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Does anyone know, pls, how to adjust the line spacing in wp?

Does anyone know, pls, how to adjust the line spacing in wp?

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Everything Wordpress

Hell everyone, can anyone pls tell me how to adjust the line spacing in Wordpress?

Easy way- press shift+enter at end of sentence and you will get a single space instead of the wordpress nonsense of double spacing everything.
You could go into appearance / editor and find the .post p line and edit that 1. post p{line-height: 1.5em;}

or if you want less spacing between paragraphs you can change padding
1. post p {
2 line-height: 1.5em;
3 padding-bottom: 15px;
4 }

If you dont have a .post p line you can just make one but where to put it in the css is another thing. might be able to add it in the additional css area in the customize section - editor / site name above dashboard / customize button in black bar/ scroll down to see additional css box

Hi Buddle, to override WordPress you will need to add some code in your text editor to vary the space between lines, paragraphs and headings.

I don't like headings centered between paragraphs, I like them nearer to the paragraph they represent. To bring your header nearer to the paragraph you would enter the code before your heading h1, or whatever size heading your using:

Heading Goes Here

To reduce the space between the paragraphs you would enter the code at the start of the paragraph:

Text Goes Here

To reduce line spacing you would use:

Text Goes Here

For example, if your text is 12 pixels, a line height of 15 pixels would give you a 3 pixel line space throughout the paragraph.

To change the font-size you would use:

Text Goes Here

If you want to use them all then the code would be:

Text Goes Here

Copy and place the code at the start of every paragraph where you want them to apply. You can make these changes in you theme's style sheet so that they would apply to throughout your site without having to copy and paste them, but that's a different story!

Hope this helps.You can take a look at my site if you wish:
as an example of how this looks.

Wow, it sure does, Harry, Thank you! Shall give it a go.

Just my opinion, but if you make them any closer than WP has created, they will be too hard to read by the "average Joe".

I really don't understand why you want to change the line spacing. This is one of the things that WordPress has got right. You need space between paragraphs for the text to be easy to read. The days of long paragraphs have long gone.

Hi Buddle, I had some problems in this area and as Melanies said I learned to control it by using shift and enter and hift and delete.
enter will at the end of a sentance will drop the following lines down. Delete at the front of a sentence will move that text up.
When I try to "bold" a heading it tends to make everything bold so I have to drop the text way down so it will be normal. When I get it started I use the delete in the front to bring it back up.

I hope this will help as things may be different for you.


Thanks, Marty, but that does not work. It does in the Draft, but when you save, and then look at the Preview, the spacing is huge.

I have a Mac and now do my pages and posts in a word document app. Thgen copy and paste.

Maybe I should try that...

I lost a blog and then started writing in OneNote till I found that it was not the right tool. Everytime I copy and pasted it came out in a big block and had to be reconfigured. This app gives me the option to file, download, share and copies as I have it written. It is Google Docs on my Mac.......Marty

In some WP themes you can Hit Shift + Enter to get Single space. Hope this helps


Thanks, Melaniess, I use this, but the spacing is still to wide for me. I want the lines to be closer together than that.

You're welcome, unfortunately the WP themes seem to be a little more limited than I'm used to and I don't know of any other way to get it closer than that.

If you get a better option please post it here so we all have it for future use.


Sure. I am beginning to believe it is all in the code... As Ken states. Too far above me at this stage. Oh dear.

Yes I agree I'm not at that level either so I decided to stick with what I was able to do with the shift & enter keys....:-)

Plodder, like me. And then suddenly, you will become a galloper, Melaniess. Hang in there.

Happy Saturday to you. Depending on the theme you chose for your website, the fonts, line spacing, colors, everything is controlled by the CSS code (styling) of your theme. To make changes in this code, I would highly suggest having an experienced webmaster make the adjustments for you.
Without knowing your theme, you can control a little by the formatting you use in your word processor before uploading it as "text" into your WordPress editor.
I always select 1 1/2 line spacing and use Arial as my font.
Good question, I hope this helps

Thank you, Ken. A friend said it was probably in the code. Heck!
I have done it in Pages, perfect spacing, but when I copy and paste into WP, THAT's when the dissatisfaction occurs!

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How to generate a banner ad code not on namecheap?

How to generate a banner ad code not on namecheap?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

Hi WA,

Can anyone please tell me a site that generates an HTML code for your banner ad?

Will love you forever!

OK, will try, Marion. Thks.

Let WordPress do the work for you

Sounds like you will love E forever.

Lucky E!

This code here is probably what your looking for.You might have to adjust your image size depending on where you put it.


Thanks E. will try this when ad is done.

You will have to go to this website.It wont let me post the whole url.


Maybe try these :
(I haven't used them myself. I create my banners on WA or get banner links on all my affiliate programs accounts)

Bless you, Believe, I shall check now

Hope it helps. What do you intend to promote on your banner? If you promote products through affiliate programs they'll automatically give you banner codes and affiliate links



Oops - a little bit confused...I am looking for how to create the URL for a banner ad, Believe It - is this the same thing?

Nope. Doing this myself. Thanks anyway.

Yes, but what I don't understand is what kind of banner you want to create. When people click on the banner, where does it take them? Do you have a link already? Is it a link to your website? Or a link to a product you are promoting?

No banner yet. Still creating it! Through fiverr, but they all say they do not create the codes. Now is a code the same as the HTMl thingy?

yes, it's a code you will insert within your "text" tab on wordpress. It looks something like this

You can also add an HTML code for a banner within a widget on your sidebar(s)

Uh-oh, now you are getting a tad too technical!

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