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Hi everybody. I've been here since early Nov 2015. Holy cow have I learned a lot. Thanks for all the instruction past and future. I





Anybody using the theme lawyerpress lite?

Anybody using the theme lawyerpress lite?

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Anybody using the theme Lawyerpress Lite? It is a free 1-page website theme. It seems nice enough but... I cannot get the header to upload. I definitely followed the steps but

Thank you, everyone. I'm working on some possibilities. I've also gotten a better understanding ( I think ) of how Lawyerpress is set up.

Hey Barbara,

Whenever you experience any issue with any wordpress theme, it is recommended that you search your issue to see if any other users have experienced the same thing,

Most times, you'll find common issues and resolves shared. See screen print below...

Hope you find this helpful.


That's their site, you may want to contact their support however the developers are not obliged to help as it is a free theme


Its probably because its a free theme. Free themes have tons of restrictions with them Barbara. The best themes to use, are GeneratePress Premium, others use DIvi, and I use Thrive Themes, because its bootstrapped and has zero restrictions on it.

Anybody else having trouble receiving emails from w a ?

Anybody else having trouble receiving emails from w a ?

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Haven't received emails in over a week.

Nothing in spam and I unchecked and then rechecked my email settings. I guess it's time to talk to support. Thanks, everyone.

I haven't had any trouble. Make sure they have the correct email address and if that is fine check with tech support and see what they have to say.

All is good on this end as this hasn't happened to me.

No problem here, Barbara. Let support have a look for you.

Have you checked your spam box? Sometimes your email provider puts them there. I had this troubles in the past too, but since I opened a special gmail address for the WA email 3 years ago, I never had any problems

This sounds like a possible option. Great idea! Thanks.

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