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All in one seo update 0 out of 100 score?

All in one seo update 0 out of 100 score?

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I just checked up some old posts and I wonder if this score is harmful. The latest update of the All in One SEO plugin says at all my posts and on all my websites a 0/100 score

Loes, thank you for sharing, I must admit I was confused and thought I must have somehow missed an important email and was going to dedicate some time to understand more about this new feature... seems you have done some of that work for me..

My pleasure😀

According to my experience, AIOSEO is a disaster. In some of my websites, I lost traffic, connections to the google analytic, etc., etc.
I have been trying for a few days to solve what is possible to solve

The last few days I have a feeling that it is not easy to survive in the online world. 😉


Maybe it has to be with the new Google update

I don't know.

If you want to suffer take a website;)

haha I love that one "If you want to suffer take a website" Period

I actually got rid of my All In One Seo plugin about a month and a half ago. I no longer use any SEO plugins. They really aren't needed in my opinion (after doing some research on it). Google doesn't need them and is smart enough to do the work those plugins use to do for itself.

That's an idea too, I am really fat up from all the sh*t what comes from plugins.

I didn't lose any traffic or rankings. Matter of fact since the last Google update, my traffic is up. I also got rid of my Page builder and redid my site using only Gutenberg.

I have disabled Gutenberg. I like html and writing my own code

well seo plugin only helps to follow guidelines for seo. If you know them you don't any plugin, of course :)

The AIOSEO score is a guideline. If the post was published on Jun 28, 2020, surely Google and the other search engines have visited that particular post by now and ranked it accordingly. Personally I liked the AIO SEO change so much I went for the paid version. Very impressed so far. The AIO SEO plugin has been updated a few times in the last few days, so they are fixing bugs etc. Your 0/100 score means that you have not edited that post since this functionally was added. Edit the post. Add a space, remove the space to update the post and see the score change.

Thanks, I have 726 posts:(

Well you could select their "suggest a feature" option and suggest that they have an option that updates all those scores.

Go into your WP dashboard, select plugins. Select the AIO SEO plugin - there is a "suggest a feature" link. Click that and make your suggestion.

Good luck.

I have sent a message to AIO SEO to ask for their assistance

Be sure to let us know how you get on.

I will update the posts during the year, it has no affect on the SEO for Google they say

Don't trust tools like this, I only use SEO plugins to determine how my content reads not for an SEO ranking factor.

There is no guideline for SEO.

There are a core set of rules but they do not come from plugins.

Every niche is different.

But what do I know....I just run an SEO agency.


I have ranking pages on position 1 through 5 on page one from search & my All-In One scores aren't great because it really doesn't matter.

This thread will not allow me to give a screenshot

Thank you. I once used Yoast. Went back to AIO. It looks like Yoast now. I have my own template I follow.

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