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Hello everyone! I'm new to online marketing. I studied different subjects in three different colleges (majored in Fine Art, Legal Assistant, Chinese, and





Ok to post images from other sites, if you credit them?

Ok to post images from other sites, if you credit them?

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Hello everyone,

This question isn't technically about writing content, but it is about content in the sense of images, and I couldn't find a classroom that was m

MarionBlack is spot on. Some free sites ask for you to credit the author, others don't.

Thanks, Clare. Amanda

You could link to the photo from your website. Readers would have to click the link but it would allow you to show the photo. MarionBlack and Surfdude123 are correct that you cannot use other people images without consent and that there are many sites that offer photos free of copyrights.

Thanks, Nichole. Amanda

It's not OK to use someone else's pictures without written consent. You can find lots of free images which are licenced to use at pixabay.com. Also if you type "free images" in the question box at the top of this page you'll find more suggestions.

Thanks, Marion. I just signed up on Pixabay. Amanda

Hi Amanda. I wrote a post a while back on free sites to get images. These are probably the best and they are free to use! http://bloggingtipsfornewbies.com Just type in best free pictures in the search. Freeimages.com is good. So is PicJumbo.com

Thanks, Surfdude. I've just bookmarked those two sites and will look at your website. Amanda

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What do you think of this niche?

What do you think of this niche?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

Hello everyone,

As some of you know, I have a Science Toys for Kids site that I haven't done too much on. I know it's possible to become an expert in any niche (I watche

Hi Amanda.
Whichever niche you settle on...will take the same amount of work. You just need to be comfortable ( not too comfortable!).
May I say, if you chose to start the new one , hold onto your science toys for kids, it is a good tight niche with constant new product. Hopefully down the track you will find the energy for it.
Go well from Janelle.

Thanks, Janelle. You are right that any niche will take the same amount of work. I definitely intend to hold on to my science toys for kids site and domain name. Best wishes, Amanda

Hi Amanda,
I think it sounds great. You have lot of ideas for content and it's something you have a passion for so I say go for it!

Thanks for the feedback, Gloria! Amanda

Hey Amanda, I think you're definitely on the right track, have you thought of how you'd monetize it??
You got some great ideas there,
The psychology of color, Feng Shui, can easily fit with other ideas.
Let us know how it progresses.
To your success

Hi Joseph, I hope all is well with you. I'm glad you think I'm on the right track. I haven't thought a lot yet about how I'd monetize it since I've only gone through Course 1. I know there are affiliate programs for different products, but there must be other ways too which I'll learn about. I will give everything more thought and let everyone know how it's going. Thanks, Amanda

I'm really looking forward to it, thanks for sharing :)

You're welcome, Joseph! Amanda

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