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Hi - I'm Mark, from Scotland. I live in the Highlands, in a small town called Dingwall, just north of Inverness. I'm married





Php version - do we run the latest release?

Php version - do we run the latest release?

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Website Development & Programming

Hi - my sites are running PHP5.xxxx - does PHP get updated automatically, or do we have to request it to be updated - or is the whole WA platform on the same PHP version?

Hello Mark, if you require a higher version of PHP, then please contact SiteSupport and we can upgrade your server for you to our new server class.




Hi Carson - I hope you and your family are all well.

Thanks for the reply - I did exactly that just after my original post, and SiteSupport upgraded me at the next opportunity.

Excellent service as always from the team.

All the best,


Hi - there is a plugin - Display PHP Version by David Gwyer, which is now v1.5 - that will show you.

My original question was because a MailChimp plugin didn't work in v5 - however site support placed my site onto a v7 instance of PHP.

Thanks, Mark

Eagerly awaiting Mark

All php versions at 7.0 or lower are NOT GDPR conform.

Here's some technical specs you may be interested in pertaining to the hosting at Wealthy Affiliate.

-- Server Configuration --

Operating System: Linux
PHP Version: 5.6.33-1~dotdeb+7.1
MySQL Version: 5.5.35
jQuery Version: 1.12.4
Server Software: Apache/2.2.22 (Debian)

-- PHP Configuration --

Local Memory Limit: 268435456
Server Memory Limit: 128M
Post Max Size: 32M
Upload Max Filesize: 32M
Time Limit: 120
Max Input Vars: 1000
Display Errors: N/A

Wish I could help. All the best.

I asked this question to Site Support a couple of weeks ago. They told me they cannot change my site's PHP because we are on a shared host.

However, I was also told that the owners are upgrading the PHP and other related stuff and we would be getting an update from them in the near future.

I have not heard anything since then.

So we all have PHP 5.xxx (as far I know). We don't have the latest version of PHP but I was told we are going to get it at some stage.

Hi Kewl - thanks for that.

I didn't expect we'd all be on different versions, but good to know for sure.

Cheers, Mark

Thanks, Mark.

You may want to check with Carson or Kyle and see where they are with the updates.

Have a good day.


Kewl (Devan)

Hi Kewl, it's been a few months since your post. Do you happen to have an answer already? Best, Laura

Hi Laura. Sorry, I haven't. I've been away from WA for about 5 months as my Dad was very sick and recently passed away.

I'm only now starting to return to WA. If I do hear anything I will let you know for sure.


Hi Devan, I'm sorry to hear that and wish you all the strength you need to get over this loss.

Welcome back however and I will be awaiting with you at the answer!

Thanks, appreciate it!

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Question about photoshop, layers and images - easy select?

Question about photoshop, layers and images - easy select?

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Getting Started

Hi - not a WA question, but a Photoshop one - I'm a newbie to this program.

I am creating a collage with 40 pictures.

All of the pictures import into a different

Mark, thanks for asking. I just learned something.

If I remember correctly, you can also click on the image itself to select the layer. Where you click in the image cannot be a blank area. It has to have some pixels defined. I am not sure about two layers conflicting, however.
Best Regards,

Cheers Jim - I've been so used to paint .net for so long - I'm sure there are thousands of shortcuts in PS I've yet to find!

All the best, Mark

Just found the answer in case anyone needs it too:

When you select the Move Tool, you will see in the option bar a check box auto-select and a drop down list next to it. Check the box, and put layer in the drop down list. Now, whenever you click on an element that was not locked, it is selected in your layers panel.

Cheers, Mark

I'm happy you've got the answer.
Thanks for sharing it to the community.
All the best my friend.

Yes Mark, that's exactly how you do it :)

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