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Free trial or $1 trial. which is better?

Free trial or $1 trial. which is better?

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I recently had someone reach out to me and asked if I could write a product review for them.

They're program fits perfectly with one of my niche sites, so I've agreed to

I like Zeeuw12345´s idea.

Definitely a free trial I believe, then let people decide for themselves, if they are getting value they will upgrarde :) Hope this helps Stephanie

Hi Linda, thanks for responding. I agree, it's good to let people be able to decide for themselves.

You could make a split test with Google Experiments and see what works better. Google will send 50% of the traffic then to one page and the other 50% to the other one. Free

Hi Paul, thanks a lot for your input. I didn't know about Google experiments so I think I'll look into that. It sounds like a good option!

Wow, another great Google feature. Thanks for sharing, Paul.

Free trial :)

Hi Tosh, thanks for your response!

I think Free Trial is better.

Thanks for your response!

In a free trial, no credit card detail is required, so cannot be stored, and one can exit with free and open mind. But a pound trial requires you to put your card details down, I am always weary of free products (physical) but requires you to pay for little postage fees, since I have been fleeced like this by VISTAPRINT. They were taking £8.99 from my card for three months before I realised it. Their free product post & packaging was only £4.99
VISTAPRINT still do this up till today, do not believe their cheap advertised prices.

Hi Elijah1916, thanks for your response. I think it's better if one can exit with an open mind.

I agree, I've always been wary of sites like that too. They make you believe it's free until postage is involved, then you're suckered in. I usually try a avoid anything that involves only paying for postage.

That $1 will create the whole hassle of them immediately entering in their cc info. WA proves it's worth for free then lets you decide to join. I feel that's the better way. Geoff.

Hi Geoff, thanks for your response. I agree, it's much less hassle when it's free.

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