Food website (Dutch with translator). #3 Workathomefuture, #4 Thisiskidsart, #5 Kleurboekjes (Dutch with translator), and #6 FreePictures.

#7 Non-profit:
Follow me on Kiva, microloans for small business.
Join me on Kiva and help alleviate poverty by making loans as small as $25! Join our lending team, Wealthy Affiliate Members, so that we can work together to expand opportunities for borrowers worldwide.

Enjoy building your business!
💕 Loes

Last Update: 09 august, 2021
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Answer 2: 100.000
Answer 3: willing 24/7
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Dec 19, 2016
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Loes Premium
Answer 1: 30.000
Answer 2: 100.000
Answer 3: willing 24/7
Carson Premium Plus
Success starts with goals and you're that much closer to achieving them now!

Your goals will be a reality and you will come closer to achieving them with every lesson here at WA! I know that you can do it and you've got an entire community of people in your corner :)

I look forward to working with you and helping out in every way I can!

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My main goal was to learn how to write a website ;)
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Oct 3, 2019
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ownonlboss Premium
Hi Loes!

Fantastisch dat je hier ook bent!

Yes I am Dutch(but living in Norway) and yes I also joined this wonderful community!

I just started following you because I think you got a lot of interesting things going. Teacher, life coach and lots of more things as skills.

I have some different skills so perhaps we can help each other out. Good also to be able to do that in our own language perhaps.

Have a good day!

Loes Premium
Hoi Steven, altijd leuk:) The language on WA is English, but the PM's can be used for Dutch interaction:) See you around
ElisaW Premium
I really like your profile! I have 5 boys too (my own) but I home school so I don't have the time when they are gone during the day. I am making it work still, trying to learn all I can from Wealthy Affiliate. (Newbie :)
I am glad to read on your profile that you are finding success. It gives me hope!
Loes Premium
Hi Elisa, success has for everyone a different definition,thanks for visiting my profile:)
JoyNelson Premium
Hey Loes,

I was curious if you could please take a moment (when you have time, of course) to explain to me how the training point system works. I created my first training because I wanted to but I am considering digging in and creating more trainings...

I mainly want to understand how to know if your training is performing well. Any info or resources you have or are aware of would be most appreciated. Feel free to private message me if that makes more sense.

Thanks so much,

JWoods1 Premium
Hi Loes how are you today? or is it night? I finally got site support to answer my question and they enabled editor on my wordpress site worldsbestninaryoptions.com. However it only wants to edit the theme. I don't know how to make it go into the individual pages like you did. I know you are busy answering other people's questions, but if you have a moment a reply would be much appreciated. Thanks, John
Loes Premium
It's evening:) when you click editor, you do not get all possibilities? Like I send you with the screenshot?
JWoods1 Premium
yes but only for the site's theme. or does that also contain all the content I've put up to this point? oh wait I went back into editor and saw the 3rd step you outlined on the right hand menu. I deleted the phrase and it worked!!!Yayyy! Thanks, I couldn't have got it done without that screenshot you sent me. Told you you're a wiz:)
Loes Premium
Glad you found it:)
JWoods1 Premium
I really like your kids art site..but one question: I notice there is a lot of empty space on the right of your pages. It felt like it should be centered. However that may just be my computer, or maybe you want it to look that way. If so that's perfectly fine. Overall though your site is very interesting and getting those clicks is the main thing!!
Loes Premium
Thanks, I know John, I went from a 15 inch to a 20 inch screen and it is terrible, you can use the Ctrl + to adjust it
JWoods1 Premium
Thats something I didn't know!
Loes Premium