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I am a single mother who is tired of working three jobs that I hate to pay the bills. I want to do what





Please help me with the transfer code?

Please help me with the transfer code?

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WA Affiliate Program

I called godaddy tonight and explained that I needed a new transfer code. I just got a new transfer key regenerated by godaddy within the last hour and already your saying it

Are you trying to transfer a domain name or move a website? They are totally different

The new site isnt on my list yet?

The new site isnt on my list yet?

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Website Development & Programming

I tried to transfer a domain I already have. I changed the DNS nameservers and paid for it but don't see it on my list of websites. Can you help? It is essentiallyyouwholisti

If this is still the case after a few hours, please contact SiteSupport here:


One thing I don't understand is this:
What did you have to pay for? Did you only want to use the hosting here or did you want to transfer the whole domain?

There is a difference between those things.
You don't have to pay anything, if you just want to change the nameservers.

Anyways, the Support is the best contact for such things.


I have a similar problem. Any luck?

See my answer below. :)

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